Saturday Shorts – 10-21-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies ~ So very sad. These poor people don’t need affirmation and encouragement – they need psychiatric help ~

“I wanted to be a woman. Badly. My mental health was very poor at the time and I was very much socially isolated. I felt I could either try living as a woman or else I wanted to kill myself.”

Boy Scouts, or One of the Girls? ~ No, the two sexes are not interchangable. Rebecca Hagelin with a eulogy for the this late great American institution ~

When the BSA decided to become “politically correct” by pandering to the homosexual activists and abandoning their principles and the families that believe in them, it was only a matter of time that they would decide to further destroy the mission of the organization by allowing girls in too […]
The Scout program was successful because it helped boys truly believe that manliness was something to be achieved and treasured.
Sorry folks, but you just can’t do that when you throw a bunch of girls into the mix.

“Trump’s Benghazi?” Americans Were Deployed to Niger Under Obama ~ They never did care to discover the truth about Benghazi, but now Democrats and the mainstreams are trying to create another false narrative where Trump’s the bad guy. Daniel Greenfield sets the record straight.
NHS (UK health care) provokes fury with indefinite surgery ban for smokers and obese ~ Yes folks, misery is inevitable with “free” government health care ~

In recent years, a number of areas have introduced delays for such patients – with some told operations will be put back for months, during which time they are expected to try to lose weight or stop smoking.
But the new rules, drawn up by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire, say that obese patients “will not get non-urgent surgery until they reduce their weight” at all, unless the circumstances are exceptional.
The criteria also mean smokers will only be referred for operations if they have stopped smoking for at least eight weeks, with such patients breathalysed before referral.

I’m a Conservative Who Was Roofied by a Stranger. Here’s What I Think of the ‘Me Too’ Hashtag ~ Heritage Foundation fellow Amy Swearer was moved to tell her personal story in a heartfelt effort to explain the #MeToo sexual assault meme triggered by that sicko Harvey Weinstein ~

I’m not asking anyone to refrain from having honest conversations on the subjects of victimization and assault. I’m simply asking you to refrain from categorically judging the stories behind the hashtag as nothing more than slacktivism or attention-seeking hogwash.

Cruz Stomps Sanders: ‘What’s The Difference Between A Socialist And A Democrat?’ ~ From Wednesday’s CNN debate on the GOP tax plan between the two senators ~

America’s “free enterprise system,” said Cruz, has been history’s greatest generator of prosperity, adding, “Bernie likes to glorify socialism, but if you look at the greatest engine of prosperity the world has ever seen, it’s the American free enterprise system. There’s a reason millions of people risk their lives to come here.”

Spoiler alert: Cruz won. Because even most lefties get it if someone explains it to them ~ Students love Trump’s tax plan…when told it’s Bernie’s
Apple removes popular pro-life prayer app after liberals complain ~ Apps are totally optional digital tools. How is anyone justified in demanding that something they don’t even see, much less use, be eliminated? It’s like saying I hate spinach so I demand that my grocery store not carry it! ~

The app, launched in 2014 for both Apple and Android phones, sends anonymous, real-time information about women who call crisis pregnancy centers considering abortion so that pro-lifers can pray for them.
One of the top five “Must-Have Pro-Life Apps” according to the American Life League, the HC app alerts prayer warriors with messages such as “pray for someone in Texas who just placed a call to inquire about abortion,” or “who scheduled an appointment with a Colorado pregnancy resource center.” The app suggests that Christians pray for women to keep pro-life appointments and to choose life for their baby.

On the plus side, I hadn’t heard about Human Coalition until Apple made news by banning their app. But now, since I have an android phone, I just downloaded it :)

Backlash: Week 6 of the NFL Reveals Several Nearly Empty Stadiums As Fans Continue to Leave the League ~ Are the anti-American, anti-Trump antics starting to affect the bottom line? ~

Throughout the league, stadiums could be seen with thousands of empty seats at kickoff, and, in some cases in the middle of the game.

THIS IS WHO THEY ARE: Student leader says Constitution doesn’t apply to Ben Shapiro ~ Radical campus leftist unabashedly reveals his fascistic worldview ~

In one of the most stunning and infuriating displays ever of honest, unashamed progressivism, the leader of the student organization opposing Shapiro’s First Amendment right to speak, Sean Taylor, outright states that Ben Shapiro should not have the right to speech and that the Constitution is not a “relevant” document.

Liberals Look the Other Way as More Cases of Voter Fraud Pile Up ~ Despite progressives’ denial the massive evidence for voter fraud only continues to grow ~

The Heritage Foundation database now documents 1,088 proven instances of election fraud, including 949 cases that have resulted in criminal convictions, 48 that have ended in civil penalties, and 75 that have seen defendants enter diversion programs.

