What’s a “Brexit?”

BrexitUkipSo what exactly is a “Brexit?”

• a basket used for gathering Brussels sprouts?
• the off-ramp on a chair-lift?
• a new breakfast snack?

None of the above. But given our partisan, hopelessly inept mainstream media, you’re easily forgiven for not knowing.

Turns out that less than a month from now (on June 23) the British people will have a chance to vote themselves out of the European Union – “BR(itish) EXIT.” Those who want some semblance of self-government, who want to retain their unique British identity and sovereignty will do so. The easily bamboozled sheeple won’t.
The following video is over an hour, but it’s very well-done, informative and definitely worth the time investment because we may be next. While you watch, keep in mind that what’s happening with the unaccountable oligarchy of the EU is our Washington Cartel writ large – it’s the people vs. the ruling class elite. Where once in Europe there were more than two dozen representative democracies, there is now one huge leviathan; self-serving, unchecked, all powerful.
Watch and wake-up. It’s coming here too…

Video via JoNova ~
“This movie is excellent, ominous, frightening — how did this bizarre
faceless elite layer of unaccountable power come to be?”

It is hard to imagine how these unelected Eurocrats wwere able to destroy democracy with hardly a whimper from the disenfranchised. Everywhere across the globe there are more and more signs that this international ruling class, is following their own agenda, exclusively pursuing their own interests, utterly dismissive of the peoples’ will ~

“Their role on the planet is to direct the lives of the rest of us.” ~ Mark Littlewood, Institute of Economic Affairs
“They think that the world needs to be ordered from above and that they should be the ones doing the ordering.” ~ Dr. Eamonn Butler

Brexit may be the last chance in decades to depose these arrogant elitists. As the movie sums it up, for the Brits the Brexit vote comes down to ~

Do we want to be governed by an organization we don’t understand, run by people we haven’t elected, who have the power to impose on us laws that we haven’t debated and little or no chance of blocking or repealing?

We think our pending election has America at a fractious crossroads – and it certainly does. But our cousins across the Atlantic are facing an existential crisis – if they don’t choose Brexit.

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The World’s War on Christendom – Latest Dispatch from the Front


Yesterday The Stream (one of my new favorite sites) reported on two persecuted Christians who desperately need our prayers and support ~ You Can Help Save These Two Christians from Being Murdered.
One is Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five, (who) has spent seven years in prison in Pakistan on a blasphemy charge for taking water from a well on a hot day of field labor (!).
The other, Father Tom Uzhunnalil, was kidnapped from Aden, Yemen more than two months ago. He was taken in a March 4th raid by Islamists on a Missionaries of Charity care facility during which 16 people were killed – including four nuns. (These people are truly evil!) ~

AsiaBibi(Bibi) remains imprisoned and in isolation, possibly for her safety thanks to threats of death inside the prison and certainly outside it, if she were to be released in the increasingly hostile environment there […]
International human rights organizations have taken up her cause as a just one, and an emblematic case that puts a human face and name and humanity and dignity on the ‘issue’ of Christian persecution in the Middle East and elsewhere.


Despite rumors to the contrary, (Father Tom) is reportedly alive, well, and possibly soon to be released […]

During Holy Week, unconfirmed stories began circulating in India claiming that the kidnappers planned to crucify the priest on Good Friday. Pope Francis appealed for Father Uzhunnalil’s release last month.


