Who’s next in the perv line-up?

Good grief. When will this conga line of questionable characters end?


Sea Level Rises Hundreds Of Feet Due To Sweat From Celebrities Waiting To Be Outed As Perverts ~ 😀

U.S.—Stunned meteorologists reported Wednesday that the sea level has risen an astonishing 300 feet overnight, as the sweat from celebrities trying to cover up their sexual harassment scandals rained down “in buckets.”

“This is a worldwide disaster,” one NBC News anchor (not Matt Lauer) said. “We saw an uptick when Harvey Weinstein’s deviant behavior came to light, but when it became clear the revelations wouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon, celebrities and otherwise powerful individuals all across the nation began sweating profusely.”

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The RAISE Act – immigration reform the Founders would endorse

Desperately aiming for a way around President Trump’s termination of DACA, which will officially end in March 2018, liberals are aggressively trying to push some sort of amnesty through before January 1st ~

Democrats are threatening to shut down the government if so-called “Dreamers” aren’t given a “pathway to citizenship” in the end-of-year spending bill Congress must pass in early December.

The thing is, President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was never constitutional. He had no authority to arbitrarily re-write immigration law, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions pointed out earlier this month ~

In a speech to the Federalist Society, Sessions — a pioneer of the immigration in the national interest movement — blasted the Obama administration’s creation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that has given temporary amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens […]

“Under DACA—without the consent of Congress—individuals here illegally who met certain criteria were granted not only lawful presence but work authorization, and the right to participate in Social Security, which unlawful immigrants are not entitled to have,”
Sessions continued. “So no matter what one thinks about the immigration issues and policy, it cannot be defended in my opinion lawfully.”

Rather than argue with the open borders progressives, or worse – cave in to their emotional appeals for the poor “Dreamers” – Congress could actively pursue some meaningful immigration legislation like, for instance, the RAISE Act, introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-MO) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) last February. RAISE stands for Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy. What a concept!

The proposed legislation correctly recognizes that the interests of Americans should come before the the interests of non-American immigrants. It represents a return to they way the United States has traditionally addressed immigration.
In September, Sen. Cotton spoke about immigration at Hillsdale College’s Eight Annual Constitution Day Celebration, explaining the founding fathers’ position on the issue ~

(W)hile the Declaration is of course a universal document, it’s also a particular document about one nation and one people. The founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to each other, in English, right here in America-not in Esperanto to mankind in the abstract.
The Constitution carries forward this concept of American citizenship. It includes only one reference to immigration, where it empowers Congress to “establish a uniform rule of naturalization.” […]
Just because you can become an American doesn’t mean you are an American. And it certainly doesn’t mean we must treat you as an American, especially if you don’t play by our rules.
After all, in our unique brand of nationalism, which connects our people through our ideas, repudiating our law is kind of like renouncing your blood ties in the monarchical lands of old. And what law is more fundamental to a political community than who gets to become a citizen, under what conditions, and when?


Here’s the key point – which progressives like to ignore ~

(A)mong the highest obligations we owe to each other is to ensure that every working American can lead a dignified life. If you look across our history, I’d argue that’s always been the purpose of our immigration system: to create conditions in which normal, hard-working Americans can thrive.
Look no further in fact than what James Madison said on the floor of the House of Representatives in 1790, when the first Congress was debating the very first naturalization law. He said, “It is no doubt very desirable that we should hold out as many inducements as possible for the worthy part of mankind to come and settle amongst us, and throw their fortunes into a common lot with ours.” The “worthy” part, not the entire world. Madison continued, “But why is this desirable? Not merely to swell the catalogue of people. No, sir, it is to increase the wealth and strength of the community.”


At the risk of sounding horribly callous, we don’t welcome immigrants into the country so we can give them free housing, food and college tuition. We welcome them here so they contribute to making America a better, more prosperous place. Gasp!

