Meanwhile, in another part of the world…


Living conditions in Venezuela are growing ever grimmer ➡ Starving Venezuelans dying for eating poisonous yuca sold in black market. Desperate for anything to eat, people in the newly-created socialist paradise are ingesting one of the few staples still available and affordable in the starved nation. Unfortunately, there’s a poisonous variety of the yuca plant that’s deadly ~

The two roots (sweet – which is safe – and bitter, which isn’t) are almost undistinguishable, yet one is banned from the market because it contains a component – hydrocyanic acid – that becomes poisonous if not properly processed.
The difficulty to set them apart is taking lives. Unofficial reports count at least 29 yuca-related deaths since October, including a 2-year-old girl last week. Dozens have been intoxicated to different degrees […]
In 2015, Venezuelans predominantly bought flour, rice, bread and pasta, chicken and meat — all those now in the luxury category for the vast majority.
So the deadly yuca is a matter of great concern, especially because it is sold by untraceable unknowing individuals who are just trying to make a buck.

As Fox News reported last month, there’s so little to eat in the country that in 2016 Venezuelans actually lost 19 lbs. on average 😯 ~

The 2016 Living Conditions Survey (Encovi, for its name in Spanish), conducted among 6,500 families, also found that as many as 32.5 percent eat only once or twice a day — the figure was 11.3 just a year ago.
In all, 82 percent of the nation’s households live in poverty, the study found.
Venezuelans suffer shortages of the most basic goods, from food to medicine, amid triple-digit inflation and a nearly 80 percent currency collapse in the last year.
A whopping 93.3 percent told Encovi researchers that their income was not enough to cover their food needs, which would explain why Venezuelans are replacing red and white meat with vegetables and tubers, mainly potato, and other cheaper options.

What’s so tragic is the fact that this never would have happened but for Hugo Chavez and his totalitarian take-over of the country’s economy. As Ed Morrissey at Hot Air pointed out a few years back ~

Before Chavez, Venezuela was a successful petro-state with a significant middle class and stable economics. Then Chavez created a command economy, expropriated private property, and ruled by whim for most of his term as president/dictator. He managed that through brute force and a cult of personality, but his successor only has brute force to use.


As Castro destroyed the middle class in Cuba, Chavez – and now Nicolas Maduro – have essentially done the same in Venezuela.
Here at least is a positive development (which probably wouldn’t be happening under another Democrat administration – Barack Obama was one of Chavez’ biggest fans) ➡ Nations to Challenge Venezuela’s Authoritarian Regime ~

Fourteen nations including U.S., Mexico, and Canada will work together to restore Venezuela’s democracy. The joint effort of these countries will call on Nicolas Maduro’s government to return full powers to National Assembly, release political prisoners and bring back holding of regional elections that have not enjoyed today […]
(They intend to) submit the statement for a vote as a resolution at the Organization of American States. Members are asked to pass a resolution calling on Maduro’s government to permit elections and ease the clampdown on the opposition within 30 days, otherwise lost membership of the organization […]
The situation in Venezuela is getting worst. Suppression of dissent has escalated. Maduro’s government continues to imprison opposition leaders, indefinitely postponed gubernatorial elections and also scuttled a recall referendum by the opposition. While political situation has gone like these, Venezuela’s economy continued to shrink. The number of people getting poorer is surging. Other Latin American nations were shocked to know that many people in the oil-rich country spend their days searching for food in the garbage.

