Retailers for the discerning Christian shopper

christmaspresentsSeems every year as we approach the holidays, there are any number of stores who are thrilled to help you celebrate by selling you gifts for friends and family. Yet despite raking in billions, somehow they just can’t bring themselves to mention the reason for the season. I don’t know about you, but I avoid places like that whenever possible and instead, patronize the ones who aren’t shy about using the “C” word.
To help you know the “naughty” from the “nice,” the AFA (American Family Association) has once again published their annual list as a guide to “Christmas-friendly” retail establishments. There are actually three categories; “Nice,” “Marginal” & “Naughty”. Contact information is included so you can let a store know whether you’re disappointed, or grateful for their marketing approach to Christmas.
It does make a difference to share your feelings with them. There are several companies who have jumped all the way from “naughty” to “nice” over the last few years. They got the message!

Happy to see that most of my favorite retailers made the “nice” list for Christmas 2015, including ~
• Ace Hardware
• Bed Bath & Beyond
• Cracker Barrel
• Hobby Lobby
• Michael’s Stores
• JoAnn Fabrics
• Kohl’s
• L.L. Bean

Here are the dirty dozen on the “naughty” list ~
• Barnes & Noble
• Family Dollar
• Foot Locker
• The Limited
• Maurice’s
• Office Depot
• Office Max
• Pet Smart
• Staples
• Stein Mart
• Supervalu
• Victoria’s Secret


To my way of thinking, if you’re not willing to acknowledge the very “holiday” that you’re peddling “gifts” for – I’m certainly not willing to part with any hard-earned cash in your establishment.

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Serenading Satan at the Bataclan?

In an interesting but very unsettling sidelight to Paris attacks on Friday the 13th, the American rock group performing at the Bataclan happened to be in the middle of a disturbing song when the terrorists opened fire.

eaglesofdeathmetalThe music hall was the site of the greatest carnage that night; 89 of the 130 dead were killed there. The attack began just as the “Eagles of Death Metal” were belting out what turned our to be a darkly prophetic number called “Kiss the Devil.” Here are some of the charming lyrics, via The Remnant ~

“Kiss The Devil”
Who’ll love the devil?…
Who’ll song his song?…
Who will love the devil and his song?…
I’ll love the devil!…
I’ll sing his song!…
I will love the devil and his song!… Who’ll love the devil?… Who’ll kiss his tongue?… Who will kiss the devil on his tongue?… I’ll love the devil!… I’ll kiss his tongue!…
I will kiss the devil on his tongue!…
Who’ll love the devil?…
Who’ll sing his song?…


Rather appropriate introduction to the unholy bloodshed that followed don’t you think?

PARIS (AP) — The vibe in the Bataclan concert hall was hot, steamy and electric as the California rock band Eagles of Death Metal jammed away a half-hour into a set. Revelers slam-danced to the hard rock, and bodies glistened with sweat. Suddenly, the drum beats gave way to a different kind of rat-a-tat-tat-tat, and flashing stage lights met with glints from automatic rifle barrels.
In the spasm of chaos, some revelers thought the lights and sounds were part of the show. Then the lead singer fled, bodies began to fall — and shouts of partying turned to screams of horror […]
The legendary music venue in a shabby-chic corner of Paris turned into a chamber of death that one policeman described as “Dante’s Inferno,” as three men laden with explosives and toting Kalashnikovs fired indiscriminately at revelers, turning the dance floor into a sea of blood and body parts.

ISIS is an Islamic death cult. Any wonder that Satan would use them to carry out his wicked plans?
Evil doesn’t require an invitation to dramatically impact our lives, but we shouldn’t be surprised at the tragic results when we deliberately issue one.



For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,
against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.