Our immigration system doesn’t exist to serve the interests of foreigners or wealthy Americans. No, our immigration ought to benefit working Americans and serve the national interest-that’s the purpose of immigration and the theme of the story of American immigration.

The RAISE Act, as National Review Online described it, is a carefully crafted, albeit limited, bill that would sharpen America’s immigration system so that it serves the American economy, favoring foreigners who have the most to contribute to our country.

Here’s how it would work ~

• Create a skills-based points system similar to Canada’s and Australia’s. When people apply to immigrate here, they’d be given an easy-to-calculate score, on a scale of 0 to 100, based on their education, age, job salary, investment ability, English-language skills, and any extraordinary achievements.
• Twice a year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services would invite the top scorers to complete their applications, and it would invite enough high-scoring applicants to fill the current 140,000 annual employment-based green-card slots.
• End the diversity-visa lottery as well as the per-country caps on immigration [Recall, the Diversity Visa Program was the means by which Sayfullo Saipov, the Islamic terrorist who mowed down 8 people in NYC on Oct. 31st (injuring 11 more), entered the country]
• Cap the number of refugees offered permanent residency to 50,000 per year

Spouses and unmarried minor children of citizens and legal permanent residents would still be admitted, but we’d put an end to unlimited chain migration.
As Cotton summarized ~

Add it all up and our annual immigrant pool would be younger, higher-skilled, and ready to contribute to our economy without using welfare, as more than half of immigrant households do today. No longer would we distribute green cards essentially based on random chance, nor would we import millions of unskilled workers to take jobs from blue-collar Americans and undercut their wages. And over a 10-year period, our annual immigration levels would decrease by half, gradually returning to historical norms.


The RAISE Act is so equitable and common-sensical that most Americans would no doubt support it 100% – IF they ever actually heard it discussed openly and honestly. But considering the elitist mentality in the halls of Congress, they never will. (It’s been sitting in committee since shortly after it was introduced.) Instead, our esteemed leaders will fold like cheap lawn chairs and pass some form of amnesty without any sort of meaningful reform. And we-the-sheeple will get screwed once again.
Why Amnesty Should Not Be Part of Any ‘Deal’ on DACA

The RAISE Act: A Good Start on Immigration

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Immigrants spark a European revival

crossinhandsI’ve spent hours blogging about the Islamic conquest of Europe over the last last few years (For example here, here, here, here and here). It seems that countries like Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden in particular, are either indifferent, or simply powerless to resist being overwhelmed by Muslim immigrants. So sadly, a culture that for centuries was once almost exclusively Christian – at least in its outlook and values if not in spirit – is rapidly being subsumed by Islam.
And yet, as this recent piece by Mindy Belz at World Magazine demonstrates, perhaps all hope is not lost ~ Immigrant-led churches may revive the Continent’s Reformation legacy. The article focuses on the growth of Christianity in Belgium ~

By 2000 Antwerp’s Protestant population hovered at 0.5 percent. Today Protestants represent 4.5 percent of the population, with the dramatic growth coming from immigrants […]
(W)hile immigration is giving Islam a beachhead, some immigrants are reviving churches that had turned to sandcastles before a high tide of atheism. “We hope for revival, but mostly it comes from the immigrant communities and their charismatic churches,” says Klaas Van der Zwaag, a Dutch journalist and author of the two-volume Reformation Today (deBanier, 2017).

Belz focuses on a couple of growing Christian communities in Belgium, one in Vilvoode, a town that featured prominently in the original Reformation ~

Vilvoorde is a storied town, a suburb north of Brussels where authorities burned at the stake British scholar William Tyndale in 1536. The Reformation history written here, as in much of what was then part of the Netherlands, was overtaken by the Catholic resurgence of the Counter-Reformation. While the Dutch Reformed Church fueled the spread of Calvinist teaching and church life, real growth among Protestants in many parts of Western Europe today rises from other quarters—from Europe’s immigrant communities, primarily those where Islam dominates.