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Never trust a RINO

Conservative Review unearthed a video from just over a year ago when Speaker Ryan was singing a rather different tune about the future of ObamaCare ~

As Robert Eno so correctly points out ~

(I)t is not the Freedom Caucus that is to blame for the failure to repeal Obamacare, it is Paul Ryan and the bait-and-switch caucus he leads. Paul Ryan campaigned to fully repeal Obamacare, but when it came time to put up a bill, it ended up being a giveaway to the insurance industry that tried to fix Obamacare, rather than repeal […]
Paul Ryan promised one thing and did another. Then when he failed, he and his fellow members of the bait-and-switch caucus decided to blame conservatives who refused to go along with the Washington parlor trick.
This failure rests on the shoulders of Speaker Ryan and his fellow Wisconsinite who serves as President Trump’s chief of staff. It is time that both of them, and the president, keep their promises.
This week, Speaker Ryan should abandon his RINOcare bill and bring the 2015 reconciliation bill to the floor of the House for a vote.
It’s time to stop the bait and switch.

GOP replaces ObamaCare with SwampCare ~ Bryan Fischer explains why government-run healthcare, by any name we call it, is not only massively inefficient – it’s immoral.
CBO confirms: Full repeal of Obamacare is the ONLY way forward

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Normalizing psychosis


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,” we learn that
an Oregon judge knows more than your DNA does ~


As every Biology 101 student learns, females have 2 “X” sex chromosomes and males have an “X” and a “Y.” But in Oregon recently an XX judge has ruled that scientific facts are completely irrelevant when it comes to how you feel about your sexual identity – whether those feelings correspond to reality or not. Indeed, you can now pretend to have no gender at all. And the rest of society is expected to affirm that – going crazy right along with you ~

NO GENDER, NO PROBLEM: Oregon Judge Grants First Legal ‘Agender’ Status ~

Oregon Judge Amy Holmes Hehn had granted legal gender “non-binary” status to Portland resident Jamie Shupe in July 2016, but roughly two weeks ago, Hehn went further, granting “Patch,” a video game designer, the right to be referred to as “agender.”

Hank Berrien at the Daily Wire continues ~

And hey, don’t worry that a genderless identity will be a problem for government-issued identity cards, such as driver’s licenses or passports; last December, California’s Sara Kelly Keenan received the first known U.S. birth certificate reading “intersex” after a judge granted her gender change from female to non-binary.


Used to be that exhibiting a partial or complete withdrawal from reality meant you were suffering from a severe mental disorder which the mental health community referred to as psychosis – but no longer. According to these wacko judges, psychosis is the new normal.

What is it with Oregon judges these days?
Does DNA Determine Sexual Preference?
No, perception is NOT reality
Gender Confusion Is Not Biological ~ Interesting article at Creation Evolution Headlines explains just how out of control this gender-bender nonsense has gotten

There are rare cases where an individual is born with extra X or Y chromosomes that might influence their sexual identity. Aside from those, what is a transgender individual to think of himself, herself, or itself? If there is no biological basis, it’s a choice. But if it’s a choice, the individual could choose to go back to its biological gender; so why should society give the person special rights and protections, including access to opposite-sex bathrooms (to the harm of “cis-gender” [normal] people)? On the other hand, if it is biological, should it not be corrected as any other biological abnormality?
The “identity” craze has already gone past absurd. If someone can decide what gender they are, regardless of plumbing, why can’t they decide what race they are, regardless of skin color? How about the fat man identifying as a skinny girl, or the short guy identifying as an NBA giant? Do we want to let a stocky bearded man enter a girl’s bathroom to shrieks of terror from the girls, just because he claims he feels like a woman? Will women who identify as men be barred from all-female colleges? Will men who identify as women be allowed in, not only to matriculate, but use the women’s dorms and showers? These issues are already being faced. Where does the craziness end? “My mother the car” may come back into vogue at this rate.

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Saturday Shorts – 3-25-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Jihadi terror manuals on how to use a car as a ‘tool of war’ for mass murder can be found in just two minutes on Google and Twitter ~ Online instructions for the discerning jihadi; how-to info on the latest trend for murdering infidels.

