Saturday Shorts – 2-28-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Between “Net Not-Neutrality,” unchallenged illegal amnesty, an emasculated Congress and an unchecked tyrant in the White House, I felt a distress signal was appropriate for this edition :arrow:
The Mexican and Central American cesspool of infectious diseases ~ Now that the great measles panic of 2015 has subsided, we discover that – according to WHO (World Health Organization) – there never even was a major anti-vaxxing trend evident in the US. On the other hand, we’re now all at risk for previously eradicated diseases imported by the ongoing flood of illegals.
Victor Davis Hanson: An immigration solution ~If our Congressional “representatives” actually still represented we-the-people (and not the illegal alien constituency), we could be having an honest, rational conversation ~

The solution to the immigration mess is not to threaten militancy if a particular political agenda is jeopardized. It is not to slam a federal judge who demands adherence to the law. The answer instead is simply to act legally — and liberally.

The Mysterious “Frank” Returns ~ Now that you mentioned it… Thank you Rudy Giuliani for bringing up Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. The mainstream media can now go right to this article to get the full story on Obama’s communist connections and indoctrination that they’ve been ignoring for the past seven years. (Right – when pigs fly.)

U.S. Congressman visits Temple Mount – is greeted by Muslim women screaming ‘allahu akbar ~ Why do the “rights” of one religion always seem to trump those of all the others?
Global Warming: Follow the Money Science for sale; pushing the agenda for fun and profit ~

… the overwhelming majority of climate-research funding comes from the federal government and left-wing foundations. And while the energy industry funds both sides of the climate debate, the government/foundation monies go only toward research that advances the warming regulatory agenda. With a clear public-policy outcome in mind, the government/foundation gravy train is a much greater threat to scientific integrity.

So basically, they’re using our tax dollars to lie to us – so they can enact more regulations, and force us to pay even higher taxes!
Even more outlandish ~ Climate scientist being investigated by Congress for not believing in global warming enough 8O
Now this sounds promising: Republicans To Investigate NASA Over Climate Data Tampering ~ Let’s hope it isn’t another feckless, halfhearted attempt by RINOs that’s just for show and will go absolutely nowhere.
Secession talk in New York State continues ~

Lawmakers in fifteen towns across four counties in upstate New York are pondering the possibility of seceding from the Empire State and being adopted by Pennsylvania.

Running from blue to red? Apparently the impetus for redrawing the border is the Empire State’s recent fracking ban.

Anti-Semitism Soaring on U.S. College Campuses ~ 54 percent of Jewish students report witnessing or experiencing anti-Semitism. Hey! What about all that campus “inclusion” hooey? Guess it doesn’t apply to Jews.

CNN, DHS & SPLC’s Blame Righty hit job ~ Seems any murdering lunatic whose skin color happens to be white is automatically a right wing extremist. What’s really egregious is that more lives will be lost because DHS refuses to acknowledge and prosecute the real threat to national security.

Like crazy jihadis…
Italy and Vatican on guard after ISIL threat ~

ROME — The Italian government is on high alert after threats from the Islamic State called Italy “the nation signed with the blood of the cross.” And the country would probably need help to confront the militant group […]
Italian officials fear extremists could enter the country amid the growing tide of refugees arriving by boat from North Africa. About 500 extra troops have been stationed to guard symbolic targets in Rome and monitor the streets of the capital for suspicious activity [...]
At its closest point, Libya is little more than 100 miles from the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Phil Robertson on Avoiding STDs: ‘One Man, One Woman, Married for Life’ ~ Whoa! What a concept! (Wish I had gone to CPAC – just to hear Phil speak :) )

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ObamaNet – the fix was in

Well, you were warned. And not just by me.
Doesn’t matter. The fix was already in.

Get ready for further erosion of our First Amendment rights…

Graphic credit – The People’s Cube

As Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Mag explained, “Net Neutrality” has always been about the very things that every evil dictator craves: power and control ~

What Obama wants isn’t an open or transparent internet. He wants a cable monopoly for a terrible internet run by a friendly company (Comcast-Time Warner) that depends on government regulation and bribes. He wants control of the internet not for the benefit of the public, but to centralize power over it.
Obama doesn’t support an open anything. This is the man that a New York Times reporter called the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation. This is the man who put a filmmaker in jail for making a YouTube video. This is the administration that bugged reporters and threatened critics [...]
The best way to maintain an open internet is to prevent a cable monopoly. And the cable monopoly does not exist because of the free market. It exists because a lot of politicians have been bribed to make it happen.
With a monopoly on the market end and government control on the regulatory end, the internet dies. And it dies to the sound of idiots cheering net neutrality that will be tailored to whatever Obama’s Comcast pals want it to be.



