Once again atheists expose themselves as oxymoronic

Here they go again. Once more it’s time to use the Christmas season to promote the hopelessness of atheism. This time the American Atheists have really outdone themselves in promoting illogical assertions. Here’s their 2016 billboard message ~

First off, WHY DO THEY EVEN CARE? Why can’t they just leave Christians alone? We don’t force our belief in Jesus Christ on them (unlike a religion-which-must-not-be-named). Why must they continue to rudely foist their non-belief on us?
(It’s also rather curious that the atheists never try to discredit Islam… But that’s a topic for another post.)
What’s striking also is the irrationality of these self-proclaimed “rational” individuals. While one of their ad campaigns a couple years ago made minimal sense; Be good for goodness’ sake (only because they were appropriating a line from a traditional holiday jingle about Santa) – how do you “make CHRISTmas great again” without the first syllable of the word?
Back in 2013 American Atheists went with “Who Needs Christ During Christmas?” Obviously they do. Christ IS Christmas. There’s no point in joyfully celebrating the holiday and giving gifts to others if we aren’t doing so in recognition of the greatest GIFT the world has ever received.
So please just stop this foolishness. Donate the money spent on billboards to some worthy cause like the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse or the USO. If you won’t believe, fine. But leave us alone to keep Christmas as we see fit.


“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’”
~ Psalm 14:1

What Would Santa Do? ~

St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, in 4th century Asia Minor, now Turkey. In addition to being remembered for his generosity and compassion to the poor and to children, Bishop Nicholas was the kind of “muscular Christian” that makes the folks at the National Council of Churches shudder. He was a staunch defender of Christian orthodoxy and would not be too pleased with the “Why believe in a god?” mentality.


Here’s Ken Ham’s (Answers in Genesis) take on the atheist campaign -~

American Atheists reject Christ yet spend time and money talking a lot about Him at CHRISTmas. Their billboards have no positive message except they positively promote their anti-God religion. They reflect the American Atheists true message—attack God/Christians—shake your fist at God. Really, their new billboards should say ‘Live a hopeless, meaningless, purposeless life—become an American Atheist.’

We might want to rethink going God-less

America needs God to be good

The Chink in the Atheist Armor

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Founding Wisdom [Flouted by the Foolish]

founders-quote-BFranklin“I have lived, sir, a long time; and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?”
~ Benjamin Franklin [Motion for Prayers in the Constitutional Convention, 1787]

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Progressives impede progress; DAPL blocked again

It’s pretty obvious by now that “Progressives” only call themselves that because the label has a positive, affirming ring to it (after all – who wants to be regressive?). But when it comes to moving forward, all they really want to do is radically transform society by advancing their utopian, soul-sucking agenda. That’s their “progress.” In terms of what the word used to mean; new technology, innovation, improved productivity, and yes, increased prosperity, they would just as soon we return to the pre-industrial, horse and buggy days.
So since they are in truth anti-progress, various leftie types including tree-hugging, earth-firsters, social-justice and climate justice(?) warriors, general malcontents and even communists, all rallied behind the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).


Yesterday the Obama administration suddenly reversed itself on their prior approval of the project, probably caving in to activists’ demands, denying a government permit for the pipeline in southern North Dakota ~

The Army Corps of Engineers earlier this year approved easement of the pipeline, before activists swarmed the area. It wasn’t until the protesters, who have not been models of environmental quality themselves, began raising a ruckus that the government backtracked.


The mainstream media has largely ignored the the DAPL story so I did quite a bit of research to learn the facts about the suddenly contentious issue. Here are the key points:

Energy Transfer, a Texas-based company, is building a 1,172 mile-long underground crude oil pipeline designed to transport 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day (with a growth potential up to 570,000 barrels per day) from the Bakken/Three Forks formations in North Dakota to a terminus near Patoka, Illinois.