A day after the London attack, this guy read the manual, but must have missed a critical detail ~ TERROR IN BELGIUM: Terrorist Stopped Before Ramming Speeding Car Through Crowd

One man, close to the pope, responsible for so much evil in the Vatican ~ Rome is becoming a battleground for the soul of the Catholic church. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of two Vatican dicasteries: the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, is an elitist, globalist and proponent of population control. Life Site News interviewed Sorondo after a Feb. 27-March 1 conference on “Biological Extinction” that he hosted at the Vatican ~

… I want to say that also in the catechismos of the Church say, ‘the state has a responsibility for its citizens’ well-being. In this capacity, it is legitimate for the state to intervene to orient the demography of the population.’ This is also an idea of the Catholic Church.

Like Pope Francis, Sorondo is a native Argentinian, but you’d be forgiven for guessing he was a Notre Dame alumni, seems the university is post-Christian as well ~ Notre Dame Students Complain After Mike Pence Announced as Commencement Speaker ~

The university’s College Democrats organization expressed their concern over Pence’s stances on immigration, abortion, and healthcare, suggesting that his values contradict those of what the group would consider an appropriate commencement speaker.

Authorities raid cockfighting operation in southwest Detroit ~ Alternative headline: ICE shuts down cultural enrichment program 😀 ~

Feds say about 50 people were taken into custody on immigration law violations

Great. Now let’s send them back right? Well, that might be a little problematic ~ 30 Countries Are Refusing To Take Back Illegal Immigrants Convicted Of Serious Crimes

While these countries are refusing to accept the deportations of these criminals, the U.S. government is still issuing visas and student visas to citizens of those countries, according to the Texan congressman. There is already a law on the books which allows the U.S. to hold visas from a country that is not taking back its criminals, but according to (Texas Rep. Henry) Cuellar, the U.S. is not enforcing it.

GOOD TRUMP: Keystone XL Pipeline Approved ~ Some very good news that was rather lost in yesterday’s Obamacare replacement circus ~

The Keystone pipeline will stretch 875 miles from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska, where it will be connected to other pipelines already in place to deliver oil further south. It is expected to carry as many as 830,000 barrels of oil a day.
The pipeline is also expected to create 42,100 jobs, although only 35 will be permanent.
Still, it’s a common-sense move that will provide a temporary boost in jobs and increase the supply of oil.


Climate Change Caused Brexit Explains Al Gore… ~ Well who knew? Al’s theory goes like this ~

(T)he Brexit vote in Britain last summer was the result of “political instability” created by the “stress” caused by climate-change induced chaos in the Middle East.

It appears that “climate change” is now the catchall boogieman for all the world’s ills. James Dellingpole continues ~

This is almost certainly the first time climate change has been blamed for Brexit.
It comes only days after a study produced by the British Medical Journal linking climate change with diabetes.

Lawyer for Russian whistleblower’s family plummets from apartment ~ Putin just can’t shake his KGB past; unfortunately this seems to be the way he regularly deals with the opposition ~

“It is extremely suspicious,” (British businessman Bill) Browder told The AP by telephone from London, suggesting the fall could be related to Gorokhov’s work challenging President Vladimir Putin’s government. “Gorokhov is a serious problem for the Putin regime as he has spent the last seven years exposing their complicity in the death of Sergei Magnitsky.”
(Magnitsky died in a Moscow prison at the age of 37 after accusing officials of stealing $230 million via tax rebates.)

From Anti-Israel Boycott Warrior to Busted Tax Evader: The Rise and Fall of Omar Barghouti ~ What a stellar citizen. But ponder the irony here; the guy is allowed to live in Israel, advocate for that nation’s economic implosion, and travel around the world to raise funds for his cause from other western nations. The Islamists really are genius at using the West’s own institutions and philosophies against them ~

The arrest (in Israel) earlier this week of Omar Barghouti, a co-founder of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, for his alleged failure to pay taxes on $700,000 in income brings an end, or at least a halt, to the public face of his controversial campaign.
The BDS campaign, which Barghouti helped launch in 2005, attempts to delegitimize and isolate Israel in an effort to advance Palestinian interests. Many leaders of the campaign have publicly affirmed that they seek Israel’s destruction, with Barghouti saying in 2004, “We are witnessing the rapid demise of Zionism, and nothing can be done to save it … I, for one, support euthanasia.”