As this appeal reminds us, while we in the West spend our days working, playing, relaxing – going through our days in relative freedom – Asia Bibi, Father Tom, and countless other prisoners, hostages and victims of persecution, may be suffering martyrdom simply for their faith in Jesus Christ.
There are things we can all do to help:

Raise awareness. Share posts like this, on Facebook and Twitter; #WeAreN2016 and #FreeAsiaBibi
Support frontline organizations like ~

ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice)
Open Doors
Voice of the Martyrs
Aid to the Church in Need
And most of all – PRAY! ~

Open Doors offers these edifying words ~

Prayer is the ultimate fellowship
“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners,
and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering” ~ Hebrews 13:3
Many persecuted Christians often feel isolated and alone, since they are unable to fellowship with other believers. However, prayers from Christians half a world away have brought the same amount of encouragement that fellowship would have for these persecuted Christians. Prayer is vital—not only as a direct line to God, but as a way to encourage our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.
1 Corinthians 12:26 tells us that we are one body — when one member suffers, we all suffer. When one member is lifted up, we all rejoice. Persecuted Christians and Christians in the free world are not two separate entities, but rather are one body. The persecuted church needs the free church to support them and most importantly to lift them up in prayer. The church in the free world learns lessons from the persecuted who have stood strong in the face of persecution. Christ is the head of the body and uses the church (both free and persecuted) in unique and powerful ways.
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“Science deniers?” Try the EPA

Earlier this month the EPA issued another edict regulating methane emissions and not only does it stink – it’s total nonsense ~ EPA jacks up methane regulations in defiance of science ~


Because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency believes methane – the main component of natural gas – can be 25 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, officials Thursday mandated that drillers, processors and pipeliners curb emissions of it by 45 percent.


Why? Because the EPA is run by a bunch of crazed, power-hungry science-deniers.
As Kevin Whitson writes in this article at Western Journalism ~

Unable to enact legislation to support the Paris agreement, the Obama administration is using the EPA to issue sweeping new rules to the oil and gas industry to mitigate their methane leakage from new and existing gas wells […]

The new rules are the latest from the Obama administration’s EPA. Agency administrator Gina McCarthy said the new rules “will help combat climate change and reduce air pollution that immediately harms public health.”


It’s a phony justification; a strawman argument. First, because the industry is already self-policing when it comes to methane leakage. Gas leaks mean profit evaporation, so oil and gas producers have been regulating themselves – without any help from Gina McCarthy. So successfully in fact that they’ve been reducing methane emissions.
Which is the other reason this new regulation is bogus. The oil and gas industry is only one source of methane; it produces thermogenic methane. But there’s another source which accounts for nearly twice as much of the methane in the atmosphere: biogenic methane ~

Thermogenic methane is released from industrial, energy extraction activity. Biogenic methane occurs naturally and is released due to agricultural activity and the melting of typically frozen ground, widely across eastern Europe and western Asia. Thermogenic methane emissions stopped going up in the 90s and haven’t resumed since. It’s the biogenic methane that’s been on the rise.

In fact the very same federal government – in this case the climate experts at NOAA – has already reported that…

… methane emissions from drilling and other human activity are actually declining, not rising, and account for only a fraction of total methane in the atmosphere.

In addition ~

(S)tudy after study has found that methane emissions from the entire natural gas system are already very low – well below the threshold at which scientists say natural gas may lose its greenhouse gas advantage. Further, a new study in the journal Science found that oil and gas production is not to blame for the global spike in emissions.

Source: EnergyinDepth


So again – why? Because they can. Because they can count on a compliant media that refuses to call them out on egregious prosperity-killing regulations like this. Their war on traditional energy sources goes on…


And by extension, the “war” on developing nations ~

But of course the Left is so very caring aren’t they?

Methane mendacity – and madness
Humans did affect the atmosphere – even before industrialisation ~ Oops! So maybe it we just rid the planet of humans… Oh never mind, the radicals are already working on it!