Arab Evangelical congregation at Vilvoorde, an ecumenical congregation that meets
less than a mile away from the site where William Tyndale was burned as a heretic.


Middle Eastern and African congregations across Europe, their numbers buoyed by a record 1.3 million migrants in 2015, outstrip in size and vitality more traditional Protestant churches. In Amsterdam, the majority of the city’s 350 churches are immigrant-led. In Vilvoorde the Arab congregation, though small, has larger gatherings than its Protestant counterparts. While Arab and African congregations in Belgium and the Netherlands are growing, the Dutch Reformed churches are becoming museums and concert halls, their teaching far removed from Biblical orthodoxy and their numbers dwindled.


One of the Arab Evangelical members shared this ~

“We come from old faith communities ourselves,” explained Samir, an Egyptian who asked that only his first name be used in print. “We believe our faith in Jesus Christ can reawaken European churches built before on faith in Jesus Christ alone.”


You never now… God moves in mysterious ways.

I’ll leave you with this inspiring truth ~

“Christianity has died many times and risen again, because it has a God who knows the way out of the grave.” ~ GK Chesterton

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American History 101

“A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”
~ Benjamin Franklin ~


This is an addendum to my last post, explaining why kids today don’t know much about history; they aren’t being taught the truth. Pretending that our entire country wasn’t founded on Christian principles isn’t doing anyone any favors. Schools need to get back to educating – not indoctrinating.




“(T)he only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican government.”

~ Benjamin Rush

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THIS is why America is doomed

Although it was created four years ago, I only recently ran across this video. It needs to go viral, because it exposes the widespread ignorance on today’s college campuses.
94 Maidens author, Rhonda Fink-Whitman, decided to interview Pennsylvania public school graduates who at the time were attending four different prestigious PA universities to find out what they knew about the Holocaust, WWII, and Genocide in general. Their responses are simply stunning!

Given the fragile nature of so many of these college “snowflakes” today, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever learn about the Holocaust. Any mention of the horrors committed by the Nazis (- not to mention the communists in the USSR, China, Cambodia…) would no doubt have them running to hug a teddy bear in one of their safe spaces.
And yet how can they possibly develop a coherent worldview when they’re so ignorant of history? They not only lack perspective – they lack facts. Scary stuff. The world will be a much darker place when this bewildered generation is in charge.


Fink-Whitman’s efforts are paying off. Here in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill last year that mandates Holocaust and genocide education in our state’s high schools. Similar legislation is being discussed in other states.
More tragic evidence of mis-education ~ Filmmaker waves American flag on Berkeley campus as experiment. Students don’t like what they see ~ So why don’t they just leave?


A musical tribute to… Communism
70 years after the Holocaust – Europe is increasingly hostile to Jews ~ Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

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Saturday Shorts – 11-25-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

A flat-Earther’s plan to launch himself in a homemade rocket just hit a speed bump ~ Uh-oh. I think this guy is aiming for a Darwin Award ~

A California man who planned to launch himself 1,800 feet high Saturday in a homemade scrap-metal rocket — in an effort to prove that Earth is flat — said he is postponing the experiment after he couldn’t get permission from a federal agency to conduct it on public land […]
“It’s still happening. We’re just moving it three miles down the road,” (Mike Hughes) told The Washington Post on Friday. “This is what happens anytime you have to deal with any kind of government agency.”

Canada rejects Christian couple for adoption ~ What society used to consider an optimal environment in which to rear children is now to be shunned; amorality and disorder are the new norms ~

A married Canadian couple is suing the Alberta government after being rejected for adoption because of their Christian beliefs. The lawsuit, filed earlier this month, alleges the province denied their application for adoption because of their religious beliefs on sexuality and gender.

Girl Scouts Tell Parents: Don’t Force Daughters to Hug Family at Christmas ~ Progressives won’t be happy until they destroy every vestige of tradition, the nuclear family and the civil society ~

If the progressives gets their way, the current generation of children will grow up to be politically correct robots who don’t offend anyone, and apparently devoid of understanding healthy displays of affection.