MSNBC Hosts Suggest White House chief of staff John Kelly Is a Racist Because He’s From Irish Catholic Neighborhood in Boston ~ Because they’re morally bankrupt, with a limited capacity for intelligent debate, leftists frequently try to score points by projecting their own prejudices onto their opponents. Sad but true.

Judicial Watch Chief of Investigations: US Is Becoming Failed State – Entire Justice Department is Compromised ~ At this point, the swamp may be undrainable. In this Oct. 18th video Lou Dobbs talks to Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch Director of Investigations, about the Deep State scandals consuming Congress, the Secret Service and the Department of Justice.

I Don’t Care If It’s Halloween. Your Gruesome And Tacky Yard Decorations Are Sick And Rude ~ I couldn’t agree more :)

For some reason, people think it is acceptable to array their homes with all manner of symbols and graphic depictions of evil, even on streets populated by young families. Decency, it seems, is deader than the decaying corpse you propped up on your porch swing.
This problem of indecency isn’t unique to decor. People get weird when they don costumes—even the ones that don’t make you look like a prostitute. Halloween is an excuse for young adults to indulge in defacement of property, cruel pranks, drunkenness, and debauchery—or at least to amusedly watch other people do such things, in real life or in fiction. Halloween is an opportunity to give in to the dark side, and no one feels bad about it. But why exactly? Because the license to be an idiot expires at dawn on November 1? This trend doesn’t just indicate that decency is dead, of course. It suggests that the ordinary kind of evil is very much alive, and is given special opportunity to manifest itself on Halloween.

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The New Totalitarians


Remember decades ago when “intolerance” was the worst sin progressives could pin on you? Every time we conservatives tried to push back against their radical social agenda they demanded to know “Who are you to judge? You bigot!” Well, once they started down that road – misapplying Scripture and bastardizing the English language – it was inevitable: the Left has turned into the very scourge they accused the Right of being: INTOLERANT.


Here is just the latest example of their illiberal ideology…

This story is as maddening as it is tragic. Rachel Alexander at The Stream explains how an independent restaurant in Arizona was ruthlessly hounded out of business for having the temerity to post pro-Trump sentiments on social media. After which the rabid Leftists set out to ruin a news site that reported on their spiteful sabotage.

Progressives Target Conservative News Site for Revealing How They Viciously Destroyed a Pro-Trump Business ~

Cup It Up American Grill posted the message on its Facebook page on Friday, Oct. 6. It was standard GOP views. The post supported President Trump, standing for the national anthem, supporting “In God We Trust” and The Bill of Rights. It stated the business didn’t believe in or support the violent left-wing group Antifa. It opposed kneeling for the national anthem, fake news, political correctness and global warming. Pretty tame stuff.
Many hostile comments were left after the post. Cup It Up deleted the post three hours later. The two co-owners who wrote the piece apologized in a statement for bringing “our personal political beliefs into a business forum.”
But that wasn’t enough for the left. They barraged Cup It Up with harassing and threatening phone calls over the weekend. As a result, several employees quit. Activists posted negative reviews about the company on Yelp. The next day, Saturday, the operating partner and chef quit. Julian Arcon said staying “wasn’t worth it.”
The restaurant removed itself from Facebook on Saturday. It shut down on Monday. The owners left a note on the door thanking their customers. It explained that “The safety of our employees and our families is of great concern and is our #1 priority at this time.”


Because they had the cojones to report on this shameless persecution, the Arizona Daily Independent(ADI) was the next target of these fascists ~

(The ADI’s article) explained in part why the local leftists acted as they did. “Tucson, the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country, has earned a reputation as inflexible and intolerant. That reputation has kept the area from experiencing the recovery from which the rest of the state and country has benefited since the end of the Great Recession.”
ADI quoted an anonymous Hispanic business owner, “Absent from this whole fiasco are the City of Tucson Mayor and Council, who let the intimidation of small business owners go unchecked as Tucson slides further and further down the poverty scale. It’s no wonder we are viewed as the laughing stock of the nation.”


Led by radical activist Zaira Livier, organizer of the attack on Cup It Up ~

… progressives went wild with rage over the article. They launched a campaign threatening ADI’s advertisers. They told activists to demand the Arizona Newspaper Association drop ADI as a member. The leftists instructed people to give ADI low ratings on Facebook, driving down the newspaper’s score from five out of five stars to one and a half stars. They told them to report its articles as fake news.

Luckily they were foiled in this vindictive effort ~

Free speech patriots fought back. Right-leaning Tucson talk show host James T. Harris, who has a huge online following, spread news of the attack. The newspaper’s Facebook score went back up to almost four stars.

As Alexander concludes ~

Shutting down a small local business for one right-leaning Facebook post is a step toward totalitarianism. She’s denied to citizens the same First Amendment right to share their thoughts that she expects for herself. Arizona’s hard left may have gotten away with that, in this case. They won’t get away with stamping out the freedom of the press.

