The Magic Box of Leftism

Much like a house of mirrors, the mind of your average progressive can be a very peculiar place. Andrew Klavan helpfully explains the illusions lurking there ~

Video, including full transcript, at Truth Revolt

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Saturday Shorts – 3-28-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Border agents testify about retribution from management when they report large groups of illegals ~ DHS contemptuously mocks the rule of law; agents who tell the truth about the illegal invasion on our southern border are reassigned.
(How far are we really from the Gulag Archipelago?)

Russian Freedom Lovers (who probably know all about the Gulag Archipelago!) Want Ted Cruz for President ~ Woo-Hoo! So do the Aussie “climate deniers.”

Gallup: Concern About Environment Down – Americans Worry Least About Global Warming ~ Recent poll shows, when it comes to the environment, progressive propaganda is effective on lefties; the right tends to go with reality.

Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) ~ Don’t know a lot about this organization; Glenn Beck spoke to the founder, Matthew VanDyke yesterday. They seem to be Christian, although not overtly or even primarily so. But they definitely seem to be a positive force for good in the Middle East. SOLI was founded ~

… in recognition of the failure of the international community and governments to adequately protect the defenseless and support those struggling for freedom around the world. There needed to be an organization capable of on-the-ground action to help those whom the international system had failed. SOLI was created to enable those abandoned by the international community to take action in defense of themselves and their people, and to combat those forces that seek to harm and oppress them.
Our current mission is consulting and training Iraqi Christians to fight ISIS.

Sounds like a great plan! Our feckless leaders sure aren’t doing anything effective.

On the contrary ~

Obama installing Islam leaders while Michelle and Susan Rice provide cover? ~ Obama’s evil sphere of influence in Africa is much wider than I thought ~

Obama’s been on the trail of replacing Christian leaders with Islamic ones before he became president, starting with Kenya where he actively campaigned to elect Islamic defender Raila Odinga in 2007.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Don’t Blame The Victim Of A Rape That Never Happened For Reporting A Rape That Never Happened ~ 8O More rambling nonsense from a reality-free leftie.

PETERSON: Let’s Talk About Black Racism ~ Jesse Lee Peterson shares his thoughts on Starbucks’ inane #RaceTogether campaign ~

The sad reality is, most black Americans are not interested in coming together to heal ongoing race issues. They would rather hate and take from “the oppressor” (white folks).
When black liberals say they want to have a “conversation” about race, what they really mean is they want to continue blaming whitey for past racism and perceived “white privilege.”

Gay rights activists to Christians: Surrender – or else ~ The LGBTQ-whatever radicals have gone ballistic this week over Indiana’s pending religious freedom bill – lying, spreading propaganda, totally misrepresenting the legislation. This article explains what’s really going on. Here’s more info: What You Should Know About Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.

In response to the witless Twitter hashtag #BoycottIndiana ~


For those days when I’ve feeling ancient, here are two very inspiring oldsters :)

100-year-old car salesman still working six days a week ~

CASPER, Wyo., March 23 (UPI) — A 100-year-old Wyoming man who made his first automobile sale in 1949 said he has no plans to retire from the car dealership.

Bataan Death March survivor, 97, finishes 8.5-mile memorial march ~

For the eighth time, Bataan Death March survivor Col. Ben Skardon finished his 8.5-mile memorial trek through a course at White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

Rumors of the Church’s Death Have Been Greatly Overstated ~ Stephen Altrogge at the Aquilla Report provides a comforting reminder of God’s faithfulness ~

Jesus said:
I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…
I’m pretty sure he intends to make good on those words.

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Preventing Predictable Tragedies

A plane crashes in the French Alps with 150 on board… and the world gasps in horror. Muslims slaughter 100 Christians in a Nigerian village and… the world yawns. What’s the difference? Hint, the answer isn’t 50.
Perversely, it’s the preventability factor.
From what we’ve learned so far about the downed Airbus A320, the aircraft was deliberately smashed into a mountain by a mentally unhinged co-pilot. A tragic but random act of lunacy.
And for all the endless media analysis that follows in the wake of a disaster like this, for all the “what ifs” and “if onlys,” it’s still impossible to predict when someone who’s troubled (or say, planning a personal jihad) will snap – and what the results will be. For all our hand-wringing and additional security measures, we will continue to be – as one commentator put it – “blindsided” by shocking events like this.
On the other hand, consider the ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians by mobs of rampaging Muslims, particularly this most recent outrage in Nigeria, where the only ones “blindsided” were the poor victims ~

In the early hours of 15 March in a village in Benue state, close to the Cameroon border, 100 people, including women and children, were slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen who broke into homes and started shooting while their victims slept.