• in the U.S. there are 190,000 miles of pipelines that carry crude oil and liquid petroleum products across the country

A study based on 10 years of data in Canada by the Frasier Institute found that transporting oil and natural gas through pipelines was 4.5 times safer than by rail after adjusting for the volume and distance

• the project has been underway for 3 years and is over 80% complete

• it’s estimated that the pipeline will generate between 8,000 and 12,000 jobs, and $156 million in tax revenue

• the majority of the route (99%) is on private land

What’s currently under dispute (beyond the Left’s general anti-fossil fuel obsession) is an area north of Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota ~

Native Americans oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline on environmental and cultural grounds. They are concerned it will both damage their reservation’s water supply and violate the sanctity their land.

However, most of the pipeline route is being built on private land, and will avoid cutting through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The pipeline route is being built north of the reservation. Although the land is privately owned, the tribe considers the territory part of its ancestral land.

Source: Conservative Review


One critical piece of information that’s missing from much of the coverage on DAPL is the fact that for two years the Standing Rock Sioux refused to participate with the best efforts of the U.S. Corps of Engineers to discuss concerns. Behind the scenes it’s pretty clear that it’s really the radical greens who pushed the tribe to protest at the 11th hour ~

Given that the legal issue at play is whether the U.S. Army Corps sufficiently consulted with the Standing Rock Sioux regarding historical artifacts and other issues of cultural significance, it is perhaps surprising that the tribe is being represented by EarthJustice. You might be asking yourself: why is an environmental special interest litigating a statute that deals with preserving Native American history?

The answer, of course, is that the greens will use any means necessary to achieve their goal of “keeping it in the ground.” Their “solidarity” with the Standing Rock Sioux is a sham pretense for their real purpose: misusing the law to advance their climate agenda.

Yesterday, CNN reported that not all Standing Rock Sioux oppose the pipeline (emphasis added):

[Robert Fool Bear Sr., district chairman of Cannon Ball] has had it with the protesters. He says that more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

Despite his unfortunate name, Mr. Fool Bear Sr. is exactly right about the crowds being out of control. I’m not sure if they’ve dispersed in the wake of yesterday’s announcement but the mob hasn’t exactly been models of responsible environmentalism as the Washington Times was reporting just last week ~

In the name of saving the environment, thousands of green activists fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline are making a huge mess.

Those familiar with the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, increasingly are distressed over the pits of human waste and garbage pockmarking the formerly pristine prairie revered by the Standing Rock Sioux as sacred ancestral land.

Rob Keller, spokesman for the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, said the protesters are “saying one thing and doing another” when it comes to safeguarding the environment.

“We’ve seen pictures of trenches and the garbage thrown in there. So that’s protecting the land?” Mr. Keller said. “And then the snow came in, and I’m sure it’s just a muddy mess now, because that’s river-bottom water, which is silt. It will be a mess.”

Even Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II, who has urged protesters to come “stand with Standing Rock” against the pipeline, is disgusted with how the environmental activists living in the camps have treated the federal property.


Is this what the Left calls “progress?” I don’t know about you but I prefer indoor plumbing. And affordable energy. And jobs for Americans. Contrary to what the enviro-activists want us to believe, none of those things are mutually exclusive with clean land, water and air.
The incoming Trump administration can reverse this ridiculous decision of Obama’s – along with the rest of this president’s misguided, anti-energy regulations. Let’s hope they do.

The Real Dakota Access Pipeline Victim Is the Construction Company
Obama Admin Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline Months After Approving It ~

Army Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy said the Corps would not approve the easement based on the need to “explore alternate routes” for the pipeline. It’s a stunning reversal from July 2016, when the Corps approved the easement for the project […]

“This purely political decision flies in the face of common sense and the rule of law,” Craig Stevens, spokesperson for the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now Coalition, said in a statement […]

“There is no reasonable logical, factual, environmental, or scientific reason for this not to be issued — in fact the Army Corps of Engineers had already recommended the approval of the easement,” Stevens said.


