On the Fence

If there was one universal message the president’s enthusiastic voters had for then-candidate Trump last year it was “Build the Wall!”
And, ever the showman and populist, he was certainly happy to pledge to do just that. It was a promise he boldly repeated at every rally ~

“We will build a great wall along the southern border,” he said to cries of “build the wall” from the boisterous crowd. “And Mexico will pay for the wall.”
He later said the wall would be “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful.”

But now? Not so much. And Ann Coulter, long one of Donald’s staunchest supporters, is not pleased – especially with the GOP surrendering to the Dems’ threat to “shut down the government” ~

The government’s No. 1 job is to protect the nation.
This has always been true, but it’s especially important at this moment in history, when we have drugs, gang members, diseases and terrorists pouring across our border. The failure of the government to close our border is the definition of a government shutdown.
This isn’t like other shutdowns. Democrats can’t wail about Republicans cutting Social Security or school lunches. They are willing to shut the government down because they don’t want borders […]

As commander in chief, Trump doesn’t need Congress to build a wall. The Constitution charges him with defending the nation. Contrary to what you may have heard from various warmongers on TV and in Trump’s Cabinet, that means defending ourborders — not Ukraine’s borders.
Building a wall is not only Trump’s constitutional duty, but it’s also massively popular […]
Republicans are both corrupt and stupid, so it’s hard to tell which one animates their opposition to the wall. But the Democrats are bluffing. They’re trying to get the GOP to fold before they show us their pair of threes.
Now that Trump has capitulated on even asking for funding for a wall, the Democrats are on their knees saying, “Thank you, God! Thank you, God!”
No politician wants to have to explain a vote against the wall. What the Democrats want is for Trump to be stuck explaining why he didn’t build the wall.
Then it will be a bloodbath. Not only Trump, but also the entire GOP, is dead if he doesn’t build a wall. Republicans will be wiped out in the midterms, Democrats will have a 300-seat House majority, and Trump will have to come up with an excuse for why he’s not running for re-election […]


No one voted for Trump because of the “Access Hollywood” tape. They voted for him because of his issues; most prominently, his promise to build “a big beautiful wall.” And who’s going to pay for it? MEXICO!
You can’t say that at every campaign rally for 18 months and then not build a wall.
Do not imagine that a Trump double-cross on the wall will not destroy the Republican Party. Oh, we’ll get them back. No, you won’t. Trump wasn’t a distraction: He was the last chance to save the GOP.
Millions of Americans who hadn’t voted in 30 years came out in 2016 to vote for Trump. If he betrays them, they’ll say, “You see? I told you. They’re all crooks.” […]
It would be an epic betrayal — worse than Bush betraying voters on “no new taxes.” Worse than LBJ escalating the Vietnam War. There would be nothing like it in the history of politics.

He’s the commander in chief! He said he’d build a wall. If he can’t do that, Trump is finished, the Republican Party is finished, and the country is finished.

You can read the entire rant HERE.

Coulter doesn’t pull any punches, and she’s pretty much right on target with this one. A majority of Americans – not just Trump supporters – are in favor of a border wall.

And almost unanimously, those on the front lines of border enforcement, believe that a wall – while not the only answer – would most certainly help. This video from CBN News highlights the ongoing problems with our porous southern border ~



Today at an NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta Trump was again renewing his commitment to build a wall ~

“We’ll build the wall,” he continued. “Don’t even think about it. Don’t even think about it. That’s an easy one. We’re going to build a wall. It’s the final element. We need the wall. And it’s a wall, in certain areas where you have massive physical structures, we don’t need, and certain big rivers and all, but we need a wall. And we’re going to get that wall.

So now, he’s back on the build-a-wall side of the fence, bigly. But tomorrow? Trump’s credibility is really beginning to fray.
His biggest supporters always touted the fact that their guy was an outsider. Seems he’s turning into a typical inside-the-beltway politician more and more every day. Promises to the rubes are only made to be broken.

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Death count rises in Venezuelan protests

Updated 4-28-17: (Because I forgot to include a couple links 😳 )
Our mainstream media apparently doesn’t care – probably because it would reflect negatively on their preferred form of government: socialism – but so far at least 31 people have been killed in the month-long protests against President Nicolas Maduro and his failed policies ~


The latest series of protests began after the Supreme Court took over powers from the opposition-controlled National Assembly on 29 March.
It reversed its decision three days later, but opposition protesters were already on the streets in large numbers, seizing the opportunity to strike against Mr Maduro’s government.
The opposition wants early elections and the release of politicians arrested since the president took office in 2013.