A witness who escaped the killings said ‘we were still sleeping when they entered our village and started shooting sporadically in all directions killing every human and animal in sight’.

Wait – what? Where was CNN? Fox News? Where were the dozens of media analysts dissecting the story from every possible angle?
[At the very least you’d think the #BlackLivesMatter crowd would be all over this… or don’t these particular #BlackLivesMatter?]

Do the mainstream news networks ignore these deaths because (God forbid!) the killing has been become so routine, we’ve become callously indifferent to it?
The real tragedy is that – unlike the Germanwings disaster – we actually have the means to help prevent these horrors. We just lack the determination to do so.


For years now, North Africans – predominantly Christians – have been kidnapped, raped, murdered, burned out of their homes; in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Central African Republic, Uganda and Sudan.
New branches of Islamic barbarians are sprouting up with increasing frequency. This most recent attack in Nigeria wasn’t the handiwork of the usual suspects, Boko Haram. It was carried out by herdsmen known as Fulani ~

Many Fulani are known to have strong links with regional Islamist movements. They are largely a nomadic tribe, who spread across national boundaries and are found in countries from Senegal to Sudan.
Since 2011 hundreds of lives have been lost during raids or because of targeted killings by Fulani, with many victims from Christian communities.

Speaking of the notorious Boko Haram, they’ve been busy terrorizing Nigeria lately as well ~

BREITBART 3-21-15 ~ Mass Grave of over 100 Bodies Found in Town Boko Haram Controlled

A mass grave containing an estimated 100 bodies, most with their throats visibly cut through, was found in the northeastern Nigerian town of Damasak after Chadian and Nigerien forces eradicated occupying Boko Haram terrorists.

Same town, just three days later – the Islamo-fascists were back! ~

BREITBART 3-24-15 ~ Boko Haram Kidnaps 350-500 More from Town ‘Liberated’ by Coalition Forces

The Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram has abducted between 350-500 people from the northeast Nigerian town of Damasak, Borno state, according to a report by Reuters. The abduction follows news of Nigerian officials liberating a new town while the terror group lost two female suicide bombers to a premature detonation.


Reuters reports that the exact number of those abducted from Damasak remains unknown, but residents reported Tuesday that the terror group stormed the town and “kidnapped more than 400 women and children.” One witness told Reuters that Boko Haram “took 506 young women and children,” though fifty were killed before they left the town.


Predictable. PREVENTABLE. They’re not going to stop until somebody stops them.


As the Germanwings story continues to unfold, it appears that the co-pilot deliberately brought the plane down killing himself and 149 others. If that’s the case, it would have been nearly impossible to prevent this tragedy. Even with every possible control in place, a determined nutcase will find a way to wreak havoc.

However, when it comes to these gangs of barbarians running wild in Africa, no in-depth analysis by msm talking heads is required. We know WHO. We know WHERE. We know HOW; they’re coordinated “military” attacks, not random suicide bombings. And we know WHY; they’re following an evil, twisted ideology.
Further carnage is almost entirely preventable and yet we do nothing. Or – shockingly – worse than nothing: Obama Accused of Obstructing Battle against Boko Haram to Promote Axelrod’s Nigerian Muslim Client. Actually, this revelation is so astounding, I’m still trying to digest it. (I highly recommend reading the whole thing.)
Briefly, as Accuracy in Media explains, it appears that Israel isn’t the only country in which the Obama administration has been attempting to sway election outcomes! Apparently it’s not very difficult to do that in Nigeria, their politics are replete with corruption (Money rules elections in Nigeria) ~

With ideology less important than the battle to control resources, elections can sometimes be no-holds-barred battles with candidates and parties employing armed thugs to bludgeon supporters of opponents, snatch ballots and rig results.

nigerianElectionYou can see how Barack Obama’s former advisor, David Axelrod, would be in his natural element here. His “political consulting group,” AKPD is assisting Retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress. The real kicker: Buhari is a Muslim with alleged ties to Boko Haram. What a guy!
Current president Goodluck Jonathan is no choirboy – and it’s probably his strict anit-gay legislation that really triggered Obama’s opposition – however ~

A well-placed Nigerian interviewed for this report who asked to remain unidentified says that influential Nigerians within and outside the government believe Obama deliberately undermined the war effort and sabotaged the Nigerian economy to make President Jonathan appear weak and ineffectual, and thus bolster the electoral prospects for AKPD’s client, Buhari.



