Pope embraces false AGW doctrine

Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Back in January, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy traveled to Italy to recruit Pope Francis for the progressives’ campaign against climate change ~

In a bid to bolster the Obama administration’s “moral” case for combating climate change, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency will meet senior Vatican officials Friday to enlist papal support for its policies […]
“As one of the world’s most respected and influential leaders, Pope Francis, and those who advise him, will play a crucial part in advancing climate change [action] domestically and overseas,” McCarthy, a Roman Catholic, said in an e-mail.

So the Vatican has swallowed the climate change propaganda: Catholic Churchmen Dance to Enviro-Pagan Puppet Masters ~

One of the major goals of the pagan, anti-life ecology movement was to get the Church and religious leaders committed to the cause of environmentalism. In this, the Green Movement succeeded.

This is really just tragic on so many levels.
Pope Francis fancies himself a compassionate advocate for the world’s poor and underprivileged, but by throwing in with the enviro-tyrants, he’s not only embracing pseudo-science, he’s (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say “unwittingly”) helping to ensure that these same people ~

• will be denied economic opportunities
• will be unable to eradicate diseases that were vanquished long ago in Europe and the U.S.
• will be prevented from utilizing the same technologies that have allowed developed countries to become prosperous, comfortable and healthy
By going along with the alarmist agenda, the pope is risking his moral status and his credibility ~

In fact, (Retired NASA Scientists are) directly warning Pope Francis that if he embraces the climate agenda of the United Nations, he will be violating both scientific principles and the religious values he embodies that are supposed to be reflected in direct aid for the poor people of the earth.


I’m not a Catholic, so I’ll leave it to Ann Barnhardt – who is – to present the sharpest criticism of the Pope on this issue ~

Pope Francis Bergoglio is pushing the global warming con because it is a pure mechanism for unlimited government wealth redistribution, and also because Bergoglio is dimwitted and, I have been told, scandalously unread. He is babbling global warming talking points that were popular ten years ago and have been utterly, completely debunked and objectively disproved for five years, because he isn’t even sharp enough to keep up with the latest line of Marxist carnival barker crap.


Here a criticism from Fr. George W. Rutler, pastor of St. Michael’s church, NYC, that’s very thoughtful – and a bit less fractious: Mixing Up the Sciences of Heaven and Earth

While the Holy Father has spoken eloquently about the present genocide of Christians in the Middle East, those who calculate priorities would have hoped for an encyclical about this fierce persecution, surpassing that of the emperor Decius. Pictures of martyrs being beheaded, gingerly filed away by the media, give the impression that their last concern on earth was not climate fluctuations […]
As vicars of that Logos, popes speak infallibly only on faith and morals. They also have the prophetic duty to correct anyone who, for the propagation of their particular interests, imputes virtual infallibility to papal commentary on physical science while ignoring genuinely infallible teaching on contraception, abortion and marriage and the mysteries of the Lord of the Universe. At this moment, we have the paradoxical situation in which an animated, and even frenzied, secular chorus hails papal teaching as infallible, almost as if it could divide the world, provided it does NOT involve faith or morals.


A belief in anthropologic (man-made) global warming and an attendant urgent need to save the planet is totally at odds with scripture. God created the world and God sustains the world. When He tires of our pathetic attempts to imitate Him, His Son’s return will be imminent.


Our Creator already wrote the encyclical that counts
The President & the Pope share a twisted worldview

Global Warming Unmasked ~ An 83 minute documentary from Real Catholic TV (Michael Voris) Pope Francis should check it out.
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Double-Standards of Enviro-Elitism

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