Source: BBC


Never mind that Venezuela is facing a healthcare crisis, that its people are starving, the tyrants aren’t backing down. In fact, in a country where the average citizen has been stripped of their right to bear arms, the government is actually passing out weapons to their supporters ~ Socialist Venezuelan Leader Steps Up Arming of Supporters After Outlawing, Confiscating Civilian Guns ~

The socialist leader of Venezuela announced in a speech to regime loyalists his plan to arm hundreds of thousands of supporters after a years-long campaign to confiscate civilian-owned guns.
“A gun for every militiaman!” Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said to uniformed militia members outside the presidential palace, Fox News reported on Tuesday. The Bolivarian militias, created by Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez, already number in the hundreds of thousands and are being used to supplement the regime’s armed forces. Maduro is boosting the number of armed supporters in hopes of keeping control over the country from what he labels “imperialist aggression.”


Deliberately distancing themselves from their nominally-democratic neighbors, and furthering their descent into a full-fledged dictatorship, Venezuela has now stated its intention to withdraw from the Organization of American States (OAS), accusing the US-based grouping of meddling in its internal affairs ~

The government made the announcement after the OAS voted to hold a meeting of foreign ministers to discuss the spiralling crisis in Venezuela.
The OAS, headquartered in Washington DC ~
• Was founded in 1948 as a body to promote regional solidarity and co-operation
• Has 34 participating member states in the Caribbean and North, Central and South America
• Current secretary general is Uruguayan former Foreign Minister Luis Almagro
Tensions in the organisation – and among Venezuela’s neighbours – have grown over what is seen by several member states as the government’s disregard for democracy amid mounting unrest.


Even more ominous, and an indication that Maduro is only becoming more committed to continuing his despotic rule ➡ New Venezuelan Vice-President Has Ties to Hezbollah and Transnational Crime ~

In a move to protect his totalitarian regime and subjugate the Venezuelan people, President Nicolas Maduro appointed Tareck El Aissami as his vice-president and successor.
This appointment, made on January 4th, is not coincidental. It comes at a time when the Venezuelan government is facing a huge crisis of legitimacy that can no longer be denied. Starvation, violence, and chaos now characterize Venezuela. Even the Vatican supported the call of the Venezuelan Church for civil disobedience and rebellion. The Vatican quoted the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas who gave validity to sedition in the case of a government that is evil and does not deserve to hold power.
As Maduro made the announcement, he pointed out that the reason why he brought El Aissami is because he is concerned about “citizens’ security”. Speaking directly to El Aissami, Maduro said “Get heavily involved, day and night, in the issue of citizens’ security and the need to purge local and regional police. Be ready terrorists, we are coming strong”.
This means that El Aissami is coming not to restore citizens’ security but to eliminate the last bastion of resistance to the powers that challenge the tyranny of the Maduro government. El Aissami has been the governor of Aragua state for the last several years; the most violent state in the country. Restoring security is not really his forte.

Last week, in a move that Stalin would have appreciated, Venezuela seized a General Motors plant in Valencia as property of the state ~

GM’s Venezuelan operation was already pretty much at the point of stagnation. Productivity was approaching zero because their currency had collapsed and they couldn’t order parts to keep the lines running. Also, the domestic market for cars wasn’t exactly booming because their potential customers have money which is basically worthless and they’re mostly too busy looking for scraps of food to worry about a new set of wheels.
If nothing else, this incident will provide an enlightening, educational moment for the rest of the world. It’s a given that this is bad news for General Motors, for the workers there… let’s just say it. This is bad news for everyone except Maduro and his cronies. But it also serves to further pull away the mask, allowing the rest of the world to see what’s actually going on. So gather around, kids, because we’re not only seeing how socialism ends (and it always ends this way) but also how the socialist machinery operates through the various phases of its life cycle.


Don’t hold your breath that the Trump administration will do the right thing here and bring diplomatic pressure to bear on Maduro. Not only do they have their hands full with North Korea, Trump’s inexperience in international affairs has already resulted in his mishandling of the Middle East mess in Syria and Turkey.
The poor, suffering people of Venezuela are on their own.

Isn’t socialism wonderful?