I really hadn’t intended to go off on this Nigerian elections tangent, but this development with Axelrod is so shameless it’s criminal! It just illustrates how truly evil this administration is. Furthermore, it explains why America isn’t doing a damn thing to help the poor targets of Islamic extremists in Northern Africa.


These ongoing attacks in Nigeria are predictable. And they’re almost entirely PREVENTABLE. Which is why further carnage in North Africa is now on the hands of the west – not just the actual perpetrators.

We have the means. We lack the will. And tragically, we lack the leadership.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is that good men do nothing.
~ Edmund Burke

So sad ~ Nigeria: Rescued Children Can’t Remember Names, Parents ~

The number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in northern Nigeria has hit the 1.5 million mark due to the ongoing insurgency of Boko Haram, the United Nations agency for refugees (UNHCR) reports.
Nigeria is ranked No. 10 on the Open Doors 2015 World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians. Last year a total of 2,484 Christians were martyred in Nigeria, the highest total of any country in the world.

2,484 is more than 16 Germanwings suicide crashes.

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Sen Tom Cotton weighs in on Bergdahl sham

Speaking as a veteran, patriot, American…

3-25-15 ~ Washington, D.C.—Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on the Army’s decision to charge Bowe Berghdal with desertion and misbehavior in the face of the enemy:

tomCotton“The Army’s decision to charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior in the face of the enemy underscores how misguided and dangerous it was for President Obama to trade five hardened Taliban commanders for Bergdahl in the first place. Regardless of his conduct, the United States should not negotiate with terrorists or trade terrorist detainees for American hostages. President Obama’s break with this longstanding bipartisan policy has placed a price on the head of every American abroad, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else. And it’s created the risk that these five detainees will return to the fight.
“Now that Bergdahl has been charged, his proceedings should move forward under the Uniform Code of Military Justice without unlawful command influence, just as they would for any other soldier charged with misconduct.
“Finally, I want to commend the many soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit who risked their lives on missions to rescue him, despite suspecting he had deserted from the outset. Some have observed that President Obama was justified in his decision to swap terrorists for Bergdahl based on the principle that we leave no man behind. Let’s be clear about this: the soldiers who tried to rescue Bergdahl didn’t leave him behind and we should be grateful for that.”

Once again, Barack Hussein Obama is on the wrong side of history…
The Bergdahl Travesty

Doesn’t matter what the birth certificate says… ~ Obama’s cultural disconnect

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Israel survives – DESPITE its elite lefties

G-d kept Israel alive despite the left’s incompetence,
its treasons and its slavish instinct for appeasement.

~ Daniel Greenfield

In the wake of last week’s Israeli elections, Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) provides an insightful glimpse into the warped worldview of that country’s class of elite leftists with his essay: Israel’s Leftist Losers.
While right-thinking people of goodwill were celebrating the victory of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, lefties everywhere were united in their disappointment ~

Netanyahu’s victory hit hardest in Tel Aviv where, as Haaretz, the paper of the left, reports, “Leftist, secular Tel Aviv went to sleep last night cautiously optimistic only to wake up this morning in a state of utter and absolute devastation” [...]

Now the leftist elite (in Israel) is once again forced to come to terms with the tragedy that much of the country doesn’t want to hand over land to terrorists, live on a communal farm or turn over the country to Marc Rich’s lawyer and his American backers who make Slim-Fast and KIND bars […]
The left doesn’t want a country. It wants a Berkeley food co-op. It wants a city with some ugly modernist architecture. It wants a campus with courses on media studies and gender in geography. It wants an arcade where unwashed lefties can tunelessly strum John Lennon songs on their vintage guitars. It wants cafes with Russian Futurist prints on the walls. It wants to be excited about political change. Its only use for Israel was as a utopian theme park.
Its allegiance was not to Jewish history or democracy, but to its crackpot leftist fantasies. Now its fantasies are dead and it wants to kill Israel.