The biggest red flag yet
~ According to several sources, George Soros has reportedly thrown a lot of money behind Net Neutrality – which is pretty much all you need to know about this nefarious new policy.
FCC Net Neutrality rules worst example of government intervention… ever. ~

Make no mistake. The greatest tool for freedom of expression to come along in our lifetime is in danger. One cannot have genuine freedom of expression with a government monitor, an overseer, a censor prepared to immediately shut down any “threats” to the state. This is Orwellian, even if even opponents are reluctant to say it. But they must remember that the greatest miscalculations in history are those that underrate the determination of the power hungry to grab even more power.

Net Neutrality: The gullible and ignorant have no idea what they’ve just unleashed ~ Rush Limbaugh’s take on this disaster via Allen West’s site. Scary.

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Why don’t #LegalLivesMatter?

Too bad the O’Ministration and their mainstream media puppets refuse to give a voice to legal American families who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens. Did any of the major network news stations (other than maybe Fox) cover the House hearing on Wednesday, which was reviewing DHS’ policies towards “non-citizens unlawfully present in the United States”?
The Daily Caller did; and so reported on Father Of Black Teenager Murdered By Illegal Alien Asks ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’ Jamiel Shaw testifed in front of a subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ~

Shaw told of his son, Jamiel Shaw II, who in May 2008 at the age of 17 was gunned down (in Los Angeles) by Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant.


“My family’s peace and freedom were stolen by an illegal alien from Mexico. He was brought here by his illegal alien parents,” Shaw told the hearing, chaired by Florida U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis [...]
“Do black lives really matter? Or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or a white a policeman?” the elder Shaw asked during his testimony, referencing a phrase that became popular following the police-involved deaths of two black men, Michael Brown and Eric Garner [...]
“Why was this violent illegal alien allowed to walk the streets of America instead of being deported?” Shaw asked.

Another grieving father, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, shares the somber truth: “My Son is Dead Because the Concept of Borders Is Dead” ~

Spencer Golvach was senselessly murdered (less than a month ago) by an illegal alien who had been deported a number of times after being convicted of committing crimes, including as law enforcement officers now tell us, crimes of violence. Golvach was shot in the head on January 31st while sitting in his car waiting for a stoplight to change. Golvach’s father said he wants the “boomerang” of deportation and illegal reentry into the country to be stopped.
Victor Manuel Reyes was a violent man who on the night of Golvach’s execution, went on a killing spree through the streets in Harris County. He killed two men, including 28-year-old Juan Garcia. Then he shot at another couple before he was shot to death by a Harris County (TX) deputy.


These stories are heartbreaking! (HERE are many more.) Why are we never allowed to discuss these tragedies when the issue of “immigration reform” comes up?

And why does the federal government – under Barack Obama – seem more concerned with rewarding these lawbreakers with citizenship (and freebies) than with fulfilling it’s constitutional responsibility to protect legal (lawful) American citizens?

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Obama’s Selective Foreign Intervention

In the latest outrage from the Islamist barbarians’ assault on the civilized world, the number of Christians kidnapped in ISIS offensive is now up to 220 ~

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the militant group has captured Assyrian Christians from 11 villages near the town of Tal Tamr in Hassakeh province (at the Iraq-Turkey border).

Across the globe, Christian Persecution Has Never Been Worse. Yesterday Coptic Christians marched to the White House ~

On Tuesday, a group of Egyptian-American Coptics gathered near the White House, demanding the Obama administration do more to protect Egyptian, Syrian, and Iraqi Christians.

Their rallying cry: “Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood in the sea.”
Sorry folks, the president chooses not to see.
Unfathomably, the man who said his “Christian” faith means “being my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper; treating others as they would treat me,” seems oblivious to the blood shed at the hands of ISIS. He refuses to acknowledge the reality of the ongoing genocide.