Meanwhile, in another part of the world… Living conditions in Venezuela are growing ever grimmer

Hungry Venezuelans killing flamingos and anteaters for food, biologists say Quick someone tell PETA! Maybe western media will finally pay attention to the crisis ~

There are other signs that food shortages have led to the slaughtering of animals not generally considered meat: giant anteaters, for one. The university investigators — biologists and biology students — say they have kept records to show that dozens of the slow-moving creatures, classified as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, also have been killed for food.
In the city’s dump, more evidence of hunger-driven desperation: dismembered dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and pigeons have been found since last year, all skinned or plucked, with signs of having been eaten, according to the city’s garbage teams.



Venezuelan Oppression – and we thought Hugo was bad

Just an aside, from Washington Free Beacon, as evidence that the gun banners don’t really care about reducing crime (Sort of like gun-controlled Chicago) ~

The Venezuelan government justified the gun bans and confiscations by saying they were needed to combat the country’s violent crime and murder epidemic. However, statistics reported by the nonprofit Venezuelan Violence Observatory show the murder rate in Venezuela increased from 73 murders per 100,000 inhabitants the year the gun ban was instituted to 91.8 murders per 100,000 inhabitants in 2016. Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation show the United States murder rate in the most recent year available, 2015, was 5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

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April is “gAy-PRIL,” and anything goes

Once the gender-bender crowd started down the biology-free road – where one’s chromosomes no longer have to correspond to reality – they were well on the way to bizarro land. ~

Video from Dr. Michael Brown

As the identities, behaviors and fetishes grow ever more grotesque, it’s obvious what the agenda has really been all along; normalizing perversion.


Updated: 4-27-17 ~
Here’s another Michael who refuses to be “gaslit” by gender relativity ~
Mike Adams: My Philosophy of Mental Illness ~

Until recently, it was understood that a man who thought he was a woman (or a woman who thought he was a man) suffered from Gender Identity Disorder, or GID. As Matt Walsh explains in his brilliant new book, The Unholy Trinity, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) was only recently pressured into removing GID from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). This was done solely for political reasons […]
Treatment. Back when we used to treat “transgendered folk” as suffering from GID we intuitively recognized that we were dealing with a mental illness. If someone thought he was a she we treated him. We would no more want him to have his genitals surgically removed under the guise that he was a woman than we would want them sewn onto his forehead under the guise that he was a unicorn. If you think that sounds harsh, you are wrong. Treating people who are sick with the goal of keeping them from hurting themselves is not cruelty. It is called compassion […]
Acceptance. When you actually accept the idea that the he is a she then you have crossed a pretty serious line. Quite often, those who say they accept the transgender delusion are lying. They just want to come across as hip or cutting edge. But if they actually accept the delusion then they are also suffering from a delusion. Put simply, if you look at the he who says he is a she and actually come to believe he is a she you have lost your sanity. It is no different than hearing a man declare that he is a poached egg and then coming to believe that he really is a poached egg. In other words, true acceptance and internalization of craziness is properly dubbed as craziness […]
Making identity relative is not the final goal of these so-called progressives. But with it all things are now possible. It takes a complete divorce from biological law in order to affect a complete divorce from the moral law. This, in turn, will allow these so-called progressives to eventually become gods. That is their final goal. It’s been that way since the fall of man.

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Yesterday, in Israel

In Israel, Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day took place from sundown Sunday to sundown yesterday. At 10:00 am yesterday, the entire country paused in commemoration, to never forget…

Israelis across the country paused for two minutes Monday morning in memory of the six million Jews who were murdered in Europe under Nazi rule as a siren pierced the clear blue sky in an annual marking of Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Citing recently released UN documents that show the Allies were aware of the scale of the Holocaust in 1942, some two years earlier than previously assumed, Netanyahu said this new research assumed “a terrible significance.”
“If the powers in 1942 had acted against the death camps — and all that was needed was repeated bombing of the camps — had they acted then, they could have saved 4 million Jews and millions of other people.”
“The powers knew, and they did not act,” he told the audience at the national ceremony at Yad Vashem.
In a bleak address, the Israeli prime minister said that the Holocaust was enabled by three factors: the vast hatred of the Jews, global indifference to the horrors, and “the terrible weakness of our people in the Diaspora.


As we survey the rising tensions, growing anti-Semitism, civil unrest and culture clashes around the world, we can’t help but wonder… is the darkness descending again?

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Alarming predictions of global proportions

So Saturday’s “March for Science” was kind of a dud. Organizers had high hopes for the rallies, timed to coincide with Earth Day 2017 but, as William M. Briggs at the Stream relates ~


(They) lit the fuse of what they thought was going to be an enormous stick of dynamite. Wait until you hear the boom, honey! But what they got was tiny pop from a damp ladyfinger […]
In one of the satellite marches in Los Angeles, a good handful of people showed up, one carrying the sign, “Make wind, not warming.” Flatulence jokes in a science march? Where’s the respect?


