Meanwhile, in another part of the world…

I know our mainstream media is obsessed with the election, discussing Donald Trump’s lewd antics and arduously ignoring all Hillary’s criminal activities – but it’s still awfully unsettling that we have to learn about this from the UK Daily Mail ➡ Europe on war footing: US troops deployed to Poland to stand guard on Russia’s borders in biggest military build-up since the Cold War as Putin practices for nuclear war ~


• Hundreds of US troops will be deployed to Poland as part of NATO effort
• They will lead one of four battle groups stationed across eastern Europe
• Is the latest indicator of Russia’s fraught relationship with the West
• Putin unveiled the country’s latest nuclear weapon earlier this week
• He is suspected of ordering hack on the Democratic National Committee
• Critics say he is trying to influence outcome of the presidential election


Tensions have been building since Crimea and the West’s decision to impose retaliatory sanctions, but the breakdown of a US-Russia brokered ceasefire in Syria on October 3, followed by US accusations that Russia has used cyber attacks to disrupt the presidential election, have signalled a sharp worsening of East-West relations.


Putin’s behavior is becoming increasingly provocative; the recent hacking incidents…

After categorically denying hacking U.S. politicians and organizations, Putin and his spokespersons are now claiming that nothing has been proven so far.

Source: National Review

(Sounds like a typical Hillary quip – Ha! Catch me if you can!)

The Daily Mail article recaps Putin’s other belligerent actions ~

The Russian leader also suspended a treaty on cleaning up weapons-grade plutonium, suggesting he was willing to use nuclear disarmament as a new bargaining chip in disputes with the United States over Ukraine and Syria.
Tensions between Russia and the rest of the West are also high.
Last week Putin sent an aircraft carrier on a bombing mission to Syria in a fleet that passed through the English Channel. In the past week, Britain has deployed RAF fighter jets to intercept Russian bombers nearing UK airspace twice in four days.
On Tuesday, Russia unveiled chilling pictures of its largest ever nuclear missile – Satan 2 – which is capable of destroying an area the size of obliterating small European countries including the UK.

Won’t that be fun?


Putin curtails religious freedom in Russia
The ongoing Ukraine “conflict”
Fears grow Russia is using the Ukraine battlefield to rehearse for war with the West
Russia Building New Underground Nuclear Command Posts

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Disrupting the “old earth” narrative

Is the earth really millions – or even billions – of years old? Not according to these fossils…

Paleontologists dig up all kinds of fossils, mostly just small bones or sea shells. But occasionally they discover unusual fossils, like squid with ink, lizards with skin, or even a T. Rex with blood!


Check out the Institute for Creation Research for much more evidence of a young earth, including this recent article: If Earth Is Old, It Should Have Frozen.

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More on the UNESCO farce

Here are a couple more links I forgot to include in yesterday’s post on UNESCO’s bogus resolution on Jerusalem’s history.
The first is an Elder of Zion post from 2013 that proves – in a Muslim writer’s own words from the 15th century – that they were well aware of the Jewish history of the Temple Mount site.

(A) 15th century book by Jalal-addín [or Shams al-Dîn] al Síútí, translated in 1836 by James Reynolds, shows that Muslim tradition believed without a shred of doubt that the Al Aqsa mosque was built on the spot of both Jewish Temples.


In case you were wondering which countries voted for this travesty, UN Watch has the results. One delegate does deserve high praise for his principled stand against the resolution ~ Mexico’s UNESCO envoy walked out to protest Islamist resolution on Jerusalem, now may get fired ~

Andrés Roemer Slomianski, Mexico’s newly-arrived ambassador to UNESCO in Paris, is not only a diplomat, political analyst, attorney, economist, think tank founder, and author of 16 books and two award-winning plays.
He is also a hero.
When it came time last Thursday for 58 country representatives on the UNESCO executive board to vote on an Arab-drafted resolution that effectively denied Jewish ties to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and the Western Wall—by using Islamic terms only for Judaism’s holiest sites—Mexico was one of only 24 states that voted for the pernicious text. (Full UN Watch analysis and country voting sheet here.)
Yet Ambassador Roemer, who is Jewish, had already walked out of the hall. Out of conscience, he could not bring himself to carry out his government’s instructions and support the outrageous resolution; one of his deputies had to cast the vote instead.