But let’s take a short walk down memory lane shall we? Let’s flashback to a time when Obama at least pretended to believe that, as Americans, we had “responsibilities to our fellow human beings.” It’s been almost four years since Obama decided to bomb Libya without official Congressional approval. At the time, he justified the action because it ~

… was in the national interest of the United States to stop a potential massacre that would have “stained the conscience of the world.” 8O

Source: NYT

Remember how forthrightly the president made the case for his airstrikes against Gaddafi’s regime? ~

Wow! Shades of “truth, justice and the American way!”
Hard to reconcile that 2011 Obama with the 2015 version. When it comes to the Christians under siege in the middle east, Barack Hussein Obama has been more than content to “wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.”
Every new day brings another batch of images of slaughter and mass graves from ISIS path of destruction. Apparently POTUS is so jaded they no longer faze him.
This president emphatically denies America’s responsibility as the world’s remaining superpower, unless – acting will advance his radical agenda. While his lofty rhetoric is frequently sprinkled with language intended to project a sense of righteous patriotism, every move he makes – especially on the international front – is the result of deliberate, cold-blooded ideological calculation.
This brief Christian Broadcasting Network video covers the latest news about ISIS’ reign of terror ~

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Campus Thought Control

questioningauthority2Back in the last century when I was in college, one of the favorite campus mantras was “Question Everything!” Non-conformity was the order of the day. Many of my fellow students actually seemed to major in rebelling against the establishment.
Fast forward a few decades and college is the least-likely place we’ll find a rebellion breaking out. Long gone is that revolutionary spirit. Today’s campus is a rainbow coalition of utopian visions and non-judgmental sameness. The new collective maxim appears to be “Question Nothing.”
Robert Weissberg, writing at the American Thinker has a name for the current crop of college activists: “Social Justice Warriors.” I would replace the “social” with “socialist;” and “warriors” with “workers.” There’s a hint of the totalitarian about them. The only thing these kids appear to be at “war” with is reality.
As Weissberg relates, the latest trend at major universities seems to be presenting the administration with a set of fanciful “demands” calculated to do the impossible – make life “fair.” Last year at Dartmouth, a group of 30 students commandeered the president’s office to announce a “Freedom Budget.” They were calling for ~

… greater diversity, eliminating sexism and heterosexism, an improved campus climate for minorities and gays, banning the term “illegal immigrant,” offering a class on undocumented workers in America, creating a professor of color lecture series, and harsher penalties for sexual assault, among many, many others.


Other student wishlists have included:
• more diverse student bodies
• mandatory sensitivity training for faculty and administrators
• a “safe” multicultural center for students from “under-represented” groups
• removing all racial descriptions from university police reports
• offering gender-neutral bathrooms at all college facilities

These young people actually seem to believe that reality itself can be altered to conform to their self-determined definition of justice.

The shallowness of these demands is breathtaking and suggests that these activists are just winging it. The Dartmouth students are surely among America’s brainiest but why do they denounce “ableism”? Are they suggesting that acknowledging variations in ability is morally wrong and if differences are to be abolished (hopeless anyhow), how would society function? Why must the campus offer gender-neutral bathrooms?

The University of Michigan has taken this silliness to a whole new level with their Orwellian “Inclusive Language Campaign” ~

(The college) recently released a banned words list as part of its $16,000 “inclusive language” campaign on campus. The move, which many are deeming an infringement on free speech, is reportedly designed to teach students that “certain words are considered offensive.”

For example ~
• “That’s so gay”
• “ghetto
• “I want to die”
• “illegal alien”
• “That’s retarded”
• “tranny”
• “gypped”

[To illustrate how nonsensical this censorship effort is, the “N” word didn’t make the list. But “insane” did. So I guess we can’t say: “This ‘Inclusive Language Campaign’ is pure insanity!”]
Steven Crowder tried to get these young U of M drones to understand that this ridiculous policy actually violates Freedom of Speech ~

I’m not sure how successful he was. Without discussion, debate or critical thinking, they’ve almost subconsciously replaced the First Amendment with a newly-contrived Right Not to be Offended.


