Saturday Shorts – 2-13-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Sharing Social Values in a Secular World ~ Some welcome words of simple truth and inspiration, from Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC) ~

The evidence over the past 50 years makes it indisputable: the federal government hijacked the American Dream and the family has been decimated. We see this plainly in our everyday lives […]
You see, as things stand currently, our freedom to live and work in accordance to what we believe has been placed in the crosshairs by an Administration that mocks those who dare cling to their guns and Bible. This is unacceptable.

And if you don’t think we’re in the crosshairs as well ~ Christians “Should be Eradicated”: Researchers Document Anti-Christian Agenda Among Powerful Elite ~ They aren’t kidding.

Barack Obama Pushes FDA to Allow Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos ~ Obama seems to be doing everything within the power of his pen and his phone to ensure the total destruction of the nuclear family – which of course is merely the foundational building block of every civilized society in the history of mankind.
Naghmeh Abedini, Franklin Graham, and the Silencing of Evangelical Abuse Victims ~ Felt obliged to mention this because I’ve followed the story of Pastor Abedini’s imprisonment in Iran so closely. Hard to believe… very sad if true.

Gallup: Trump Has Highest Unfavorable Rating of Any Candidate Ever ~ Yikes!

Donald Trump has the highest unfavorable rating since Gallup began tracking the indicator for nominated candidates from either political party during the 1992 elections. Just two days before the Iowa caucuses, 60 percent of Americans surveyed view Trump unfavorably, versus 33 percent who see him favorably.

Well, he does seem to be courting the reactionary red-neck vote.

I Want a President for Americans who Follow the Rules, Go to Work, and Obey the Law ~ Me too. Enlightening article from Christopher Chantrill at American Thinker discusses self-governance vs. serfdom.

Mounting Evidence Putin Will Ignite WWIII: letting Putin get away with whatever he likes in Syria, Obama has created a deeply dangerous situation ~ Events are starting to line up nicely with biblical prophecy. Just saying…

Democrats expand the tent in Maryland… by allowing felons to vote ~ What does it tell you about Maryland’s Democrat party that – over-ruling the Republican governor by the way – they’re so anxious for felons to vote? – “Democrooks?” Makes perfect sense ~

(Dems) simply voted to change the law and allow recently released felons who are still on parole or probation to vote. Hogan vetoed the measure, but the state legislature has now overridden him, clearing the path for tens of thousands of happy new Democrats to come to the polls

DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties ~ by Philip Haney (Also see his recent interview with Jamie Glazov) ~

While members of Congress grilled Obama administration officials (2009), demanding why their subordinates were still failing to understand the intelligence they had gathered, I was being forced to delete and scrub the records. And I was well aware that, as a result, it was going to be vastly more difficult to “connect the dots” in the future—especially before an attack occurs.

Obama has abdicated his primary responsibility; keeping Americans safe from all enemies foreign and domestic. But since the media doesn’t care, I guess no one else does either.

Shame on the Pastors Who Anointed Hillary Clinton as President ~ These “pastors” are the worst kind of hypocrites; they’re not only compromising their own values, and betraying the faith, they’re seriously misleading their flocks. Shameful.
Dr. Michael Brown sorts them out nicely ~

This is a righteousness issue, and it is shameful for ministers of the gospel to bless a candidate who stands for a woman’s “right” to shed innocent blood in the womb (through all 9 months of pregnancy), who aggressively supports the redefinition of marriage, and who calls for the changing of cherished religious beliefs.
It would have been one thing if they prayed for her in a biblical way, asking God to bring her to Himself and to help her fulfill her God-given destiny. By all means, we should pray for Hillary Clinton (just as we should pray for Bernie Sanders and for the Republican candidates).
It is another thing entirely for these Christian leaders to say over her, “Until He comes again, Secretary Clinton and President-to-be Clinton, we decree and declare from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet that the favor of the Lord will surround you like a shield, in Jesus’ name.”

