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Praying for Puerto Rico

Rescuers fanned out to reach stunned victims Thursday, and millions of Puerto Ricans faced the dispiriting prospect of weeks or even months without electricity after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island.   The storm slammed into Puerto Rico on Wednesday with … Continue reading

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So gender insanity is the new normal?

This story from a California school was bad enough ~ Kindergarten Trans Discussion ~ Angry parents stampeded a California charter school board meeting Monday after a teacher read her kindergarten class picture books about transgenderism to affirm a gender dysphoric … Continue reading

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Barbaric malcontents viciously assault inanimate objects

Last week two different monuments, on opposite sides of the country, were destroyed by angry vandals, or rather – self-appointed, cultural abolitionists. Somehow, hundreds of years after they were erected, the stone figures of St. Junipero Serra in Santa Barbara … Continue reading

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Media doesn’t find Dem senator’s corruption trial newsworthy

Did you happen miss the extensive news coverage of Senator Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) corruption trial? You wouldn’t be the only one. The mainstreams just haven’t really found anything to pique their interest about a sitting U.S. senator being charged and … Continue reading

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Hanoi Jane promotes higher minimum wage in Michigan

So Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have been here in Michigan for the last couple of days, apparently on a mission of mercy to save the state from our own ignorance; pushing for a higher minimum wage (or, as it’s … Continue reading

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Irma’s indiscriminate destruction

Hurricane Irma had no respect for national sovereignty as she wreaked havoc across the Caribbean last week.     Most domestic media coverage of Irma has understandably focused on the devastation here in the U.S., but the British Virgin, and … Continue reading

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What is “The Nashville Statement?”

Last week liberal Christians joined the secular Left in a frantic rush to condemn an unequivocal proclamation of what has been Christian theology with regard to human sexuality since oh – God created Adam and Eve. Issued by a group … Continue reading

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More evidence of Obama’s Iranian treachery

Well isn’t this special? Before the onerous nuclear deal even went down it appears that the Iranian regime was illicitly ferrying militants into Syria on commercial aircraft – and Obama and his henchmen knew it! But hey – why alienate … Continue reading

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Rogue judge: “It’s illegal to ban illegal sanctuary cities”

  In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,” we find yet another lawless judge who thinks within his purview to rule based on feelings – not on legality ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   That’s correct. The state of Texas tells … Continue reading

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Canaanite DNA disproves proves Biblical account

A recent archaeologic discovery in Lebanon has stirred up a bit of historical controversy over the fate of the ancient Canaanites. DNA, found in some 4000 year-old bones in Sidon, on the shore of the Mediterranean, was shown to be … Continue reading

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How socialism wrecked Venezuela, a cautionary tale

I’ve blogged about the destruction of Venezuela numerous times but here’s the sad tale of that country’s demise nicely summed up in a 5 minute video ~     ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Related: Socialism ~ How to ruin a perfectly good country … Continue reading

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Preferences… or TRUTH?

“We recognize truth, but subordinate it to preference, because we have sacrificed truth and clarity on the altar of human autonomy.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~   This is a great video! It pretty much captures everything that’s “upside-down and backwards” about today’s post-truth, … Continue reading

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