~ Ephesians 6:12 ~

Bataclan: the musicians of the group Eagles of Death Metal tell their story; indescribable panic ~ En Francais

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Obama’s shameful “religious test” lie


While visiting Turkey his past week, our fearless leader was once again sternly lecturing we-the-people, from across the Atlantic. Bent on imposing his post-American “progressive” preferences on the country – regardless of what the laws mandate – Obama indignantly declared from the G-20 Summit in Antalya, that the U.S. has no religious test when it comes to accepting refugees. Of course, like so much of the president’s arrogant rhetoric these days, that turns out to be a bunch of hooey.
Writing at National Review, Andrew C. McCarthy (an attorney who happens to be a whole lot smarter than our constitutional scholar of a president) exposes Obama’s latest falsehood. ~

Under federal law, the executive branch is expressly required to take religion into account in determining who is granted asylum. Under the provision governing asylum (section 1158 of Title 8, U.S. Code), an alien applying for admission
must establish that … religion [among other things] …
was or will be at least one central reason for persecuting the applicant.

The law does require a “religious test,” and for an obvious reason; asylum shouldn’t be granted arbitrarily ~

Asylum law is not a reflection of the incumbent president’s personal (and rather eccentric) sense of compassion. Asylum is a discretionary national act of compassion that is directed, by law not whim, to address persecution […]

Specifically, with the situation we’re currently facing in the Middle East ~

the Islamic State is undeniably persecuting Christians. It is doing so, moreover, as a matter of doctrine. Even those Christians the Islamic State does not kill, it otherwise persecutes as called for by its construction of sharia (observe, for example, the ongoing rape jihad and sexual slavery) […]

And when it comes to Mr. Obama and his snarky attitude ~

(I)t is downright dishonest to claim that taking such religious distinctions into account is “not American,” let alone “shameful.” How can something American law requires be “not American”? And how can a national expression of compassion expressly aimed at alleviating persecution be “shameful”?

What’s truly “shameful” is Obama’s callous abandonment of the Middle East Christians: Syrian Patriarch: ‘The West Has Betrayed Us’ ~

In an interview with Le Messager, the official publication of the Catholic Church in Egypt, the patriarch emphasized that Christians in Syria “are trapped in a terrible situation.” The dwindling population faces “sectarian and ethnic” warfare and “terrorist groups that use Islam as an excuse to ‘purify’ areas under their control in the name of religion.”
“We Christians are not able to live in this chaos that produces militias, armed gangs, terrorist groups and Islamic parties.”

That’s what real, persecuted refugees sound like Mr. President!

Ted Cruz Challenges Obama: ‘Lets Have a Debate on Your Refugee Policy’


Speaking of “tests,” here’s a special one for our bleeding heart, leftie pals… 😀

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Saturday Shorts – 11-21-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Students protest pro-free speech display at UMich ~ When it comes to history and comparative worldviews, today’s average college student has been so mis-educated that this sort of insanity is becoming commonplace ~

A large mock-up of the Berlin Wall meant to remind students at the University of Michigan of the importance free speech was instead roundly criticized by many students, with some even declaring that the display constituted a “bias incident.”

[Steven Crowder interviewed some these woefully ignorant, First Amendment opponents at U of M last February.]
It gets worse though; Nissy Aya simply refuses to be educated ~
Columbia Student Claims To Be Traumatized By Reading About White People ~

A student at Columbia University is urging the school to inject more diversity into its required courses, claiming she suffered severe emotional trauma from reading too many books by and about white people.

Michael Moore’s Laughable Attempt To Shame Michigan And Open The Doors To His Non-Mansion ~ The hefty hypocrite lectures Americans on charity (Apparently RefuJihadis are welcome at his domicile). Perhaps Moore should read this article at The Federalist

The Christmas Story Is About Christ, Not Obama’s Syrian Refugee Policy ~ Stop with the Mary-and-Joseph-were-refugees fairy tale already. For those who ~

… misunderstand the Bible because they think that half-way remembering that one time in second grade when they put on a sheep costume and did something Bible-related is the same thing as reading the Bible…

Hans Fiene deftly explains ~

The Christmas story is not a morality tale about hospitality

Don’t drive, you encourage terrorists ~ Since progressives absolutely refuse to believe that the Quran is the sole source of Islamic rage, may as well blame it on the root of all human ills: climate change.
Why Islamic terror in Mali bodes very ill for Europe ~ Yesterday’s attack (If it’s Friday, it must be time for another act of Islamist terror) ~

This attack is a clear signal to the French. ISIS attacks Paris, the French attack ISIS, and ISIS attacks Mali, which is largely controlled by French interests. The guests and staff at the Radisson probably speak French (as they do in many central African nations).
The message: it’s open season on the French. And soon it will be open season on the Germans, British, and the rest of the E.U.


