"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."
~ Matthew 7:7 ~

Seeking Objective Truth?

Here are some resources to assist in your search (up-dated frequently):

Sola Scriptura

Yes, the best-selling book of all time is also the best source of truth available: God's word, the Bible. Written by more than 40 different authors, over a period of 1500 years, no other book comes close to the number different language translations available, nor to the total number of books sold - in the billions.
Right now my favorite, most frequently referenced edition is the MacArthur Study Bible NKJV. Thanks to LaShawn Barber for the recommendation. This edition easily doubles the length of an average Bible, providing a wealth of information to enhance understanding and appreciation of scripture.
To anyone who shrugs off the absolute uniqueness of the Bible, and the truth of its message, I offer the following passage from 1913 by historian Philip Schaff, which I found in one of Josh McDowell's books:

This Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander, Caesar, Mohammed, and Napoleon; without science and learning. He shed more light on things human and divine than all philosophers and scholars combined; without the eloquence of schools. He spoke such words of life as were never spoken before or since, and produced effects which lie beyond the reach of an orator or poet; without writing a single line. He set more pens in motion, and furnished themes for more sermons, orations, discussions, learned volumes, works of art, and songs of praise than the whole army of great men of ancient and modern times.

Complete Jewish Bible This is currently my second favorite version of the Bible. Translated by David H. Stern, it contains both the Old and New Testaments with many names, place names and numerous concepts in the original Hebrew (glossary and reverse glossary included). Stern lists over 50 Old Testament (Tanakh) prophecies that were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. His translation is a great reminder for Christians of the Jewishness of Yeshua.

Anything by Francis A. Schaeffer

My copies of these books all have dog-eared pages and notes in the margins:

I must confess to having some serious "Doubting Thomas" moments in my life. So there have been times when I found myself seeking staunch defenders of the faith - to bolster mine. Francis Schaeffer is just such a man. If you want to discover what has led Western Civilization so far away from biblical truth, read Schaeffer. He can get pretty deep, metaphysically speaking, but it's important to dig into philosophy if you really want to understand our present culture. His confidence in Christian truth is a comfort and an inspiration.

"...no non-Christian can be consistent to the logic of his presuppositions." "Non-Christian presuppositions simply do not fit into what God has made, including what man is."

Sites you can trust for the TRUTH

Creation-Evolution Headlines: Refuting Darwinism with hard facts, clear thinking and humor - since 2004. This great site has tons of information. Darwin's "theory" of evolution has been so shot full of holes and patched over in the last few decades that old Charlie wouldn't even recognize it. Every new scientific discovery, rather than "proving" evolution, necessitates further morphing and reshaping of the theory. Far from being "settled science", Darwinism grows less credible with each passing day. And this site does an amazing job of demonstrating that.

To the Source: Challenging Hard Core Secularism with Principled Pluralism. Dinesh D'Souza offers a weekly email apologetics newsletter which I've subscribed to for the last couple of years. All past issues are archived on the website. Lots of informative, thought-provoking articles by various authors.

Touchstone - a Journal of Mere Christianity: Touchstone is a Christian journal, conservative in doctrine and eclectic in content, with editors and readers from each of the three great divisions of Christendom Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox. Interesting, timely and thoughtful articles. They also have a bi-monthly print magazine and a blog: Mere Comments. This selection from a recent post is a good example of Touchstone's philosophy - solidly grounded in God's Truth:

Sadly, we live in an "unbridled" age, and, no surprise, it is not working very well. How can a society that no longer teaches self-control remain self-governing for long? Who will instill this virtue in citizens? We have churches, but, sadly, many of them have become corrupt and no longer serve to bridle the passions. Indeed, liberal Christianity is a shadow, even at times only a parody, of historic Christianity, and it has at times aided and abetted, even celebrated, moral licentiousness and decadence.

The Galileo Movement: This site was started by two retired Australian businessmen (backgrounds in science and engineering) who are helping to counter Global Climate Change hype with the facts. Beyond the science they also expose the hypocrisy, immorality and the economic damage represented by Climate Change Ideology."Discover truth by understanding real-world facts about Nature and science. Reclaim Nature's clarity, beauty, harmony, order and inspiration."