These leftist malcontents are evil. This totalitarian intimidation can not be allowed to continue in America – or there won’t be an America.


“Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand,
its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent,
because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it.
So it always has been. So it always will be.”

~ Charles Chaput, archbishop of Philadelphia~ G.K.Chesterton

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God Bless Crew 61 (and all the CA firefighters!)

Since this video has gone viral you may have already seen it, but it’s such an inspiration I wanted to share anyway ~ Samoan firefighters sing moving hymn in midst of California wildfires.
This crew of “hotshots” have been helping out with the desperately needed fire-suppression efforts in California. A specially trained hand crew from American Samoa, they were fighting the Helena Fire in Trinity County, CA earlier this month.
These are men who truly appreciate that all work is for the glory of God.
Video via Nancy Flory at The Stream ~

The hymn is called “Fa’afetai i le Atua.” Set to the melody of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” its three verses apparently thanking the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
It’s a haunting, beautiful experience. The clip opens on a forested landscape. Then you hear the voices in the distance approaching. Finally, you see the firefighters emerge.

[Turn up the volume :) ]


The latest news from California is good; finally, most of the wildfires have been contained ~

Most mandatory evacuations throughout the region have been lifted, but about 22,000 people in Sonoma County were still displaced Thursday morning, either because their homes are still at risk or were in a burn zone, said Sonoma County spokesman Scott Alonso.
The fires destroyed at least 5,700 structures, including more than 2,800 homes in the city of Santa Rosa alone. Officials called it the deadliest week in California fire history, with at least 42 confirmed fatalities […]
At their peak, the state’s large fires had drawn about 11,000 firefighters into the battle. But with the largest blazes in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties nearing full containment, firefighters have begun to trickle back to their respective states, counties and districts.

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Oops – it was the OTHER candidate colluding with the Russians…

… But – “Hey did you hear what Trump just said/did/tweeted?!”?”


Don’t expect to see this on CNN or MSNBC or any of the other progressive news networks (they’re currently obsessed with misrepresenting President Trump’s phone call to a special forces’ widow), but it looks like the Clinton Uranium scandal is back in the news ~ FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow. This latest story is from John Solomon and Alison Spann at The Hill ~


Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews […]
They also obtained an eyewitness account – backed by documents – indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.


But apparently the Eric Holder Department of (selective) Justice couldn’t have cared less ~

Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions.

If we didn’t already know it, this just more proof – perhaps the most egregious to date – that various federal agencies have been politicized to the point of covering up treasonous behavior, arguably endangering national security in the process.

Collusion, lies and betrayal… Had the American people ever learned of this scandal when the FBI and Department of Justice did (as they certainly deserved to!) there’s a darn good chance that Barack Hussein Obama never would have been reelected in 2012! But oh well. The mainstreams ignored it when this story broke two years ago (see video below), so there’s no reason to hope they’ll bother with it now.


Instead we get – Hey did you see Trump’s latest tweet?!
Elitist “Justice” prevails
The Clinton cover-up, brought to you by the same guys who are investigating Trump

(W)hy has there been no prosecution of Clinton? Why did the FBI and the Department of Justice during the Obama administration keep the evidence secret? Was it concealed to prevent a scandal that would poison Barack Obama’s presidency? Was Hillary Clinton being protected in her quest to succeed him?
The answer may lie with the people who were in charge of the investigation and who knew of its explosive impact. Who are they?
Eric Holder (attorney general), Robert Mueller & James Comey (FBI directors) and Rod Rosenstein (then-U.S. Attorney supervising the case)

Up-dated: 10-19-17
Added ~ Russia-Obsessed Media Shocked To Discover Facts About Russia Stories ~

Journalists can’t push a Russia collusion narrative for a year then go silent because it turns out Russians paid a shady opposition research firm that happens to employ a bunch of their close friends.

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A musical tribute to… Communism

I guess someone at Yukon High School in Oklahoma thought that a tribute to the failed worldview of Karl Marx would somehow be an appropriate theme for the school’s 2017 marching band performance ~

The Pride of Yukon is excited to introduce our show for the 2017 Marching Season! “The Iron Curtain” is a representation of the situation that occurred in Russia as the Cold War was beginning, and the speech that Winston Churchill gave in Missouri that changed the way that the world viewed our former ally. This speech would be followed by a new type of war that would last for almost four decades – the Cold War. The Show features the music of Shostakovich, Chesnokov, Alexandrov and Hannigan. Please join us in supporting The Pride of Yukon in their powerful and moving glimpse of World History.