French Icon Brigitte Bardot’s Blasphemy Against Muslims Is France tragically reaping what it’s sown? The country has been prosecuting Bardot under their intolerant “Hate Speech” laws for years now ~

In 1998, Bardot was again convicted for “decrying the loss of French identity and tradition due to the ‘multiplication of mosques while our church bells fall silent for want of priests.’”
In 2000, Bardot was again convicted for what she wrote in her book Pluto’s Square, which featured a chapter in which she grieved for “my country, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims.”

Are they paying attention yet?
Obama certainly is not ➡ U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes ~ This feckless commander-in-chief should impeached – AND court-martialed ~

“This has been an absurdity from the beginning,” Keane (a retired four-star general) said in response to questions from Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.). “The president personally made a statement that has driven air power from the inception.”
“When we agreed we were going to do airpower and the military said, this is how it would work, he [Obama] said, ‘No, I do not want any civilian casualties,’” Keane explained. “And the response was, ‘But there’s always some civilian casualties. We have the best capability in the world to protect from civilians casualties.’”
However, Obama’s response was, “No, you don’t understand. I want no civilian casualties. Zero,’” Keane continued. “So that has driven our so-called rules of engagement to a degree we have never had in any previous air campaign from desert storm to the present.”

More Mind-Blowing Fraud By Yale University And Cheryl Katz ~ Outright fabrication about ice on Lake Superior ~

Yale University has a brand new article claiming that Lake Superior is overheating and its ice is disappearing.

Reality check:

Lake Superior summer water temperatures have plummeted about seven degrees F over the past four years, meaning they are just as cold now as they were in 1906 […]
Springtime Great Lakes ice cover has blown away all records the last two years.

Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her ~ Whoa! The First Amendment is already under assault by the current administration. If Hillary’s elected, she’ll repeal it entirely.

Fake hate crimes: a database of hate crime hoaxes in the USA ~ Leftists love to advance their totalitarian agenda with trumped-up stories. This is a handy website that keeps tabs on their phony “hate crime” narratives.
Ending on a happy note :)
6-Year-Old Zumba Star With Rare Genetic Condition Takes on Rockettes ~

Watch Audrey’s inspiring performance HERE.

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Washington State judge “legitimizes” global warming pseudo -science


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,”
we learn that Washington State legislators must act immediately to
save the young people of their state from “the imminent
threat of global warming.”



In this latest example of judicial tyranny, as The Blaze reports ~

(A) Washington state judge has ruled that state lawmakers have a “constitutional obligation” to the youth of the state to take action on global warming.
Using some alarming language, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis R. Hill issued a ruling in a case involving eight Washington state youth in a case against the Washington Department of Ecology, seeking to require writing carbon emission rules to protect their generation.

Judge Hill decreed that ~

… current scientific evidence establishes that rapidly increasing global warming causes an unprecedented risk to the earth, including land, sea, the atmosphere and all living plants and creatures.
(the Petitioners’) very survival depends on the will of their elders to act now, decisively and unequivocally, to stem the tide of global warming by accelerating the reduction of emission of GHGs (Greenhouse Gases) before doing so becomes first too costly and then too late. The scientific evidence is clear that the current rates of reduction mandated by Washington law cannot achieve the GHG reductions necessary to protect our environment and to ensure the survival of an environment in which the Petitioners can grow to adulthood safely.

globalwrmghost-smlrGasp! Could we get more hyperbolic?!

It’s bad enough that Al Gore, corporately-funded scientists, and their minions of confused leftists buy into the faulty science behind the dangers of AGW, but a court of law should stick to the law, not venture into the enchanted land of wishful thinking where the world will magically run on fairy dust and unicorn farts.
Just for the record, here are a few inconvenient truths about CO2 via the New American ~

