Cruz trounces Sierra Club Science Settler

In case you missed it, here’s Ted Cruz on Tuesday during the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on the topic of federal regulations and their impact on minority communities. He was questioning Sierra Club president Aaron Mair about “settled science” vs. hard evidence ~


Smack-down! ~

Your response is quite striking. I asked about the science and the evidence; the actual data. We have satellites, they’re measuring temperature. That should be relevant. And your answer was “pay no attention to your lying eyes and the numbers that the satellites show, instead listen to the scientists who are receiving massive grants who tell us ‘do not debate the science.’” […]
I find it striking that for a public policy organization that purports to focus exclusively on environmental issues, that you’re not willing to tell this committee that you would issue a retraction if your testimony is objectively false under scientific data. That undermines the credibility of any organization, if you will persist in a political position regardless of the science shows, regardless of the facts, regardless of the evidence, and regardless of the data. That is not consistent, I would suggest, with sound public policy.



When it comes to global warming the fact is, the facts don’t matter. The real “inconvenient truth” is that “climate change” is merely a tool to advance the progressive agenda, and redistribute wealth on a global scale ~

Free yourself from the illusion. ~ Veritas vos Liberabit

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About that water on Mars…

From the mainstream media exuberance last week you’d have thought NASA actually discovered ETs on the “Red Planet” ~
wateronMars2Liquid water exists on Mars, boosting hopes for life there
Mars Shows Signs of Having Flowing Water, Possible Niches for Life
Salty Water Flows on Mars Today, Boosting Odds for Life
Water flows on Mars, raising possibility that planet could support life


Dr Matthew Balme of the Open University was beside himself with unbridled speculation ~

“If we find life on Mars and it can be shown to be of a different origin to that on Earth, then that essentially means that the Universe is teeming with life. It seems almost impossible that life could spring up by chance on two adjacent planets if life was rare.”

Source: BBC

Curb your enthusiasm Matt. As Creation-Evolution Headlines aptly states: Mars Life Would Spit Out the Water.
In response to Dr. Balme’s conjecture ~

(C)an two examples in the same solar system around one star mean the universe is teeming with life? Looks like a bad case of extrapolation. As for life springing up by chance, maybe he needs to think a little about the numbers (see online book).

National Geographic showed admirable restraint ~

Finding evidence for flowing water is not the same as finding life. Right now, scientists don’t know where this water is coming from, or if the chemistry in these Martian seeps is even life-friendly. And unfortunately, chances are it will be a long time before we can get there to find out.

Ultimately, all the hype is Much Ado About Very Little. What NASA actually found was spectral evidence for hydrated salts in recurring slope lineae (RSL). And what exactly are RSL?

They are narrow, dark streaks on some slopes that appear in the Martian spring, intensify in summer, and then fade in autumn. Being very thin, RSL show up only in the highest resolution images of the Martian surface, such as those supplied by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (RSO).


While scientists have known about the existence of RSL for several years, the latest data provides indirect evidence for liquid water. Even so, it wouldn’t be the thirst-quenching version of H2O we earthlings are used to ~

The air pressure and temperature are so low on Mars that any liquid water rapidly boils or freezes. However, the presence of certain salts can simultaneously lower the temperature at which water freezes and raise the temperature at which water boils. With an increase in the temperature range at which liquid water can exist even in the very low pressure of the Martian atmosphere, it may be possible for minute amounts of liquid water to exist on the surface of Mars. Hydrated salts incorporate liquid water into their chemical structure.

Evidence of Martian water Dr. Danny Faulkner at Answers in Genesis argues, would seem to point to not only creation – as opposed to evolution – but to a much younger earth than most geologists posit today ~

In many respects, this is not a new story. We have known for decades that water once was abundant on the Martian surface. At one time, there was a northern hemisphere ocean as much as a mile deep. Planetary scientists now agree that there was a global or near-global flood on Mars, where liquid water, if it exists at all, is extremely rare today. Yet these same scientists would scoff at the idea that there once was a global Flood on Earth, a planet awash in water.
Given that liquid water once was abundant on Mars, it should be no surprise that at least a few vestiges of that largess may still exist in cloistered corners of Mars. At least such a thing is possible in a worldview where Mars is only thousands of years old, not billions of years. Planetary scientists generally think that Mars has been dry for two billion years or more. The question is, could significant liquid water have survived since this time?