‘Deafening silence:’ Obama, 2016 Dems mum on recent police deaths ~ From Fox News (Caution: their site is a real resource hog!) ~

A Fargo police officer fatally shot responding to a routine domestic disturbance call. A 25-year police veteran killed while trying to serve a warrant outside Atlanta. These are just the latest tragedies of cops murdered while performing their sworn duty — “to protect and serve.”[…]
So far in 2016, eight officers have been shot to death, with most of those deaths occurring in the past week, way up from this time last year.

Thanks Fox, but keep counting ->> 2 Police Officers Killed in Maryland After Restaurant Shootout ~ Feb. 11th, 2016

#FlintForward ~ No, people aren’t dying in the streets. Opportunistic government officials and their media sycophants have done their best to turn the city into a raging, political battleground. This video focuses on the positive side of Flint, and on the real people who will still be there long after the grievance-mongers have left to exploit another crisis.

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Debunking evolution on “Darwin Day”

Apparently February 12th is now unofficially recognized as “Darwin Day” (Charles Darwin was born on Feb. 12, 1809). So Happy Birthday Chuck! Except, well, I’m not sure there’s all that much to celebrate…
More than 200 years after his birth, science has yet to come close to actually proving Darwin’s theory of evolution. In fact, it’s looking less and less plausible as time goes by.
In the spirit of the day, here’s a birthday puzzle for Charlie’s devotees to solve: Where did ALL that INFORMATION come from? (The numbers are just a tad mind-boggling!) ~


Video via Darwin’s Doubt


Sorry Charlie,
The latest evolution-busting discoveries and developments ~
Reasons to Believe ~ A great resource to counter the progressive narrative on the origins of life
What are the odds that Darwinian evolution is true?
Overlapping Genetic Code Complicates Things for Darwin Devotees
Darwinism devolving further
The Master Coder
What the bones tell us…
Random Chaos or Intelligent Design?
Creation-Evolution Headlines ~ Debunking Darwin daily
On Darwin Day, Darwinism Is Well Past Its “Sell By” Date ~

… key features of the biological realm flatly contradict the Darwinian mechanism of natural selection and the notion that all features of living things are or were in some ancestral form adaptive […]
To understand the core weakness of the Darwinian worldview, it is important to understand what Darwinian natural selection requires. The process will work its magic, building up functional structures in organisms, only when two very strict conditions are met: First, the structure must be adaptive — that is, helpful to the organism in flourishing in its environment — and second, there must be a continuum of structures, functional all along the way, leading from an ancestor species to the descendent.

A brief but enlightening explanation of the critical deficiencies in Darwin’s theory from Michael Denton. Read the rest HERE.

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The Secrets of RINO Warfare

The June 2014 defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s Republican primary was a major highlight of that years’ election cycle. Those of us in fly-over country probably failed to appreciate what a truly stunning upset it really was, but “Holy Crap!” was the phrase most repeated by the inside-the-beltway pundits that day.
how2bagaRINOI just finished reading “How to Bag a RINO” which describes Dave Brat’s amazing victory. It was written by the two young men most directly responsible for that “Holy Crap!” moment; Gray Delaney & Zach Werrell.

In the book they share some fundamental keys to a successful campaign:
• Make sure you have a truly electable candidate. The RINO hunters were very fortunate to have that in college economics professor, Dave Brat.
• Be sincere, convincing (and yes, lucky) enough to attract hard-working, dedicated volunteers.
• Point out your opponent’s hypocrisy. Cantor’s own non-conservative record convicted him.
• Knock on lots of doors. Follow up. Repeat.

Lots of good advice, but what struck me the most through the book’s engaging narrative was the level of contempt that the Washington Cartel has for regular Americans. Yes, we know they don’t really respect the voters, but reading “RINO” makes you realize that the establishment class – both parties – actually despise us. Cantor barely deigned to show up in his district to campaign for re-election.
And corrupt? Delaney and Werrell compare the Cantor machine to the mob; “The Henrico Mafia.” These greedy little despots smear, they lie, they cheat, they threaten. They have no principles at all to get in the way of their ruthless pursuit of ever more money, influence and power.



