Hope springs eternal!

24 hours ago I was sure the sheeple would win the day in the UK. Instead I woke up this morning to the great news: BREXIT won!

brexitwinsDAILY MAIL COMMENT: Take a bow, Britain! The quiet people of our country rise up against an arrogant, out-of-touch political class and a contemptuous Brussels elite ~

Which, despite the spin from the whining, petulant elites and their sycophants in the media, is exactly what happened ~

What an awesome tribute to the British people. Day after day, month after month, voters were bombarded with hysterical threats and terrifying scares — everything the Government machine, the mainstream party leaders and the global political and financial elites could throw at them.
They endured insults and abuse. Those who believed Britain could prosper as an independent nation, both in Europe and the world beyond, were attacked as ‘Little Englanders’.
Those who were concerned about the effects of uncontrolled immigration on jobs, wages, housing, public services and the welfare of their children were smeared as ‘racists’ […]
But outside the echo-chamber that is the metropolitan liberal class, the real people of Britain saw things differently.
They held their nerve, saw through the lies and trusted their instincts.


In a magnificent affirmation of national self-belief and character, their resounding message to the elite was:
We are fed up with being disdained and ignored over the issues about which we feel strongly.
We deserve better than to be treated as a mere offshore province of an unelected, anti-democratic, corrupt pan- European bureaucracy.
We have less to be ashamed of than any other nation on Earth. We gave the world Parliamentary democracy, the industrial revolution, Magna Carta, human rights and free trade.
So we will not go on bowing to unaccountable judges and commissioners, while being denied any more power than countries such as Latvia and Lithuania.
We are fed up with being disdained and ignored over the issues about which we feel strongly

We are fed up with being disdained and ignored over the issues about which we feel strongly
We want to make our own laws, control our own borders, choose our own trading partners — and, crucially, we want to reclaim the right to elect our rulers and dismiss them if they betray our trust.
Indeed, one of the most moving aspects of this victory for Britain is that it showed no class divide in the Brexit camp. Voters in the rich Tory shires and the Labour heartlands of the North, the haves and the have-nots, were united in rejecting the threats and blandishments of their party leaders and proclaiming their faith in our country.
The lesson of this vote is that we yearn for more honesty in our politics. And we are fed up with career politicians who have no experience of the real world.


The Brits who voted to leave the EU are as frustrated as we Tea Party types with the arrogant ruling class running our lives – and painting us as ignorant, xenophobic rubes in the bargain. Today our cousins across the pond voted not just for national sovereignty – but to take back their independence from the one world order elitists. Hurray! Be inspired!
EU Referendum: How the night unfolded
This was the day the British people defied their jailers ~ Tim Stanley at the UK Telegraph
How Brexit Will Change America and the WorldBritain is free of global government. America can be next. ~ Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag

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Oops! The last time SkyNews has Steven Crowder on

Steven Crowder sorts out SkyNews’ talking head on the real cause of the Orlando gay bar shooting, Americans’ 2nd Amendment and “semi-automatics.” I don’t think they’ll be inviting him on again any time soon :)

[Wow. Those Brits have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the
fear of/aversion to firearms. Bravo Big Brother.]

Nice job Steve!

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The Willful Ignorance of the Democrat Party

If the Democrat clowns our distinguished representatives in Congress cared more about the security of the homeland than they do about voiding the 2nd Amendment – they’d get off their substantial butts, man up and do something about the threat of radical Islam.
But of course that would mean they’d have to break out of their reality-free zone and face the truth; Guns Don’t Kill, European-Style Immigration Policies Do. And although it’s the Dems doing the demonstrating, where, wonders Daniel Horowitz, are the voices demanding legislation about the violent people instead of the object?

The notion that we are going to bring in record numbers of Islamic immigrants and then ban guns is as ludicrous as…say…Europe! Won’t we ever learn from their mistakes?
Gun rights is not an elective policy. It is enshrined into our Constitution and is often the only thing protecting ordinary Americans from the long-term concerns of terrorism, a luxury our brethren in Europe don’t have. In fact, in Germany they have run out of pepper spray because of the flood of violence stemming from the Middle Eastern immigrants. They cannot own the amazingly built German handguns that we take for granted in our country.
While gun rights is not an elective policy, immigration – particularly from the Middle East – is absolutely an elective policy. As I explain in my upcoming book, Stolen Sovereignty, there is no affirmative right for any individual or group of people to immigrate to our country. That Democrats would increase the risk to Americans by exponentially increasing immigration from the Middle East and then disarm everyone else is national suicide.