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How baseball represents the best of America

At the end of the movie “Field of Dreams,” Terrence Mann – the character played by James Earl Jones – offers a brief yet moving monologue explaining how the sport of baseball is woven into the very fabric of America.
In the following video from Prager University, George Will echoes those sentiments, describing how the sport reflects so much of all that’s still good and decent and noble about our country ~

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Saturday Shorts – 5-21-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Dear Obama: A Note of Thanks From ISIS for Your Transgender Bathroom Decree ~ OK it’s satire, but it does beg a couple questions; 1.) Isn’t the Left worried about offending Muslims with their radical gender-fluid agenda? and 2.) Doesn’t it seem odd that U.S. Muslims never seem to protest these progressive attacks on traditional male/female/family mores? Hmmmm…
New York City businesses face fine up to $250,000 if they don’t use gender correct pronouns like ‘ze’ and ‘hir’ to refer to transgenders ~ Seriously. Under de Blasio the Big Apple is just one big reality-free zone now ~

• Businesses can ask ‘everyone what their preferred gender pronoun is’
• Employers should update systems to let individuals identify gender
• Commission on Human Rights can impose civil fine up to $125,000
• Those that are the ‘result of malicious conduct’ go up to $250,000

But what if their identity changes from day-to-day, moment-to-moment? And what if one day someone decides they’re a dragon? What’s the pronoun for that?
Science vs Activism in Biological Gender Ambiguity ~ The truth about sexual development disorders – and why we should try to help those afflicted with them – not attempt to remake society to conform to abnormal ~

(Sexually-disordered individuals) deserve the same respect and understanding anyone with a genetic disorder deserves.
That does not mean, however, that the whole society has to toss out millennia of tradition about male-female differences to accommodate a tiny percentage of affected individuals, especially when the majority of those, with proper treatment or surgery, grow to comfortably identify with one sex or the other on their own […]
Society does not have to invent something new: a third gender, a fourth, an n–th gender, or come up with new words and pronouns with which to refer to them. The Judeo-Christian ethic would be to compassionately help steer children toward the sex God ordained for them, as best can be determined.

Why Conscience Matters: The Little Sisters of the Poor & the Cuban Dissident ~ This article at Patheos discusses the importance of standing for religious freedom, resisting tyranny and obeying a Higher Authority. It highlights the inspiring story of Armando Valladares, a man who suffered torture, isolation and imprisonment for twenty-two years in Fidel Castro’s Cuba for refusing to support the dictator and honor his Revolution ~

When I was 23 years old I refused to do something that at the time seemed very small. I refused to say a few words, “I’m with Fidel.” First I refused the sign on my desk at the postal office that said that, and after years of torture and watching many fellow fighters die, either in body or in spirit, I still refused to say those words […]
For me to say those words would constitute a type of spiritual suicide. Even though my body was in prison and being tortured, my soul was free and it flourished. My jailers took everything away from me, but they could not take away my conscience or my faith.

Indians to Redskins name-change advocates: Get a life ~ Why won’t lefties drop this? It’s pretty much a non-issue – except with the grievance-mongers ~

Native American poll > 90 percent answered “does not bother me.” 9 percent said “offensive.” 1 percent had no opinion […]

*If you want to look at it and find a reason for it to be offensive, then you can. I’ve talked about this with my family and friends, and it don’t bother me none. I’m proud that someone is recognizing Native Americans. Most people I see griping about it are not Native Americans.

The Peculiar Story of Adam LaRoche; Walking Away from the Game and $13M ~ The former White Sox first baseman is about a whole lot more than the game of baseball.

Why Am I “Never Trump”? The Third Commandment Joshua Charles writing at the Stream with an eloquent explanation of why he’s #NeverTrump ~

Trump has claimed the God mantle, the Christian mantle, the “evangelical” mantle. He constantly brags, in fact, at how many Christians are voting for him, as well as trotting out the endorsements of prominent Christian leaders. The Bible, so he claims, is his “favorite book,” a most odd contention coming from a man whose public life exhibits none of the fruit of which the Bible says we ought judge a tree by.

The Rapid Fall of Socialist Venezuela ~ So sad to see what happens to a once relatively-prosperous people when the greedy government runs everything – into the ground. But what a teachable moment! If only Bernie voters would wake up and pay attention.