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Eclipsing the Rule of Law

bloodmooneclipse9-15The image of our moon being temporarily “disappeared” during last week’s lunar eclipse brought to mind a similar eclipse. While the moon was being obscured I was reminded of the way our rule of law – essentially the very foundation of modern western civilization – is currently being blotted out in much the same way. I suppose, like the lunar eclipse, the eclipse of the rule of law may also be temporary. But only if our definition of “temporary” includes several centuries of human strife, suffering and despair.
The thing is, when that foundational principle disappears, freedom disappears; government actions become arbitrary and expedient. When the rule of law is erased, people get erased. Frequently by the millions.

If you’ve been keeping track, you know that the Obama administration has been flouting the rule of law since the first day Barack took office. Just to give a few examples:
• Blatantly ignoring laws at whim (refusing to enforce various drug laws, welfare reform law, DOMA(Defense of Marriage Act) and immigration law
• Appointment of federal “czars” to thwart official confirmation process
• Illegal encroachment in private sector businesses (GM auto dealerships, Boeing factory shutdown, Delphi pension debacle)
• Illegal aliens – not only do we not deport them for being here illegally, when they break additional laws, our chief law enforcement officer releases them from jail
• Judicial activism – unconstitutional decisions on ObamaCare and same-sex “marriage”
• Using the IRS as a political weapon to silence opposition
• Executive orders (EPA, Immigration) that bypass the constitution process
Recess appointments (NLRC)- when Congress wasn’t technically in recess


Over the last few years Senator Ted Cruz has been compiling a handy list of the administrations’ extralegal attempts to expand federal power. As Cruz states in the introduction to the document ~

Rule of law doesn’t simply mean that society has laws; dictatorships are often characterized by an abundance of laws. Rather, rule of law means that we are a nation ruled by laws, not men. No one – and especially not the president – is above the law. For that reason, the U.S. Constitution imposes on every president the express duty to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.

At least that’s the way the founders intended things to work ~
I guess Obama didn’t get the memo.
Just to be clear though, while it’s the Democrats – and President Obama in particular – who are the ones obviously and deliberately circumventing our laws, Republicans are complicit. The GOP shares the blame because they’ve failed to rein in the executive branch as the Constitution not only empowers them to do, but requires them to do.
So it’s basically our entire ruling class that’s subverting the Republic.
This frontal assault on the rule of law is no trifling matter. Western civilization as we have known it for the last few centuries cannot sustain itself without a legal system that is blind and just.
Most of us haven’t bothered to (or simply don’t want to) consider the implications of an eclipse of the rule of law. I’ll leave it to Ann Barnhardt, in her usual unabashed manner, to enlighten us ~
[Note – Barnhardt’s post is in response to recent revelations that seem to indicate, shall we say, serious irregularities in the Catholic Church’s selection of the last pope. The church must subject itself to its own internal rule of law if indeed it wishes to maintain integrity – and legitimacy.]

If there is extensive law written that covers election fraud, but it is impossible to enforce, or if a sufficient number of people agree that So-and-So is the President or Pope despite the law, how does that not utterly, completely destroy the entire notion of the Rule of Law itself? As I have said for years with regards to Obama, if you can’t enforce Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of the Constitution (qualifications for president), what can you enforce? Can you enforce the border? Can you enforce citizenship? Equal protection? Search and seizure? Right to bear arms? Can you enforce the law against treason? Theft? Murder? Trafficking in body parts? Religious persecution? […]


Can the lawlessness get much worse?

I really want to drill this point home. If having the Church and the See of Peter usurped by the Enemies of Christ is NOT sufficient to warrant corrective action and enforcement of Canon Law with regards to not only papal election integrity, but also with regards to heresy, then logically, there is absolutely no circumstance that would warrant any sort of resistance to the schemes of Satan and his minions on earth with regards to the Papacy. None.
The same with the U.S. If having your government usurped and overthrown by an Indonesian National with a Kenyan musloid Marxist biological father and an Indonesian musloid Marxist adoptive father who, along with his Communist handlers, has openly declared his intention to destroy the country from the inside-out for decades, if the eligibility laws do not apply to this situation, then what possible, possible situation could they apply to?

The answer is: none. As I have said from the beginning of this long, strange trip, once you nullify the Rule of Law itself, you’re done. We see this in the U.S. wherein oligarchs and their favored associates commit capital crimes, crimes warranting execution, on a daily basis, and NOTHING is done to stop them, much less punish them.