Your Marriage: You Have No Idea of the Good You Are Doing ~ An inspiring read for those days when you might be tempted to trade you spouse in for another model :) Healthy marriages make for a healthy society.

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When will European elites get it? Islam IS the perversion

In the wake of the latest terror attack by a Muslim European leaders are once again hastening to affirm that they stand in solidarity with the UK – (not against Islam of course – just with the Brits, for a group hug perhaps).

British Prime Minister Theresa May declared Thursday that “we are not afraid,” rallying her country the day after a terrorist attack outside Parliament in London left four people dead, including the attacker, and dozens injured.
“Yesterday an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy, but today we meet as normal,” she told lawmakers in the House of Commons.

Source: Yahoo News

As Breitbart reports, as usual the senseless murders of innocent citizens had absolutely nothing to do with Islam ~

Taking on the role of a theologian, Theresa May insisted: “It is wrong to describe this as Islamic terrorism. It is Islamist terrorism. It is a perversion of a great faith.”

Speaking in Parliament, she also said the attack showed “the importance of all of our faiths working together, and recognising the values that we share”.
Adding: “This act of terror was not an act of faith. It was a perversion; a warped ideology, which leads to an act of terrorism like that and it will not prevail.”

Well, no, it really isn’t a “perversion.” Perhaps the prime minister should watch David Wood’s latest video ~

And this one as well.

Former Muslim: Islamic Terrorists ‘Don’t Go to Liberals and Say Thank You’ for Being PC ~ via Fox News ~

Ayaan Hirsi Ali criticized what she considered the “apologetic attitude” some liberals around the world have toward identifying the religious component to Islamic terrorism.

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Mommy, what’s that man doing in here?

In a widely-posted article last week, a fairly progressive California mother shared a very disconcerting experience she’d recently had in a bathroom at Disneyland. Now granted, Disney is all about make-believe, but Kristen Quintrall’s story is a sad testament to how far our culture has slipped into a reality-free zone ~
Liberal Mom Objects to Man in Disneyland’s Women’s Restroom ~

I was at Disneyland with my son, my friend and her son. We were over in California Adventure in the food court area. We’d just finished eating and decided to pee before we headed out to The Little Mermaid. I went to the bathroom while she watched our boys in their strollers, and then I did the same….
dudeintheladiesI was off to the side waiting with the two boys, when I noticed a man walk into the restroom. My first thought was “Oh sh*t, he’s walked in the wrong restroom by mistake. lol” He took a few more steps, at which point he would’ve definitely noticed all the women lined up and still kept walking. My next thought was, “Maybe he’s looking for his wife…or child and they’ve been in here a while.” But he didn’t call out any names or look around. He just stood off to the side and leaned up against the wall. At this point I’m like, “WTF? Ok there is definitely a very manly hispanic man in a Lakers jersey who just walked in here. Am I the only one seeing this?” I surveyed the room and saw roughly 12 women, children in tow…staring at him with the exact same look on their faces. Everyone was visibly uncomfortable. We were all trading looks and motioning our eyes over to him…like “what is he doing in here?” Yet every single one of us was silent. And this is the reason I wrote this blog.
If this had been 5 years ago, you bet you’re a*s every woman in there would’ve been like, “Ummm what are you doing in here?”, but in 2017? the mood has shifted. We had been culturally bullied into silence. Women were mid-changing their baby’s diapers on the changing tables and I could see them shifting to block his view. But they remained silent. I stayed silent. We all did. Every woman who exited a stall and immediately zeroed right in on him…said nothing. And why? B/c I…and I’m sure all the others were scared of that “what if”. What if I say something and he says he “identifies as a woman” and then I come off as the intolerant a*shole….? So we all stood there, shifting in our uncomfortableness…trading looks. I saw two women leave the line with their children. Still nothing was said. An older lady said to me out loud, “What is he doing in here?” I’m ashamed to admit I silently shrugged and mouthed, “I don’t know.” She immediately walked out…from a bathroom she had every right to use without fear […]