Animal family portraits ~ Awwww…. Some very cute pix :)  


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Founding Wisdom [Flouted by the Foolish]

founders-quote-TJefferson“To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”
~ Thomas Jefferson ~ letter to Joseph Milligan, 6 April 1816
Or to K.I.S.S. (for those feelin’ the Bern) ~

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Katy Perry and Soul-sucking Secularism

KatyPerry1Pop star Katy Perry recently won a prolonged court battle to purchase a California convent formerly owned by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary ~

Deeded to religious sisters by a devout Catholic businessman, the empty convent sits on eight acres of hilltop in the Los Feliz neighborhood with an exquisite view of the city, and is valued at $14.5 million.
And now a judge has ruled that the property may be sold to singer Katy Perry, over the objections of several elderly sisters, who watched some of Perry’s videos and fought the Los Angeles archdiocese’s plan to sell her the property — going so far as to find an alternative purchaser and contest their own bishop in court. Those sisters have lost, and Perry will take possession of the property.


That’s the current news on this property. But the real history of the place is truly a tragic one. As this article from the Stream reports, a secular psychologist emptied out the massive convent long ago ~

This order wasn’t always a small band of elderly women. In fact, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) were among the largest and most successful teaching orders in America at the time of the Second Vatican Council (1960-64).
Their sudden collapse is a searing instance of how too many Catholics misread Vatican’s II message of renewal as a call to surrender to worldly, secular influences […]

Keen to follow Vatican II’s call for religious orders to “renew” themselves, the IHM nuns interpreted this call differently from how the well-meaning bishops had intended it. In 1966, the order contracted with secular psychologist Carl Rogers to work with him and his teams of facilitators, engaging the sisters in the touchy-feely, “humanistic” therapy sessions which Rogers offered — the key to which was “values clarification,” whereby sisters would be encouraged to look within their emotions, instead of the doctrinal tenets which they had learned, for answers to ethical questions.


Yes, it’s the now-familiar, socially-destructive, leftist mantra; rely on your own feelings. Forget God, scripture and your vows.

The IHMs had some 60 schools when we started; at the end, they had one. There were some 615 nuns when we began. Within a year after our first interventions, 300 of them were petitioning Rome to get out of their vows. They did not want to be under anyone’s authority, except the authority of their imperial inner selves. …
There’s a tragic book called Lesbian Nuns, Breaking Silence, which documents part of our effect on the IHMs and other orders that engaged in similar experiments in what we called “sensitivity” or “encounter” …

Source: Latin Mass Magazine

Read the whole article HERE. It’s not long, just very, very sad.

Like so many gullible Americans during the “sexual revolution” of the 60’s – Make Love Not War Baby! – – the IHM sisters were caught up in the soul-sucking vortex of self-worshiping secularism.


And now, the thought of Katy Perry occupying what had for decades been a sacred setting, is more than a little disconcerting.
Perry isn’t exactly known for her pious, conservative nature. Among the singer-celebrity’s more controversial performances – controversial at least to Christians – were the 2014 Grammy Awards and the 2015 Superbowl half-time show. For the Grammy’s she performed her song “Dark Horse” which featured Illuminati references and satanic symbolism.


An eye-opening video at Online Fellowship includes footage from various Perry performances. (Saying she’s sold her soul to the devil isn’t just Christian hyperbole!)
After watching her antics and the dark, suggestive imagery in her videos I shudder to imagine what sort of unholy plans Perry has for that unfortunate convent – though self-serving secularism no doubt drove the Holy Spirit away years ago.

The tragic and precipitous decline of the IHM order is a cautionary tale ~

A similar pattern of compromise, surrender and collapse is, sadly, the story of most “mainline” Protestant churches, as well. (The IHM sisters’) fate should be an object lesson in the dangers of watering down Christian doctrine in order to soften the “scandal” of faith in a secular age.

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2016 Election season so far…

Considering the craziness surrounding this years’ presidential race, this lemming stampede looks like the only likely outcome so far ~


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Resist the restroom revolution!