To be fair, the band isn’t really endorsing communism. Still, when you consider the misery, suffering and the massive pile of dead bodies that are Stalin’s legacy, the choice to showcase such a tragic episode in human history seems an awfully strange one. No doubt these kids are just victims of historical ignorance. Unfortunately they’re far from alone. As Jay Richards, writing at The Stream, explains – when it comes to communism and socialism, many Americans are still clueless ~

Here’s a brief primer: Marx and his disciples claimed that “capitalism” must give way to “socialism,” where private property would be abolished and an all-powerful state would own everything on behalf of the people. That’s what Marx meant by the word socialism, and that’s the main dictionary definition.

Yukon H.S. band comrades prepping for the show

This was only supposed to be a stage, though, not the end of all our strivings. At some point, under socialism, people would lose their silly fondness for property, family, religion, and other evils. A “new socialist man” would emerge and then the state would “wither away.” Everyone would enjoy peace, prosperity, and the brotherhood of man. Marx and his acolytes called that final, stateless paradise “communism.”
Here’s the point: Those regimes led by mass murderers with their gulags, death camps, man-made famines and killing fields were socialist. That’s not slander. It’s what these countries called themselves. USSR stood for the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”

Joseph Stalin’s regime alone was responsible for the deaths of some 40 million. The “Cold War” was a war on his own people ~

Lenin’s paranoid successor was the runner-up to Mao in the mass-murder stakes. Stalin imposed a deliberate famine on Ukraine, killed millions of the wealthier peasants – or ‘kulaks’ – as he forced them off their land, and purged his own party, shooting thousands and sending millions more to work as slaves and perish in the Gulag.


So here’s some advice for the Yukon H.S. marching band; first, read The Gulag Archipelago, then follow it up with a field trip to Venezuela. Next year maybe you could perform a tribute to the good old U.S.A.
A vote for Bernie; a step closer to Venezuela

Putting a happy face on communism

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“Furries” – blurring the line between reality and fantasy?

Until I ran across this story in the Daily Caller last month, I’d never even heard of them. Who knew an estimated 250,000 grown adults across the U.S. were into dressing up as furry animal characters and playing make believe?

A police officer halts traffic as delegates to the Eurofurence,
“Europe’s biggest furry convention” arrive at the conference hotel
in Berlin in 2014. (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)


Apparently there’s an entire “furry” subculture. And it’s worldwide. (“Unity Paws” is holding a Halloween get-together in Moscow on October 29th) ~

SoFurry is the home for artists and fans of the anthropomorphic arts. We believe that all types of furry creativity are precious, in freedom of choice and the uniting power of our common interests. We believe in you.


Last month Connecticut Democrat Scott Chamberlain was forced to resign as a New Milford councilman after being outed as a furry. As the Daily Caller explained, his extracurricular hobby ~

… involves role-playing or even living as an animal. Many furries adopt “fursonas” and believe themselves to have the souls of typically wild animals like wolves, bears, and foxes. The lifestyle is often sexual in nature.

Hmmm. As curiosity led me to search further I found a darker side to the furry phenom – and this tragic story: Two suspects and three victims in California killings are all furries, according to friends and social media accounts ~

Two men are arrested and a 17-year-old girl is detained for ‘killing three people at California home’ – one day after child called 911 to report her parents were dead
• Christopher Yost and his wife Jennifer were found murdered in the house
• Family friend William Boucher, 28, was also found dead inside the home
• Two girls aged six and nine were unharmed inside the house in Fullerton
• Police arrested Josh Acosta, 21, and Frank Felix, 25, for the triple murders
• Police are refusing to name a girl, 17 detained following the three murders

The Yosts and Boucher, as well as the two suspects were all “furries.” So was Jennifer’s daughter (Christopher’s step-daughter), 17 year-old Katlynn Goodwill Yost. ➡
It seems quite likely that Katlynn is the girl police have “detained” in connection with the murders… [Check out the Daily Mail article for some really disturbing pix she posted on Facebook]

Christopher, Jennifer and Katlynn Goodwill Yost


Earlier this month the NY Daily News reported on one of the suspect’s social media communications just days before the September 23rd murders ~

One of the Southern California furries accused of killing three of his fellow fandom friends discussed the planned murders online just days before his alleged victims were found dead.
Frank Felix Facebook-messaged Cody Dunn, another one of his friends in the furry community, on Sept. 19, the Orange County Register reported.
“I might be assisting someone in murder,” he wrote.
When an alarmed Dunn pressed Felix for details, he backtracked, explaining that he was just “killing an animal.