Dave Brat’s victory over the RINOs of Virginia’s 7th District is an awesome real-life David vs. Goliath story. His campaign took on the formidable Eric Cantor machine – on a shoestring budget – and crushed it.
If you want to be informed, energized – and most importantly – inspired to stay in the fight in the middle of this crucial election season, read “How to Bag a RINO!”

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A vote for Bernie; a step closer to Venezuela

As we know, the public schools stopped teaching history (other than the revisionist variety), geography and comparative ideologies years ago. Unfortunately we’re now we’re seeing the inevitable real-world results of that knowledge deficit ~

Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton by 70 points among young voters in Iowa ~

The most amazing stat coming out of the Iowa Democratic caucuses is this one: Among voters between the ages of 17 and 29, Bernie Sanders won 84 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 14 percent.



Early indoctrination isn’t the only factor at work. Sanders is popular with the barely-out-of-college set because most of them have yet to experience reality on any significant basis. They still think money grows on trees – apparently in the back yards of the evil One Percenters. And if they vote for old Bern he’ll see to it that they get their “fair” share of the harvest ~



So you really can’t blame the millennials, it’s their demographic; the young and the idealistically delusional. And it’s the public school mis-education they’ve received – reinforced by a factor of 10 if they’ve been to college. For the kids in that video “socialism,” has no negative connotations at all. It’s just a warm and fuzzy, feel-good term. After all don’t we all want to get along, embrace diversity, be “social?”
Clearly, no one ever told these young people that the Nazis were National Socialists. No one ever assigned them a book report on “The Gulag Archipelago.” They’ve probably never even seen Doctor Zhivago.
No doubt most of them would be hard-pressed to locate Venezuela on a map, much less be able to tell you what form of government that country has… Venezuela Is Socialist, Senator Sanders. Any Questions?
That’s right, if his young voters really want to know what life in Uncle Bernie’s Magical Land of Make Believe will be like they only need to glance south a thousand miles or so. This recent editorial from Investor’s Business Daily offers some perspective ~

Venezuela is teetering on the brink of a horrific economic collapse. It was brought on by one thing: socialism, taken to the hilt.
Yet incredibly, neither Bernie Sanders nor his voters make this connection […]
Right now Venezuelans are at the logical conclusion of 18 years of democratic socialism, the kind Sanders has praised in the past, and even benefited from, as he accepted Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez’s oil largesse — stolen from Venezuela’s people — for Vermont.
Today Venezuela, with the world’s largest oil reserves is, believe it or not, importing oil. It’s a perfect illustration of Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman’s well known saying that if the Sahara took up socialism, there would soon be a shortage of sand.
Socialism has also led to massive shortages of food, toilet paper, diapers and medicine, among many other things, all the result of state planning and currency controls and rampant inflation. After 18 years of socialist spending, inflation has hit 720%, the IMF says. And don’t forget that Venezuela also has the world’s highest crime rate, with Caracas rated the world’s most dangerous city by the Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice.
Socialist Venezuela is on the verge of a massive Argentina-sized sovereign debt default, with $10 billion in debt payments due this year, and only $8 billion left to buy imports such as food, according to an appalling analysis in the Financial Times by Ricardo Hausmann. Meanwhile, Venezuela ranks No. 1 in the world on economist Steve Hanke’s Cato Institute “Misery Index” which is his measure of each nations’ combined inflation, unemployment and interest rates.


Thanks to leftist professors and revisionist education – enthusiastically reinforced by the progressive media – Bernie’s young supporters have no clue what real socialism looks like. Oblivious to the threat, they’ll mindlessly pull the lever for Sanders and risk dooming the country to the utter misery of authoritarian rule.


My bad feeling about Bernie ~ Predicted this Bernicane back in July

More videos of Sanders’ devotees; the young and the delusional ~
Bernie Sanders Supporters Interviewed On Street (Watters’ World)
Bernie Sanders Supporters Explain Socialism (MRCTV’s Dan Joseph)

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Banning public school prayer; the tragic aftermath

Back in 1962, the United States Supreme Court, led by progressive hero Chief Justice Earl Warren, decided that it was infinitely wiser than America’s founders, millions of past and present Americans, and almost two centuries of previous Supreme Courts, and decreed that prayer would no longer be allowed in public school.
The lasting damage wrought by that one decision, shredding the very fabric of our nation, is incalculable. And at this point – without divine intervention – irreversible.