Unfortunately, he did get fired. But at the same time – surprisingly – Mexico said it would change its vote from approval to an official “abstention” in recognition of the “undeniable” Jewish cultural heritage in Jerusalem. Perhaps Slomianski’s principled stand will encourage many more to reject this nonsense as well.

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UNESCO detaches itself from historical reality

If this weren’t so absurd, it would actually be pretty humorous. Ignoring 3,000 years of history, UNESCO decreed this week that Jews have no claim to Jerusalem, especially the Temple Mount ~ UNESCO adopts PLO’s Islamist resolution denying Jewish, Christian ties to Jerusalem.
They’re clearly crazy.


UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) is a UN agency whose ostensible mission is to promote peace, social justice, human rights and international security through international cooperation on educational, science and cultural programs.

(Note: Once “social justice” is one of your objectives, truth is automatically going to be a casualty)


The agency’s resolution is mostly a pack of lies drafted by the Palestinians (themselves a historical farce) that totally ignores the Jewish ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount by simply denying reality.

To begin with – contrary to both Hebrew and Christian scriptures – Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Quran. So for Muslims to be making exclusive claims to the area is simply preposterous.
According to tradition (both Jewish and Muslim), the Temple Mount is first mentioned as the area of Mount Moriah where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Issac at God’s command. The first Jewish temple was built there in the 10th century B.C. by King Solomon. Briefly, here’s the rest of the site’s history, from The Jewish Virtual Library ~

(The First Temple) was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE, but 70 years later Jews returning from exile built the Second Temple on the same site. King Herod refashioned it into an edifice of great splendor […]
Following the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in the year 70, the area of the Temple was deliberately left in ruins (first by the Romans, then by the Byzantines). This desecration was not redressed until the Muslim conquest of the city by the Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab in 638. He ordered the clearing of the site and the building of a “house of prayer”.
Some 50 years later, the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik built the Dome of the Rock to enshrine the outcrop of bedrock believed to be the “place of the sacrifice” on Mount Moriah. He (or his son, the Caliph al-Walid I) also built the large mosque at the southern end of the Haram, which came to be called al-Aksa after the Koranic name attributed to the entire area.
During the 1948 Israeli War of Independence, Jordan retained control over Jerusalem’s Old City and the Temple Mount and subsequently refused entry to the area to any Jewish person. During the 1967 Six-Day War, the Israeli Defense Forces conquered Jerusalem and liberated the Temple Mount, reclaiming Jewish control over the area for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple.

So what happened? Jerusalem after all is central to the Jewish Heart ~

When religious Jews pray three times a day, they always turn toward the Holy City. Synagogues likewise place the holy ark (the place where Torah scrolls are kept) on the wall closest to Jerusalem. Many observant Jews keep small section of an eastern wall of their house unpainted as a sign of mourning for the destruction of the Temple. Every year we close the Passover Seder with the words La-Shanah Haba’ah Bi Yerushalayim! (“Next year in Jerusalem”).


So how did Muslims come to have so much control over the site that UNESCO now pretends the Jews have no claim on it at all? Unfortunately, Israel itself shares much of the blame. Many Israelis are as secular as most Americans these days and simply may not have the reverence for the Temple that we might expect. Also, they have perhaps been fearful of international condemnation.
In any event, they agreed after 1967 to allow the Jordanian, Islamic Waqf (religious committee) to continue managing the Temple Mount ( though Israel provides security and upholds decisions made by the waqf about access to the site). But since Islamists don’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist, of course that wasn’t enough. It’s never enough.
They’ve been pushing, pushing for exclusive control to the point where they’ve now denied that the Jews have any claim to the land at all. Insanity.
Here’s the first half of an informative video – the Truth about the Temple Mount – including the part about the Waqf trucking away all archaelogical proof of earlier temples! Naturally, if they destroy the evidence, it makes it that much easier to ignore the history ~

According to the Rabbi of the Western Wall, after passing this ridiculous resolution UNESCO has forfeited its right to exist ~

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz,the Rabbi of the Western Wall, responded dismissively to the UNESCO decision on the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

“In all of world history I don’t know of an ‘occupying power’ whose land is full of the relics of its ancestors. The holiness of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall for the Jewish people goes back many generations. It does not need anyone’s approval. It is ridiculous to deny the (archaeological) discoveries that are occurring all the time.”
“The millions of worshipers who come to pray at the Western Wall in front of the Temple Mount are the Jewish answer to UNESCO.
“UNESCO, which was founded in the name of higher values, attacked Israel, which works to ensure the accessibility of the holy sites of all religions. It also encouraged the Muslim Waqf, which works to systematically destroy all archaeological relics o the Temple Mount. After this decision UNESCO has forfeited its right to exist.” Rabbi Rabinowitz added.