Note the amazing similarities to our domestic variety of progressives. Because many lefties have the luxury of not having to deal with the annoying realities of working for a living (think Hollywood and our elite ruling class) they’re free to save the world; White #BlackLivesMatter Boston Protesters Found Living with Parents in Luxury Mansions.
We also see them employing that trademark progressive strategy of maliciously-manufactured divisiveness ~

The left hasn’t managed to conquer Israel, but it has succeeded in dividing it. Every new group of immigrants has been indoctrinated, not with allegiance to the left (that was a lost cause early on) but with resentment of each other. The Russian Jews are told that they live badly because of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews. The Middle Eastern Jews are told that they live badly because of the Russian Jews. The Ultra-Orthodox are told that they live badly because of the Settlers. There’s plenty of overlap between these groups, but the tactic still works well enough for the left to stay in the game.
The left has no leadership. It has nothing to offer. It has no reason to exist except malice and spite […]


I’m always fascinated by what makes these people tick. Perhaps those of us on the right will never fully understand the Left, but it’s clear that their skewed view of reality is shared by progressives the world over.


Ben Shapiro answers that perennial question – “Why do Jews vote Leftist?”
Israel’s Second Declaration of Independence

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OK Arkansas, all is forgiven!

Now that “The Natural State” has sent the impressive young Tom Cotton to the U.S. Senate, I guess we’ll have to let them off the hook for giving us Bill Clinton!
Cotton comes to the Senate with much more impressive credentials than did a certain former community organizer from the “Land of Lincoln.” He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013-2015. And he’s a U.S. Army veteran, with combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Following up on his open letter to Iran, in his first speech as a junior senator, Cotton boldly criticized the Obama administration’s feckless foreign policy ~ Sen. Cotton: ‘Rather Than Confront Our Adversaries, Our President Apologizes’ ~


Obama’s “Grand Experiment” has failed ~

“While America has retreated, not only have our enemies been on the march. Our allies, anxious for years about American resolve, now worry increasingly about American capabilities,” he said. “With the enemy on their borders, many have begun to conclude they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands, sometimes in ways unhelpful to our interests.” [...]
“I will now yield the floor, but I will never yield in the defense of America’s national security – on any front, or at any time.

Thanks again Arkansas!
Cotton’s Iran Letter Turns Tables on Obama
Cotton Introduces Guantanamo Bay Recidivism Prevention Act of 2015

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Wily Agitation

Here’s Dinesh D’Souza’s take on the O’Ministration’s divisive tactics ~



In the wake of Ferguson and the Michael Brown case, we’re seeing the emergence of a vicious, oppositional culture, deliberately seeded, watered and cultivated by the “wily agitators,” in the Obama administration.

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California’s Thought Patrol Muzzles Judges


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,”
we learn that freedom of religious conviction is no longer
extended to judges in California.



California Bans Judges From Participating in Boy Scouts Over Policy Prohibiting Gay Troop Leaders ~ Of course they do.
Because anyone who believes in God and His law is obviously a fascist-sexist-bigot-homophobe who – regardless of how many years they may have demonstrated integrity and fidelity to the civil law – must now be denied freedom of association.

The California Supreme Court has instituted a policy that prohibits state judges from participating in the Boy Scouts of America because it doesn’t allow openly gay adults to become troop leaders.
Earlier this year the court voted unanimously to change the California Code of Judicial Ethics, removing an exemption allowing membership in youth organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, that it claims practice discrimination.
While the Boy Scouts voted in 2013 to lift its ban on openly gay youth members, it maintained its policy prohibiting openly gay adults from actively participating in troop activities or becoming troop leaders. The Christian Post contacted the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday, but a spokesperson declined to comment on the California cout’s decision.

This overt discrimination of worldviews will most certainly be extended to membership in any religious organization that still holds to God’s design for human sexuality and marriage. So California judges will also be stripped of their freedom of religion.
It’s not even too hard to imagine in the not-too-distant future, the Golden State instituting a mandatory belief system (secular atheism) as a requirement for any government employment. How Stalinesque of them.

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Saturday Shorts 3-21-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Obama Won’t Congratulate Bibi — But He Congratulated Erdogan, Sisi(Egypt), Rouhani(Iran) … and Putin! ~ Proof that his relationships with U.S. rivals and outright enemies are closer than his relationship with Israel. And yes, you can judge a man by the company he keeps.