Report: H.R. McMaster Trashed Trump at July Dinner, Said He Had Intelligence of a ‘Kindergartner’ ~ Like I said, this guy has to go – I’m sure MSNBC would love to have him ~

(At) a dinner in July with Oracle CEO Safra Catz – mocking his intelligence, five sources told Buzzfeed (that)… McMaster called Trump an “idiot” and a “dope” with the intelligence of a “kindergartner,” according to the sources, four of whom told Buzzfeed they spoke with Catz directly.

Charles Manson’s Radical Chic ~ Leftism often has a strange attraction to the dark side. Manson and his followers were ghouls – and yet there’s only one degree of separation between them and BHO ~

Just as it is easy to forget how pro-Soviet the American Left was at times, it is easy to forget how pro-Manson American radicals were. “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach. Wild!” That was the assessment of Bernardine Dohrn, the champagne radical who, with her husband, Bill Ayers, participated in a campaign of domestic terrorism, including bombings, and later became cozy with Barack Obama, hosting events for the aspiring politician in her home. The “pigs” she referred to included Sharon Tate, an actress who was eight months pregnant at the time. She was murdered and mutilated.

Family of 18-year-old stab victim Jason Isaacs: knife crime is ‘out of control’ in London ~ You can confiscate all the guns you want; Evil will find a way.

Secret document kept truth about EU membership from Brits for 50 years ~ The global elite ruling class has been deceitfully pushing the nefarious new world order for decades ~

“Despite all the claims from politicians of many parties that the EU was not about becoming a central state this 1971 document shows that is exactly what the plan was. Arch Remoaners from Labour, Lib Dems and the Tories need to check this out and ask themselves why they are MPs if they don’t actually want Westminster to be in charge of this country. We voted for Brexit what needs to happen is a proper clean break from Brussels so we can once again become a sovereign nation with money being spent in this country on services we need and have Parliament and courts making and ruling on the laws.”
– Annabelle Sanderson, Brexit expert and former advisor to Nigel Farage (UKIP leader)


People are Mad the Museum of the Bible Represents ‘Only a Judeo-Christian Perspective’ ~ Yes of course. How strange that a museum about a Book that claims to be transcendent truth doesn’t take a relativistic approach to suit a post-truth society.
Darwinians Baffled that Students Refuse To Be Indoctrinated ~ Maybe because the more we learn, the less that evolution makes sense as a viable theory?

Evolutionists have had complete domination of public school science for decades. They can’t believe that a sizable percentage still don’t accept evolution.

The New Secular Puritan Covenant ~ Unable to tolerate human imperfection, Christ Church of Alexandria, Virginia recently removed plaques memorializing George Washington and Robert E. Lee who had both worshiped there. In this article at Crisis Magazine John M. Grondelski discusses the unbending “theology” of modern secularism ~

Today’s secular Puritans, in an ahistorical approach to moral development, impose modern mores on former times to demand a conversion account from those who cannot give it—because they are dead and dumb—and so excommunicate them posthumously from society (and even certain Episcopal parishes) […]
Today’s secular Puritans might insist they want to protect “everybody’s right to choose” one’s moral views, but the truth is they expect all of us—and certainly social institutions—to institutionalize their morality of ethical relativism, especially in matters sexual.
Margaret Atwood et al. rail against theocracy, but it is today’s intolerant, secular Puritans that want to erect a strictly confessional state.


From misty peaks in China to a rainbow over Arizona: The stunning winners of the panoramic photography awards revealed ~ Some awesome outdoor pix ~

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Giving Thanks


O almighty and everlasting God, who has given unto us the fruits of the earth
in their season, and has crowned the year with Thy goodness. Give us grateful
hearts, that we may whole-heartedly thank Thee for all Thy loving-kindness,
and humbly magnify Thy holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

(adapted from The Book of Common Prayer)

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Thank God for freedom

If you’re an unhappy, anti-American malcontent who’s not particularly thankful for anything this year, perhaps you’d like to change places with a North Korean? They’re dying to escape. (Although, thank God, this KPA soldier lived.)