Tomorrow, October 24th, is United Nations Day. Wouldn’t it be nice if the organization celebrated by permanently disbanding itself?



I’m sure God is not amused by this fiasco. But He will deal with this in His own way, in His perfect time.



We thank you our Father that your eyes and your heart are always on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and that Jesus has affirmed his identity by bearing the name of YAHWEH at that same holy place. Help your people to also affirm these truths at every opportunity. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!


United Nations: Western Wall not Jewish ~ UNESCO resolution expected to pass not only denies Temple Mount’s Jewish ties, but also portrays Western Wall as Muslim holy site.
UNESCO Ratifies Anti-Israel Resolution on Jerusalem ~ (UNESCO Chief Opposes Resolution, Gets Death Threats)
Opinion: UNESCO’s Endorsement of Temple Denial isn’t Just Inaccurate – it’s Dangerous
American Christians Bombard U.N. Agency With Thousands of Emails Over Anti-Israel Measure
Israel rejects UNESCO Executive Board decision on ‘Occupied Palestine’ ~ The deep Jewish ties to the holy sites in Jerusalem and its surroundings are undeniable and no decision of UNESCO can alter that.
The “Peace Process” Delusion
U.N. issues more UNreal resolutions
Why the UNESCO Vote On the Temple Mount Matters
Archaeologists Locate Site Where Romans Breached Jerusalem’s Walls ~

Just days after the UN’s cultural agency voted in favor of a resolution denying Jerusalem’s Jewish history, archaeologists have discovered the site where the Romans breached Jerusalem’s walls in the prelude to the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple nearly 2,000 years ago, confirming those ties, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

Miami Herald Columnist: UNESCO Decision is a “Step Against Reconciliation and Peace” ~

(Frida Ghitis)described the Temple Mount as “the holiest sites in Judaism,” and that the existence of the Temples there is backed by “overwhelming archaeological and historical evidence — in addition to the Jewish bible and the Christian gospels.” Yet in the UNESCO resolution, “Jewish and Christian history does not exist. Jews surface only in the present, as a malevolent force, mercilessly attacking Palestinians for no reason at all.”

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Saturday Shorts – 10-22-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Three Things You Need to Know about the 73 Days of Danger ~ Just how much damage can Barack Obama do between November 8th and Inauguration day? Executive abuse on steroids? The ACLJ will be watching.
Laws are for the Little People ~ A great piece from Mark Steyn. Clinton corruption defies description (maybe that’s why the msm just ignores it) ~

In any society, the chief magistrate’s first duty is to uphold the law, and throughout human history his easiest temptation, once in office, has been to regard himself as above it. In this case, the American people would be electing someone who, not yet in office, is already above the law, and way beyond it. (Even her bodily fluids are above the law.) That would be an extraordinary act, and Hillary and her cronies would be entirely justified in treating such an electorate with utter contempt.

[Hat-tip: GBarnie]

Survey lists Top 10 American Fears – government corruption is #1, global warming doesn’t make the cut ~ Guess we’re not all as clueless as we look 😀
Judicial Watch: Federal Contractor Tells Local Official to Keep Syria Refugee Plans Secret ~ Shhh… don’t let the sheeple find out how they’re being conned – and colonized ~

Judicial Watch today (10-1-16) released 128 pages of documents it obtained from the mayor of Rutland, Vermont, showing a concerted effort by the mayor and a number of private organizations to conceal from the public their plans to resettle 100 Syrian refugees into the small southern Vermont town […]
In December 2015, Judicial Watch sued the U.S. State Department to obtain documents about the Obama administration’s plan to resettle Syrian refugees across the country. Judicial Watch is investigating the Obama administration’s Refugee and Resettlement program, which plans to bring an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States in 2016, and even more in 2017. Obama is pressing ahead with his plan even though 129 people were killed and 350 were wounded by Syrian-trained terrorists recently in Paris.