In a 2009 Op-Ed in The Australian entitled “Vitriolic climate in academic hothouse,” Dr. Plimer wrote:
To demonise element number six in the periodic table is amusing. Why not promethium? Carbon dioxide is an odourless, colourless, harmless natural gas. It is plant food. Without carbon, there would be no life on Earth.
The original source of atmospheric CO2 is volcanoes. The Earth’s early atmosphere had a thousand times the CO2 of today’s atmosphere. This CO2 was recycled through rocks, life and the oceans.
Through time, this CO2 has been sequestered into plants, coal, petroleum, minerals and carbonate rocks, resulting in a decrease in atmospheric CO2.
The atmosphere now contains 800 billion tonnes of carbon as CO2. Soils and plants contain 2000 billion tonnes, oceans 39,000 billion tonnes and limestone 65,000,000 billion tonnes. The atmosphere contains only 0.001 per cent of the total carbon in the top few kilometres of the Earth.
Deeper in Earth, there are huge volumes of CO2 yet to be leaked into the atmosphere. So depleted is the atmosphere in CO2, that horticulturalists pump warm CO2 into glasshouses to accelerate plant growth.

More Mind-Blowing Fraud From The Obama Administration and More Spectacular Fraud From The White House (the deceit is so ubiquitous that poor Steven Goddard at Real Science is running out of creative titles for his posts!) ~ (National Climate Assessment) Because if they didn’t lie they couldn’t push the AGW narrative and get on with the worldwide wealth redistribution plan.
Obama’s hot air won’t affect the climate no matter how hard he blows!

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“No-go Zones?” Oh, THOSE No-go Zones!

 In the wake of Wednesday’s raid by French SWAT teams it’s instructive to review the degree of denial exhibited by both the Mayor of Paris and Fox News officials (and every other mainstream news agency in the country) just a mere 10 months ago on the subject of Europe’s notorious “no-go zones.” Back in January, the mayor of Paris was fuming over the very idea that separate Muslim enclaves actually existed in her city ~ Paris mayor may sue Fox News over no-go-zones report ~

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN Tuesday that she may sue Fox News because the network “insulted” the city with its coverage of “no-go zones” that are supposedly only for Muslim residents.
In a series of reports that have been widely criticized and mocked, Fox News reported that some neighborhoods in Paris are so heavily Muslim that some young men openly wore Osama bin Laden T-shirts. Displaying a map that supposedly outlines these “no-go zones,” Fox News also reported that terrorists groups recruit members in the areas.

Hidalgo’s angry accusations were totally phony – Fox was telling the truth! But in reporting this story, USA Today went along with the charade and actually said: Such zones don’t exist and Fox News has repeatedly apologized for the errors.”

That’s right, in the grand tradition of leftie-progressives everywhere, if reality doesn’t fit your worldview just ignore it. As Robert Spencer, at Jihad Watch, reported at the time ~

The mainstream media is running hard these days with the absurd idea that Sharia no-go zones in Europe are the “Islamophobic” fabrication of Fox News or Steve Emerson. This despite the fact that the New York Times, Newsweek and the New Republic, hardly conservative outlets, have all referred to them. And in this piece, Soeren Kern shows that numerous French analysts have referred to them as well.

One of the worst French no-go zones that Kern described was Saint-Denis, a suburb just north of Paris. In the article, written more than three years ago, he was explaining – way back then – how French authorities were attempting to Reclaim ‘No-Go’ Zones (Yeah, those zones that don’t exist) ~

The French government has announced a plan to boost policing in 15 of the most crime-ridden parts of France in an effort to reassert state control over the country’s so-called “no-go” zones: Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims.
The crime-infested districts, which the French Interior Ministry has designated as Priority Security Zones (zones de sécurité prioritaires, or ZSP), include heavily Muslim parts of Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lille and Amiens, where Muslim youths recently went on a two-day arson rampage that caused extensive property damage and injured more than a dozen police officers.
The crackdown on lawlessness in the ZSP is set to begin in September, when French Interior Minister Manuel Valls plans to deploy riot police, detectives and intelligence agents into the selected areas. The hope is that a “North American-style” war on crime can prevent France’s impoverished suburbs from descending into turmoil.