And let me be clear, my problem wasn’t JUST that there was a man in the restroom. It’s that he wasn’t even peeing, washing his hands or doing anything else that you’d do in a restroom. He was just standing off to the side looking smug…untouchable… doing absolutely nothing. He had to of noticed that every woman in the long line was staring at him. He didn’t care. He then did a lap around the restroom walking by all the stalls. You know, the stalls that have 1 inch gaps by all the doors hinges so you can most definitely see everyone with their pants around their ankles…..
So here I am…writing this blog, because honestly I need answers. We can’t leave this situation ambiguous any more. The gender debate needs to be addressed….and quickly. There have to be guidelines. It can’t just be a feeling. I’m sorry. I wish it could, but it can’t. I’m fine going by “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…it’s a duck.”…But this notion that we’re shamed into silence b/c we might offend someone, has gone too far.

Read the entire post HERE.
Here finally is a liberal who’s waking up after being smacked in the face by reality. Unfortunately she’s still paralyzed by political correctness, and the fact that…

… the media has told us we don’t know what gender is anymore. I never want to be in the position again. Im not asking for permission to tell transgender people to get out my bathroom. I need to know it’s ok to tell a man, who looks like a man, to get the f*ck out. Gender just can’t be a feeling. There has to be science to it. DNA, genitals, amount of Sephora make up on your face, pick your poison, but as a very progressive woman…I’m sorry it can’t just be a feeling when there’s but a mere suggestion of a door with a peep hole separating your eyes from my vagina or my children’s genitals.


What Quintrall doesn’t quite get yet is that the minute we started down this yellow brick road to gender-bender land, this moment was inevitable. The question now is, just how far do those of us unwilling to pretend the emperor is wearing clothes have to go along with this delusion?

“There has to be science to it,” she insists. There always has been science – progressives just keep telling us to ignore it. Even though our very DNA confirms the truth; males have an X and Y chromosome, women have two X’s. No matter what you cut off or sew on you can’t change your objective, immutable biological sex.
The right of women and children to feel reasonably safe in such a private situation is far more important than allowing some confused individual to impose their sad “reality” on everyone else. No more gents in the ladies.
The Man in the Women’s Room, and Why He Can Stay There

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Another day, another barbaric attack from the Jihadis

This picture, snapped in the aftermath of today’s Islamic terror attack in London, certainly speaks volumes about our present-day, east-west culture clash. While Europe is quite decidedly post-Christian at this point, there still remains at least a residual strain of Christianity in most Westerners. I believe a majority would still reach out to help a fellow injured human being lying in the street. Not so most members of the Religion of Peace ~

Quite the contrary, Islam is the faith that directs it adherents to “slay the infidel wherever you find him.” Just like the as-yet unnamed murderer – ‘middle-aged and Asian’– did today.
[Update 3-24-17: Homegrown terrorist ~ Adrian Elms – or Khalid Masood, the Islamic name he adopted – was known to the authorities as a vicious thug whose ‘violent extremism’ had brought him to the attention of MI5. Yet at some point a decision was taken that he was no longer considered a threat. Oops.]


Muslims seem to have no concept of the Golden Rule (a maxim not exclusive to Christianity by the way); “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12
I don’t know about you, but frankly I’d rather live among people who still exhibit traces of their Christian heritage, than those who callously pass by, self-absorbed, seemingly without a thought for a fellow suffering soul.




In the Gospel of Luke, the parable of the “Good Samaritan” is introduced by a question, known as the Great Commandment:

Behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested him, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”
He said to him, “What is written in the law? How do you read it?”
He answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, [Deuteronomy 6:5]; and your neighbour as yourself [Leviticus 19:18].”
He said to him, “You have answered correctly. Do this, and you will live.”
But he, desiring to justify himself, asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbour?”