Is Whole Foods Channeling Tony Soprano? ~ I knew something smelled funny at this hipster emporium ~

Like criminals who constantly expand their repertoire, Whole Foods’ violations of state and federal law have been escalating. They’ve gone from defrauding their customers in various ways to adopting food preparation practices that actually endanger them.

Turkey to deport American Christian couple as ‘national security risk’ ~ Erdoğan relentlessly pursues his goal: ridding Turkey of all things non-Islamic ~

Turkish officials in the coastal city of Izmir detained American Christians Andrew and Norine Brunson on 7 Oct., refusing ever since to allow daily requests for access to them by U.S. consular officials and lawyers.
According to authorities at the Migration Administration’s detention facility in Izmir, the Turkish Interior Ministry had ordered the couple’s deportation within 15 days. Specifically, the directive reportedly accused them of activities said to constitute a “national security risk”.
Residents of Turkey for the past 20 years, the Brunsons are currently leading the Izmir Resurrection Church, a small Protestant congregation averaging 30 to 40 worshippers, located in the city’s Alsancak district.

A church with only 30-40 members… That’s a national security risk?
The poor persecuted Yazidis must be a threat too ~ Turkey Won’t Give Official Status to Yazidi Asylum Seekers

‘I Don’t Have Anyone Left’: What Life Is Like for Refugees in Ukraine ~ The forgotten war (Thank-you Vladimir Putin)~

More than two and a half years since the war in Ukraine began, and more than 17 months after the Minsk II cease-fire was signed, life remains a daily struggle for survival for the 1.7 million Ukrainians who fled the conflict.

The Angel of Dachau ~ Inspiration for the growing persecution of believers ~

A German priest arrested for defending Jews during the Holocaust, he cared for fellow prisoners in Dachau concentration camp, where he ultimately lost his life. […]
As the Nazis began their persecution of the Jewish people, Unzeitig defended Jews during his sermons. This caused him to be arrested by the Gestapo in 1941. For his actions, Unzeitig was sent to infamous Dachau concentration camp.

Pro-Life Advocate Receives Violent Death Threats at His Home: “Die Pro-Life F—“ ~ In Ireland ~

An Irish pro-life advocate received a death threat at his home this weekend at a time when the debate over the nation’s abortion laws is growing increasingly hostile.

How apropos of the death-cult of rabid pro-aborts.

Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Misled Americans on Abortion During the Debate, Here’s the Truth ~ Just for one ➡ Abortion comprises a whopping 94% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services.
Debate 2016: The Cave Man Versus the Borg Queen ~ An amusingly insightful comparison ~

Donald Trump is the seedy boss you’re pretty sure will sexually harass your daughter. Hillary is the cool, unflappable doctor whom you learn, too late, intends to euthanize your parents.

Despite the chaos in the Middle East, the Holy Spirit is changing hearts ~ Muslims Turn to Christ in Unprecedented Numbers ~

Before the war, it was rare that a Muslim would become a follower of Jesus Christ. The war has changed everything. According to one of the Christian workers of a church in Lebanon, many new converts say they had their doubts about Islam before they converted. “Doubt is many times the key to start a change,” says the church worker.

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The “Dark Side” opposes Trump?

Maybe this election really has entered the supernatural realm ~ Donald Trump faces new threat as witches and pagans plan to ‘exert mental influence’ to persuade him to quit ~

A non-partisan group calling itself the World Ad-Hoc Association of Witches has pledged to “exert mental influence” on the debate which, it claims, will force the billionaire to quit the race.
The group has urged pagans and witches across the world to participate in what it describes as a “call to action”.

I wouldn’t say this exactly puts Trump on the side of angels – but at least we know who the “darker forces” support…

The Hillary-Alinsky-Lucifer Connection ~

Saul Alinsky commenced his magnum opus (“Rules for Radicals”) — the one for which he is hailed by the left, a book not only read by Hillary Clinton but used as a text by Barack Obama as a teacher of community organizing — with an acknowledgement of the Devil.