The New York Post recently spoke with Joe Strike, the author of “Furry Nation” about the strange culture ~

Strike estimates that two-thirds of furries are men and that a large number of them come from the IT and technology professions. The latter somewhat jibes with a study on furries led by Canadian college professor Dr. Kathy Gerbasi and published in the journal Society & Animals. Gerbasi found that approximately 25 percent of those surveyed considered themselves less than 100 percent human and would become zero percent human if they could. Strike said that most furries he encountered grew up with interests in anthropomorphic cartoon characters and now find comfort around others with the same interest. […]
Though the idea of people relating to animals and adopting their own beastly characteristics dates back thousands of years, Strike figures that the modern furry movement gained its footing in the early 1990s. “The Internet began hooking people up and it took off,” Strike said. […]
For the furries who will be gathering in Connecticut this month, pleasures promise to go beyond the physical. “People invent mythologies for themselves, and it is a hell of a lot of fun,” said Strike. “You have permission to not be yourself, and it is liberating.” Outside of his costume, Strike said, “I am easygoing. As Komos, though, I become forceful. It’s a nice vacation for me.”

A “nice vacation” – from reality?
There’s something more than a little disturbing about this furry fad. If you’re actively pursuing a fantasy life through an alternative self, how long before you start behaving as if you’re actually living in an alternative universe? How long before before killing a human being becomes killing an “animal?”

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The Self-Esteem Myth

Here’s another great video from Prager U which illustrates the self-defeating aspect self-esteem ~

What Matt Walsh is basically saying is that the main problem with an inflated sense of self-regard is that it prevents you from facing reality. In his article “Jesus Smashes the Gospel of Self-Esteem,” Dr. Michael Brown points our that Christ himself reminded us of our essential worthlessness – we’re truly nothing without His saving grace ~

The Gospel of Luke tells us that, at one particular time, “There were some present . . . who told [Jesus] about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.”
In other words, these were Jewish men doing what the Law of Moses required, offering sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem. Yet Pilate murdered them and mixed their blood with the animal sacrifices.
How could something so bad happen to such good people? Doesn’t God protect His own? Perhaps they were guilty of secret sin?
Jesus anticipated these questions and replied, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered in this way? No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” What a piercing statement!
“No,” Jesus was saying. “These men did nothing out of the ordinary to deserve such a dreadful fate. All of you deserve to die a horrible death unless you repent.”
How this undermines the gospel of self-esteem. How this smashes all self-righteousness. How this reduces all of us to sinners needing repentance and mercy. Without God’s grace, we are all lost and doomed to destruction.


The good news is, Jesus didn’t come to make us feel better about ourselves. He came to save us from ourselves. Despite our own best efforts, we’ll always be sinners in need of a Savior. And in Christ we have one ~

We sinned, He died. We were guilty, He took the punishment. We deserved damnation, He cancelled our debt. What extraordinary, matchless love! Then the Heavenly Father takes us into His own family as dearly loved children. What a wonder!

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Saturday Shorts – 10-14-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Wine Country Wildfires incinerate California’s lofty air pollution goals ~ Man loses to nature again ~

It appears that the air pollution from the state’s many infernos have produced as much pollution in 2 days than the entire output of its cars during an entire year! […]
Sensible regulations are wonderful, but the wildfires demonstrate how impractical it is to eliminate the emission of carbon dioxide and other carbon-based molecules to infinitesimal levels.

FBI Reviewing Allegations of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Aid ~ Sad, but not surprising ~

The FBI in Puerto Rico has received numerous allegations of official malfeasance with regard to the distribution of hurricane relief.
Residents across the island are reporting that local politicians are distributing supplies not to those who need them but to their cronies and supporters […]
The problem has never been that Puerto Rico didn’t have enough relief aid. The problem has always been Puerto Rico’s third-world transportation infrastructure, which was nearly destroyed by the storm, and incompetent local officials who now turn out to be — some of them — corrupt.

And speaking of hurricanes ~ AP Omitted Expert Quotes That Didn’t Fit the Narrative About Global Warming ~ If you don’t support the climatists’ narrative, they don’t want your input. An Associated Press reporter didn’t like Dr. Roger Pielke Jr’s responses to their questions ~

Pielke’s answers largely reflected the work he’s been doing for years — that there’s no evidence global warming is making weather more extreme. Any increase in natural disaster costs is caused by an increase in wealth and population, according to Pielke’s research.

San Franciscans Pissed To Learn Their Liberal Policies Caused A Wave Of Restaurant Failures ~ Well, what part of the equation don’t they understand? Unrealistic minimum wage imposition + Obamacare costs = business fail ~

In a note that we’ll file away under the definition of ‘irony’, Bloomberg wrote today that the fun-loving, free-spirited socialists of San Francisco are suddenly really pissed off that their liberal economic policies have resulted in a wave of restaurant failures, making it nearly impossible to find good food at an ‘affordable’ price.