Now what will eventually happen when America stops running on the inertia created long ago by our now-discarded Judeo-Christian values? When everyone realizes that laws no longer matter? Anarchy? Perhaps, for a while (Cloward-Piven collapse). More likely; totalitarianism. People will be begging for order and stability. And our soul-crushing, leviathan government will be more than happy to oblige, at the mere cost of all our freedom and liberty.
Again, Barnhardt’s primary focus is the Catholic Church, both the parallels with Washington D.C. are clear ~

We are now seeing this in the Church. The September 8th Motu Proprio has, by utterly abrogating the Rule of Law with regards to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony by inverting the presumption to be that every marriage is, in fact, invalid and thus null, law which is the Word of Jesus Christ Himself, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder“, opened the door to an interstitial anarchy, which will then be seized by the Marxist-Sodomites to impose, by pure thuggery, the ratification of adultery and sodomy.
Because remember, as we have discussed previously, anarchy is ALWAYS temporary. The biggest psycho thug mafia uses the engineered anarchy to become the new totalitarian regime. This is why the Peronist-Fascist Bergoglio immediately made his battle cry, “Hagan lio!” Make a mess! Raise hell! They NEED that period of anarchy in order to take total power.



The vacuum created when the rule of law has been completely eclipsed must be filled with some form of despotism – fascism, totalitarianism, call it what you will; a system under which where no personal freedom is possible.


Fear not. God still wins in the end. But it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
Judicial Watch – Corruption Chronicles ~ For more examples of government’s lawlessness

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Anti-2nd Amendment president not welcome in Roseburg

Love that this guy is calling out Barack Obama for politicizing the deaths at Umpqua Community College with his anti-American, anti-gun crusade ~


[Note: There’s 1 ½ minutes of dead air at the end of this. Not sure why?]

David Jaques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon was on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night. Via Mediaite ~

When President Obama spoke about the shooting, he bemoaned the frequency of shootings and made the case that because allowing this to continue is a “political choice,” the issue should be politicized. Well, the president is reportedly traveling to Roseburg, but Jaques made it clear to O’Reilly plenty of residents would not be on board with that […]
“He wants to come to our community,” Jaques said, “and stand on the corpses of our loved ones and make some kind of political point.”

About those evil guns ~ Kevin McCullough counters Obama’s deceitful agenda with some plain facts, starting with: ALL of the multiple-victim shootings in recent years have occurred in “GUN-FREE” zones ~

The bigger problem in my heart and mind is the President’s blatant moral failure on the issue. When as much data exists, to willfully mislead the American people to believe the very opposite of what it demonstrates is itself gravely immoral – and some would make the case, even murderous.

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Refugee Resettlement in Michigan? No thanks Rick!

Yippee. Sounds like Michigan’s RINO governor is all set to roll out the welcome mat for Obama’s Syrian “refugees” ~

(Governor Snyder) says Michigan can expect to see more Syrian refugees in the coming months as his administration continues talks with federal officials about the role the state can play in taking more refugees from war-torn Syria and the Middle East.


musliminvasionMIWhat a guy eh? Funny, I don’t recall him asking my opinion on the issue… Or any of my fellow Michiganders for that matter.
But do we really think Mr. Magnanimous cares that most of his state doesn’t particularly want to play any role at all (other than rescuing Christians, which the O’Ministration is clearly not willing to do) in this ridiculous undertaking? That we’re extremely concerned that ISIS terrorists might sneak in undetected, and we’d rather the governor not take that chance with our safety? That we don’t want to foot the bill (with either our state or federal taxes) for this fiasco? Nope. Doesn’t even faze old Ricky.
Just like his elitist counterparts in D.C., our Islamist-friendly executive abuses his authority, and betrays his constituents by pandering to the highest bidders – in this case, the Muslim lobby (CAIR, Hezbollah and HAMAS supporters, etc.).
Here’s the spin on his latest pronouncement ~

“The governor thinks it’s an economic plus,” reported WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick. “And to those who fear that the immigrants would take away jobs, the governor says, Michigan has a record of immigrants coming in and actually creating jobs.”