Eric Metaxas, author of “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,” recently wrote about his first-hand experience with collegiate intolerance for diversity of opinion or worldview. He was addressing students and faculty at The University of the South: Speak Freely – So Long as You Agree with Me ~

In my convocation address I said that there is a move afoot on campuses “to marginalize and even to demonize voices of traditional and historic Christian faith. . . and that this is troubling . . . because to think we can have real and enduring freedom and real liberal education without robust voices of faith ignores history.”
I spoke of Os Guinness’ “Golden Triangle” of freedom, virtue, and faith, all of which depend on each other, which is why standing up for religious freedom is so vital for any healthy society.
And then I urged students to “listen respectfully” to those with whom they disagree, because “This is at the heart of liberal education and it’s at the heart of democracy and freedom.”

Now I’ve heard Metaxas speak several times. He’s low-key, humorous, thought-provoking, winsome even – hardly “offensive.” Apparently not everyone agrees ~

At the time I thought it went rather well. But then I read an opinion piece published in the student newspaper. It called my speech “one of the most offensive and disgusting” the writer had ever witnessed. It said that, “Beneath a thin veneer of reason and civil discourse,” I “continued to push [my] evangelical agenda.”

Strangely enough, when he pressed for specifics, no one could say exactly what it was that they found so “offensive” ~

… no one seemed to be able to say what in the speech bothered them. They just flat out were offended.

To be sure, those who objected to the speech were in the minority. But for those who claimed “offense,” it’s as if they’d been programmed to have a negative reaction to certain words, phrases or topics but they’re unable to articulate why. Almost Pavlovian. It brings to mind the Eloi in H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.”



I don’t want to believe that these young minds are so tightly closed already. It doesn’t bode well for America’s future.
And so as Crowder emphasized, and Metaxas concludes, we’ll just have to continue to risk “offending” them with the truth ~

… if we grow silent out of fear that we’ll be shouted down or criticized, we’ll soon lose our right to speak freely at all. And that would be disastrous, not only for preaching the Gospel, but for maintaining a free and truly tolerant society.

Campus Thought Conformity
FIRE ~ (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) An organization founded to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities ~

Freedom of speech is a fundamental American freedom and a human right, and there’s no place that this right should be more valued and protected than America’s colleges and universities. A university exists to educate students and advance the frontiers of human knowledge, and does so by acting as a “marketplace of ideas” where ideas compete. The intellectual vitality of a university depends on this competition—something that cannot happen properly when students or faculty members fear punishment for expressing views that might be unpopular with the public at large or disfavored by university administrators.

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CJ Pearson for President!

When a middle school student sounds more like the leader of the free world than the president himself does, you know the country’s in peril. But with a few more young people like CJ Pearson we might just survive! This kid is awesome!

Follow CJ on Facebook and Twitter

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What “We Believe” – as Christians

Awesome new song from the Newsboys; sort of an abbreviated version of The Apostles’ Creed ~

You may need to adjust the volume on the player itself ^

Just learned that this tune is featured in an upcoming film: “Do You Believe?” A crucial question Americans need to be asking themselves right now ~

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Saturday Shorts 2-21-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

ObamaCare’s Latest Victims Include a Day-Care Center, And An Insurance Company ~ And the hits just keep on coming! A 30-year old church-run day care center in Texas, and a new nonprofit cooperative insurance provider (specifically created under the Affordable Care Act to generate more competition and choice in insurance markets, but now overwhelmed with claims); both casualties of the (UN)Affordable Care Act.

Sierra Leone Sees ‘Sharp Rise’ in Ebola Cases as Medical Funding Goes Missing ~ Although Ebola has been mysteriously missing from the headlines in recent weeks, it’s not because it spontaneously extinguished itself ~

…more than $3 million in funding to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone is wholly unaccounted for. The government has vowed a prompt investigation as it begins to quarantine previously untouched neighborhoods in the capital, Freetown.

Samaritan’s Purse has an Feb. 3 update on the deadly virus HERE. The news is mostly positive; Ebola didn’t spread nearly as rapidly as initially predicted ~

The general thinking is that the outbreak may be declared over in Liberia in the next couple of months. However, that is likely not true for Sierra Leone and Guinea. The bottom line is that no one is sure. EVD can spike at any time; it only takes one infected person to spread the disease.

More encouraging – the “Good News” of Jesus Christ is being spread ~

Since March 2014, the Gospel has been presented more than 50,000 times through our work. Nearly 1,200 people have made a profession of faith and received subsequent discipleship.