Video is from the Remnant, a traditional Catholic website, a steadfast “remnant,” fighting against the post modern revolution in the Church for over forty years…

… just as it has been fighting against the errors that infect the modern state– Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, the New World Order, a degenerate youth culture, the abortion epidemic, euthanasia, sex education, etc.

The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty.
~ Benjamin Rush

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Turning justice on its head


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,”
we discover that catching Planned Parenthood in the act of selling
embryonic parts for profit is a greater crime than illegally
embryonic parts for profit.



Rather than prosecute Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for exchanging human organs for “valuable consideration”, which just so happens to be a felony under both federal and Texas state law, a Houston grand jury decided in late January that David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress (the non-profit organization responsible for the revealing series of videos published last year) should be indicted instead!

Daleiden, as LifeSite News relates, had dedicated 2 1/2 years of his life to…

… infiltrating the abortion industry, offering large sums of money in exchange for aborted babies’ body parts, and filming Planned Parenthood officials’ all-too-willing reactions.


More offended by his methods in obtaining the evidence than by the egregious evidence itself, the grand jury indicted Daleiden on two charges, a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record (another employee, Sandra Merritt, was indicted on this charge as well) and a misdemeanor count related to purchasing organs. [If convicted, they each face up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine!]
Writing about this miscarriage of justice at The Federalist, Nicole Russell concludes; Now We Indict Whistleblowers, Not Oppressors ~

While the case still needs to go to trial and certainly an indictment doesn’t mean Daleiden is guilty—remember, the grand jury only had to feel there was enough evidence against him to proceed—the fact that Planned Parenthood was cleared while Daleiden was not speaks volumes about our culture’s twisted sense of what is legally and morally right.



Live Action News reports on the latest development in this story ~ Citizen journalist behind Planned Parenthood videos rejects plea deal, demands an apology ~

“If David’s investigation had revealed evidence of criminal conduct in a meatpacking plant, his freedom would not be threatened. The videos would be seen as providing a valuable public benefit and prosecutors would act on the information,” said Alexandra Snyder, an attorney with Life Legal Defense Foundation.

A hearing has been scheduled for March 28. Let’s pray that real justice will prevail.

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“Risen” ~ searching for Yeshua

As the Easter season approaches, we Christians will once again brace ourselves for the semi-annual mock-fest. For several years now, it seems the aggressive secularists in the media and Hollywood have been attempting to co-opt our holy days – Christmas, and especially Easter – to promote their worldview of agnosticism, if not outright atheism. These are their two favorite times to foment doubt; pedaling books, articles and movies that usually twist scripture in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways to intentionally subvert the faith (See “The DaVinci Code,” “The Gospel of Thomas” and other Gnostic texts, “WhyBelieveInGod?” billboard campaigns, Russel Crowe’s “Noah”).
Thankfully, to counter the anti-Christian propaganda, this year we have “Risen.” The new film, opening on February 18th, revolves around a couple fictional characters, Roman centurions, tasked with finding the truth behind the missing body of the crucified Yeshua. (It sounds rather like “The Robe” – and excellent book, although I’ve never seen the movie)

Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media gives it high praise: ‘Risen’: Hollywood Gets Jesus Right ~

Risen isn’t just thematically and historically accurate, it also succeeds as a film. Impressive cinematography captures each powerful scene—from the stunning courtyard of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, to the pomp of the Roman palace, to the sprawling desert wastes and the bloody tragedy of the crucifixion.

Here’s the trailer ~



I recently heard someone say that the stirring, biblical blockbusters Charleston Heston starred in, “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben Hur,” brought more people to Christ than all the churches of that era. Let’s pray that “Risen” enjoys equal success. BECAUSE…

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Saturday Shorts – 2-6-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Super ‘Toilet’ Bowl: City scorched for open-air ‘pee’ wall ~ More cultural devolution, courtesy of trend-setting San Francisco ~

Just as America’s attention turns to California’s Bay Area for Super Bowl 50, the City by the Bay is offering open-air public urination stations – without doors or walls – where men can do their business within eye-shot of unsuspecting passersby.
“This is a new low even for San Francisco. It is also blatantly illegal,” PJI President Brad Dacus said in a statement. “The city has not even attempted to comply with its own ordinances, much less state or federal law. We intend to hold them accountable. Public urination is bad enough; spending taxpayer money to promote it is indefensible.”