But guess what Rick, we know that’s all a crock. All we have to do is tune in to what’s been going on in Europe:
Raging Horror Confirmed at Austria Italy Border – Mid-East Muslim “Refugees” Go On Rampage
Must see VIDEO: Muslim refugees chant ‘F*ck You’ and ‘ Allahu Akbar’
Muslim Migrants Set Up Camp – Trash Christian Cemetery in Croatia (VIDEO)
Video: How the media orchester the refugee scam
Refugee camps may blow with violence, German police officials warn
Peter Hitchens: We Cannot Give Our Country Away Just To Make Us Feel Good
muslimboatloadAnd my personal favorite ~
Muslim migrants threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths because they were not praying to Allah when they asked God for help when their dinghy suffered a puncture

Religion of peace indeed.

But none of the ugly realities playing out in Europe right now matter to Gov. Snyder and his fellow pandering power-brokers. They’re all part of the arrogant ruling class that brought us Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Climate and the granddaddy of them all, the Military/Industrial Complex. Americans are about to be subjected to their latest creation: “Big Refugee.”

This week the Huffington Post featured – what was, for them – a refreshingly unbiased article; Are Cities And States Prepared To Host More Refugees? It focuses on how the admission process works, and explains whose palms get greased along the way ~

Parceling out tens of thousands of refugees to U.S. communities takes advance planning. Each week, representatives of (nine) nonprofit groups meet in the Rosslyn, Virginia, offices of the Refugee Processing Center, a State Department contractor. Some groups attend via conference call.
Staffers sit around a table and review a thick packet of refugee case files. The files contain the addresses of any family members the refugee wants to join in the U.S., medical information and other personal data. The nine staffers then talk through the cases and match each refugee (or refugee family) with a city and a local nonprofit that can help them adjust to new lives in America.

Of course we’re assured that all of the selected individuals will undergo a rigorous security check to make sure they’re not affiliated with a terrorist organization or a rebel group. [Which – if you believe – I’ve got some Florida swamp land to sell you… Screener: “Muhammad are you affiliated with any terrorist organization?” Muhammad: “No.” Screener: “Great, you’re in.”]
And since each non-profit contractor gets paid approximately $2,000 per refugee they’ll take as many as they can get ~

The $1,975 per refugee local nonprofits receive from the State Department covers 30 to 90 days of furnished housing, help buying food and clothing, and a case manager who can shepherd refugees through what can be bewildering first days in their new country, including tasks like applying for a Social Security card.

And these non-profits, organizations like Church World Service, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Ethiopian Community Development Council, and Episcopal Migration Ministries – left-leaning progressives all – appear to have been given far too much authority over the vetting and location assignment ~

Although cities and states have the opportunity to weigh in on the resettlement process, they don’t have much control over how many refugees are settled where. 😯 “We really don’t have any say, to be honest with you,” said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, a Democrat.

So we-the-taxpayers just have to shut up, and pay up, and follow the orders of a bunch of non-elected officials from pseudo charities – who by the way, stand to make a profit from these activities. Just more of that hopeless change I guess.
Since we in the Great Lakes State already have the dubious distinction of hosting the largest Arab-American population in the United States, Big Refugee must figure we’d be thrilled to have more ~

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan—a sister organization of LCFS—expects to resettle Syrians to the Dearborn area, which also has a large Arab-American population. There may not be enough housing available to settle more refugees in Dearborn proper, so refugees may be housed in surrounding cities like Sterling Heights and Warren, said Cheryl Kohs, the Michigan group’s marketing director.

“There may not be enough housing available”?! Guess what? There’s not enough money available either! In case you missed it, the country has an $18 trillion dollar national debt.
To make matters more egregious, chances are these so-called refugees will receive some form of welfare for years, if not decades. This Washington Free Beacon post discusses the extent of of the problem. The article begins by discussing the percentages of illegal immigrants collecting benefits (bad enough!) but…

… the bigger issue is welfare use by legal immigrants,” said Steven Camarota, the (Center for Immigration Studies’) director of research and author of the report. “Three-fourths of immigrant households using welfare are headed by legal immigrants.”
“Legal immigration is supposed to benefit the country, yet so many legal immigrants are not able to support themselves or their children,” he continued.
When households have children, the percentage of those receiving benefits increases. “Of legal immigrant households with children, 72 percent access one or more welfare programs, compared to 52 percent of native households,” states the report.