If the plan worked it apparently didn’t have any lasting effects; Saint-Denis was the very neighborhood the SWAT teams raided yesterday ~

The site of Wednesday’s raid is just over a mile (less than two kilometers) from the Stade de France soccer stadium; three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the stadium during an international soccer match Friday […]
On Wednesday, residents of Paris’ Saint-Denis neighborhood were shocked awake by an explosion at around 4:20 a.m.
Amine Guizani said the blast was followed by the sound of grenades and automatic gunfire.
“It was continuous. It didn’t stop,” he said. “It lasted from 4:20 until 5:30. It was a good hour. I couldn’t say how many shots were fired, but it was probably 500. Hundreds, definitely. There were maybe 10 explosions.”
Police cordoned off an area around the building in a narrow street lined with low-rise buildings. Riot police cleared people from the streets, pointing guns at residents to move them off the roads.

What a shame that dozens of people had to die, and hundreds more wounded, before France was forced to face the ugly truth, and get serious about invading a “no-go zone.”
European ‘No-Go’ Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 1: France ~

No-go zones are Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims due to a variety of factors, including the lawlessness and insecurity that pervades a great number of these areas. Host-country authorities have effectively lost control over many no-go zones and are often unable or unwilling to provide even basic public aid, such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services, out of fear of being attacked by Muslim youth.

Muslim in Paris: Life inside the ‘No-Go’ zones ~

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 06:57PM ~ PARIS (KABC) —
As the international attention is directed towards Paris following terrorist attacks from Islamic radicals, the spotlight is showing glimpses of what it’s like to be a Muslim within the City of Light.
ABC7’s David Ono is on the ground in Paris and traveled to a Muslim community commonly known among the locals as a “No-Go” zone.
In other words, it’s a place you don’t want to live or be there.

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Sweet Giving

With all the nasty, depressing stuff confronting us these days, we all have to remember to keep smiling. :) So I like to slip in some cheerful news every so often – like this wonderful, “sweet” story about a Kentucky brother and sister who found an amazing way to share the gift of Jesus’ love for Christmas.
Picking up the mail one day, Gabe and Livvy Feinn discovered their grandmother’s copy of the Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog ~

Intrigued, Gabe, 13 at the time, and Livvy, 9, decided they wanted to raise $14 to buy chickens for an impoverished family overseas. Selling cupcakes at a garage sale, they made more than twice their goal. Encouraged by their success, they decided to support a family by paying for a goat. It took them just two days to raise the money.
Gabe then told his mom, “We want to do something that takes a lot of faith.” They looked at several possibilities and set their hearts on a far bigger goal: $35,000 to renovate a mission hospital.

Here’s the rest of their inspiring story… SMILE!



Follow Gabe the Cake Man on Facebook
Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog ~ Be a blessing to others this Christmas; send some baby chicks, feed a hungry family, buy a bicycle for a pastor, build a school… and, most importantly, help share the gospel.

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Can the Paris terrorist attacks be justified in the Quran?

Absolutely. In fact, as David Wood explains in the following video, the Muslims who carried out the Friday 13th murders in France were doing precisely what Muhammad commanded them to do in Quran ~

Update: Nov. 18th ~ HERE‘s a former jihadi – turned CIA double-agent – explaining the very same thing to Megan Kelly on Fox last night.
It’s all in the book!

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Syrian Refugees – No thank-you please!

It’s probably just political expediency for many of these folks, but it’s still encouraging to see them stand up to the president’s obstinate blindness ➡ 16 26 (as of 12:30 am) governors want Syrian resettlement suspended due to security concerns.
shouting-man_noRefujihadisMichigan (Thank-you Rick!) and Alabama led the way on Sunday, announcing that they were not willing to accept Syrian refuges into their respective states – at least until security issues are resolved.
Here’s the current list of governors (which I’m happy to report, is growing by the hour) who are showing true leadership and putting the safety of their own state citizens ahead of the accommodation of the refujihadis ~