Jesus answered, “A certain man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell among robbers, who both stripped him and beat him, and departed, leaving him half dead. By chance a certain priest was going down that way. When he saw him, he passed by on the other side. In the same way a Levite also, when he came to the place, and saw him, passed by on the other side.
But a certain Samaritan, as he traveled, came where he was. When he saw him, he was moved with compassion, came to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. He set him on his own animal, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, and gave them to the host, and said to him, ‘Take care of him. Whatever you spend beyond that, I will repay you when I return.’ Now which of these three do you think seemed to be a neighbour to him who fell among the robbers?”

He said, “He who showed mercy on him.”
Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

Luke 10:25-37

You search in vain for a similar directive in the Quran… This lack of compassion is certainly not conducive to “coexistence.”

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How do you know murder is wrong?

… if there are no moral absolutes, you don’t.
As Dennis Prager so sensibly explains in this short video, good and evil only exist because God exists ~

Conclusion: “If you want a good world, the death of Judeo-Christian values should frighten you.”

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Saturday Shorts – 3-18-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Drive-thru viewing comes to Memphis funeral home ~ When you’re really pressed for time – just drive through and wave good-bye to Uncle Ernie! Good grief.

Snake News ~ Al Perrotta makes the case that much of the mainstream news we’re getting is beyond “fake news,” it’s snake news ~

Fake news is the work of hucksters and humorists. The P.T. Barnums of the press. Fiction presented as reality for entertainment or personal profit.
No, what we are seeing now is something more sinister. We are seeing the deliberate distortion of truth with the intent to deceive, deflect and destroy.

In Iceland 100% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Think about that. ~ Maybe it’s the frigid temperatures, their souls are frozen? Who would want to live in a country which so devalues innocent human life? ~

The value of a child born with any disability cannot be eradicated by any nation. They are created in the image of God.

By Sexualizing Male Friendship, Disney Makes a Mockery of the Original Tale ~ The original fairy-tale version actually dealt with issues common to the human condition; envy, jealousy, love, compassion, struggle, sacrifice… It wasn’t promoting the progressive agenda of societal deconstruction. The homosexual angle is only a part of the inauthentic messaging ~

In contrast to her superficial and materialist sisters, who care for nothing but themselves and their own advancement, Belle is serious and scholarly. She has interior resolve, integrity, profound courage and love that enable her to sacrifice her life for her father, to see beyond appearances and redeem the beast.
Her power is revealed in her character and her actions — not in exterior assertiveness and a willingness to buck convention by wearing riding boots. Her whole life bucks the convention of mediocrity and selfishness, which is why she is the protagonist. Instead of all the authentic character virtues Belle exhibited in the original tale, we get bumper sticker feminism and “girl power.”
The original story and the famous 1756 version, written by women, were more authentically affirming of women than this dumbed-down 2017 production.

Mother and son are becoming father and daughter ~ Mental illness is clearly hereditary. These unfortunate, gender-confused folks need help, not approval or applause.

Do those who keep calling Trump “Hitler” and a fascist appreciate the irony in their being able to call Trump “Hitler” and a fascist without being arrested and sent to a concentration camp? ~ These people are clearly clueless. But that doesn’t stop them from spewing their venom ~

They are free– free to call Trump Hitler and a fascist and clearly (woman in the Apple Store who harrassed White House press secretary Sean Spicer) has no fear of retribution. These morons are free to protest without the IRS being set upon them as happened in the last administration.

Feminists stage bloody fake abortion on woman dressed as Virgin Mary ~ The mask drops. Pro-aborts are rabidly anti-God.