Raymond Ibrahim: “Christian Girls Are Only Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men” ~ I think Obama forgot to mention this barbaric tenet of Islam while he was singing the praises of the Religion-of-Peace last Wednesday

DC bill would pay people stipends not to commit crimes ~ Whoa – how can I jump on this gravy train??!

WASHINGTON (AP) — They say crime doesn’t pay, but that might not be entirely true in the District of Columbia as lawmakers look for ways to discourage people from becoming repeat offenders.
The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a bill that includes a proposal to pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. It’s based on a program in Richmond, California, that advocates say has contributed to deep reductions in crime there.
The bill doesn’t specify the value of the stipends, but participants in the California program receive up to $9,000 per year.

Right-to-Work States Have Faster Income Growth ~ Last year, seven of the 10 states with greatest increase in income were right-to-work. (And imagine that – none of them were California) Conservatism works.

GOP establishment seduced by ‘LGBT’ power ~

Wall Street is now exerting massive pressure on Republicans by pushing the “LGBT” agenda. In a breathtakingly short span of time, corporate America, too, has gone “gay,” and the moral decline of too many American businesses has a big impact on the GOP […]
… it seems they’re becoming willing tools of the gaystapo, the same revolutionaries who routinely bully bakers, florists, photographers and innkeepers without batting an eyelash.


City Council Battling Satanists Over Public Prayer ~ Satanic Temple in Phoenix claims discrimination after invite to deliver invocation is scheduled to be revoked ~

Four councilmen are seeking to enact an emergency ruling forbidding representatives from the Satanic Temple of Tucson, Arizona from delivering a prayer at the beginning of the February 17 city council meeting.

This is the cultural crisis to which moral relativity has pushed us; satanists demanding legitimacy in the public square (instead of a gallows!)

BREAKING: Jill Stanek’s home vandalized by violent abortion supporters ~ Stanek is an dedicated, unapologetic pro-life activist. She came home from vacation to find a brick had been chucked through her window with a note demanding her to “Quit the pro-life bulls**t.”

Rather “judgmental” of the pro-choicers wouldn’t you say?

New York Socialist Mayor’s Failed War on Horses Enters 2nd Year ~

(Commie Mayor de Blasio) promised to ban horse carriages in Central Park in his first week in office as part of a dirty deal with one of his top donors who wanted to grab the stables they were in under the guise of “animal rights”. Two years later, despite a fortune spent inflicting Bill de Blasio and a Puerto Rican nationalist terror supporter City Council Speaker on New Yorkers, the horses of Central Park still haven’t been delivered to Bill’s Progressive Glue Factory.

Pope Francis Said to Bless Human-Animal Chimeras ~ Seriously padre? The pontiff actually thinks is OK to play God?! ~

A Spanish scientist working at the Salk Institute in California told Scientific American that Pope Francis personally blessed his cutting-edge research to mix human cells into animal bodies.
Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a prominent stem-cell biologist, is engaged in efforts to grow human tissue inside of farm animals such as pigs, sheep, and cows. This type of research is sensitive because scientists have to inject human stem cells into early-stage animal embryos, then try to grow the mixtures inside surrogate animals.

Shocking Child Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan Makes SFC Martland’s Removal from Military More Disturbing ~

Generations of Afghan men are taught to rape and be raped.
Islam and Shari’a law are adamant in their condemnation of homosexuality; however, same-sex relationships between men and boys remain prevalent among the Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan.

See also: Overlooking Evil is itself Evil

Darwinism Produces Sociopathic Ideologies ~

Biblical creation is the only worldview that supplies dignity to the individual and true morality to society. Abandon it for amoral evolution at your own risk.