Video via New York Post
(Note to snowflakes: This is real life, not Hollywood make-believe.)


SEOUL, South Korea — A North Korean soldier races for the border in a jeep and then on foot before his former comrades shoot him at least five times as he limps into South Korea, where he collapses and is dragged to safety by southern soldiers in a dramatic video released by the US-led UN command Wednesday.
The defection, subsequent surgeries and slow recovery of the soldier have riveted South Korea, but it will be a huge embarrassment for the North, which claims all defections are the result of rival Seoul kidnapping or enticing North Koreans to defect. Pyongyang has said nothing about the defection so far.
North Korea’s actions during the defector’s Nov. 13 escape at Panmunjom violated the armistice agreement ending the Korean War because North Korean soldiers fired across and physically crossed the border in pursuit of the soldier, Col. Chad G. Carroll, a spokesman for the UN command, told reporters in a live TV briefing.

So, if you’re angry, disgruntled or “triggered” in America, feel free to leave. We promise not to shoot you in the back on the way out. Otherwise, be grateful for the land of the free and the home of the brave. Thank God you still live in the freest, most tolerant nation of the planet – and not a hellhole like North Korea.
Compassion can’t coexist with leftist identity politics ~ North Korea’s murder of Otto Warmbier
Escape from Hermit Kingdom Hell

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St. Louis – Gateway to futile fantasy

St. Louis, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi, is nicknamed the “Gateway City” as in gateway to the west. In the early 1800’s this bustling town was the point of embarkation for thousands of optimistic settlers as they headed out across the prairies looking for a better life, their covered wagons packed with little more than hope and prayers.
Well it seems the St. Louis Board of Aldermen are suddenly feeling nostalgic for those good old days because they’re planning on turning back the city’s energy clock by two hundred years. As Paul Driessen explains (via WattsUpWithThat) ~

The St. Louis city council has unanimously passed a resolution decreeing that by 2035 the city will somehow, almost magically be powered by 100% “clean, renewable” electricity.

This of course is a ridiculous fantasy for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that the climate-change crisis is totally bogus ~

Average global temperatures have dropped back to where they were before the 2015-16 El Niño. Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the US mainland in a record 12 years. Tornado, drought and storm frequency and intensity are on par with historic records. Where’s the disaster or human connection?

Furthermore, the progressives’ solutions to a non-existent problem, renewables, are neither affordable nor efficient ~

The enormous installations require vast amounts of land and raw materials, plus more for ultra-long transmission lines. (The wind installations Anheuser-Busch plans to use for its 100% renewable PR stunt are 350 miles away – in Oklahoma.) Still more land and materials are required for backup fossil fuel power plants or ginormous battery arrays – so that families, hospitals and businesses have electricity when they need it, instead of when it’s available.
For the wind option, just generating the 3.5 billion megawatt-hours of electricity the United States uses every year – and storing power in batteries for just seven windless days – would require some 14 million turbines! That’s because more turbines force us to go to lower and lower quality wind areas, which means instead of generating electricity 33% of the year at best wind sites, they’d only do so half of that time. Using Tesla-style 100-kWh battery packs would require something on the order of 600 billion units!


But even if we ignore all that, as Driessen points out, St. Louis’ city councils’ energy mandates are completely unrealistic ~

In 2016, Missouri generated 96.5% of its electricity with fossil fuel and nuclear power, 1.6% with hydroelectric, and just 1.5% with wind and solar. The St. Louis Metro Area did roughly the same.
But now, by royal decree, the St. Louis City Crown has made it clear, the climate must be perfect all year – and by 2035 the city will somehow, magically be powered by 100% “clean, sustainable” electricity.