Ryan blasts decision to block Dakota Access pipeline route
Leading Pro-Palestine Communist Trains Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Update: 12-6-16 ~ Added ➡ To Kill a Pipeline — Again ~ Excellent recap of the entire DAPL controversy from Rich Lowry

Sometimes one singular picture can make
an otherwise confusing issue crystal clear ~


When anarchy is on one side, I’m on the other.

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Fidel may be gone, but his legacy of oppression lives on

Ding dong the dictator’s dead – and was finally buried today ~

Fidel Castro’s ashes were driven two miles through Santiago, Cuba on Sunday morning to Santa Ifigenia cemetery, where he was laid to rest. Raul Castro laid his brother’s remains in a stone tomb marked with one word: “Fidel.” Thousands of Cubans lined the streets to get a glimpse of the leader before the small burial service. His remains were laid to rest after nine days of mourning.



You can bet nary a tear was shed in Little Havana, Miami – unless they were tears of joy. I’m sure Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a U.S. congressional representative (FL-R) was dry-eyed, and spoke for most Cuban-Americans: “Fidel Castro should not be revered; he should be reviled.”
Ros-Lehtinen was born in Cuba and fled to the U.S. with her family when she was eight years old, shortly after Castro came to power. She shared her thoughts about the dictator and his regime in this piece at The Hill ~

With the death of Fidel Castro, Cubans can now close a chapter of this horrific nightmare they have endured for over half a century. While some have been quick to offer their praise of him and mourn the passing of a man they hail as a great leader, nothing could be further from the truth or more ignorant. The real Castro was a sadistic murderer who brought great suffering to the people of Cuba. That is his legacy. He should not be revered; he should be reviled. His only accomplishment was staying in power and maintaining a stranglehold on the Cuban people.
Even as news of his death spread across Cuba, reports came in that pro-democracy leaders who oppose the regime were rounded up, thrown in jail and purged from the streets — one last measure that symbolizes his decades of rule. His real legacy will be the firing squads, the gulags, the torture and the beatings for anyone who dared stand in opposition to him. His legacy will be of a man with blood-soaked hands, stained with the blood of American citizens and the blood of the people in Cuba, Venezuela and around Latin America who dared to call for freedom and democracy.


Writing at The Stream, Mike Gonzalez explains that Cuba was relatively prosperous before Fidel and his comrades collectivized (stole) all private property and businesses (executing some 15,000 political prisoners along the way!) ~

Castro destroyed a thriving society and imposed penury, either out of Marxist dogma or out of resentment that his out-of-wedlock birth had left him with a stigma among Cuba’s middle classes.
Cuba had problems in 1958 as many societies do. But on a number of fronts it was the lead country in Latin America, or among the very top. Its social indicators were not just ahead of Asia and Africa, but also ahead of many European countries […]
cuba-pre-castoA study by the State Department’s Hugo Llorens and Kirby Smith show, for example, that in infant mortality, literacy rates, per capita food consumption, passenger cars per capita, number of telephones, radios, televisions and many other indicators, Cuba led when Castro took over on New Year’s Eve 1958.
As for literacy rates, Cuba’s 76 percent in the late 1950s put it closely behind only Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica. Giant Brazil’s percentage, by comparison, was 49 percent.
And Cuba’s GDP per capita in 1959 was higher than those of Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and most of Latin America, Asia. and Africa, again according to U.N.statistics.
In most vital statistics, therefore, Cuba was on a par with Mediterranean countries and southern U.S. states.


Today? The average Cuban is impoverished and disenfranchised, left with no means to improve their seemingly hopeless situation. As Spyridon Mitsotakis explains, their are really two Cubas; one for the elites, and one for everyone else. While the socialist propaganda blames Cuban woes on the American embargo, the real problem is the “internal embargo,” that is ~

… the embargo that the government elite has imposed on the Cuban people to keep them from participating in the economies of the elite and the outside world.