NYT’s Nick Kristof Regurgitates North Korean Propaganda, Blames Trump’s Tweets For Potential ‘Cataclysm’ ~ When you’re so anti-Trump you’ll side with a murderous dictator (But then NYT’S Walter Duranty was a Stalin apologist) ~

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, prominent New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof came on the show to promote his latest piece based on his recent trip to North Korea. The resultant segment’s melding of Kristof’s sentiments reflecting NYT’s pro-communist “Red Century” series combined with Joe Scarborough and his fellow panelists’ tendency to paint Trump as a dictator added up to produce the perfect recipe for some truly baffling pro-North Korean propaganda.

Project Veritas undercover exposé: NYT editor admits he is anti-Trump and a violent Antifa ~ The New York Times is fairly open about their leftist bias, but this latest exposé from James O’Keefe is truly stunning ~

(I)n another brilliant undercover sting, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has captured on video New York Times editor Nicholas Dudich‘s admission that, contrary to journalism’s professional obligation to be objective, not only is he not objective about President Trump in his NYT job, he deliberately targets Trump’s businesses in order to “bring him down”.

Planned Parenthood sues Missouri for requiring women be informed about abortion ~ Imagine if the headline were “Big Tobacco sues feds for requiring smokers to be informed about hazards of tobacco use” ~

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are pushing back against a law that tightens abortion regulations in Missouri, filing suit against the state this week to block a requirement that abortionists themselves inform mothers of the medical risks.

And, less you doubt who’s really behind the abortion racket ~

In another legal challenge to Missouri’s 72-hour waiting period for an abortion, a case brought by a female member of the Satanic Temple identified as “Mary Doe” has advanced to the Missouri Supreme Court. A hearing date is not yet set.

The witches will definitely not be happy over this one ~ Trump pulls U.S. out of pro-abortion, pro-LGBT UN agency ~ UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) pushes abortion and the LGBT agenda and thinks all children should too (That wasn’t the primary reason for withdrawal, but certainly an added bonus) ~

The U.S. is concerned about “mounting arrears at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform in the organization, and continuing anti-Israel bias at UNESCO,” State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement this morning. “This decision was not taken lightly.” […]
In April 2017, Trump withdrew U.S. support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) over its participation in China’s forced abortion regime.

‘Monstrous’: Orthodox leaders slam LGBT law that lets teens ‘change gender’ ~ Greece is now formally a biology-free zone ~

Greece has passed a controversial sex-change law that Orthodox leaders say will destroy mankind.
The “Change of Sex” bill passed overwhelmingly, by 171 votes, in Parliament with strong support from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. It grants legal recognition to sex changes without any requirement other than the desire of the applicant, allowing anyone age 15 or older to legally change gender.
“Do you see how far these Greek Orthodox deputies have sunk?” (Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis) preached. “They have brought blasphemy upon the human body … It is madness for any reasonable person, and a satanic deed from the point of view of God’s law. But some people are trying to make our state a state of sin.”

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Proposes to Save $33 Billion with Repeal of Obama-Era Energy Plan ~ Rolling back the last administration’s government-expanding, job-killing regulations ~

“The Obama administration pushed the bounds of their authority so far with the CPP that the Supreme Court issued a historic stay of the rule, preventing its devastating effects to be imposed on the American people while the rule is being challenged in court.
We are committed to righting the wrongs of the Obama administration by cleaning the regulatory slate. Any replacement rule will be done carefully, properly, and with humility, by listening to all those affected by the rule.” Scott Pruitt

Pedro Cortes, Pa. secretary of state, steps down ~ Election fraud? What election fraud? ~

Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, abruptly resigned from office Wednesday, three weeks after his agency came under criticism for a glitch that may have allowed thousands of ineligible immigrants statewide to vote.

Obesity among all US adults reaches all-time high ~ Yikes! ~

Nearly 40% of adults and 19% of youth are obese, the highest rate the country has ever seen in all adults, according to research released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics.
Since 1999, there has been a staggering rise in the prevalence of obesity, particularly in adults, without any “signs of it slowing down,” according to the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Craig Hales, medical epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here’s some helpful advice ~ 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Kids From Getting Fat

And… my favorite tweet of the week ~

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Trump finally de-certifies terror state of Iran

Thank-you Mr. President! De-certification was the only responsible choice at this point. Once the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) announced last month that they were unable to formally confirm that the Iranians are in compliance, the Trump administration simply had no option BUT to de-certify – in other words, to officially declare the Islamic Republic to be in violation of Obama’s infamous Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

trump10-13-17As I wrote last July when he re-certified, the president definitely seemed to back-peddling on his strong opposition to this disastrous deal. This latest IAEA declaration has really left him no other option. As Sen. Ted Cruz pointed out earlier this month ~

“The IAEA’s admission that they are unable to verify a fundamental provision under the nuclear deal—that the Iranians are not engaging in activities or using equipment to develop a nuclear explosive device—is highly alarming. In these circumstances, issuing a compliance certification would be serious mistake,” Cruz said.
“If the Iranians are serious about a peaceful program, they need to prove it. Iran’s continued refusal to allow IAEA access to military sites—a clear requirement of the terms of the deal—renders the JCPOA utterly ineffective, and, even worse, a sham that only facilitates Iran’s acquiring nuclear weapons,” Cruz said. “This absence of any meaningful verification is yet another reason to vitiate this foolhardy agreement.”