Our progressive ruling class may be trying to re-define reality, but regular Americans aren’t buying it ~

Pizzeria in Virginia Beach, VA


The vast majority of us are unwilling to go along with the Orwellian notion that “male” and “female” are just arbitrary constructs and there’s really no difference between the sexes. We believe not only what every other civilization in the history of humanity believed, but what our own personal experience tells us. “We hold these truths to be self-evident!

Gender is NOT fluid, as Melanie Phillips so aptly explained in this January article: It’s dangerous and wrong to tell all children they’re ‘gender fluid’ ~gender-confused

The notion that gender can be deconstructed in accordance with ideology started in the 1970s when… it was promoted by feminists for whom gender was not a biological fact but a social construct. But it’s not.
Gender derives from a complex relationship between biological sex and behaviour. And nature and nurture are not easily separable. Some unfortunates feel they are trapped in the wrong gender. Surgery may or may not resolve this confusion. Many who change sex still don’t feel comfortable; tragically, some even commit suicide.


This nefarious, gender-bending agenda is doubly-evil. Not only are they trying to drive us all insane by forcing us to deny reality, they’re denying help to the troubled people who seriously need it.

Folks, it’s time for us to re-establish reality in America. And those of us who are believers (whether Christian or Jewish) need to remind ourselves that we are accountable to a Higher Authority. We answer to “Rome” only to the extent that Rome doesn’t countermand God’s law. This gender-fluid nonsense has crossed the line. We can and must push back against this lunacy.

Join with Dr. Michael Brown in his call for National Civil Disobedience to Obama’s Public School Transgender Bathroom Mandate ~

Across the nation, parents, school boards, principles, administrators and teachers must say no to President Obama and his administration. They must do it for the sake of the children. They must do it for the sake of moral sanity. They must do it to honor the Lord.
Enough is enough. Too many lines have been crossed, too many moral values have been trashed, and too much common sense has been ignored, all in the name of radical LGBT activism […]
As Americans, especially as Christian Americans, we want to be tolerant, loving and accepting. We want to help people in their struggles. We want to embrace those who are different. We want to reach out to those who are marginalized. Yet we can do this without sacrificing our children on the altar of political correctness and radical LGBT activism.
Let us stand together as one and say, “Enough is enough, and we will not comply.”
I urge all persons of conscience who are educators to state their position clearly. I urge every parent to contact their local public school and, with respect and firmness, state their position clearly, and I urge every student to be kind to their fellow students while holding fast to that which is right, working together with their parents for the best interests of their schools.
For some this will mean withdrawing from the public school system. For others, it will mean staying with and working to reform the public school system. Either way, it means decisive, uncompromising action.

Additionally, the AFA (American Family Association) suggests the following actions:
1. Urge your governor and state legislators to use their influence to direct local school districts to disregard this letter and keep the safety and privacy of our children a top priority. [This link lets you easily submit an email directly to your state officials]
2. Call your local school superintendent and school board members and tell them to ignore foolish council that places boys in girls restrooms and locker rooms.
3. Sign The Boycott Target Pledge.

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Trump’s GOP Goon Squad attacks Sasse for standing on principle

Ben Sasse, the junior senator from Nebraska, is a solid conservative – particularly when it comes to embracing our founding principles. As he sees it, one of the biggest problems with the federal government is that “we are electing a lot of the wrong kind of people.”
In the following video (yes, it’s lengthy – but it’s worth it) – an interview with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution (Feb. 2016) – Sasse discusses America’s history and our Constitution, explains how we’ve gotten so far away from the founders’ vision, and shares his thoughts on how to turn things around ~


Although he’s not perfect (who is?), thus far Sasse has shown no inclination to sellout to the D.C. special interest hucksters . His actions have been consistent with his campaign promises. And being a man of principle, he ‘s the polar opposite of the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