Facebook Declares War on Patriotism ~ Our elite ruling class doesn’t want to hear any dissent from the peasants; expect to see accelerating censorship on the web, especially from Google and Facebook.

Cruz’s Iowa Win in Part Due to Culture of Kindness and Courage at Campaign HQ ~ The people T. Elliot Gaiser describes in this piece sound like Americans I remember from decades ago when most still knew what the Golden Rule was – and more importantly, tried to follow it.

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Climate Change – the science ISN’T settled

In this enlightening video, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore (yes – he’s come to his senses :) ) brilliantly explains “What They Haven’t Told You about Climate Change” and why the science is far from “settled” ~

Source: Prager University Hat-tip: chadams


Earth’s climate is a vastly complex system. While Co2 is a handy “villain” for progressives to latch onto as a means of controlling the unwashed masses à la Stalin, it’s merely one of multiple factors that contribute to both long and short term changes in climate. And we have a very long way to go in understanding those causes and their intricate interactions, much less the ability to control them.

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ObamaSpeak in Baltimore

Yesterday, in another audacious display of taqiyya, Barack Hussein Obama lectured we-the-ignorant on the wonders of Islam, condemning regular Americans’ lack of appreciation for Muslim extremist terrorism cultural enrichment, from his cozy perch in a Baltimore mosque; Obama at Muslim Brotherhood-linked Mosque: “Muslim Americans Keep Us Safe.”

orwell-speakI know. Sounds exactly like the language George Orwell invented in his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” as a vehicle to illustrate the absurdity of the totalitarian society he’d created: “Newspeak”. Society in his futuristic state of Oceania had been so completely indoctrinated that words meant the opposite of their original definition, hence ➡

And “Muslim Americans Keep Us Safe.”
(Except of course the ones who try to blow us up.)
Absurd? Yes. But that’s the whole point of “Newspeak.” Repeat total nonsense loud enough and often enough and your audience eventually gives up on trying to make sense out of anything.



Robert Spencer, in his FrontPage Mag article, debunks the many distortions and outright falsehoods in the president’s mosque address ~

(Obama’s) visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore was the apotheosis of the Muslim victimhood myth, as he signaled yet again to the world (and worldwide jihadis) that in the U.S., Muslims are victims, victims of unwarranted concern over jihad terror, and thus that concern is likely to lessen even more, as Obama dismantles still more of our counter-terror apparatus […]
Once again Obama felt free to scold and admonish Christians, but said nothing about Muslims in the U.S. needing to clean house and work for real reform that would mitigate jihad terror. And his premise was false: there is no attempt to restrict Muslims’ freedom of religion. Donald Trump hasn’t called for that; nor has Ben Carson or any serious analyst.
But the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) (a representative of which accompanied Obama to the mosque Wednesday) and other Islamic advocacy groups have consistently charged that counter-terror efforts and attempts to restrict the political, supremacist and authoritarian aspects of Sharia that are at variance with Constitutional principles were tantamount to restricting Muslims’ religious freedom […]
“Islam,” Obama declared, “has always been part of America.” Really? There were Muslims at Jamestown? In the Massachusetts Bay Colony? At Roanoke? Obama’s statement is so wildly ridiculous that it doesn’t just invite parody; it pleads for it.

In ObamaLand as in Oceania, “Ignorance is Strength,” “Islam is Peace,” and “Muslim Americans Keep Us Safe.”


President Obama Preaches Religious Freedom, Tolerance at Baltimore Mosque
Obama’s Mosque Speech Was A Dangerous Fantasy ~

Yesterday, Obama spoke about the evils of Islamophobia to a group that featured women covered, subordinated, and segregated from men. I’m happy he’s open-minded about that sort of thing. Americans are free to practice their faith in any way they choose. But I’m not sure why all of us should feel obligated to celebrate this kind of narrow-mindedness as well.

10 Observations of Obama’s Mosque Speech

Islamic “Newspeak”

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The Art of the Scam

“Grow Up!” is a fitting title for this excellent diagnosis of the Trumphenomenon. [Hat-tip: Chadams] As he usually does, columnist Thomas Sowell nails it ~

It is amazing how many people have been oblivious to this middle-aged man’s spoiled brat behavior, his childish boastfulness about things he says he is going to do, and his petulant response to every criticism with ad hominem replies.