Netanyahu at Western Wall: I’m honored by election win, will do everything to protect Israel ~ A real leader understands Who is ultimately in charge.
Our Supreme Leader Is A Supreme Fool ~ Actually, while Obama may sound delusional on Iran, the real fools are those who still believe he’s not lying every single time he opens his mouth.


We Are ‘Synthetic Children’ And We Agree With Dolce & Gabbana ~ Thought-provoking article written by two women who were born by third-party reproduction ~

It’s not a matter for doctors to fix; it’s a spiritual problem. My father accepted money, and promised to have nothing to do with me. My mother was wonderful and I have always loved her deeply, as she has loved me. But my journey is a battle against the void left by my father’s absence, and a particular disability in understanding the difference between sacred and commercial, exploitation and cooperation. Those torments for me far outweigh any social stigma or momentarily painful gossip I’ve endured from ignorant people.

Although the authors believe humans have “evolved” to need both a mother and a father, that family plan was God’s design for children from the beginning. Sadly, without a parent of each gender there will always be a sense of loss.
Seattle’s $15 Min. Wage Is Making Something Happen That City Leaders Never Expected ~ Uh oh. Is the Emerald City actually being forced to confront economic reality?

Tea Party Is ‘Bald-Faced Racists,’ White Privilege Conference Speaker Tells Sea Of White People ~

“I don’t think I have to convince you that they have sort of a generic racism,” Zeskind informed the audience, to many approving nods. He also used the term “bald-faced racists” to describe the tea party. (And the term “screw-loosers.”)

Never mind that this ridiculous rant bears absolutely no resemblance to reality, a lie told loud enough and long enough…
Will result in this…
‘I Hate Everything About This Country’: Rapper Reveals She Hates ‘Fat White Americans’ and ‘Racist Conservative White People’ ~This charming young woman almost sounds like she could be Obama’s daughter – or maybe Eric Holder’s.

Al Gore: Punish climate-change deniers ~ Esteemed climatologist former V.P. and zealous warming hypster says politicians should pay price for rejecting ‘accepted science.’

Even though, the evidence continues to prove that ‘accepted science’- isn’t…

New Climate Paper gives global warming alarmists “One Helluva Beating” ~

This pretty much kills the alarmists’ “the aerosols ate my homework” excuse stone dead. If the cooling effects of aerosols turn out to be much smaller than the IPCC thinks, then what this means is that the rise in global temperatures attributable to man-made CO2 is also much smaller than the alarmists’ computer models acknowledge.

No global warming for this gal; Think spring, eagles. Think spring ~

Photo from the Bald eagle cam at the Pennsylvania Game Commission. They assure viewers that the eagles and their eggs will be just fine; eaglets should hatch in two or three weeks.

Hat-tip:J&J inPA

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Safe Water = Good Life

It’s really just the simple things…
We Americans are so blessed to be able take clean drinking water for granted. Most of our communities have had indoor plumbing for a hundred years. A cool refreshing drink is as near as the kitchen faucet, a hot shower as close as your nearest bathroom. Not so for millions in developing nations ~

Please help others get access to something as simple as safe drinking water, and make a world of difference: Pour Into A Thirsty World

Samaritan's Purse - Helping In Jesus' Name

…for I was hungry, and you gave Me food,
I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink;
I was a stranger, and you took Me in…

~ Matthew 25:35 ~

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Obama & Holder’s bitter harvest of maliciously-sown racial discord

The executive branch of the federal government is supposed to function as the chief law enforcement agency in America. Acting in that capacity, it’s generally expected that the president and his attorney general will have the backs of all law enforcement officers, at every level, across the country. At least until all the facts are known in a particular case. And yet – to Barack Hussein Obama and his pal Eric Holder – justice isn’t really blind, and skin color always seems to trump the law.
Time and again we’ve seen a rush to judge in favor of suspects over police officers. If the perpetrator’s skin is black, and the cop’s white, the assumption seems to be: the “police must have acted stupidly.” Rather than urge caution and restraint in a racially-sensitive situation, Obama and Holder will always opt to fuel the flames of anger, suspicion and resentment.

And consider the tragic consequences of the duo’s agit-prop ~

George Zimmerman’s life is basically ruined because Barack Obama decided Trayvon Martin looked like the son he never had (instead of the hooded punk he really was). The town of Ferguson, MO will be forever infamous and now must struggle to repair damaged businesses, careers, relationships and lives.