What are these people smoking? Not only are these goals impossible, even attempting to reach them will cause energy rates to sky-rocket, impacting the poorest of St. Louis citizens much more than any other demographic ~

Missouri currently has relatively low electricity prices; St. Louis rates are even lower. Imposing renewable energy mandates will send city electricity rates into realms now “enjoyed” in California and Connecticut: 19 cents per kWh for families, 17 cents for businesses and 13 cents for industries. They could even reach the punitive rates now paid in Germany: 35 cents for families, 18 cents for all others! […]
How will poor and blue-collar families fare if their electricity rates nearly double? United Way recently found that 56% of St. Louis families are already unable to pay their basic living expenses: housing, food, clothing, transportation, taxes, healthcare and child care. How much worse will this situation become?


This foolishness so illustrative of leftist utopian fantasies in general. Disregard reality, ignore consequences, damn-the-torpedoes – we have to save the world (from a make-believe crisis)!



coveredwagonsI used to romanticize the pioneer days, imagine crossing the wide open plains in a covered wagon; everything was so much simpler… Then I grew up. And studied history. And found out how tough it was to even survive back in the pre-electricity days; no microwaves, no cellphones, no indoor plumbing. Children had about a 60% chance of making it to adulthood, life expectancy was just 37 years.
Do we want to return to those days? And do we, in a pointless effort to fix something that isn’t broken, have the right to leave developing nations languishing in the same conditions that the United States moved beyond two centuries ago?

People in impoverished and developing countries have little interest in wind and solar power, except as a stopgap for distant villages. They want abundant, reliable, affordable electricity. That’s why they have built hundreds of coal-fired power plants and have 1,600 more under construction or in planning.

We all live in the 21st century now. Let’s continue to improve the quality of life for everyone on the the planet. Let’s move forward with technology, not backward.

Powerless in the wind
Climate alarmism is not good stewardship

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Our first Thanksgiving

Thank you Michael Medved for this wonderful retelling of the First Thanksgiving. The true account of the Pilgrims’ original harvest festival is much more moving – and providential – than I had originally realized ~

Video via PragerU

So don’t let the leftist revisionists make you feel guilty about our heritage. Instead give thanks for our rich American history. True gratitude is far more uplifting and rewarding than guilt.

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“God permits what He hates to accomplish what He loves”

Joni Eareckson Tada’s story is an amazing one; her life, one of amazing grace. Though it didn’t always seem so ~

AGOURA HILLS, Calif.—In the midnight darkness of a Baltimore hospital in 1967, Joni Eareckson begged God to heal her. Weeks earlier, the 17-year-old girl had broken her neck after diving into unexpectedly shallow waters in the Chesapeake Bay.
The result: paralysis from the shoulders down.
The teenager endured grueling surgery and lay strapped onto a Stryker frame designed to allow nurses to turn patients with spinal cord injuries. Her weight dropped to 80 pounds. One friend sobbed at the sight.


A dear cousin of mine was injured exactly like this, diving into shallow water, with the same tragic results, also in the late sixties. At the time of her accident Beth was just a couple years younger than Joni, and a year younger than me. It all sounds so very similar. They even resemble one another.
For those anguished cries of Why God, why? I can only answer from my own – perhaps selfish – perspective; God used my cousin to be a beautiful reflection of His love. So too with Joni ~

Joni never walked again.
Her permanent paralysis—including losing the use of her hands—led to a battle with depression and doubts about God’s goodness. Why would He leave her this way? What kind of Savior doesn’t heal a paralyzed girl who cries out to Him?

Fifty years later, Joni’s answer is jubilant: “It sounds incredible, but I really would rather be in this wheelchair knowing Jesus as I do than be on my feet without Him.” She celebrates “that glorious but awful, beautiful but sad, terrible but wonderful day I broke my neck—because look what God has done.”