The internal embargo is so complete that, not only is there physical separation from the elites, but there is even a separate currency. The Cuban people use the Cuban Peso (CUP), whereas the government elite and the tourists use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC). The CUC is worth 25 times the value of the CUP, and the nation’s tourist areas, luxury restaurants, and other attractions for foreigners will not accept Cuban pesos, effectively keeping the native population out.

In the cities, the people live in squalor, while the elites look down on them from balconies like feudal overlords or prison guards. In the countryside, the people must travel to work on foot (often barefoot) or in hot crowded buses where nothing but the engine is working and have to endure military checkpoints, almost as if they lived under a foreign occupation. The only successful part of the Cuban economy—the tourism sector—is off limits to ordinary Cubans. There is literally a wall separating the Cuban people from the beaches, where the (mostly Canadian) tourists have the white sand all to themselves. On the other side of the wall, the people have nothing.

There were even separate medical facilities. The clinics for foreigners were absolutely pristine. I did not get to visit a clinic or hospital for the Cuban people, but the conditions were indicated to me by a nurse who asked if we had extra bed sheets to spare, because they were dealing with an outbreak of cholera (a disease that had not been seen in Cuba for over a century).


And nothing has improved since Barack Obama re-opened diplomacy with the island paradise – certainly not for the average Cuban ~

Castro’s communism has not just left Cubans economically pauperized, but politically bereft, a situation that Obama’s unilateral concessions to Castro’s little brother, the 85-year-old Raul, Cuba’s present leader, has only made worse.
According to the Cuban Committee for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, which is recognized by Amnesty and Freedom House, so far this year there have already been over 8,505 political arrests during the first eight months. This represents the highest rate of political arrests in decades.
Meanwhile, we are in the midst of a new Cuban migration crisis. The United States is faced with the largest migration of Cuban nationals since the rafters of 1994. The number of Cubans fleeing to the United States in 2015 was nearly twice that of 2014.
Some 51,000 Cubans last year entered the United States and this year’s figures will easily surpass that. The numbers of Cuban nationals fleeing Cuba have now quintupled since Obama took office, when it was less than 7,000 annually.

Source: The Stream

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen believes Fidel’s death presents an opportunity to truly improve the lot of the 11.3 million Cuban citizens ~

Now is the time to put pressure on the Castro regime to close all the gulags, release all political prisoners, and call for free and transparent elections in Cuba. We must work together alongside responsible nations to help write a new chapter in the history of Cuba, one that is an era of progress and peace, and close this chapter marred in violence, bloodshed and oppression.
And while the Obama administration has been unwilling or unable to recognize the Castro regime as the impediment to democracy for Cubans, President-elect Donald Trump has illustrated his willingness to help the people of Cuba, not its ruthless oppressors. By recognizing that Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator and rightly stating that he will overturn many of President Obama’s ill-conceived overtures to the communist dictatorship, Trump has an opportunity to bring about real change in Cuba.
This is a good start, but we must also engage our allies internationally who believe in the cause for freedom and seek their assistance to bring real reforms and immediate changes to the island to help the people of Cuba. The people of Cuba yearn to be free and desire democracy, and we can help them get there. That can be our legacy.


“Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom.”
~ José Marti (Cuban patriot, freedom fighter and poet )


The high price in human life paid for Cuba’s so-called revolution
Cuba: Don’t say “good morning” ~ The Communist regime issued guidelines for the official mourning period ~

Not being allowed to display the most basic civility – “good morning” – to your fellow man is emblematic of Communism’s goal: crushing the human spirit.

Obama’s Cuba FAIL: The total failure of Obama’s policy of embracing and supporting the apartheid Castro regime ~ Capitol Hill Cubans points out the complete and utter failures of Obama’s Cuba’s policy.