Which is why – so far anyway – he’s not supporting Donald Trump ~

Sasse told Joe Scarborough (in March)that if Trump and his brand of identity politics become the party’s new standard, “I’m out.” That declaration was notable, marking a clean break from those like Ryan, who as recently as Tuesday pledged to back the GOP and support the nominee, even if it’s Trump. But Sasse says that no true conservative is unduly bound to his party. “I’m an American first, conservative second, and a Republican only in a distant third.”
“I want the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Not the party of David Duke and Donald Trump,” he says. “If this is a party that would wink at white supremacists, I’m not leaving the party. The party is leaving me.”

Source: National Review


trumpsarroganceBy way of describing Trump’s character (or lack thereof), in the video Sasse quotes “The Donald” as having brashly asserted “If someone screws you, screw ’em back harder.” Charming. Unfortunately, it seems that combative, vindictive attitude is rubbing off on the Republican party leadership: Senator Ben Sasse and #NeverTrump Targeted in Nebraska.
Nebraska GOP operatives are demanding that Sasse be penalized for his lack of party loyalty by a complete withdrawal of party support for his reelection campaign.
Principles be damned apparently. (Sounds like the old Soviet Union.)
Furthermore, as Breitbart reported last Friday, Trump Campaign Goes Smash-mouth: Blacklists ‘Never Trump’ Consultants, Vendors.

…Trump campaign’s aides and allies want the consultants and vendors behind the “Never Trump” movement barred from lucrative general-election contracts.
Donald Trump’s campaign is considering hitting his Republican enemies where it hurts: Their wallets […]
The blacklist talk — which sources say mostly targets operatives who worked for Never Trump groups, but also some who worked for Trump’s GOP presidential rivals or their supportive super PACs — strikes against a Republican consulting class that Trump has assailed as a pillar of a corrupt political establishment.

“If someone screws you, screw ’em back harder….” Yep.
Think this is a bit extreme? Just wait until the arrogant bully gets the full weight of the IRS, FBI and DHS behind him.


The attempt to “screw” Ben Sasse epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Donald and the Trump phenomenon; unprincipled, reactionary, divisive, vengeful – and woefully unsuited for leadership of the free world.
This man will never “Make America Great Again.”


“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong
is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”
~ William Penn

Politician Keeps Promise; GOP Pooh-Bahs Freak Out
Paul Ryan Should Not Support Trump ~ (Neither should Sasse!) From Star Parker, once a Democrat welfare mom, now a staunch conservative.

Spokesman Defends Donald Trump’s ‘Get Even’ Comment at Christian University ~ It’s not like voters didn’t know about Trump’s vindictive streak. He was speaking at Liberty University last September ~

(He) addressed thousands of Christian university students during a convocation ceremony on Monday and told them to “get even” with those who try to take advantage of them.

(A university vice president later tried unsuccessfully to twist scripture to justify Trump’s clearly unChristian attitude.)

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Official toilet for the Trump White House?

How pathetic that it’s come to this.. a toilet named “America” ~

An 18-karat gold toilet titled “America” was set to make its debut in New York City’s Upper East Side Guggenheim Museum last week, but the dubbed work of art is having technical difficulties forcing a delayed unveiling.

Source: Free Beacon


The Trump Throne?


It’s crude, crass and offensively extravagant. Perfect for Donald.

The Guggenheim announced the toilet’s intended display last month, crediting the museum’s former deputy director Nancy Spector with organizing the exhibit.
“The new work makes available to the public an extravagant luxury product seemingly intended for the 1 percent,” the museum’s press release read. “Its participatory nature, in which viewers are invited to make use of the fixture individually and privately, allows for an experience of unprecedented intimacy with an artwork. Cattelan’s toilet offers a wink to the excesses of the art market, but also evokes the American dream of opportunity for all, its utility ultimately reminding us of the inescapable physical realities of our shared humanity.”