[Hat-tip: GBarnie]

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Gender Deconstruction

Dr. Michael Brown exposes the surreal nature of the gender-bending movement and what it implies for every other aspect of our culture ~


Source: Line of Fire

That moment when you realize the gender-bender nonsense is totally out of control

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Smithsonian’s new museum features only progressive African American history

clarencethomasIf you thought that the shiny new Smithsonian African American Museum of History and Culture recently opened in Washington D.C., would – no question – include a mention of Justice Clarence Thomas (the only African American currently sitting on the United States Supreme Court; the second black American to ever serve on the court) you’d be sadly mistaken ➡ Smithsonian’s black heritage museum snubs Clarence Thomas ~

Last month, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in Washington D.C. However, Fox News reported on this month’s 25th anniversary of Justice Clarence Thomas joining the Supreme Court that the museum is completely void of any reference to Thomas’ personal and judicial legacy.


Well, he’s in good company. The museum apparently had no room for Alveda King (M.L. King’s niece and an ardent pro-life advocate), Michael Steele (first black RNC chair), Cora Brown (1st African American woman elected as a state Senator, MI 1952) or Thomas Sowell (economist, philosopher, author) either.
Reading this National Geographic review of the opening it’s clear that an honest reflection of history was not a priority for the museum’s directors. They had a more nefarious purpose in mind ~

People shuffled through the museum silent and stunned as zombies. They were sometimes stuck, riveted to an exhibit by the object, the words, or the pictures, seeming to question if this moment was ever real. I could hear groans and murmurs, sometimes people would shake their heads, others looked away finding the words or images too hard to take. One mother tried to explain to her son the injustice of lynching […]
The story of the museum was significant to me as a Jamaican man because African Americans have never had one that showcased the history and culture of blackness at such a huge magnitude. I could tell that it was being built to encompass the length and breadth of black American history and culture. I saw the museum as a place that families and communities could come to talk about their personal struggles.


Wonderful. Let’s focus exclusively on the negative. They can “talk about their personal struggles.” But let’s not discuss ways to overcome those struggles. Let’s not learn from the lives of successful blacks. Let’s not have a conversation about how we (black OR white) can emulate people like ~

• Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), first African-American senator from the state of South Carolina, the first black Republican elected to the United States Senate since the election of Edward Brooke in 1966, and the first elected from the South since 1881, four years after the end of Reconstruction.
• Shelby Steele, American author, columnist, documentary filmmaker, and a Robert J. and Marion E. Oster Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.
• Walter E. Williams, American economist who is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University.

According to this story at One News Now ~

Ted Hayes, who serves on the National Advisory Council of Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives), is up-in-arms at the decision to overlook Thomas and his contributions to society.
“Clarence Thomas is a great man,” Hayes argues. “He went through more than most black people – especially the leadership.”
Hayes also points to the challenges Thomas has successfully met over his lifetime.
Justice Clarence Thomas“[He] has even gone through Jim Crowism — and all the negatives that were thrown at him, he overcame,” he continued. “This is a great American story that these cronies around the African American Museum have chosen to leave out.”


Sounds to me like the Smithsonian’s goals in creating this museum were to deliberately re-enforce victimhood mentality, push the “white privilege” lie, and foster more racism. Sigh. It’s what progressives have been doing for 150 years.

Democrats’ Racist Roots – a reminder ~ Some real history I can guarantee that the museum “forgot” to include.
James Woods on the African-American Museum: ‘This Slight of Justice Thomas is Absolutely Appalling’ ~ Via Twitter ~

“This slight of Justice Thomas is absolutely appalling. Now even the Smithsonian bears the stain of #liberal bias.”

What we learn from black history ~ Some wise words from Star Parker about America’s past and future ~

In looking at the great civil rights struggle in America, we cannot forget that this was a Christian movement led by a Christian pastor. And this is how we must continue this movement in the future, united in faith. Any other approach, I believe, leads to despair rather than hope.

Up-dated: Added 10-21-16 ~ Celebrating 25 Years of Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court: His Close Friend Spills the Beans ~

(Longtime friend Mark) Paoletta believes Justice Thomas will leave “a robust judicial legacy of original meaning jurisprudence.” More importantly, perhaps, he has been and will be “an inspiring figure who was born into poverty in the segregated deep south to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.”
His other legacy is of a man who overcome an almost unprecedented public attack when he was nominated for the court, and years of criticism and insults since, and done so with great and rare dignity.