• Military has taken absolute control of the island’s tourism industry
• Reforms have been stifled
• Neighboring dictators encouraged to fulfill their authoritarian ambitions without consequence

Repression of self-employed Cubans intensifies: abuse caught on video

Dictators of a feather – Obama cozies up to Communist Cuba

Persecuting Catholics; Obama and the Castros share a common pursuit

Updated: 12-5-16 ~
Fidel Castro’s Death Is an Opportunity to End Cuba’s Communist Dynasty ~

The policy that President Barack Obama and his young deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, have doggedly pursued, despite all the evidence to the contrary, has led only to a greater concentration of power in the hands of the new generation of Castros.
A new communist dynasty, a la North Korea, is taking hold 90 miles away because of Obama’s policies. This is something President-elect Donald Trump must prevent by rolling back, as he has promised, the unilateral concessions that Obama has made.

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2nd Sunday in Advent


Blessed Lord, who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning:
Grant that we may in such wise hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that by patience and comfort of Thy holy Word, we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life,
which Thou hast given us in our Savior Jesus Christ.
~ Amen

(The Book of Common Prayer)

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Saturday Shorts – 12-3-16


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Attack at Ohio State Brings US Terror Plots, Attacks to 93 Since 9/11 ~ But hey, who’s counting? Certainly not the mainstream media.

Vandals Destroy Trump-Supporting Veteran’s Home ~ Good Lord. Just how far are these hateful malcontents going to go? ~

A retired veteran of the U.S. Navy had his house vandalized, torched and desecrated with obscene, racist and anti-Trump graffiti on Tuesday.
“Definitely scary,” is how Matthew Smith described his real-life nightmare to the local ABC TV affiliate.
Smith, who lives in Plant City. Fla., came back to what was left of his home in this small urban center located on Interstate 4 and found his walls covered with hateful phrases. Someone had spray painted “cracker, F- Trump, not my prez, and F- yo kids.”


Faces of the $15 Minimum Wage Victims ~ The Left needs to stop trying to alter reality to fit their silly “life-must-be-fair” paradigm.

In ‘Terrifying’ Holland, Doctors Euthanized a Man Who Wasn’t Dying ~ Mark Langedijk wasn’t terminal, just tired of suffering from his alcoholism ~

“Holland,” said a Labour party member of Parliament responding to Langedijk’s suicide, is “a dangerous place to have any physical or mental illness, to be struggling with any life challenges, or just to differ from what they might call normal. The state-authorised killing of their citizens is out of control and is, quite frankly, terrifying.”

Uganda Moves To Shut For-Profit Schools Funded By Zuckerberg And Gates Over ‘Gospel Of Homosexuality’ ~ Happy to see these folks standing up to the wealthy progressives’ push for amorality ~

The government of Uganda has moved to shut down over 60 primary schools across the country over concerns that the schools are “teaching pornography” and “conveying the gospel of homosexuality” to Ugandan children. Government officials also say the schools are unsanitary and full of unqualified teachers.


Piano Teachers, Beware: The Feds Are Onto You ~ So now the insatiable bureaucracy can just arbitrarily regulate non-profit organizations? ~

To make work for themselves, (bureaucracies) have these models on their desks and scrounge around for instances of reality that do not conform. Maybe they are just googling around and find something objectionable. They flex their muscles by issuing menacing letters. They completely disregard the normal course of human interaction (and human decency too) to force behavior into their preferred path. Once they are finished, and lives and whole institutions are wrecked, they call it a success. They then move on to the next victim.

Adding More Solar And Wind Power ‘Doubles’ CO2 Emissions ~ No matter how much progressives push it and prop it up, “green” will never be the answer to our energy needs.
Geert Wilders: “People Who Want to Stop Me Will Have to Murder Me First” ~ Wilders, the Dutch opposition leader in on trial for “hate speech,” i.e., telling the truth about radical Islam and its intentions to conquer Europe ~

Geert Wilders’ courageous and defiant statement aimed at the corrupt political and ideological system that brought him to trial is a masterpiece of oratory. It’s one of the great speeches of the year by a political figure that the left will willfully ignore.