• Michigan ~ Gov. Rick Snyder
• Alabama ~ Gov. Robert Bentley
• Texas ~ Gov. Greg Abbott
• Louisiana ~ Gov. Bobby Jindal
• Arkansas ~ Gov. Asa Hutchinson
• Indiana ~ Gov. Mike Pence
• Mississippi ~ Gov. Phil Bryant
• Illinois ~ Gov. Bruce Rauner
• Massachusetts ~ Gov. Charlie Baker
• Florida ~ Gov. Rick Scott
• North Carolina ~ Gov. Pat McCrory
• Ohio ~ Gov. John Kasich
• Arizona ~ Gov. Doug Ducey
• Wisconsin ~ Gov. Scott Walker
• Maine ~ Gov. Paul LePage
• New Hampshire ~ Gov. Maggie Hassan
• Georgia ~ Gov. Nathan Deal
• Idaho ~ C. L. “Butch” Otter
• Iowa ~ Gov. Terry Branstad
• Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback
• Nebraska ~ Gov. Pete Ricketts
• New Jersey ~ Gov. Chris Christie
• New Mexico ~ Susana Martinez
• Oklahoma ~ Gov. Mary Fallin
• South Carolina ~ Gov. Nikki Haley
• Tennessee ~ Gov. Bill Haslam


That’s more than half the states now, but meanwhile…

… several Democratic governors said they would continue accepting Syrian refugees, including Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin.
A top aide to Obama said Sunday that the Obama administration still plans to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. over the next year despite the Paris attacks.

Source: The Hill

Barack Obama’s primary responsibility just so happens to be protecting the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic – not welcoming foreigners into America.
It’s “shameful” that our feckless president can’t step up and behave like a responsible executive – like Governor Sam Brownback (Kansas) ~

“My first priority as Governor is the safety of all Kansans. We must take immediate action to ensure terrorists do not enter the nation or our state under the guise of refugee resettlement. The recent attacks in Paris coupled with terrorist organizations indicating a desire to attack the United States are stark reminders of the dangers every nation faces.
“It is imperative that we take action where the White House has not.
“I have therefore directed all state agencies, departments, boards or commissions not to participate or assist in the relocation of Syrian refugees to Kansas. It is unfortunate that we must take this step to protect the safety of Kansans, but the federal government cannot guarantee that Syrian refugees coming to America would not be part of a terrorist organization seeking to harm our citizens.
“America has always provided a refuge for the oppressed and those who seek freedom. However, we must be sure that we are not admitting terrorists as we try to help the innocents who desire the opportunity for a better life and the basic liberty of religious freedom. Most people seeking refugee status are peaceful individuals looking for a better life. But we cannot allow an influx of Syrian refugees, without any meaningful security checks, while ISIS is promising to infiltrate the refugee process.
“Our resources can be better used to help persecuted Syrians. We must consider whether refugees fleeing the persecution of their home country may be better served by resettlement in a friendly nation closer to their homes. Though America will continue to be a country that defends the oppressed, our allies in the region must also step up to stem the tide of this humanitarian crisis.”

That’s what responsible leadership sounds like!


PLEASE – go sign this White House Petition which demands that an indefinite moratorium be placed on all refugee resettlement from Middle Eastern nations.


Paris Attacks Intensify Debate Over How Many Syrian Refugees to Allow Into the U.S. ~ NYT article includes a very enlightening map showing where the 1,854 Syrian refugees already in the U.S. have been placed.

Refugee Resettlement in Michigan? No thanks Rick!

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Days after the Friday 13th Paris attacks, Obama signals his true allegiance…

While you were sleeping: Obama transfers 5 Gitmo detainees to UAE ~

Late Sunday night (!), the Pentagon announced that 5 Guantanamo detainees were being transferred to the United Arab Emirates.

As usual, his timing is impeccably nefarious. As the Hill reports, he’s taking this action just ahead of his expected signing of a defense bill that will place restrictions on transferring prisoners from the facility ~

(The move) comes before Obama signs the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, which will make it harder to transfer the detainees.
Obama is running out of time to close Guantanamo before leaving office. His administration is poised to send Congress a plan for closing the facility and bringing the remaining detainees to a prison in the United States.

Any doubts which side POTUS is actually on?

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Saturday Shorts – 11-14-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

26 Police Injured In Clashes With Migrants At Calais ~ This was just five days before the Paris attacks ~

“In all honesty we just don’t know what the solution is to this crisis. There are 6,000 people living in this camp. We will do our job and do it with courage but the officers are very downbeat. They have 26 injured colleagues.” […]
Although clashes between police and migrants are a regular occurrence in Calais, Sunday night’s clashes were far worse than normal and are provoking fears that situation may deteriorate further.

How many more immigrants are they planning to welcome into France?