Top 10 Astroturfers ~ A primer from Sharyl Attkisson explains how to recognize the key propaganda pushers, including such notables as Media Matters, Daily Kos and ~

Surreptitious astroturf methods are now more important to these interests than traditional lobbying of Congress. There’s an entire PR industry built around it in Washington.

Yippee. Lying for fun and profit – at our expense.

Fire Chief Sues City of Atlanta Over Unjust Termination ~ Chief Kelvin Cochran was fired for avowing his belief in traditional marriage ~

Mayor Kasim Reed first suspended Cochran for 30 days and announced that he would have to complete “sensitivity training” after activists who don’t agree with the fire chief’s Christian views on sex complained about a men’s devotional book Cochran had written on his personal time. Biblical sexual morality is mentioned only briefly in the 162-page book.
After an investigation that included interviews with employees found Cochran did not discriminate against anyone, the mayor fired him anyway – citing as his basis, ironically, the need to tolerate diverse views [...]
“Every American should be concerned about a government that thinks it can fire you because of what you believe,” said ADF(Alliance Defending Freedom) Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot. “If it can happen to Chief Cochran, a distinguished firefighter who attained the highest fire service position in the United States, it can happen to anybody.”

Yes it can ~
How believing in the Bible can get you canned in today’s America ~ The Benham Brothers, whose HGTV show was cancelled because the network disapproved of their views on traditional marriage, discuss this chilling new trend. (Includes an inspiring video of a Fox & Friends interview)
And what happens when the intolerance from the diversity police escalates? Consider the Christians in another part of the world who are being martyred for their belief ~
The Middle East is red with the blood of Christians ~ Centuries-old Christian communities are being decimated. This UK Telegraph article documents years of persecution at the hands of the Religion-of-Peace ~

The atrocity by Islamic State sympathisers in Libya highlights the worsening persecution of non-Muslims all over the Middle East – violence that is driving them from their Biblical homelands.

Marie Harf explains ~ Some of the complete nonsense spouted by these State Department spokes-chicks is mind-boggling ~

“We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs…”

Which brings me to… my favorite Tweet of the Week ~

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Obama: the early years of agit-prop

Checking my archives recently for posts I’d written about the president’s radical roots, I came across “Channeling Reverend Wright,” a piece from October 2nd, 2012. It included a video that had just been unearthed, featuring Senator Barack Obama speaking at Hampton University, Virgina back in 2007. It revealed a decidedly different Barack than the one who’s been charming we-the-folks for the last few years.
contentUnavailableI write that in the past tense, because – very suspiciously – the You Tube account that featured the video has been “disabled” :arrow:
(Hmmmm…somebody doesn’t want it out there?)
In my search for the missing speech I was able to find these two segments from Sean Hannity’s show ~

Just listen to this divisive, race-baiting charlatan!

In Part 2, Tucker Carlson says the entire 40 minute speech is posted on his site, the Daily Caller. But in checking, that original video had been disabled also.


Watching these clips is like being on an emotional roller coaster; from surprise (at the faux homeboy accent) to dismay to anger to sadness – and back again. If the mainstream media hadn’t completely ignored this racist demagoguery back in October of 2012, chances are we’d have a different man sitting in the White House today. One who was actually proud to be an American.

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As you may have heard, our ever-growing federal leviathan is now greedily eying the internet; the weird, wild, worldwide web, as their next entity to devour. In typical Orwellian “Newspeak” they’re referring to their take-over plan as “Net-Neutrality.”
Of course it’s anything but “neutral.”

Here’s a brief warning from Ted Cruz: ‘If You Like Your Internet, You Can Keep Your Internet’ ~

As with most progressive legislation, what we’re getting under the guise of “Net-Neutrality” is simply another nefarious solution to a non-existent problem. The whole endeavor is wrapped in leftist buzzwords, “fairness,” “equal” internet access for all users. But where are the nefarious restrictions on access or usage now that desperately call for new FCC rules and regulations? Nowhere.
Furthermore, as Protect Internet Freedom explains, regulating the Internet as a public utility ~

… takes power away from consumers, website developers and small business owners and puts it in the hands of Government. This will drive up costs, slow down innovation, and put unelected political appointees in charge of picking winners and losers.