Getting a handle on immigration would be a good first step, but then we need to look at the problems that already exist thanks to years of complacence ~

Mateen (the Orlando shooter) allegedly attended the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, which was frequented by American-born suicide bomber Monar abu Salha. He was also a follower of Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a radical Imam who was just let out of prison. If we are at war, then it’s time we start acting like it. How can we have organizations and Mosques openly run by the Muslim Brotherhood preaching insurrection against the U.S. while we are at war? By declaring war on Islamic Jihad and designating groups like the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists, just like the British government recently did, we will have the constitutional authority to shut down mosques run by those affiliated with them.
In addition, we need to clamp down on foreign money that flows to these mosques if those funds come from terror-supporting governments in the Middle East. Just a few months ago, the Islamic government in Turkey was allowed to build a mosque outside of D.C. which will serve as the largest Islamic center in North America. Turkish President Recep Erdogan reportedly referred to this mosque as the center for all Muslims in America.

[Are we insane?!]


When are the Democrats – and frankly, the majority of Republicans are just as bad – going to stop with these disingenuous sideshows and put the safety of all Americans ahead of Islamists who wish us nothing but harm? Instead, they refuse to defend us – and even more egregious, they’re trying to prevent us from defending ourselves.

7 Constitutional Steps to Protect the Homeland Against Islamic Jihad

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Congressional Dems Stand Sit Against Due Process

Today’s childish antics of Democrats – clearly a stunt calculated to appeal to the emotions of their low-information constituency – is in effect, a protest against due process.
Writing at the Federalist, Gabriel Malor provides some background on their stunt. In the wake of the Orlando gay bar shooting (rather than do the common sense thing and go after jihadists) Congress seems to feel we need more gun laws (that won’t be enforced) so they’ve been debating several measures ~

Republicans were willing to link the terrorism watch list to a gun sales ban, as Democrats have demanded. The price of agreement was due-process protections for Americans placed on the list. But apparently due process is too much for the Democrats. They would rather have no sales ban than a sales ban that comports with the Fifth Amendment. The Democrats similarly rejected an incremental expansion of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Apparently, some gun control is not worth sharing credit with the Republicans.
Not content to merely vote against incremental gun control, Senate Democrats then decided to throw a tantrum about it. Murphy sleazed that Senate Republicans “have decided to sell weapons to ISIS.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted her agreement. Sen. Harry Reid nonsensically accused Republicans of blocking the very gun control measures Republicans had proposed.
Make no mistake: Senate Democrats rejected two incremental gun control bills for no other reason than that Republicans were voting for them. Democrats’ hatred for Republicans was more important to them than the moral standards they claim to possess.

On Guns, Democrats Have Lost Their Minds ~ If Dems could destroy either ISIS or the NRA, which one would they pick?
There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines ~ Report: Non-military federal agencies spend $1.48 billion on guns and ammo since 2006
But the Dems want to repeal our 2nd Amendment rights. Nothing fishy there eh… ?

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Welcome to “Wildfire Season”

… courtesy of the tree-hugging Left

Wildfires burning across western states
Hundreds Evacuate as Thousands of Acres Burn Across Western States
Wildfires threaten homes in Idaho, Washington, California and Oregon


To be fair, the eco-fanatics aren’t the sole cause of wildfires, but their over-bearing regulations, in the name of saving-the-environment, certainly help fan the flames.
The truth is – bad land management is a huge part of the problem. Rather than facilitating responsible use of our vast natural resources, radical environmentalists are enforcing an unrealistic “don’t touch” approach.

The U.S. National Forest system, established during the progressive era at the turn of the last century, actually started out as a pretty good idea. Initially the lands were to be “managed;” that is fished, hunted, logged and mined responsibly – and not left idle to be admired from afar.
But like all pleasant-sounding proposals by leftist control freaks, it’s now just another bloated federal bureaucracy run amok. What began as a program for good land stewardship has evolved into “ecological forestry.” That’s one of those warm and fuzzy, purposely vague terms that supposedly means “everything is connected to everything.” And isn’t that quite a handy motto for authoritarians who want to control “everything?”

The following video exposes the rotten fruits of their efforts ~

(It) examines the progressively weakening and increasingly threatened circumstances of U.S. counties that host National Forests. It was produced by the Not Without a Fight! Coalition, an informal group comprised of Shoshone County, Idaho’s county commissioners and three of the county’s four school district superintendents.