Could the lack of enthusiasm mean that people realize that the hysteria over “climate change” really isn’t science? That the alarmism movement is factually-challenged? That today’s science settlers were yesterday’s prophets of environmental doom – Nostradamus wannabes, whose predictions completely failed to materialize?
At the very first Earth Day in 1970, we were assured the end of life as knew it was imminent. Lest anyone is tempted to fall for their hooey this time around, it’s worthwhile to recall the ridiculous claims of 47 years ago. Last year when Earth Day rolled around FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) reminded us just how far off the mark last century’s eco-fear mongers really were ~ 18 Spectacularly Wrong Prophecies from the First Earth Day.
There was Harvard biologist George Wald ~

“(C)ivilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”

Sen. Gaylord Nelson, paraphrasing the secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, Dr. S. Dillon Ripley ~

(I)n 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.”

The perpetually-progressive New York Times ~

“Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.”


And Peter Gunter, a North Texas State University professor ~

“Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions….By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.”

But by far the worst of the climate apocalypse prophets was Paul Ehrlich, author of the panic-inducing – and now roundly discredited – book, “The Population Bomb.” Written in 1968, he grimly proclaimed that human population would soon outstrip the ability of the Earth to support it. We were doomed! ~

The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate…

Nearly 50 years later, we’re still here – and the global population has more than doubled (from 3.5 to more than 7 billion). But with the Left it’s always SSDD. The narrative may vary, but the objective remains the same; keep the sheeple in the dark and preferably panicked, because they’re so much easier to corral and manipulate that way.


Don’t play along folks, just ignore the science settlers. Here’s the truth for non-sheeple – from some real rocket scientists ~ The Right Climate Stuff

The March That Trampled Science ~

The march was never about science. It’s about political activism masquerading as science […]
If science were an academic popularity contest, then one side of this issue is currently winning. But science clearly isn’t that. At its heart science is radically undemocratic. It’s the pursuit of correct answers regardless of popularity.

What the NYT Didn’t Learn from Paul Ehrlich’s Failure ~

Stewart Brand, a former disciple of Ehrlich’s, asks: “How many years do you have to not have the world end to decide that it didn’t end because that reason was wrong?”

Phony climate-warming threats mask the real crisis: demographic winter
Love this headline – and pic – from the People’s Cube ~ The Popular Front at the Barricades for Science 😀 ~

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Have we extinguished all the lights from the “City on the Hill?”

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set
on a hill cannot be hidden.”
~ Matt. 5:14

The Puritans were inspired by this directive, one which Jesus gave to his followers in His Sermon on the Mount. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was to be – as articulated by future governor John Winthrop – an example for the rest of the world in rightful living; “A Modell of Christian Charity.”

“We shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.”

“City on a Hill” from Casting Crowns is a sad reminder of a much brighter America. A country that was by no means perfect (none ever are this side of heaven), but one that was undeniably a much more virtuous, moral, exemplary place when we were still inspired by the words of Jesus Christ ~



For far too long we’ve let the destructive forces of the Left divide and conquer our society through their divisive identity politics and relentless class warfare. By demanding that Americans focus almost exclusively on our differences, have the malcontents compelled us to extinguish that beacon of light completely? Or are there still some smouldering embers remaining that can be fanned back into the flames of revival? Can we return to our Christian roots, recognize that we are all created in God’s image, and realize that what we have in common is far more important than our differences?
With His help, yes.

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Saturday Shorts – 4-22-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam ~ Clashing worldviews; ultimately only one can be true. Islamists think they can kill Christianity by killing Christians ~

While almost anything can provoke Muslims around the world to attack churches, there is a reason that the animus can reach a fever pitch during Easter: more than any other Christian holiday, Resurrection Sunday commemorates and celebrates three central Christian doctrines that Islam manifestly rejects: that Christ was crucified and died; that he was resurrected; and that by especial virtue of the latter, he is the Son of God.

Ironically, Muslims who believe they’ll go directly to paradise – and 72 virgins – if they die in the act of killing infidels, are making martyrs of Christians, thus sending them directly to heaven.

Preventing ‘Back Alley’ Suicides in San Francisco ~ Jeannie DeAngelis at the American Thinker exposes a glaring inconsistency in leftie’ values with a bit of satire

(B)y erecting suicide barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco liberals, who, for the unborn denounce the right to life, and, for the sick and dying support the right to die, want to inflict life on those who prefer death.