The Cost of a Border Wall vs. the Cost of Illegal Immigration ~ Thoroughly researched and documented article from the Center for Immigration Studies ~

The findings of this analysis show that if a border wall stopped a small fraction of the illegal immigrants who are expected to come in the next decade, the fiscal savings from having fewer illegal immigrants in the country would be sufficient to cover the costs of the wall […]
Based on the NAS data, illegal border-crossers create an average fiscal burden of approximately $74,722 during their lifetimes, excluding any costs for their U.S.-born children. If a border wall stopped between 160,000 and 200,000 illegal crossers — 9 to 12 percent of those expected to successfully cross in the next decade — the fiscal savings would equal the $12 to $15 billion cost of the wall.

A sick new low for foreign aid: Palestinian boys and girls pretend to execute an Israeli soldier – as teachers at schools funded by YOU tell their pupils that terrorists are heroes ~ These Islamists are perpetuating such a cowardly culture. They’re simply cold-blooded murderers. Afraid to confront the “enemy” face-to-face, they teach their children to kill the unarmed and innocents ~

‘It is a terrible message for the next generation. Children are the key to peace but look at what they are being exposed to from a young age, growing up in an environment of terror and told the killing of Israelis is a heroic action.’
– Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch

Man Dies After 6-Ton Porn Collection Falls on Him ~ Um…

There are a lot of dangers associated with porn consumption, and now we need to add one more to the list: Your porn collection could kill you. According to a recent report at Asia Wire, a Japanese man was crushed to death when his massive collection of pornographic magazines fell on him.

USDA Threatens To Shut Down Farm For Conservative Article In Break Room ~
Obama-era, tyrannical safety inspectors think they can regulate free speech in a private company’s lunchroom. We have a new president now; time for this Orwellish behavior to stop.

PATHETIC: University Removes Scale From Gym After ‘Triggering’ Students ~ Apparently, truth is just too frightening for some millennial snowflakes.

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America’s Irish connection

Decades before we were even a country, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were already part of America’s cultural traditions ~


Irish settlers, many of them indentured servants, brought the custom of remembering Saint Patrick to the American colonies. Boston held its first observance in 1737. In New York City, Irish soldiers in the British army held a parade on St. Patrick’s 1762.
During the Revolutionary War, George Washington allowed his troops camped at Morristown, New Jersey, many of whom were of Irish descent (by some estimates, one-third to one-half of them), to have a holiday on March 17, 1780 […]
From Davy Crockett to Bing Crosby, Americans with Irish roots have shaped our history and culture. Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence 9 were of Irish descent. And as many as 19 presidents from Andrew Jackson, to John F. Kennedy, to Ronald Reagan can claim Irish ancestry.
If the United States in the world’s melting pot, the broth has a wee bit o’ the taste of Irish stew.

[Source: The American Patriot’s Almanac – Bennett & Cribb]



These days of course – now that we’re enlightened – we’re starting a whole new tradition ➡ Boston St. Patrick’s Parade Admits Gay Group After Death Threats. Wouldn’t St. Patrick be thrilled?
:mrgreen: Be sure to take the kids!

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Hey, let’s mock scripture, Christians – and Jesus

According to Hollywood – despite God’s eternal, unchanging Word – we’re all just supposed to go along with Disney’s gay agenda because — “it’s 2017 for #*@&*! sake!”

Sorry, we’re not buying it – your worldview, or your movie ~

Another excellent video from Dr. Michael Brown

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The #Resistance isn’t organic; It’s astroturf. And it’s really ugly.

Lest anyone believe that all the anti-Trump protests we’ve witnessed since the inauguration – actually, going back to the election in November – were organic, spontaneous demonstrations of disapproval, this recent article from The Hill, which is a not exactly conservative publication, should convince you otherwise. Strategically leveraging social media, the Left is assembling a “Resistance” army of malcontents. One of their latest tactics is rudely disrupting the townhall meetings of various representatives ~