[It’s 1/2 hour long but definitely worth the time investment
if you want to understand the facts behind the fiasco]

Video via ReaganGirl.com


Last April the Congressional Subcommittee on Federal Lands held an oversight hearing on the devastating impacts of wildfire and the need to significantly increase the forest management efforts on the National Forest System ~

“Over the past thirty years, we have seen an 80 percent reduction in timber harvested from our national forests – and in the same period a concomitant increase in acreage destroyed by fire,” Subcommittee Chairman Tom McClintock (CA-04) stated. “In the name of protecting endangered species, we placed increasing tracts of land off limits to forest management, allowing our forests to become dangerously overcrowded and overgrown.”
“The full impact of these neglectful policies can be seen in the contrast between privately managed forest lands and public…Time and again, we see vivid boundaries between the young, healthy, growing forests managed without these restrictions, and the choked, dying or burned public forests managed under them,” McClintock added.

The Subcommittee’s findings included the following ~

National forests are increasingly becoming overgrown, fire-prone thickets due in part, to a lack of active management such as thinning forests to reduce fire danger. As a result, catastrophic wildfires are growing in number, size and intensity with devastating impacts to the environment.
• The Forest Service recently identified 58 million acres as high risk for catastrophic wildfire or almost a third of the 193 million acre National Forest System. Due in part to increasing and lengthy regulatory processes and legal challenges, this year the agency plans thinning on less than three percent of that acreage.
• From the mid 1950’s through the mid 1990’s, the average amount of timber harvested from the national forests averaged ten to twelve billion board feet. During the same period, the average annual amount of acres burned due to catastrophic wildfire, was 3.6 million acres per year.
• Since 1996, the average amount of timber harvested annually was between 1.5 and 3.3 billion board feet. Also since 1996, the average annual amount of acres burned due to catastrophic wildfire was over six million acres per year.

Given those statistics, you’d think if the tree-huggers really cared about the forests they would promote the responsible-use policies of thirty years ago. Not only would the environment be healthier – so would the economy.
Where are the wildfires burning? ~ NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) map updated every 24 hours

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Male, female – or “none of the above?”


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,” we discover
that biological reality has been suspended in the Beaver State ~


Oregon judge allows person to change gender from female to ‘non-binary’ ~

An Oregon judge ruled Friday that a transgender individual can legally change their sex to “non-binary” rather than male or female in what is believed to be an unprecedented ruling. […]
Shupe, an Army veteran who retired in 2000 a sergeant first class, began transitioning in 2013 while living in Pittsburg. (He/she) knew then that neither male nor female fit. […]
“I was assigned male at birth due to biology,” Shupe said. “I’m stuck with that for life. My gender identity is definitely feminine. My gender identity has never been male, but I feel like I have to own up to my male biology. Being non-binary allows me to do that. I’m a mixture of both. I consider myself as a third sex.


Collective psychosis?!
(One wonders how this new ruling will affect species propagation in the state of Oregon. Somebody better tell the beavers.)

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Saturday Shorts (late Sunday edition) 6-19-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers are turning American farmers into an endangered species ~ Micro-management by tyrannical federal agencies is simply out of control. When it comes to land use, now they’re arbitrarily reinterpreting existing laws and regulations.
‘BREAKING POINT’: UKIP Launches ‘Largest National Ad Campaign’ On Immigration ~ The Brexit vote is Thursday – sure hope the ads succeed! ~

The newest poster, entitled ‘BREAKING POINT’ uses a picture of migrants pouring into Slovenia, a country that entered the European Union in 2004 and has, unlike Hungary or Austria, broadly failed to control its border.

Breitbart London understands there will be 10 poster trucks as well as the UKIP Battle Bus blaring out the theme from “The Great Escape.”

La Raza Council Cancels Pro-Muslim, Anti-Trump Event After Massive Terrorist Attack ~ Funny how reality often has a way of realigning one’s priorities.

CDC Stats reveal single-largest threat to homosexual life comes from: other homosexuals ~ Inconvenient truth ~

(T)he following CDC data clearly indicates where the single-largest threat to homosexual life comes from: other homosexuals […]
Thirty-five years into the AIDS pandemic, some 311,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) have died of the disease here in the U.S., and MSM are responsible for almost 30,000 new HIV infections per year.

17 Facts About The Orlando Shooter That Every American Should Know ~ If we face the truth about who, how and why maybe we can actually learn from the tragedy and help prevent another. (If only the Left would play along.)