What a bunch of progressive, pretentious S**T!

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Saturday Shorts – 5-14-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:


Obama Frees USS Cole Bombing Terrorist ~ Because, as the last seven years have shown us, American lives don’t matter – at least not to our current commander-in-chief.


Egypt’s latest target: Gays ~

… according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), nearly 200 people have been arrested under the Sissi regime since late 2013 on charges of “debauchery.” A number have been sentenced to shockingly long prison terms.
On April 24, a court in the Cairo district of Agouza handed down prison terms ranging from three to 12 years to 11 individuals who, according to the EIPR, were variously charged with “inciting to and facilitating debauchery, habitual debauchery” and “the abuse of a communications medium” — that is, the Internet.

Wonder what would happen to transvestites using the women’s restroom?
Why is it that the Left only seems to “judge” the remnants of Judeo-Christian culture? Did you hear anyone condemn this ➡ Man stabs his 16-year-old sister to death in Pakistan ‘honour killing’ – because she was using a mobile phone ~

A Pakistani man used a kitchen knife to murder his sister after flying into a rage when he caught her using a mobile phone.
Hayat Khan, 20, attacked his 16-year-old sister Sumaira at their home in the Orangi Town neighbourhood of Karachi on Wednesday.(4-27)


EPA Shut Down Enough Coal Power in US to Blackout Great Britain ~ And that’s just last year ~

“This should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. President Obama kept his promise to bankrupt coal plants, and his administration has impeded domestic natural gas, oil, and coal production at every turn,” Dan Simmons, vice president for policy of the IER(Institute For Energy Research), told The Daily Caller News Foundation.
“Research shows these plant closures will harm all of us by increasing electricity costs and making it more difficult to keep energy intensive businesses in the United States. The Obama administration has never been serious about economic growth, and that won’t change as long as the president continues to shut down affordable, reliable energy production.”

Cuban Police Arrest Dissident for Displaying U.S. Flag as Ship Docked in Havana ~ Like so many in the Hope&Change crowd, the poor chump actually believed Obama’s empty rhetoric ~

“As Obama said, if you want liberty, it’s the people who will have to make it happen,” he said, referring to a speech the president made while visiting Cuba. “I’m here to show Cubans and the world that yes, we can.” […]
As the Carnival cruise ship nears, the video shows police manhandling Llorente into a patrol cruiser as he gripped tightly to his American flag. The crowd cheered the arrest as the car pulled away.

Study: Trump-style tariffs on all imports would cost the average U.S. household $6,000 per year ~ Not just hyperbole ~

If you kill demand for American goods abroad, American manufacturers will have to cope with the loss of revenue by cutting costs somewhere. Guess where.

London’s East End ‘Like Baghdad’, As Cockney Culture Dies Out ~ As predicted nearly a decade ago by Melanie Phillips in “Londonistan” ~

“It’s hard to find somebody who speaks English in Newham. We’ve always been a country where immigration plays a part, but not on the scale you find now.”

Quebec teen discovers ancient Mayan ruins by studying the stars ~ Wow! Teens like this remind one not to give up completely on today’s youth!


REPORT: PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIAN REFUGEES IN GERMANY ~ No safe haven. Christians flee to Europe to escape ISIS and find Islamists still won’t leave them alone! ~

Persecution (among Christian refugees in temporary accommodations in Germany) was suffered in the following ways (with the number of people affected in brackets):
• Insults (96)
• Bodily harm (86)
• Death threats – also towards family (73)
• Very loud religious music or prayer (62)

In addition there were physical attacks in the form of punches, spitting, pushing and sexual abuse.

Gotta love that old Religion-of-Peace.

March of the Living: Bringing Resurrection from Holocaust Death ~

Thousands of young people meet in Poland and Israel each year to learn about the Holocaust from where it happened.

A truly effective way to teach the next generation about past horrors as a means to help ensure Never Again.

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