As Thomas Sowell asserts in National Review ~

Businesses and neighborhoods may never recover from the present anarchy

Soon after the shooting death of Michael Brown, this 285-pound young man was depicted as a “gentle giant.” But, after a video was leaked, showing him bullying the owner of a store from which he had stolen some merchandise, Attorney General Eric Holder expressed displeasure that the video was leaked. In other words, to Holder the truth was offensive, but the lie it exposed was not […]

Sometimes it is a particular neighborhood that never recovers, and sometimes it is a whole city. Detroit is a classic example. It had the worst riot of the 1960s, with 43 deaths — 33 of them black people. Businesses left Detroit, taking with them jobs and taxes that were very much needed to keep the city viable. Middle class people — both black and white — also fled […]

Who benefits from the Ferguson riots? The biggest beneficiaries are politicians and racial demagogues. In Detroit, Mayor Coleman Young was one of many political demagogues who were able to ensure their own reelection, using rhetoric and policies that drove away people who provided jobs and taxes, but who were likely to vote against him if they stayed. Such demagogues thrived as Detroit became a wasteland.



When the grand jury found no reason to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, was Eric Holder out front explaining that the justice system had prevailed and calling for the demonstrators to stand down? Ha!

Instead DOJ “investigated” the entire Ferguson police department. (Another attempt to distort the facts, as Larry Elder pointed out in The Farcical Ferguson Report.)

As the ridiculous #HandsUpDontShoot phenomenon (based entirely on a lie) spread across the country, protesters caused further property damage from coast to coast, snarled Boston traffic for hours and two cops were gunned down in cold-blood in New York City.
Then the race-baiting chickens came home to roost in Ferguson last week when two more cops were shot; this time – thank God – not fatally.
In the wake of that most recent attack, Fox’s Martha MacCallum spoke with former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani (If anyone understands the importance of trust and loyalty within the ranks of law enforcement it’s Giuliani, America’s Mayor.) ~

Video via Gateway Pundit


When President Obama was first elected didn’t the mainstream media assure us that racial divisiveness was at an end? That America was entering a post-racial era? The fact is Barack Obama – along with his attorney general – was uniquely positioned to foster racial harmony; to truly help heal any lingering grievances and move beyond skin color.
Instead, for the past six years they’ve not only tragically squandered the opportunity to have a positive influence, they’ve made things infinitely worse, pouring salt in our race wounds ~

The violence should not come as a surprise, given the ugly tone set by the nation’s top law-enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Holder.


Col. Allen West talked about this issue with Charles Payne on Fox & Friends last December. Both (incidentally, black) men believe that Obama is purposely stoking racial division ~

“When you have someone like Al Sharpton visiting the White House and providing him counsel eighty-two times and standing and putting pressure on Sony and other individuals, and this angst that has happened, and this mob atmosphere that is going on, this is really what the president would like to have – this vomiting of dissension. But that is not what the inner-city needs right now. We need economic growth. We need better education opportunities. But that’s not the focus.”



Americans of every color deserve so much better than this shameful, deliberate attempt to increase racial animosity. It’s a sorry disgrace that these men – who we had hoped would be respectable, responsible leaders – instead exhibit no greater dignity, honor or integrity than does race-hustling Al Sharpton.

Department of Justice perpetrates more Injustice

Race relations getting worse?

Holder heads to Ferguson to make things worse

Armed Black Panthers Call for Murder of Cops at Open Carry March – DOJ Silent


Voices of responsibility ~ Black Americans we should be listening to instead of the divisive Barack Obama and Eric Holder:
What if whites strike back? ~ Exclusive: Mychal Massie calls on blacks to repudiate ‘racist villains’ portrayal

Allen West: Obama Creating Myth Of Modern-Day Racism

The Farcical Ferguson Report ~ Larry Elder explains the deceptive numbers and flawed analysis of the “scathing” report on Ferguson’s police department.

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Please! Someone pay these people NOT to vote!

I sincerely hope that we-the-thinking members of the electorate aren’t yet outnumbered by the confidently ignorant ~

Jimmy Kimmel Live ~ Special President Obama edition of #LieWitnessNews

Now we know why President Obama is advocating mandatory voting. The more clueless dolts like this, guzzling the progressive kool-aid on the way to the ballot box, the better for the Left.

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