Guns Don’t Kill, European-Style Immigration Policies Do ~

Guns are inanimate objects and there is an inalienable right for Americans to own and carry them for protection. Yet, even before the victims of the Orlando terror attack were buried, President Obama made this tragedy about guns. Democrats in the House had the impudence to disrupt a moment of silence in the House chamber with shouts demanding legislation on gun control.
Where are the voices demanding legislation about the violent people instead of the object?

Exactly. Why haven’t the Dems called for a box-cutter ban yet? Because it’s not the weapon – it’s the warped world-view.


Socialism Attacks the Family, Just as Its Inventors Intended ~ Informative piece by Paul Kengor at The Stream ~

It weakens families for the benefit of the state, exactly as it creators meant it to […]
Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto wrote of the “abolition of the family,” which even in 1848, they could flaunt as an “infamous proposal of the communists.”

New York Times Claims ‘Romans’ Calls For ‘Execution Of Gays’ ~ Too bad they didn’t actually bother to read the Book (Typical mainstream media malpractice) ~

If you have even a passing knowledge of St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Christianity in general, heck, the Western canon, or Western Civilization itself, you are probably confused. If you have met a Christian in your life, ditto […]

The passages Rep. Rick Allen, R-GA, read were from Romans 1 and also a few verses from the Book of Revelation. It should go without saying, but sadly doesn’t in 2016 America, that neither call for the execution of gays or for their deaths.

Writing at the Federalist, Mollie Hemminway goes on to explain exactly what the apostle Paul was saying in his letter to the Romans.

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Ever wonder why there’s no “Kids Day?”


Happy Fathers Day! — to Dads everywhere! 😀

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Are you failing to prepare – for the grasshopper mob?

PeakProsperity.com recently published an interesting and very instructive article called “Grasshopper Nation.” Easily recognizable to those of us over a certain age, the title references the old parable of the grasshopper and the ants.
While the industrious ants spend all spring, summer and fall preparing for the winter, the grasshopper fritters away the months playing his fiddle. When the snow comes the grasshopper comes begging for food and shelter but the ants turn him away. Mean ants :(
Of course in the Disney version the ants are much more charitable and take the poor hapless hopper in. But that’s the magical world of Disney. The moral of the original fable – and the article’s inference – is that it’s actually virtuous and rewarding to work hard and plan for the future. (Self-evident wisdom if followed.)


Well worth reading the entire post, the article’s primary focus is to help you – in the event of a widespread civil meltdown – prepare for those who failed to prepare.
These days despite national discord, worldwide unrest and growing economic instability, most Americans seem content to bury their heads in the sand and pretend all is well. They have no clue how rapidly the civil society can disintegrate.
This classic episode from the Twilight Zone illustrates how wrongheaded their wishful-thinking approach is. As Peak Prosperity puts it, it perfectly captures the jettisoning of social mores in the face of unexpected crisis ~


Filmed during the Cold War, this short episode captivatingly dramatizes how quickly our social fabric can rip apart when unexpected threats arise. Specifically, it shows how the unprepared are likely to turn to — and then, on — those who did take precautions:
It’s worth taking the time to watch this episode. It really hits home the importance of having extra supplies on hand for the inevitable ‘unprepareds’ banging on your door should a disaster arrive.
And it raises the critical questions:
• Of the people in your life, which ones will you put aside reserve resources for?
• How much are you willing to put aside for them?
• And, what are your limits? At what point will you say “no”?

Already a “prepper?” Read “Grasshopper Nation.” for help with the answers to these and other concerns.
Not yet prepping? You might want to seriously reconsider that option.

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Embracing the darkness

Is the new tunnel through the Swiss Alps a “gate to hell?”


“World agog at bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening. ..”

Begun in 1999 and completed last month, as NYT explains ~

The 35-mile, or nearly 57-kilometer, twin-bore Gotthard Base Tunnel clears the way for a high-speed rail link under the Swiss Alps that the Swiss government says will revolutionize freight and passenger transportation […]


The $12.5 billion tunnel pushes the 33-mile Seikan rail tunnel in Japan, which connects the northern island of Hokkaido with the main island of Honshu, to second place on the list of longest rail tunnels, and the 31-mile Channel Tunnel, which links Britain and France, to third place.

Held on June 1st, opening ceremonies for what is now not only the longest but also the deepest and most expensive tunnel in the world were variously described as “funky,” “flamboyant,” “eclectic,” “lavish” and “bizarre.” After watching videos of the event I’d have to say “bizarre” comes closest, though it doesn’t really begin to capture the weirdness on display ~


Attended by Europe’s most powerful people, the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland was a dark, disturbing, weirdly satanic ritual […]

(A)n elaborate ceremony was presented in front of European dignitaries such as Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Francois Hollande of France and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. While most would expect an up-beat, celebratory ceremony, guests were rather treated to a disturbing show orchestrated by German director Volker Hesse, where a man dressed as a goat presided(over) a strange ritual.