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Obama cracks us up

Here’s President Obama’s full statement, uttered during a news conference today with Italian Prime Minister Renzi. This was part of his response after being asked if he was concerned that the upcoming election results might be distrusted, given Donald Trump’s recent claim that the voting is rigged ~

If you start whining before the game’s even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job . . . I’d invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.

Source: White House Dossier


This, from the guy who’s spent the last eight years blaming everyone else for every problem he created or exacerbated? The man’s definitely got a career in comedy waiting for him when he leaves the White House.

Barack Obama Blames Everyone for His Failures but Himself ~ This Jan. 2014 article at Freedom Outpost includes a fairly comprehensive list of the various issues Obama refuses to take responsibility. His most frequent scapegoats have been George W. Bush of course, Congress, Republicans and Fox News.
The Name of Obama’s Game Is Blame ~ This piece is a couple years old also. Back in 2013 he was blaming the sluggish economy, terrible unemployment numbers and ballooning deficts on everyone but himself ~

“With an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball,” the president said recently in the first of a series of campaign-style speeches. “Over the last six months, this gridlock has gotten worse. I didn’t think that was possible.”
Leaving aside the curious claim that widespread IRS abuses and administration untruths about the tragedy in Benghazi are illegitimate areas of inquiry, blaming “Washington” is not just a reflexive response by a politician with declining job approval ratings. It’s part of an orchestrated attempt by the president and his image makers to evade accountability for the results of his governance.
Make no mistake, when Obama says “Washington,” he doesn’t mean himself, and he doesn’t mean his fellow Democrats, even though they controlled both houses of Congress during his first two years in the White House. He means Republicans, Tea Party activists, fiscal conservatives and, of course, the Bush-era economy he inherited 5½ years ago.

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Help stop YouTube from censoring PragerU videos

This is nuts.
Prager U produces some great, informative videos on a variety of topics. I’ve posted several, for example here, here and here. None are violent, profane, racist, sexually provacative – they would all earn PGs from the motion picture rating system. And yet it seems the PC police at YouTube have seen fit to ban several of them.
thoughtpoliceSmlrCurrently, 21 of Prager U videos have been placed on the “restricted list.” Here is a sample of the titles ~

• Are The Police Racist?
• Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?
• Why Did America Fight the Korean War?
• Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?
• What ISIS Wants
• Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?
• Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?
• The Most Important Question About Abortion
• What is the University Diversity Scam?
• Israel’s Legal Founding

Sound highly offensive don’t they? No. The common denominator is that the proposals put forth by these videos upset various progressive narratives.
Notice a few trends? You Tube is apparently pro-abortion, anti-cop, radically feminist, anti-Semitic and possibly anti-American (Why censor a commentary on the Korean War? Are they on Kim Jong-un’s side?). And they don’t want the sheeple getting any “extremist” ideas to the contrary.

If you agree that this censorship is not only ridiculous but downright scary in a “free” society, please go HERE and sign the petition to have these valuable resources made available once again. And you might want to visit Prager U’s YouTube channel and watch several of their short educational and entertaining videos to help spike their popularity ratings.

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Putin curtails religious freedom in Russia

So Michael Savage tells me “Trump wants to work with Putin.” Hmmm… On what specifically? Putin’s invasion of Crimea – and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine? His ambitions for reclaiming the Baltics? Perhaps they’ll confer over the “dozens” of underground bunkers being built in Moscow and around the country over the last few years. Or maybe they’ll chat about the hacking Russia has been doing into U.S. election systems?…
Here’s something I’m pretty sure many evangelical Christians would like to see the two “work” on ~ Putin Signs Law Restricting Religious Expression, Invitations to Church.

In July Vladimir Putin signed a new bill – “Yarovaya Law” – a piece of legislation that looks likes an ominous return to the bad old days of soviet repression. Authored by Irina Yarovaya, it’s ostensibly an anti-terrorism measure, but critics are calling it the “Death of the Russian Constitution.” New policies include ~

• the new law makes it a crime not to report information about terrorist attacks and other, even much smaller crimes (throwback to the days when in the Soviet Union neighbors were writing false reports on each other out of fear being punished)
• requires telecoms to assist the government to break into encrypted messages (the stocks for those telecoms crashed the day the law was signed)
• increases the strongest penalty for “extremism” from four to eight years of imprisonment (posts on Russian social network VK that promote something unappealing for Kremlin are considered extremism as well)
• children as young as fourteen are now considered old enough to be locked up

Most unsettling for evangelicals, pentecostals, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists and other religious minorities is how the law will significantly curtail missionary activities ~

(P)roselytizing, preaching, praying, or disseminating religious materials outside of “specially designated places,” like officially recognized religion institutions are considered a punishable crime.