In his supporters’ defense ~

Trump has a showman’s talent for telling people what they want to hear. But you can listen in vain for a coherent argument from him, based on facts and logic, much less an understanding of the inherent limitations of the office of president.



Although I can’t compete with the inspiring bluster of a self-serving bazillionaire philanthropist (of course he’d never stoop to strategic support of say, mutually beneficial causes would he? Nah.) – as a public service for the easily-duped Trumpeteers, I feel obliged to provide the following evidence of The Donald’s fickleness and self-centered pandering…

Donald Trump IS the Establishment Candidate ~ His positions and priorities put him right in sync with the Washington Cartel

Progressives will no doubt approve of President Trump’s judicial appointments ~ This should be a key consideration for Trump’s many Libertarian-leaning fans, most of whom are avid Second Amendment supporters

Trump’s immigration vacillation ~ “In 2013, conservatives were fighting for dear life to oppose open borders, while Trump was not only supporting the Dream Act, but echoing the liberal politically correct talking points behind it. In August of 2013, he reportedly told a group of illegal aliens, “You have convinced me” of the need to pass the Dream Act.”
Trump flips on Syrian Refugee Issue ~ His initial reaction was “I hate the concept of it, but on a humanitarian basis of what’s happening, you have to.”

Donald Trump Donations ~ Equal opportunity graft; self-interest pretty much “trumps” party affiliation

Support for ethanol is support for crony capitalism (And apparently pandering to subsidized corn didn’t work in Iowa anyway)

Donald Trump is OWNED by Every Bank on Wall Street ~ “(A)ccording to Trump’s most recent financial disclosures, he has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from virtually every bank on Wall Street.”

Trump Supports National Health Care ~ Here he is in 2000:

“We must have universal healthcare,” wrote Trump. “I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one. We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by healthcare expenses.”





Yes, it’s incredibly scary!

From what I’ve seen on social media, far too many Trump supporters seem to be falling for his self-serving scam; basing their selection on feelings fueled by frustration and anger at Washington D.C. – “He speaks for me!”
But here’s a thought… rather than emulate the reactionary – and frankly, immature (as Sowell alluded to) emotions of leftist voters, what do you say we step back from the compelling rhetoric, think things through in a calm, rational manner, and make a much better choice?

Come election day, however, you have to pull the lever for someone. That candidate shouldn’t be chosen based on whom you’d prefer to have a beer with; rather, it should be the candidate you trust most to remain aligned with your shared values and principles.
Maybe that principled guy (or gal) is also the one you’d enjoy chatting with over a cold one, but maybe it isn’t. Let’s not make the same mistake I did by confusing not liking someone with not trusting him. We should also realize this is indeed a mistake before it’s too late, because Cruz is our best shot at defeating both Trump and probably the Democratic nominee.

Source: Georgi Boorman at The Federalist


Dear Christians, If You Vote For A Godless Man, You Are Asking For Tyranny
Andrew Breitbart endorsed Ted Cruz weeks before he died
Why This Former Trump Fan Doesn’t Support Him Anymore ~

(E)arly on, I was willing to give Trump an opportunity to flesh out his policies and prove he’s a conservative. Unfortunately, he never did that and there’s little reason to think that a man who has switched political parties 5 times in his life and has never voted in a Republican primary suddenly became a diehard conservative in his mid-sixties. People who wouldn’t buy this from any other politician are swallowing it hook, line and sinker with Trump even though his positions on some issues have switched from week-to-week […]
Since when do conservatives engage in this type of blind loyalty towards ANY politician? […]

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Bloom where God planted you

This inspiring video from CBN News, tells the story of a Nepalese veterinarian, a convert to Christianity, who is healing more than just animals in his country.
Christians form a tiny minority in Nepal but through the faithful witness of believers like Kris, their numbers are growing. His example serves to remind us that we all have opportunities to share the good news of the gospel, through words and deeds, wherever God may have placed us ~


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