The Vigilant Citizen presents a comprehensive description of the strangely-occult events. For example ~

After portraying the (tunnel construction) workers as zombie soldiers, the ceremony portrays the general population as a bunch of lascivious people who appear to be extremely suggestible.
Then, emerging from that train is a demonic fallen angel, a baby-faced Lucifer.




In addition to the goat-man and angelic Lucifer, symbolic elements of the production included eerie ghosts, zombie-like workers, a giant All-Seeing eye (Illuminati anyone?) and – truly creepy (for Christians in particular) –



Vigilant Citizen recounts the local lore on which the surreal ceremony seemed to be loosely based, particularly the legend about The Devil’s bridge, which goes through Gotthard Pass ~

The legend of this particular bridge states that the Reuss was so difficult to ford that a Swiss herdsman wished the devil would make a bridge. The Devil appeared, but required that the soul of the first to cross would be given to him. The mountaineer agreed, but drove a goat across ahead of him, fooling his adversary.
Angered by this sham, the devil fetched a rock with the intention of smashing the bridge, but an old woman drew a cross on the rock so the devil could not lift it anymore. The rock is still there and, in 1977, 300,000 Swiss francs were spent to move the 220 ton rock by 127 m in order to make room for the new Gotthard road tunnel.


While the Devil was thwarted in the old folktale, he certainly seemed to come out on top in the tunnel ceremony.
The fact that Europe’s ruling class elite happily attended this strange performance means they gave it at least their tacit approval. Not a good sign.

The occult elite is all about power and symbolism. The above ceremony showcased both. Through the opening ceremony of the world’s deepest and longest tunnel, the occult elite tells the world that they control the world’s resources and manpower. In other words, they are the only ones who can make such projects happen because they control politics, finance and business. Furthermore, by creating overtly occult ceremonies, the elite tells the world: “This is what we believe in, this is what we think of you and there is nothing you can do about it.”
The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel turned a great feat of engineering into a religious ceremony dedicated to Baphomet while somewhat ridiculing the workers who sacrificed their lives and the masses who will travel through the tunnel. Then, Europe’s most powerful people stood up and gave a standing ovation to this ceremony dedicated to the true ruler of the occult elite.



I believe, as does Judi McLeod at Canada Free Press, that this event is further evidence that Night is falling on America (and the entire West) and only prayer can stop it ~

The elite had already taken away your health care, your jobs, your homes and children they continue to indoctrinate in public schools. They are coming for your guns and using your tax dollars to pay for the Marxist misery they impose on civil society.

They want you to give up and are more than willing to use the filthy occult to get you to do so.
More than anything else, they want your soul. They must have it because you – more than anything else – are your soul, and that’s the way the Creator made you.
“Deliver us from evil.”


With the Gotthard Base Tunnel have the world’s occult elitists opened – even symbolically – a gate to hell? Deliver us from evil indeed.

Was The Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony An Illuminati Ritual Intended To Honor Satan?

Darkness is rising, and it isn’t going to be satisfied until it has gripped the entire planet. And at this point the elite have become so bold that they aren’t even hiding what they plan to do to us anymore.

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Obama’s UNrighteous indignation

President Obama’s perennially misguided sense of justice is on full display in the wake of the Orlando tragedy. Truly Orwellian ~


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Common Beginnings

Did you ever wonder why – if the story of Noah’s flood was actually true – all civilizations don’t share a common ancestral memory of such a cataclysmic event? After all, God can certainly act globally (a worldwide flood), so why is the flood story localized? Why were the Jews the only ones to keep a written record of creation and an epic, land-disappearing flood?

Turns out they weren’t. Theirs was certainly the lengthiest, most detailed record of history, but many other cultures have very similar creation/flood legends.

China’s ancestors even embedded parts of the past in their written language. This video from the Institute for Creation Research (IRC) explains how some Chinese pictographs – thousands of years old – were actually invented based on the creation/flood narratives ~

This article at IRC gives many more examples of the pictographs’ corroboration of the Genesis story ~

The silent-yet-testifying witnesses of ancient Chinese pictographs, which remind us that the earliest Chinese generations knew much of what we read in Genesis, are a monument to God’s truth, preserved in simple pictographic symbols. That historically preserved truth points to the accuracy of the Scriptures, which in turn always point to and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ (John 5:39, 46).

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