Specifically, what the proposed FCC expansion would mean is:

• $11 billion+ in new taxes
• massive new regulations; 332 pages so far (the government has to “pass it to find out what’s in it”)
• federal government gets to control information, and regulate free speech (shades of communism)

But if it’s that bad, why are so many large internet companies like Google and Netflix getting behind this effort? Simple corporate greed.
As Glenn Beck has explained, it’s a sneaky way for these large tech providers to spread out the bandwidth costs ~

“We’re talking about a sewer,” Beck analogized. “You’re on a regular street, and everybody is using sewers the way everybody uses sewers. But then a giant hotel comes in and it’s packed all the time. And those little, teeny pipes that were there made for your one-family home … are not big enough to handle all of the sewage that is coming from that hotel.”
Beck said companies like Netflix are the hotel in the analogy, and they are signing on to support net neutrality because they don’t want to pay more for the disproportionate amount of bandwidth they are using.

Bottom line: We should have learned our lesson after being “Grubered” with Obamacare. If Obama and his gang of progressive power-grabbers are for it… get the flock out of there!


“The internet was not created by the government. Nowhere in The Constitution is there a provision allowing the government the power to regulate the free flow of information. In fact The First Amendment directly flies in the face of internet regulation.”

~ one of the commenters on

This year’s net neutrality debate has completely missed the point ~ This Washington Post article is six months old and rather lengthy, but it does an excellent job of explaining an extremely confusing issue.
Online petitons to sign, opposing “Net Neutrality” ~

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Correcting the President’s Historic Revisionism

In a recent interview with Steve Malzberg (at Newsmax), Dinesh D’Souza sets Obama straight on ISIS, radical Islam and the Crusades. Referring to Obama’s ignorant comments at the National Prayer breakfast earlier this month, D’Souza explains ~

“He was equating the sins of medieval Christianity, namely the Crusades, with the contemporary terrorism of ISIS,” D’Souza said.
“Now, leaving aside the fact that all of this happened with the Crusades over 1,000 years ago, it’s important to remember that the Crusades themselves were a response to Muslim conquest.
“The Muslims not only conquered the Holy Land, they conquered parts of Italy, all of Spain, they were at the gates of Vienna, and had the Christians not fought back, most likely all of Europe would have fallen into Muslim hands.”


With bonus commentary on Brian William’s mis-remembrance.
Video via Dinesh D’


Obama Wants Christians to Share Blame for Terrorism ~

In fact, Muslims are responsible for both ISIS and the Crusades—the Crusaders were fighting a defensive war to recapture Jerusalem from Muslim conquest! [...]

And as for the Inquisition? The Inquisition over four centuries killed fewer people than radical Muslims killed in one day on 9/11. How hard the Muslims must laugh to hear Obama respond to ISIS atrocities by blaming Christianity!
Watching Obama deny the radical Islamic terrorism that is plainly happening in front of him is sort of like looking at a Nazi concentration camp and denying that Nazis are running it and Jews are the target.



In pushing his progressive, revisionist version of history, Obama is hoping Americans will suspend critical thinking skills long enough to believe that there’s no such thing as motivation for one’s actions. While attempting to construct a false moral equivalency, he wants us all to pretend that there isn’t a pathological ideology fueling “radical” Islamic violence.
(Hence the administration’s surreal Jobs for Marginalized Extremists Summit.)
The latest outrage from the ISIS barbarians ~ Iraq Envoy to UN: Islamic State Might be Harvesting Organs.

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Life in Obamaland is blissful ignorance

Reality no longer seems to intrude on the Obama clan does it? While the Islamo-nazis slaughtered 21 Christians on a beach in Libya, the first family unit was out west vacationing. Separate vacations, mind you (Barack and Michelle actually seem to prefer it that way – even on Valentine’s Day – but that’s another whole story); Barack living it up on the links and the wife and daughters on the slopes in Aspen, but nevertheless, indulging themselves once again on the taxpayers’ dime.
Ignorance is bliss I guess… And yet ISIS couldn’t be more clear in their blood-thirsty intentions ~
Since Obama defiantly declared America is no longer a Christian nation, he apparently has no clue which “nation” ISIS is referring to.
But never fret. The progressive, valley kids in Obamaland have convened a special summit to address the unpleasantness and will soon have the ISIS cretins well in hand. Seems all the misguided barbarians really need are hugs and jobs…
Or NOT ~
Reality intrusion: ISIS torches 45 Iraqis as Obama’s ‘violent extremist’ summit begins.

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