That this provision is directly aimed at Christian – or marginally Christian – faiths, other than the state-endorsed Russian Orthodox Church, is plainly evident because it prohibits proselytizing in people’s homes, where many evangelicals gather for worship and home groups, as well as on-the-street evangelism. (Source: FEBC.NZ)

As John Murdock wrote at The Stream back in July ~

The Russian Orthodox Church which has increasingly become intertwined in a nationalistic dance with the state since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 will likely retain legal access to the people, but all others will be forced to either jump through hoops that may be well closed to them or take their message underground. Russian believers have been praying and fasting and asking their brothers and sisters around the world to join them, but amid holiday activities celebrating freedom few in America have any inkling of what is happening.

And most still don’t.

Since the “Yarovaya Law” was passed in July, numerous Christians have been arrested, charged and fined. World Watch Monitor lists several of the known incidents in this report on a missionary couple, Don and Ruth Ossewaarde who have lived in Russia for 14 years ~

The Ossewaardes received a visit from three police officers on the morning of Sunday 14 August, as they conducted a service. They requested that the police waited until the service had finished, after which they were driven to the local police station. Mr. Ossewaarde was then charged and taken straight to court. He was declared “guilty” two hours later and fined (40,000 roubles – US$640)
After his appeal was rejected this week, he wrote an update on the couple’s blog: “Obviously, this is a disappointment. I was hoping to wrap things up here and return to my family as soon as possible [his wife has returned to America], but the issue is an important one, and duty demands that I press the case as far as I can […]
“I assured [my lawyer] that I would keep pressing the appeal all the way to the highest court, and he assured me that this case will play an important role in determining the future of religious freedom in Russia, not just for foreign missionaries, but also for ordinary Russian believers.”

Ossewaarde added that his court-appointed lawyer had advised the couple to leave Oryol “because anything might happen to him and his family”.

Yep, that certainly sounds like the old totalitarian Soviet Union doesn’t it? Submit – or it’s off to the gulag.

If Donald Trump truly wanted to appeal to evangelicals, and was serious about defending Americans’ religious freedoms, he surely could have denounced this draconian legislation. Or might there just be a conflict of interest in doing so? ➡ Russia lodges complaint about UN official’s criticism of Donald Trump ~

(Sept. 13, 2016) Apparently (Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the UN) angrily protested two of (UN’s high commissioner for human rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein’s) speeches in which he denounced ‘demagogues’ and specifically targeted Trump, as well as several populist leaders in Europe – going as far as likening their tactics to Isis propaganda.
In a speech delivered three months before the Republican National Convention, Zeid said: ‘Less than 150 miles away from where I speak, a front-running candidate to be president of this country declared, just a few months ago, his enthusiastic support for torture.’

So Putin’s got Trump’s back? Or perhaps working with Putin means drafting similar measures here? Just saying…
Manafort out amid scrutiny of covert lobbying campaign ~ Trumps’ former campaign chairman was awful chummy with Russia

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Saturday Shorts (Sunday edition) – 10-15-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Seven Things the Donald Trump Wrecking Ball Has Exposed in Our Culture ~ If the lead-up to this election has proven nothing else it’s that American society is definitely devolving. An insightful article from Dr. Michael Brown ~

The bottom line for me is simple, regardless of who you plan to vote for (and I don’t write this to discourage a vote for Trump): God has used Trump to expose a lot of what is wrong with America, and it is not a pretty sight.

Liberal Student Rejects Science Because it Discriminates Against Witchcraft ~ Remember when detachment from reality used to be considered psychotic? ~

“Science as a whole is a product of Western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off,” the student declared Wednesday, to nervous laughter. She actually called for her fellows to “restart science from an African perspective, from our perspective.” How do you “restart science from an African perspective?” By practicing “black magic.”