Seem the “refugees” have quickly figured out that Americans are the world’s chumps. Otherwise, rather than rush to Europe or the U.S., why not head to nearby Muslim countries (Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon) that are culturally compatible?
So why can’t Republicans – who are supposed to be the fiscally responsible party – like Governor Snyder (who at least ran as a Republican), make the case that it would be more reasonable, more humane in fact, to provide temporary living arrangements for these people in or near their own homeland?
Yes, we want to help. But wouldn’t sending some aid overseas be much more practical, and a more responsible use of our tax dollars?

Wake up Rick! We don’t want any part of the Big Refugee nightmare. Michiganders choose not to participate in the worldwide redistribution of Muslims.


With added Syrian numbers, are cities and states prepared to help pay for more refugees? ~ From Refugee Resettlement Watch, an excellent source of information and practical advice for standing up to the Governor Snyders of America. Because…

The refugee resettlement program has become a bureaucracy where agencies, both government and non-profit, need to protect jobs, buy buildings, expand “services,” and like any other government-funded industry they have in my opinion forgotten their original mission.

Why do you think we call it “Dearbornistan?” ~ Michigan’s Muslim enclave

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Fearless vs. Feckless


HA! Another beauty from Michael Ramirez that ties in nicely with my last post.
I was going to title it “Reckless vs. Feckless” – but Putin is pretty darn calculating in every move he makes. The more weakness he senses in Obama, the bolder his actions become.

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Obama’s inverted foreign policy

Ever since out feckless commander-in-chief placed the U.S. on administrative leave from its role as the world’s policeman, by all objective accounts, the Middle East situation has gone from troubled to disastrous. ISIS is rampaging through Iraq and Syria. Iran is ever closer to ushering in the Twelfth Imam with a nuclear bomb. And in Afghanistan, the Taliban is steadily reclaiming lost territory. Just a few days ago they managed to overrun another town ~

A day after the Taliban had overrun the city of Kunduz, Obama told the UN that, “Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they’re defeated by better ideas.”
The better idea that the Taliban had was fighting a war with guns, while Obama was still searching through his hashtags for a better idea than a bullet. Instead of convening a summit on “countering violent extremism”, the Taliban retook the last of their cities to fall to the United States.
In a single day in September, the Taliban had captured a city of a few hundred thousand people […]
Kunduz fell to the Northern Alliance two months after September 11. What the Bush administration managed to get done in a few months at the cost of eight lives, Obama spent six years in office undoing at the cost of thousands of American lives.

Source: Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Mag

Also, this past week – lost in the Umpqua Community College shooting and the president’s subsequent anti-gun tirade – an Afghanistan US military plane crashed: At least 11 killed at Jalalabad airport ~

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the crash, but this has not been confirmed by US officials.

Too bad POTUS couldn’t summon any passionate indignation over this tragedy. He’d rather rage against the Second Amendment.


Unthinkable as it would have been a few years ago, what with Obama’s military purges (of honorable officers), his arming terrorists in Syria, and considering that his Pentagon is persecuting American troops for punishing child rapists, it seems America is increasingly on the wrong side of every international conflict.
Not for the first time, a significant number of Americans are wondering who’s side this guy is really on? And when some of us are actually cheering for the Russians – well, Houston we have a problem ~

Russian Air Force hit 10 ISIS targets in Syria in last 24 hours – Defense Ministry (VIDEOS)
Russian fighter jets have attacked 10 Islamic State targets in Syria in their latest airstrikes, destroying arms depots, training centers and infrastructure, Defense Ministry says. In the last 24 hours, Russian military aircraft have performed 20 sorties.
Armored Sukhoi Su-25 ground-support fighter jets have attacked a jihadist training center in Idlib province, also destroying a workshop producing suicide belts, according to the newly-released Defense Ministry report.
Three depots with munitions, arms and material assets have been eliminated with pinpoint strikes. As a result of direct hits from KAB-500 air bombs, installations and munitions have been taken out.
Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 bombers inflicted airstrikes on eight terrorist installations near Jisr al-Shughur in Idlib province, the ministry said.

As Piers Morgan exclaimed last Friday: “Thank God there’s a strong President willing to stand up for American interests in the Middle East – shame it’s not Obama.”


In the president’s foggy sphere of moral relativity, his decisions as commander-in-chief over the last 7 years must make some sick sort of sense. To the rest of us they’re simply irresponsible, irrational and downright dangerous.
Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, America is no longer the “good guys.” Vladimir Putin is suddenly the one wearing the white hat.
I’d be willing to bet that if Gen. George S. Patton were around today he’d be cheering on the “Russkies” too!