JoniEarecksonWhat He has done – through Joni – since her accident, is more than more able-bodied people accomplish in three lifetimes.
She learned to paint by mouth-brush, wrote her autobiography, joined Pastor Billy Graham at 12 evangelistic crusades, founded a ministry “Joni and Friends” (JAF helps special needs and disabled individuals and their families in numerous ways), as well as Wheels for the World (supplying wheelchairs for the needy in developing countries), served on the National Council on Disability and battled stage 3 breast cancer into remission!

Still, in the early months after her accident there were understandably moments of bitterness and despair. At a low point Joni prayed: “God, if You won’t let me die, then show me how to live.” ~

She’d sit for hours with a Bible on a music stand, turning the pages of Scripture with her mouth-stick. Friends joined her for Bible studies around her family’s large farm table, and they read books about God’s sovereignty by authors like J.I. Packer, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and J. Gresham Machen. “We just delighted that this accident wasn’t a mistake,” she says.
Not only was it not a mistake—Joni learned God uses suffering to make people more like Christ and to know Him more deeply. Indeed, He used the suffering of His own Son to accomplish salvation for sinners. Joni’s deepest need for healing was spiritual, not physical.
Her friend, Steve Estes, crystallized this truth in 10 words Joni still repeats often: “God permits what He hates to accomplish what He loves.” It was a life-altering realization: God was fully in control, and He could use her suffering for good in her life and the lives of others.


Sadly we lost sweet Beth two decades ago, but the memories of her inspiring ways are still vivid. While I’m sure she had her dark moments, when she was with family and friends she was friendly, outgoing and simply a beautiful reflection of God’s grace. I’m looking forward to the moment when we’ll run to meet one another in heaven some day!
Joni’s life continues to be a wonderful testament to Jesus’ love. Read more of her story HERE.
If you’re blessed to have a Joni or Beth in your life cherish them, learn from them, love them. And thank God for them.

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Saturday Shorts – 11-18-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Former Congressional Black Caucus Staffer Was Blackballed For Reporting Sexual Harassment ~ Congress is every bit the same sort of sleaze pit as Hollywood ~

It is beyond hypocrisy that these so-called “leaders” of ours can engage in such behavior and then secretly hide their actions from the voters, all the while acting holier than thou and pointing fingers at others.

$58 Trillion – 290 Apollo Programs – to ‘Combat’ Climate Change. This Is Beyond a Joke… ~ Good rant from James Delingpole on the insane cost projections of actually implementing changes proposed by the climate change fraudsters ~

A total of $58 trillion over the next 25 years […]
$1 trillion is $1,000 billion dollars.
So, if my math is correct, we are being asked by Tom “Rhymes with Liar” Steyer and his green rent-seeking pals and the one world government freaks at the UN to gamble the equivalent of 290 Apollo Missions on the unproven theory that CO2 acts as the control knob for global climate.

And because no amount of money will ever be enough for these enviro-wackos, we also have to stop reproducing ~ INSANE: Bioethicist Insists Having Kids Is Bad For Planet Earth ~

For anyone who doubts the unhinged zealotry of climate change activists, NBC News Think now offers the most cruel, heartless suggestion from one activist that has likely ever been offered: having children is bad for Planet Earth […]
From murdering children in the womb to ruining the innocence of children by sexualizing them at an early age to likening children who have been born to murderers, the Left consistently displays its utterly hedonistic and self-obsessed point of view.

Cuban Exiles Recount ‘Sonic’ Torture By Castro Regime ~ In a congressional hearing this week, Cuban refugees and former political prisoners recounted gripping stories about friends and family who were imprisoned, tortured and killed for resisting communist rule in Havana ~

The tales of two former political prisoners stood out among the heart-wrenching accounts of abuses, if only for their parallels to the strange, unexplained sonic attacks inflicted upon U.S. diplomats in Havana last year. Ernesto Diaz Rodriguez and Luis Zuniga, anti-Castro dissidents who were sent to hideous regime prisons, said they were repeatedly subjected to “ultra-sonic” torture over more than 20 years in confinement.