And then there’s this ~
Assisted Suicide Activist Pushing to Euthanize Mentally Ill Patients ~ The very slippery slope of human termination ~

Euthanasia/assisted suicide is NOT about terminal illness. The issue is about normalizing killing as a response to human suffering.
Sure, the initial sales pitch would restrict doctor-administered or prescribed death to the dying. But that’s just to get people comfortable with the concept. Once a society accepts the principle, logic quickly takes it to a broad euthanasia license […]
This ever-broadening death license is only logical. If killing is indeed an acceptable answer to suffering, how can it be strictly limited to people diagnosed with a terminal illness? After all, many people suffer far more severely and for a far longer time than the imminently dying.

Bathed in blood: Possessed Haitian voodoo worshippers sacrifice goats and dance in sacred water over Easter weekend ~ This UK Daily Mail article is sprinkled throughout with the word “Easter” – almost as if the author is deliberately trying to conflate this sort of frenzied, fanatical ritual with Christian celebrations of the resurrection. These pagan ceremonies may have borrowed certain elements from Christianity, but they have nothing at all to do with the joy found in our risen Lord and Savior.

Union of Concerned Scientists Hates Truth About Global Warming ~ Flawed models = flawed results ~

The key purpose of any scientific theory is to make skillful predictions of reality. Any theory that cannot do so, is a false or flawed theory. And we should not rely on false or flawed theories to make decisions about the world, especially ones that greatly influence all people.


Awash In Millions In Government Subsidies, Solar Company Still Shuttered Michigan Plant ~ Solar tech manufacturer Suniva opened in 2014, scooped up millions in government grants and tax credits, and went bust last month. We-the-taxpayers lose again. “Happy Earth Day” :roll: ~

Three months before closing, federal government boasted ‘Future So Bright, You Got To Wear Shades’ […]
According to state and federal documents, Suniva received three federal grants worth $8.8 million from 2014 to 2016. It also received a $5.7 million tax credit in 2010 to develop and produce solar cells and accompanying technologies.

At least 100 people dead as a suicide car bomb hits convoy of buses evacuating residents from the clutches of ISIS to safe havens in Syria ~ More proof of which side is truly evil in the Syrian conflict. Not only have the anti-government rebels essentially held these people hostage as pawns for months – they’re killing them even as relief efforts are underway. But since the MSM can’t spin the tragedy to paint Assad as the perp, why bother reporting on another 100 dead souls? The “gas attack” was all over the news. This one? Not so much ~

The lethal blast happened at a transit point for Syrians leaving the clutches of ISIS for the safe havens on the outskirts of the city.

New York Times Publishes Op-Ed by Convicted Terrorist, Describes Him as a ‘Palestinian Leader’ ~ Not a total shock considering the NYT whitewashed the holocaust(!)- even while it was taking place ~

The New York Times published an op-ed Monday written by a convicted terrorist, without informing readers that he is serving five life sentences in prison for helping murder five people and launch a failed suicide bombing.

UN Puts Saudi Arabia on Commission Responsible for ‘Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women’ ~ Yeah. That Saudi Arabia. The country that rates 134 out of 145 when it comes to gender equality. How can you be “empowered” when you aren’t even allowed to drive?

The Leader Of The Resurrected Beast With Two Horns Will Soon Be Sitting In The White House ~ 😈 Theodore Shoebat certainly has a gift for hyperbole doesn’t he? Still, it is damn unsettling to see U.S. legitimize this Islamic totalitarian by inviting him to the White House ~

Erdoğan’s victory to cement his autocratic rule over Turkey had received calls of approval from only Qatar, Djibouti, Guinea, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and the U.S. President Donald Trump. And now to cement his support for Erdogan, Trump just announced that he will host president Erdoğan on May 16-17 at the White House, in the first meeting between the two leaders.


When Bill O’Reilly Fought for Kate Steinle ~ Bill O was never my favorite talking head on the Fox News channel but, given that he’s largely responsible for the station’s impressive success, he certainly didn’t deserve to be ushered into obscurity in such a shoddy fashion ~

He is the latest conservative target of a liberal left that also targeted the likes of Herman Cain and even Donald Trump himself while excusing arguably the greatest sexual predator to hold a position of power, one William Jefferson Clinton […]
(S)exual abuse of power is always our business, whether it is in the Oval Office or the corridors of a news conglomerate. At this point, the credibility of the charges against Bill O’Reilly are not known, but the left’s hypocrisy on this subject is.