Between the media spinning and the Taliban practicing Taqiyya, it’s difficult to sort out the truth of the Kunduz hospital bombing that occurred yesterday. As always though, I rely on Daniel Greenfield (writing at FrontPage News) for his wise and witty assessments ~ It’s Time to Treat Doctors Without Borders as a Terrorist Organization ~

Doctors Without Borders has a long history of collaborating with and defending terrorists. And even being terrorists. The issue came up just last month in relation to Hamas.
Its current attacks on America and collaboration with the Taliban are completely unacceptable. Doctors Without Borders’ personnel are once again lying through their teeth, denying the facts put forward by US and Afghan personnel and covering up the use of medical facilities by the Taliban Jihadists as human shields.

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Saturday Shorts 10-3-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

‘Living Fossils’ Point to Recent Creation ~ Nautilus shells and sea turtles. Doesn’t lack of evolution over half a billion years point to… lack of evolution?
Large fight reported at Barack Obama High School ~ With a name like that you really didn’t expect hope n’ change to break out did you? ~

A pregnant girl was taken to a hospital Wednesday following a fight involving from 30 to 40 students inside Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education on Milwaukee’s north side, according to Milwaukee police and media reports.

Migration Crisis: “Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot” ~ Gaddafi may be proven right again ~

All the signs indicate that the Middle East disaster is hardly far from over. It is actually just beginning. it will get worse because of the tens of billions of dollars that will now pour into the Ayatollahs’ coffers from the insane agreement with Iran. Much of this money will go directly not only to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Qods Force, Iran’s arm of international terrorism, but to the various proxy terrorist organizations Iran supports, thus hastening the total destruction of the Middle East and eventually large swaths of Africa.
The wave of refugees will increase, and the price will be paid by the Europeans, already faced with legions of refugees and no plan for dealing with them. Eventually Gaddafi’s prophecy will come true: Islam will conquer Europe without firing a shot.

And yet, despite this ➡ Refugee camps may blow with violence, German police officials warn – the SS ruling class will apparently tolerate no opposition to the invasion ~ Posting xenophobic views online in Germany could cost you your job & child ~ Craziness ~

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been quoted as saying she wants more action from Facebook when it comes to filtering hateful racist posts […]
It’s not clear how “radical” opinions will be defined. But simply by expressing discontent with Syrian refugees living nearby or making threats toward asylum-seekers parents may accidentally push things too far, Die Welt reported, citing the Deutsche Anwaltauskunft information portal of the German Lawyers’ Association.

Germany’s neo-facism? Freedom of speech was severely proscribed under Adolph also wasn’t it?

What No One Seems to Know About Ted Cruz’s Past ~ No, it’s nothing scandalous ~

Cruz was once a director at the Federal Trade Commission. He had a remarkable record of convincing Democrats to vote for conservative principles.

If you’re a Milton Friedman, fiscal conservative you should be supporting Cruz all the way. Promote competition, limit government interference and we’ll automatically stimulate the economy the old-fashioned, common sense way.

Putin imposes his own reset on a helpless Obama ~ Our feckless commander-in-chief is in so far over his head in this conflict… it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious ~

(The) world in general, and now-dubious U.S. allies in the Mideast in particular, saw once again who’s taking charge in that volatile region to occupy Obama’s willful power vacuum […]
Oh, and here’s another rub: Russian planes didn’t really bomb ISIS. They didn’t fly anywhere near ISIS territory. They bombed areas controlled by free Syrian rebels, the forces Obama is claiming he’s helping.
In other words, under the guise of anti-terrorism, Putin’s moving to bolster Syrian President Bashar Assad, the man Obama has been saying must go for the past three years.

Thank God there’s a strong President willing to stand up for American interests in the Middle East – shame it’s not Obama ~ Article at the UK Daily Mail, written by liberal Piers Morgan, with whom for once I actually agree.

How Just One Woman Defrauded Food Stamps For $3.6 Million Coincidentally, Ms. Causey isn’t even a U.S. citizen, she’s Ghanaian. Obviously one of those folks who will do the jobs Americans won’t ~

Convenience store owner Vida Ofori Causey out of Worcester, Mass. was charged in federal court Monday after pleading guilty to $3.6 million worth of food stamp fraud.

City Council honors Ethel Rosenberg for ‘great bravery’ ~ Seriously? Are we all “Red” now? I guess since Obama is committing treason, NYC has decided they may as well canonize earlier traitors.