When the Son of a World War II Veteran Is Compared to the Nazis ~ Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is taking the fight for our First Amendment rights to the Supreme Court, on behalf of Masterpiece Cakeshop ~

Reflecting on his father’s sacrifices also provides (Jack Phillips) a reminder of his own battle. Instead of fighting on the battlefield, Jack is fighting for his rights in the courtroom. And instead of being applauded for standing up for those rights, a commissioner on the Colorado Civil Rights Commission compared Jack’s attempt to defend his religious freedom to the distortion of religion by the perpetrators of the Holocaust. That commissioner also called religious freedom a “despicable piece of rhetoric.”
The Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell may have redefined marriage, but it didn’t redefine freedom. The government does not have the power to force creative professionals like Jack—or anyone for that matter—to celebrate events that violate their faith. That’s the kind of freedom the First Amendment guarantees, and that’s why we seek justice for Jack.

Phillips’ case has been dragging on for five years now. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear it on December 5. Please pray that they side with the Constitution.

Tom Coburn Has A Plan To Fight Washington And Save America ~ Former senator Coburn is the fiscal conservative who used to publish the annual government WasteBook. Mark Hemingway reviews his new book: Smashing the DC Monopoly: Using Article v to Restore Freedom and Stop Runaway Government ~

The book really serves two purposes. The first is to convince ordinary Americans that the problems in Washington are so dire they require dramatic action that elected politicians are unwilling to take. The second is to explain how ordinary voters and state politicians have the power to exploit an obscure constitutional process, known as an Article V convention, to bypass Washington and amend the Constitution to institute badly needed reforms, such as a balanced budget amendment and term limits.


The Rough Lives of Older Americans in ‘Nomadland’ ~ They live in RVs and drive from one low-wage job to another ~ This is sad I guess. On the other hand, maybe it’s the camper in me but our ancestors crossed the mountains and prairies in covered wagons… And it does seem awfully freeing; none of us are leaving this world with anything more than we brought into it :)

Judge Roy Moore’s former chief of staff: ‘Never once did I see anything suspicious or improper’ ~ Will we ever really know the truth?? Who knows, but Ben DuPré’s testimony rings true. And he’s far from alone ~ Character Witnesses: Former Girlfriends, Employees, and Childhood Friends Step Up to Defend Roy Moore
Hundreds of ISIS fighters smuggled out of Raqqa in ‘secret deal’ ~ What the hell is this? A kinder, gentler war? Thousands died at the hands of these barbarians, and while fighting to reclaim territory from them, and they’re released – only to regroup and fight again?

Almost 4,000 IS militants and their families were reportedly allowed to leave in a four-mile convoy as the group were defeated in the city in Syria last month.
Witnesses said it included ‘huge’ numbers of foreign fighters – including some English speakers – who are said to have since spread out across Syria and into Turkey, potentially en route to Europe.
This was despite the coalition being assured that no foreign fighters would be allowed to leave and previous US pledges that they would all be killed rather than allowed to return home.

Paul Ryan-Patty Murray Bill Will Allow Creation of National Database, Parent Activists Say ~ Don’t these lawmakers have anything better to do than invent new ways to infringe on our freedoms?

Parent and education activists say two bills introduced in Congress – one by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) – are likely to increase surveillance of American citizens without their consent and the likelihood of the creation of a comprehensive national database.
The activists (American Principles Project)– many who have been battling federal control of education for nearly a decade – say the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (FEPA) (H.R. 4174; S. 2046) and the College Transparency Act (CTA) (H.R. 2434; S. 1121) – would create surveillance and tracking systems of American citizens in the name of “transparency” and “program evaluation.”

Exploding Meteor lights up the Arctic ~ Check out this crazy video of a meteor strike in Finland on Thursday night, from aurora tour guide Tony Bateman.

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