Who knows where Trump was getting his advice from the first two times the JCPOA came up for re-certification (a quarterly process). But good to hear him finally sounding like the guy who was campaigning for his office two years ago, once again unafraid to speak the truth: Iran Remains “Foremost” State Sponsor of Global Terrorism

Although senior Trump strategist, Sebastian Gorka resigned two months ago, perhaps the president is finally listening to the veteran national security expert on Iran ~

The nuclear deal served as a particular boon to Iran’s vision for a Shia-dominated Middle East, in which the Islamic Republic can rule the region.
“The American government’s strategy to defeat Sunni jihadism must not play into the hands of Shia jihadism,” according to Gorka. “All the more so after the billions of dollars released by the last White House back into the coffers of Tehran.”
“A nuclear Caliphate informed by an apocalyptic vision of Islamic salvation will not succumb to the logic of nuclear deterrence and the prior stability of Mutually Assured Destruction,” Gorka states. “Action must be taken now to obviate the establishment a nuclear-capable Shia Caliphate. Recertification of the Potemkin Accord that is the JCPOA (Iran) Deal will not stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.”


Mr. Trump is now essentially handing the JCPOA mess off to Congress. Will they formally kill the deal? We’ll see. Unfortunately, it seems many of the swamp creatures may have had a finger in the pie on this one… The corruption is strong with these folks.

More evidence of Obama’s Iranian treachery
O’Ministration’s treacherous allegiance to Iran (enabled by the GOP?)


Netanyahu, a strong adversary of the Iran nuclear accord, welcomed the news of Trump’s decision not to recertify the deal with satisfaction and praise for the US president.

Iran deal: a giant step closer to WWIII ~

What’s most critical to understand about this deal with the Iranian devils is that anyone who supports it is either misinformed or deliberately lying. The facts are being ignored or inverted.

Repeal and Replace In Farsi ~ Will Republicans have President Trump’s back on Iran?

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Busting the “pot is harmless” myth

pot2As the push to legalize pot continues across the country, we’d be prudent to pay attention to a recent study which links violent behavior to marijuana use. As reported in the Daily Mail ~

The latest study by five researchers from institutes based in Montreal, Canada, examined the lives of 1,136 men and women who were patients at psychiatric hospitals in Missouri, Pittsburgh and Massachusetts.
Records were gathered from interviews carried out every ten weeks for a year after their discharge.
It said patients who were using cannabis at each of these five checks were nearly two-and-a-half times more likely to have turned to violence than those who had not used the drug.

The Mail backs up the report by detailing various attacks linked to cannabis users. They list several different gruesome murders/attacks committed by individuals while on the substance ~

Contrary to claims that violent people were drawn to use cannabis, researchers found ‘it was cannabis use that predicted future violent behaviour’.

This new research corroborates a 2015 report; ‘Skunk-like cannabis’ increases risk of psychosis, study suggests. (“Skunk” refers to a highly-potent, THC-laced variety of pot which, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common.) ~

Smoking potent cannabis was linked to 24% of new psychosis cases analysed in a study by King’s College London.
The research suggests the risk of psychosis is three times higher for users of potent “skunk-like” cannabis than for non-users.
The study of 780 people was carried out by KCL’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.


So no, pot isn’t the benign substance its promoters would have you believe it is ~


Video via Ask Dr.Brown


And legalization for recreational purposes is a bad idea.

The Dope Debate

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Happy Revisionist History Day

“The first battlefield is to rewrite history.” ~ Karl Marx


If it’s the second Monday in October it must be time to demonize Christopher Columbus again. Even though the guy was a bit off in his global circumference calculations (when he landed on this continent he thought he reached the East Indies), we used to recall the Italian explorer as brave and bold, eager to discover more of the world as well as to share the gospel with native populations. Now however, public school indoctrination has convinced many that he was a ruthless despot whose main mission was to wipe out the “indigenous people.”
columbusUnfortunately, a good chunk of the American sheeple have fallen prey to the Howard Zinn revisionist version of our country’s history. Zinn was a hate-America-first political science professor at Boston University and, oops — a closet Communist. In his 1980 “A People’s History of the United States” he set out to describe the irredeemable America that his warped worldview had invented ~

(T)he founders were bad; the people who built the USA and made it the greatest nation on earth — complete with all its blessings — were evil; capitalism is to blame for everything; every war we ever fought including World War II was conducted either for imperialist ends or to cover our hypocrisy.