And what about the U.S.?
FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S. ~ Just a matter of time before Islamists attack here like they did last night in Paris?
Soros aids invasion of Christian Europe by Muslim refugees, says Hungary prime minister ~ I imagine the evil puppet-master is cackling with delight today.
20 Of My All Time Favorite Pieces Of Hate Mail ~ Just a reminder from John Hawkins at Townhall of how truly effective the progressive propaganda has been when it comes to creating mobs of mindlessly, angry drones.

Fiery Christian apologist draws standing room only crowd at campus appearance ~ Pleasantly surprised that Frank Turek was actually allowed to speak and not protested off the University of Michigan campus, which is typically a huge reality-free zone.

Export-Import Bank Rescued by Speaker Paul Ryan’s Highway Bill ~ Looks like it’s full speed ahead for RINO Ryan (Liberty Score with Conservative Review a big fat “F”); corporate welfare – another big victory for K-Street – another screw-job for the taxpayers This bill will…

… preemptively undermine the next Republican president from his ability to make substantial reforms to our inefficient federal transportation system.

Thanks Paul.

The Rise of Big Pot ~ Some inconvenient truths reveal the greedy intent behind the marijuana pushers

The Sacrifice of the Wicked… Germany and the West ~ More and more today’s headlines point to the rapid emergence of a world-wide ruling class. These power-hungry elitists seem indifferent to any appeals for sanity and moderation from the unwashed masses ~

I think that our Western Leaders are Nihilistic, they hate their own nations and have a sick kind of death wish. They have rejected the Sacrifice of Jesus and the Christian culture which it bequeathed, but now they are willing to sacrifice millions of their citizens toothed[sic] gods, such as the demonic Allah.

To: Scarlett Johansson, Sexing Up The Bible Won’t Defeat Christianity ~ Apparently Miss Scarlett will be reading portions of the Bible in a “porn voice” for an upcoming comedy album (from “Saturday Night Live” writer Mike O’Brien). Hans Fiene at the Federalist exposes her wacky worldview ~

Those who rejoice to belong to a fellowship that transcends space and time, tribes and cultures, and unites heaven and earth together won’t trade a life overflowing with eternal meaning for a life of sexual libertinism that epitomizes meaninglessness.

I’m encouraged to see that Alan Dershowitz, an old-school liberal, is starting to make more and more sense lately ~
1.) Dershowitz: Doctors Without Borders Really Is ‘Doctors Without Morals’ ~

International law experts are blasting Doctors Without Borders for forcibly removing civilian patients from the aid group’s Kunduz, Afghanistan, hospital and replacing them with wounded Taliban fighters when the city fell to the rebel control in late September […]
The removal of civilian patients for soldiers violates a number of long-held provisions of the Geneva Convention and International Humanitarian Law. Both internationally-sanctioned protocols require that administrators to protect non-combatants who are patients at medical clinics and hospitals in war zones.

2.) Dershowitz: ‘The Fog of Fascism Is Descending Quickly Over Many American Universities’ ~

“These are the same people who claim they are seeking diversity. The last thing many of these students want is real diversity, diversity of ideas. They may want superficial diversity, diversity of gender, diversity of color, but they don’t want diversity of ideas.”

Too bad Dershowitz’s fellow libs haven’t come to their senses…
Dems search for fountain of youth ~ Clinton, Sanders, Warren – not to mention Pelosi, Reid, Biden – the Geriatric Party! Unfortunately in the Dem’s case, age ≠ wisdom.

One Of The Country’s Biggest Urban Farms Will Be Built In Detroit ~ Sometimes there’s actually good news from the Motor City :) ~

Detroit’s urban farming possibilities aren’t a secret; there is nowhere else in the country with an infrastructure as big as Detroit’s that contains so much city-owned or delinquent land. Farmers are stepping in from all over the place; the planners behind one project hope to eventually create the world’s largest urban farm. But Detroit’s mayor just found announced an even newer and bigger project: a $15 million, 60-acre urban farm.


Mass. woman wins fight to wear colander in driver’s license by citing ‘pastafarian’ religion ~ Just when you think things can’t get much crazier…

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The “COEXIST” game; ever notice how one of the letters never wants to play along?

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