Iraqi Christians return to ransacked town with fear and hope ~ Some encouraging news from the war torn middle east ~

With Islamic State expelled, Iraqi Christians are trickling back to the ransacked town of Qaraqosh, beset by anxiety for their security and yet hopeful they can live in friendship with Muslims of all persuasions.
The town, about 20 km (12 miles) from the battlefront with Islamic State in the northern city of Mosul, shows why Christians have mixed feelings about the future of their ancient community.



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The P.C.- enabled evil of #FGM

“FGM.” It’s much less horror-inducing to use the acronym when discussing the barbaric Islamic rite than to actually use the technical name for the practice itself: female genital mutilation.
The very thought of FGM is so far outside the experience of most contemporary Americans it’s practically inconceivable. But this disgusting procedure is suddenly in the news after the arrests here in Michigan’s Detroit metro area of Jumana Nagarwala, M.D., and now another doctor and his wife ~ 2nd doctor, wife arrested in genital mutilation case.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, herself a victim of FGM, is an outspoken critic of this dehumanizing practice and an advocate for other victims. She spoke with Tucker Carlson (Fox News) a couple days ago, explaining that hundreds of thousands of young girls in the the U.S. either have been, or are in danger of mutilation, because we’re all so shackled by political correctness. Who are we to judge other cultural practices right? No matter how vile!


Detroit-Area Doctor Arrested for Female Genital Mutilation on Minors (The girls were between 6 and 8 years old) ~

FGM removes some or all of external female genitalia. There is no medical benefit to the procedure, which causes severe pain and serious health problems. It usually occurs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The World Health Organization calls FGM “a violation of the human rights of girls and women.” The organization notes that over 200 million women and girls currently living have undergone the procedure.

Hirsi Ali: Islamic Terrorists ‘Don’t Go to Liberals and Say Thank You’ for Being PC ~ After terror attack in London last month that left 5 dead and 40 others injured ~

Islamists only seek a Sharia-compliant world, Ali said, in the wake of Wednesday’s attack in London, a city with progressive leadership, “and whoever is in their way is their enemy.”
She said anyone who does not understand that should not be legislating policy.

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Turkey’s Islamist regression – Trump approves?

After last Sunday’s referendum it’s pretty clear that Turkey is intent on extracting itself from the 21st century – and has charted a direct course straight back toward the 7th ~ Turks Vote to Give Away Their Democracy ~

In a bitter irony, nearly 55 million Turks went to the ballot box on April 16 to exercise their basic democratic right to vote. But they voted in favor of giving away their democracy. The system for which they voted looks more like a Middle Eastern sultanate than democracy in the West.
According to unofficial results of the referendum, 51.4% of the Turks voted in favor of constitutional amendments that will give their authoritarian Islamist president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, excessive powers to augment his one-man rule in comfort.


The UK Daily Mail was a bit more forceful in their description ~

His victory is not just a catastrophe for the West, and for Turkish democracy, but also for the thousands of journalists, opposition politicians, academics and ordinary citizens critical of his regime who are increasingly vulnerable to interrogation and imprisonment.

Two decades ago Turkey – although predominately Muslim – was still primarily a secular nation. In fact the Turkish constitution specifically gave the military the duty to maintain a secular government. But along comes Erdoğan who has always been associated with fundamentalist parties, that is to say anti-secular (- and by extension, anti-constitution and anti-military). In 1998 the party he was affiliated with was actually declared unconstitutional under long-standing rules designed to preserve Turkey’s reputation for religious tolerance.

The Daily Mail relates his subsequent rise to power ~

Around the same time (late 90’s), Erdogan was handed a ten-month prison sentence for reading an Islamist poem at a party meeting.
The high-profile affair turned him from an obscure local politician into a hero of working-class Muslims, who, after his release, handed a landslide victory to his Justice and Development Party in the 2002 elections.
Cementing power with a mixture of hard-line policies that appeased his core voters — for example, overturning a ban on female civil servants wearing headscarves — and aggressive attacks on his opponents, who mostly hail from the urban, educated middle classes, Erdogan would go on to serve as prime minister until 2014, when he promptly became president.


Like megalomaniacs everywhere, of course Erdoğan must have an elaborate palace suitable for a demigod ~


In the wake of last summer’s failed coup attempt, Bruce Cornibe at Counter Jihad explained ~

Erdogan paints himself as an ally to the West, but he’s unquestionably an Islamist using the democratic process to transform a once secular-democratic country of the Ataturk tradition to an authoritarian Islamic state that punishes dissenting opinions. Journalists, politicians, academics, military figures, and religious leaders alike have suffered under his rule.