… (A) cyber autopsy of the “agitprop,” or agitation propaganda, behind the “grassroots” protests reveals they are steered by an orchestrated campaign made up of partisan, professional organizers, much like the recent protests at the University of California at Berkeley, which led to violence and the cancellation of a speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, under the rallying cry #ShutMiloDown
Now, in the latest iteration of a hashtag rebellion, the rallying cry is #ResistanceRecess and #ResistTrump. The self-described strategy is “bird dogging,” a deliberately aggressive strategy designed to hound and heckle a political candidate or legislator into answering pointed questions.
My reporting and the research of New York City cyber sleuth Eric Feinberg reveals that this campaign is being championed by nonprofit groups and lobbying organizations connected not only by their liberal, Democratic politics but by their ideological philanthropist, billionaire George Soros.

georgeSoros-quoteYet again, when the action is subversive – clearly destructive of the civil society – the evil puppet-master is pulling the strings. Here’s Asra Nomani writing at The Hill ~

According to an analysis in progress I’m compiling of leaked documents from the Soros philanthropy, Open Society Foundations, and other open-source material, at least six of the organizations involved with leading, organizing or training #ResistTrump #ResistanceRecess protesters —, the Working Families Party, the ACLU, the National Immigration Law Center, United We Dream and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement — have received funding over the years from Soros.
Other groups, like People’s Action, lack clear funding from Soros, but nonetheless have virulently anti-Trump messages, like #ResistTrumpTuesdays. Hashtags they and other Soros-funded groups have used in recent weeks to send anti-Trump protesters into the streets and airports include #WomensMarch, #NoBanNoWall and #MuslimBan.
One group, United We Dream, which received at least $1.55 million in 2014 from Open Society Foundations, promoted #HereToStay and #DayWithoutImmigrants this week, to oppose Trump administration policies on illegal immigration. #NoBanNoWallNoRaid also started trending.


Then we have the ever-audacious ex-president Obama, the gift that keeps on giving ~ How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency.
To start with, in a totally unprecedented move, rather than leave town gracefully like every other former president and retire to Chicago, or Hawaii to play endless rounds of golf, he’s set up a command center for the insurgency just a couple miles from the White House ~

‘He’s coming. And he’s ready to roll.’ former Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday (February 28th) about the former president’s reentry into the political scene.

Well isn’t that special?
As the UK Daily Mail reported on March 1st ~

Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation’s capital – just two miles away from the White House – into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump […]
Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion […]
Spurred on by Jarrett and Michelle, the ex-president has come to embrace his role as the leader of the opposition against Trump, whose policies he loathes and whose presidency he considers illegitimate.

So of course Obama’s feelings fully justify the active subversion of a duly-elected president. But then why should he stop now? He got away with subverting the constitution for eight years.

‘He is going to use his immense popularity with the half of the country that identifies as liberals and progressives,’ said (an) Obama family source. ‘Millions of Americans are energized and ready to take to the streets to oppose Trump, but they need to be organized and have their anger focused and directed.

Actually, Barry is just returning to his old job of community organizer. It’s all he knows; tearing things down, dividing, sowing discord. And he certainly is “ready to roll.”
Writing at the New York Post last month Paul Sperry explained ~

Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.
In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.
He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.


So when you see the progressive #Resistance coalition on the march (and wreaking havoc) don’t be the least bit tempted to compare them to the Tea Party (who were only trying to reinstate the Constitution and reestablish our representative Republic). They’re 30,000+ malcontents Organizing for Action against a sitting president – against more than half of the country.

America isn’t a banana republic – yet. But Barack Hussein Obama, fully supported by chaos-inducing George Soros, has apparently established himself as comander of the rebel insurgency. How long before he’s allowed to ignite another civil war?
How Obama is bankrolling a nonstop protest against invented outrage ~ Mr. Audacious actually started Operation: Subvert America months before he left office ~

Obama is returning the favor of his Alinsky masters, training and cloning an army of social justice bullies to carry on his revolution to “fundamentally transform America.” He’s doing it mainly through a little-known but well-funded group called Organizing for Action, or OFA, which will outlast his administration.

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