Hormonal contraception linked to depression ~ As we’ve probably all noticed, every new drug advertised on TV comes with a conspicuous list of all the possible complications associated with the product. But you have to wonder whether contraceptive manufacturers are somehow immune from the requirement to inform their target users. A recent – and comprehensive – study from Denmark found ~

• users of hormonal contraception had a 40% greater risk of depression after six months of use than non-users
• the risk of depression varies by birth control type: the combined pill (which has both estrogen and progestin) users were 23% more likely than non-users to be prescribed an antidepressant by their doctor; women on progestin-only pills were 34% more likely to take antidepressants; and other forms of hormonal birth control (e.g. IUDs, the patch, and the ring) were shown to have a higher correlation to depression than either kind of pill

Why Do We Love Lucy? ~ Although October 15th is National “I Love Lucy Day” this article from Answers-in-Genesis is talking about “Lucy” the fossil, not the 50’s TV show.

Devil wants to confuse children about gender: late chief Rome exorcist ~

(Father Gabriele) Amorth warned that many of the devil’s “ordinary” temptations are passed off as “modern ideas” but really serve to “unhinge the principles of the faith.” These include abortion, same-sex “marriage,” euthanasia, divorce, and cohabitation, Amorth wrote.
“The loss of a sense of sin that characterizes our era helps Satan to act nearly undisturbed and, inducing man to sin, takes man progressively away from the love of God,” Amorth wrote. Suggestions like “everyone does it” applied to grave sins “weaken the consciences of men and women and lead them toward closing their hearts, egoism, lack of forgiveness, and doing everything for money, power, and sex.”

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind ~ Yes, you can tell from the title that this one’s not rated PG (after all it’s from “Cracked,” a Mad Magazine clone from way back when) but it is an interesting commentary on the great American divide and this polarized election. Sad. But mostly true ~

The foundation upon which America was undeniably built — family, faith, and hard work — had been deemed unfashionable and small-minded. Those snooty elites up in their ivory tower laughed as they kicked away that foundation, and then wrote 10,000-word thinkpieces blaming the builders for the ensuing collapse.

Liberty Students Issue Anti-Trump Statement After Falwell Reaffirms Support For Trump ~ On Wednesday, Liberty University’s president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., said that he’d continue to support Trump for president, even if the recent allegations of sexual assaults against him turned out to be true. Not everyone at the college is quite so committed ~

A coalition of students dubbing themselves “Liberty University Against Trump” released a statement distancing themselves from Falwell’s endorsement and from Trump’s candidacy […]

(Excerpt) “Associating any politician with Christianity is damaging to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But Donald Trump is not just any politician. He has made his name by maligning others and bragging about his sins. Not only is Donald Trump a bad candidate for president, he is actively promoting the very things that we as Christians ought to oppose.”

Former Haitian Senate President Calls Clintons ‘Common Thieves Who Should Be in Jail’ ~ The easily duped still believe Hillary really “cares.” Maybe they should talk to this guy ~

An eyewitness to the Clinton Foundation’s corrupt dealings in Haiti says virtually nothing has been done to help the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that claimed an estimated 200,000 lives, and that the Clintons are nothing but common thieves who should be in jail.

And then there was “the fly.” Sultan Knish’s commentary on the insect that landed on Hillary during the last debate ~

The folly of the Clintons has outweighed any wisdom and honor they might have had. They have gained enormous wealth and prestige, yet even their own supporters despise their rottenness.
The only creature attracted to them is the fly […]
Putrefaction is what the Clintons brought to America. The fly is their perfect symbol. They are greedy creatures of rot, surrounded by filth and wallowing in their own vileness.
The media may not be able to scent the rot of the Clintons, but a humble housefly can.

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Camp Mocking Catholics. And yet ~ Poll: Catholics Support Hillary Clinton, Gay Marriage. Go figure.
Hungary Helps Persecuted Christians, Bans Muslim Immigration ~ Here’s one European nation that’s got its priorities right. Hungary has become the first country that’s set up a department to specifically address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Europe. Their Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, recognizes the evil hand of George Soros behind the Muslim hijrah (invasion).

Crybaby college kids offered counseling for ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes ~ According to the University of Florida…

“Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.” […]
The school reminded students that anyone who is offended or troubled by an incident or a costume, they could seek counseling at the wellness center or alert the school’s Bias Education Response Team which provides support to those who were impacted.

Is this pathetic or what? No doubt the “hobo” costumes we used to “go begging” in as kids would require serious counseling today! 😀

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