Apparently the country favors oppression, because much more is sure to come.

The changes (resulting from Sunday’s referendum) make Erdogan head of government, head of state and head of the ruling party — all at the same time. He now has the power to appoint cabinet ministers without requiring a confidence vote from parliament, propose budgets and appoint more than half the members of the nation’s highest judicial body. In addition, he has the power to dissolve parliament, impose states of emergency and issue decrees. Alarmingly, the proposed system lacks the safety mechanisms of checks and balances that exist in other countries such as the United States. It would transfer powers traditionally held by parliament to the presidency, thereby rendering the parliament merely a ceremonial, advisory body.

Source: UK Daily Mail


But what’s much worse for the West than having a major player in the historical Levant revert to Islamic fundamentalism, is our increasingly cordial relationship with a Muslim despot. Why is the Trump administration following Obama’s misguided policy of cozying up to tyrants (Iran, Cuba, Venezuela) – at least with regard to the Turkish tyrant?
Not only did Donald Trump seem to approve of Erdoğan’s ruthless crackdown last summer – “Trump says U.S. shouldn’t criticize Turkey’s Erdogan over post-coup purge”, he actually congratulated his Turkish counterpart on Monday for the latter’s marginal victory in a referendum that will allow him to consolidate and extend his domestic powers.(!)

Why are we supposed to be enthusiastic about another fundamentalist Muslim regime? Erdoğan helped incubate ISIS and – due to the ongoing Sunni-Shia feud – is fanatically opposed to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad ~

The Sunni supremacist Erdoğan would therefore even shake hands with Satan for the downfall of the Nusayri al-Assad. And he did. Turkey quickly became the mentor of all Syrian opposition groups which, ideally, would first defeat al-Assad, then form an Islamist government and volunteer to become a de facto colony of the emerging Turkish Empire.

Worst – like all Islamists – Christians are on his enemies list as well; he seized six churches as state property last spring. And, in a widely under-reported outrage, Turkey has been holding an American pastor on bogus charges for more than six months! ~

PastorBrunsonLanguishing in a prison cell built for eight, which at times holds as many as 22 prisoners, of which Pastor Andrew Brunson is always the only Christian, he wonders if he has been forgotten. And just what crime has Pastor Andrew committed? He literally has no idea.
Under the current State of Emergency in Turkey, his file has been sealed and all visits from his attorney are recorded and all notes are copied. The only official written charge we have seen states, “membership in an armed terrorist organization,” a completely false charge against a peaceful pastor who has lived in Turkey for over 23 years without incident, raising his family there and humbly serving the people of Turkey.

Brunson and his wife Norine have lived in Turkey for more than two decades. They were originally detained last year on October 7th. Norine was released on October 19th but Andrew has been incarcerated at Izmir’s Sakran 3 Nolu T Tipi Prison since December.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson apparently brought up Brunson’s plight in a March meeting with Erdoğan. And the next day he met with Norine Brunson. Shortly after that visit she received a personal letter from Vice President Pence assuring that “Andrew’s case remains a top priority of the U.S. government….”

In the letter, Vice President Pence wrote, “I can assure you both that the State Department and this White House, under President Trump’s leadership, consider Andrew’s release and reunification with you and your three children extremely important.”

Sounds nice. But while Pence voted for the Armenian Genocide Resolution in 2005 (to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915), he voted against it in 2007 and 2010, ostensibly out of concern for its possible fallout on US-Turkey relations.

And now, we have POTUS congratulating the despotic Erdoğan on his referendum victory?! Sounds like as awfully schizophrenic White House doesn’t it?!


Despite the administration’s hapless efforts, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is working diligently for Brunson’s release. You can help support their efforts by signing this petition: Free Pastor Andrew.


O’Ministration sides with another tyrant


The World’s War on Christendom – Latest Dispatch from the Front ~ Turkey, as Erdogan clamps down in the wake of last week’s failed coup attempt, Islamists Attack Churches in Coup Frenzy

Failed coup; the end of secular Turkey?


The World’s War on Christendom – Latest Dispatch from the Front

101 years ago this week, the Ottoman Turks (last century’s Asia Minor Muslims) rounded up, deported to desert areas and murdered as many as 1,500,000 Armenian Christians. Known – by those of us who prefer historical accuracy – as the Armenian Genocide, this was a tragedy that leftists and present-day Muslims like to pretend never really happened. That way, when fascism starts to rear its ugly head again in the same corner of the world, by the descendants of the last tyrants, maybe no one will notice the similarities…
Like, for instance – Turkey’s President Erdogan seizing control of six Christian churches – under the duplicitous pretext of maintaining stability in the civil war-torn southeastern part of the country.