Welcome to Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege ~ Michelle Malkin exposes the criminal double-standards of the rich and infamous ~

You’ll note that most of these cases of oppression and subjugation involve rich and powerful assailants “of color” exploiting poor victims “of color.” Don’t their lives matter, too? Apparently not. Both Democratic and Republican administrations have looked the other way. Once again, political correctness and diplomatic fecklessness in the coddling of our Muslim “allies” trump “progressive” American rhetoric about women’s rights and social justice.
Middle East oil money talks. Sex slave-trafficking, maid-abusing, sodomy-terrorizing defendants walk.

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Our last hummer of the summer…

As the days get shorter and colder, I’m starting to wish I was headed south with the little guy… :)

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Earth Baby; “Pregnant Mountain”

Whoa! Isn’t this an inspiring sculpture? A young South American artist created the powerful pro-life statement on a hill near the town of Santo Domingo, in Colombia ~

Although Dubian Monsalve finished “Pregnant Mountain” in 2012, pictures of it have only recently gone viral on Facebook according to LifeSite News ~

The image of a stunning sculpture carved on a mountain and portraying a baby inside his mother’s womb has gone viral in recent months. The sculpture, in the words of artist Dubian Monsalve, is a tribute to “the woman that gives life, because life is valuable from its conception to its end” […]

“Do not be afraid,” he said, referring to other artists who struggle to express their faith. “It is something Jesus taught us, we can’t remain silent. I really enjoyed doing this piece because it encompasses a universal message about life, a message to protect life from its beginning until its end and it’s not worth it to give up simply because of worldly prejudices and criticism.”

Nota Mi Casa es de Tierra (Note My house is made of Ground) ~ Video; En español

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Hey Congress you elitist bast**ds, enough is enough is enough!

[Sorry – some days I’m just a donkey on the edge!]

Senator Ted Cruz on the Senate floor Monday night ~

Last night (9-28-15), Ted Cruz offered an amendment in the Senate that would have stopped both the funding of Planned Parenthood as well as President Obama’s unconstitutional Iran treaty. The Republican leadership of the Senate wouldn’t even bring his amendment up for a vote, too afraid of being blamed for another “government shutdown.”
Afterwards, Cruz took to the Senate floor and spoke for nearly a full hour, and his conclusions are an accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong with the Republican Party and the Washington Establishment.

Source: Poor Richard’s News


[If you don’t have an hour to spare – though it’s certainly worth it –
at least watch the first and last 5 miunutes]

Video via Poor Richard’s News


I’m putting my $$ where my righteous indignation is ➡ Ted Cruz ~ 2016
We’re so far gone, he’s the only chance we have of restoring our Constitutional Republic.

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Europe: Importing an Islamic pathology

“Importing a pathology.”
It’s a phrase I recall from a book on foster-parenting. The authors recommended that couples with biological children hold off on fostering until their kids had flown the nest. Adding foster children to the family mix, with all the attendant emotional baggage, might just be inviting more interpersonal turmoil than they were prepared to cope with.
Even families with the “healthiest” of relationships may struggle. That’s because, the authors cautioned, by adding an unknown, troubled element to the existing family unit, you are essentially importing a pathology.
Almost without exception foster children will have been traumatized by their experiences. The unique challenges they present may completely upset existing parent-child relationships. At best, there will be disruptions. At worst, biological family members may be at risk for emotional and/or psychological damage of their own.
Watching the current Muslim “refugee” invasion of Europe it seems to me that “importing a pathology” is a perfect description of what’s taking place.
Boatload after boatload of defiant young Muslim men do not appear to be fleeing to safety, seeking asylum. Rather they’re brazenly headed for the countries with the most generous welfare handouts. The baggage they’re dragging along includes a seriously twisted worldview, a dangerous ideology which is decidedly “unhealthy” for the European continent.
To appreciate the extent of the “pathology” they’re bringing with them, watch this video of an Arabic-speaking Ukrainian woman who encountered mobs of migrants while traveling from Budapest to Vienna ~


Video via: Pamela Geller

“Aside from hatred, absolute ill-will, they have nothing to give European people.”


Europe’s pluralist, secular society is ill-equipped to resist the totalitarian worldview of the rising Muslim tide. Learning Arabic, as the woman in the video suggests, definitely sounds like a practical start on inoculation against this virulent Islamic infection.

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