The Poached Egg: A site I was very happy to discover recently, the The Poached Egg Network is "where Christian apologetics, history, philosophy, science, theology, and pop culture collide." Whether you're already a believer or a skeptic; sincerely searching for the "Ultimate Source of Truth" or simply want a better understanding of the Christian worldview, this site offers plenty of answers and resources.

Defining and Understanding the Left: Here's a short primer from David Horowitz (author of, amoung other books; Left Illusions, The POLITICS OF BAD FAITH: The Radical Assault on America's Future and Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion) in which he deftly explains the development of the warped worldview of your average modern-day Leftist and the hijacking of the "liberal" label. Included are several links to articles that further explore the roots of the Left's destructive philosophy. Very enlightening stuff; know your enemy.

Radio-Free America

Rush Limbaugh. Rush lives in "Realityville" and I'm one of his neighbors. Sorry, but if you've never listened to even one his entire three hour broadcasts, you don't get to have an opinion. (Selected clips presented by the partisan MSM don't count.)

Mark Levin. It's not for nothing that they call him "The Great One". A true scholar and lover of the Constitution, he's written a couple of great books, including "Liberty and Tyranny - A Conservative Manifesto" and Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. If you can't catch him live, between 6:00pm and 9:00pm ( some stations broadcast later) you can listen to or download any of his previous shows from his website - for FREE.

Bob Dutko. Mr. Dutko is a great defender of the Christian faith. With an engaging matter-of-fact manner, he uses "logic, reason, science, history and factual evidence to disarm the critics and equip believers". You can hear Bob locally in the southeast Michigan area on WMUZ 103.5 fm weekdays from noon to 4:00 pm . Or stream the show live from the station's website.

Dennis Prager. How best to describe Dennis Prager? Many adjectives come to mind: philosophical, thoughtful, thought-provoking, principled, polite and eminently reasonable. What impresses me most is that he's never flip or glib; his opinions on various issues are arrived at only after careful consideration.
Ask people why they hold a particular position on something and they'll frequently tell you it's just how they feel. With Prager, feelings are rarely if ever part of the process. He arrives at his positions through logic, and thoughtful consideration and analysis of the facts. His mantra is "clarity" over agreement.
And he's always very patient with callers (how does he do it?!). You might say Prager is the philosopher's Rush Limbaugh.


Social Conservatism is the necessary foundation for Fiscal Conservatism **
Many Libertarians and self-proclaimed "Independents" seem to think freedom and liberty can be sustained without social conservatism. But "social issues are part of the Left's DNA" as Jeffrey Bell explains in the following video, tracing the movement's historical origins back to Rousseau and 18th century France.
Ever since that time, what we now refer to as the Far Left, has believed that the Church and the traditional family are oppressive institutions which must be "gotten rid of" if they're going to advance their elitist agenda. We can either choose to defend socially conservative values and traditions, or surrender America to the statists.

Intelligent Design - Unlocking the Mystery of Life ~Trailer for a longer (67 min.), video version. Enlightening, particularly if you're willing to look beyond Darwinian Dogma... and consider the abundant scientific evidence for intelligent design.

Prager University ~ A great resource from Dennis Prager; several short video's about important social and cultural and religious issues. Sample titles: The Welfare State and the Selfish Society, Understanding Men and Women: Why They See Things Differently, and Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse. Very thought-provoking stuff.

The Marxist Ideology behind Political Correctness (Video via Moonbattery) ~ About 22 minutes long but well worth the time spent. This video provides a short but compelling historical look at the neo-Marxist worldview and its deliberately destructive influence on western civilization.

Marxism is the philosophy of the malcontented ~ totally intolerant of any viewpoint but its own ~ no free-thinking allowed.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries on YouTube is an excellent source for (Christian) apologetic videos, including this one;

How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?

There is nothing remotely intolerant, hateful or fanatic - as the intolerant secular leftists attempt to characterize believers - about Zacharias. He is a wonderfully compassionate, yet staunchly confident, defender of the Christian faith.

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