On Turkey, Trump Catches Spring Fever ~

Amid reports of significant ballot-box stuffing, roughing up dissenters, and other electoral fraud, Turkey’s sharia-supremacist strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hammered the final nail in the coffin of his country’s democracy. Last weekend, he narrowly prevailed in a referendum that formally concentrates in the presidency the autocratic powers he had previously usurped.
Afterwards, Donald Trump called to congratulate him.
You read that right. The president of the United States called to congratulate a terror-supporting Islamist ruler on completing his country’s turn away from Western liberalism. :(

Why a ‘Yes’ Vote for Turkish Referendum Means Harsher Reality for Women ~

With the passage of the referendum, regressive legislation vis-a-vis women’s rights will have an easier time being passed. It is likely also that the trend of violence and abuse of women will continue to rise.
Human rights attorney Ipek Bozkurt, an avocate for women’s rights, described how she felt as a woman in anticipation of the passage of the referendum.
“I am frightened and I feel suffocated, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think about what will happen if there is a ‘yes’ vote, the whole system will change and it’s terrifying.”

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22nd anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing

April 19th, 1995: The date America sustained its first domestic attack at the hands of Muslim terrorists ~

From my 9-21-16 post ~

In what’s still referred to as the largest act of homegrown domestic terrorism in U.S. history, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up April 19, 1995, killing 168 Americans and wounding 680 others. But the “homegrown” and “domestic” labels are intentionally misleading. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were the fall guys for the horrific crime, but their collaborators got off scot-free.
Jayna Davis, a journalist who was working at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City at the time of the attack, carefully covered the story from day one. She documented her findings in “The Third Terrorist,” published in 2004.
During the course of her extensive investigation, Davis discovered that a larger, more sinister story than the bombing itself was developing; strangely enough, the federal government seemed to have very little interest in learning who was actually behind it.
She found that no one in DOJ and other federal investigative agencies wanted to hear anything about suspicious Middle Eastern men who were spotted with McVeigh several times in the days leading up to the bombing. No one wanted to investigate numerous leads that clearly pointed to a much larger terrorist organization – with resources that neither of the two men convicted of the bombing would have had access to on their own. No one wanted to know about a strategy that Islamists sometimes employed to recruit “Lily Whites” for the cause. (The term refers to operatives with no criminal record and no known ties to Middle East terror networks. It just so happened that McVeigh and Nichols were perfect “Lily Whites.”)

Read the rest HERE…

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Lansing rethinks role as illegal sanctuary

sanctuarycitiesIn a brief moment of sanity last week, Michigan’s capitol city reluctantly realized that it was in their best interest to comport with reality. Just nine days after the city council voted to make Lansing a sanctuary for illegal aliens they reversed themselves.
As Hot Air reported, there were a couple different factors influencing the 180. Immediately after the original April 3rd vote ~

… three GOP members of Congress from Michigan denounced the move in no uncertain terms. Rep. Mike Bishop, whose district includes Lansing, called it “completely reckless,” adding that it “sends a dangerous message that local governments or individuals can simply pick and choose which laws they wish to follow.”


Then of course, money always talks ~

(W)hat did get their attention was the more than six million dollars in federal money which the city receives each year. On top of that, Bishop reminded them that there is currently a bill being considered in the state legislature which would shut off state level funds to sanctuary cities as well. That’s a pretty big hole to blow in the budget of a city which is already having trouble paying its bills.


(T)he City Council members might have noticed the unexpectedly large number of people who showed up at the next meeting wearing their Make America Great Again hats and looking rather displeased. Thinking back to November, the area around Lansing actually overperformed for Trump, not to mention the Republicans running for Congress.

Good to see there are still enough of my fellow Michiganders who prefer government to do its primary job; protect citizens from criminals, and enforce the laws on the books. So do most U.S. voters ~ Poll (February): Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities ~

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to federal authorities.
The poll shows that President Trump has broad public support in his effort to crack down on sanctuary cities.
A survey from Harvard–Harris Poll provided exclusively to The Hill found that 80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with.

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Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

Being several decades older than the average millennial, I’m certainly familiar with the tale of Paul Revere’s midnight ride on April 18th, 1775, warning of the British invasion. But I’d never heard the story behind Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem about the heroic event. It was meant to inspire, and it still does ~

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