Of course,

If the 100 million people who were killed by world Communism could speak, they would be puzzled by Hate-America Howie’s affinity for the murderous movement that has stalked the world for decades.

But Zinn has managed to poison the minds of a generation with a pack of lies ~

Zinn wrote America’s story as an uninterrupted narrative of depravity. Born in sin, the nation, as Zinn saw it, would forever be morally defective – at least until such time as its leaders might finally awaken to the healing splendors of Marxism.

The real story of Christopher Columbus – as with all we flawed human beings – is one where the good is mixed with the not-so-good ~

The truth is that Columbus set out for the New World thinking he would spread Christianity to regions where it didn’t exist. While Columbus, and certainly his Spanish benefactors, had an interest in the goods and gold he could return from what they thought would be Asia, the explorer’s primary motivation was religious.
“This conviction that God destined him to be an instrument for spreading the faith was far more potent than the desire to win glory, wealth, and worldly honors,” wrote historian Samuel Eliot Morison over a half-century ago […]
Everybody knows that Columbus was trying to find gold, but they don’t know what the gold was for: to fund a crusade to take Jerusalem back from the Muslims before the end of the world. A lot of people at the time thought that the apocalypse was coming because of all the signs: the plague, famine, earthquakes, and so forth. And it was believed that before the end, Jerusalem had to be back in Christian hands so that Christ could return in judgment […]
“Columbus strictly told the crew not to do things like maraud, or rape, and instead to treat the native people with respect. There are many examples in his writings where he gave instructions to this effect. Most of the time when injustices occurred, Columbus wasn’t even there. There were terrible diseases that got communicated to the natives, but he can’t be blamed for that.” – contemporary historian Carol Delaney

Judging Columbus out of time and place – from our safe, pampered, affluent position in the 21st century – is patently unfair ~

It is difficult in the 21st century to imagine what Columbus faced as he crossed the Atlantic in search of what he thought was a route to Asia. The hardship and danger was immense. If things went awry, there would be nothing to save his little flotilla besides hope, prayer, and a little courage.

(None of which Zinn, the malcontented commie, ever possessed.)

Jarrett Stepman, writing at the Daily Signal, ends “The Truth About Columbus” with this wisdom from Ronald Reagan ~

Columbus is justly admired as a brilliant navigator, a fearless man of action, a visionary who opened the eyes of an older world to an entirely new one. Above all, he personifies a view of the world that many see as quintessentially American: not merely optimistic, but scornful of the very notion of despair.


This uniquely American worldview is precisely what Howard Zinn and his ilk strive to destroy with their deceitful version of history.
The Truth About Columbus

Annual “Trash Columbus Day”
Leftist hatchet job on Columbus
This Columbus Day, Trigger a Snowflake ~ Oh the irony. Today it’s Antifa destroying Columbus statues. Last century it their intolerant brethren the KKK ~

In the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan mounted a bigoted campaign against the explorer because he was Catholic, Italian and sailed under the Spanish flag.

How Radical Leftist Howard Zinn Poisoned the Minds of Two Generations
Howard Zinn: Communist liar
Columbus Day and Its Globalist Detractors ~

“We once honored Christopher Columbus because we, as a nation,
once honored Christian missionaries.”

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Why is YouTube censoring God?

I’m sharing this video for a couple of reasons. First, because it’s a thoughtful, timely message from Dr. Michael Brown in response to the Las Vegas tragedy. But more importantly, because YouTube – our new self-appointed arbiter of free speech – thinks it should be censored!

“There’s never a dull moment in our dealings with YouTube. In the latest twist, our video commentary on “What God Is Saying through the Vegas Massacre” has been age-restricted, deemed not suitable for viewers under 18. Really?” – Dr. Michael Brown



There’s no sex, no racism, no foul language and no violence (beyond a clip from last week’s horrific shooting. But that’s been all over the net and the news already.). In a nation whose currency states “In God We Trust” how is this objectionable to anyone? Are YouTube censors all atheists? Do they have a clue about America’s Judeo-Christian roots? They really need to watch this video.

As Dr. Brown points out ~

Without a biblical concept of human beings created in the image of God, we would not have our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. This is a foundational truth that lies behind those things.


Quoting from original sources of the first Europeans to colonize America, Dr. Brown provides evidence of our undeniable Christian heritage, as well as those early settlers’ godly and charitable intentions toward the native populations. He also shares some timeless truths ~

• No freedom with morality. No morality without God and true religion.
• For America to be great, America must be good. America cannot be good without God.
• Our country would be transformed if we all went back to reading the Bible. Spend five minutes a day, asking God to speak to you through His word. Then put into practice what you learn. It’s that simple.


YouTube can restrict, censor and deny these truths all they like. But truths they remain.

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