11 Thoughtful Gifts To Buy Instead Of Wasting Money On Cheap Crap From China ~ Joy Pullmann at The Federalist offers thoughts on America’s excessive focus on more stuff(!) and suggestions for more meaningful gift-giving ~

After all, Christmas is about gratuitous, unearned, undeserved, bountiful mercy. It’s about a gift that we desperately needed but didn’t deserve, and that transcends our wildest dreams. God is neither a miser nor a glutton, and people should also avoid those two extremes of greed. I’m just suggesting you take a few extra minutes to really think about the presents you’re buying, and why you’re buying them, and whether you can manage your time and money more optimally.

Students Break Out in Song During Tornado Warning ~ Encouraging story; all hope is not yet lost for the younger generation :)

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Fire, faith and priorities

gatlinburgI’m just heartbroken over the wildfires in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My family and I have visited the Gatlinburg area numerous times and despite the touristy atmosphere in town, it’s just a beautiful, special place – as are its people. The tragic loss of life (at least 13 people died so far with others still missing) – not to mention the property destruction, the scorched mountains – is difficult to fathom ~

Seven thirteen people died as a result of the fires, and (nearly 1000) homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged, including 300 inside the Gatlinburg city limits. The fires were spurred by dry conditions and high winds. More than 14,000 residents were displaced as the fires burned and more than 15,000 acres were consumed, the Tennessean said.

If you’d like to donate to the aid and relief efforts in Tennessee I recommend Samaritan’s Purse or the Salvation Army. Or you could contribute to Dolly Parton’s foundation (My People Fund). That’s right, for decades Dolly – unlike the whiny, arrogant “Hamilton” actors, anti-2nd Amendment Matt Damon or Whoopi and her marijuana promotion (Goldberg launches weed startup for women) – has quietly donated millions to support various causes in the county where she was raised.
Instead of using their wealth and elevated social status to lecture us on the moral superiority of progressive values wouldn’t it be a delight if more celebrities did this?


Dolly Parton has her priorities straight. Unlike so many of the narcissistic rich and famous, her values were grounded early in her strong Christian faith, and she’s never lost sight of her humble beginnings.



Heart and Soul Tested in Tennessee Wildfire Tragedy ~ God is there in unexpected events, inspiring people and reminding them that He is ultimately in control.

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Christmas is a national holiday, I wish you a Merry one!

My fellow Christians, this year let’s take Dennis Prager’s advice and push back against the PC nonsense, shatter some cognitive dissonance and wish our fellow citizens a “Merry Christmas!” ~

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Discerning Christian’s 2016 guide to gift shopping

stackofgiftsWhoops! I was too busy over Thanksgiving to remember to post this year’s AFA Naughty & Nice list in time for the retailers’ holidays; “Black Friday” and Cyber Monday.” Oh well, better late than never :)
Every year the American Family Association publishes a list of the top retailers, assigning each to one of three categories based on the company’s willingness to acknowledge the Reason for the Season.

Happily, most of my favorites are “nice” this year, including L.L.Bean, Michaels, Cabela’s, JoAnn Fabrics, Bed Bath & Beyond – even Kroger (hey, gotta buy groceries!).

Some of last year’s “Nice” stores are only marginal in 2016, like Amazon and Kohls :( And unfortunately – though not really surprising considering our continual cultural decline – the “Naughty” list grew longer this year ~

• Academy Sports + Outdoors
• Barnes & Noble
• Best Buy
• Dollar General
• Family Dollar
• Foot Locker
• Gap, Inc.
• The Limited
• Maurice’s
• Nordstrom
• Office Depot
• Office Max
• Pet Smart
• Staples
• Stein Mart
• Supervalu
• UncommonGoods.com
• Victoria’s Secret

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that stores who eagerly sought to profit off Christmas – yet pretend they don’t know why most of us are even shopping in December – certainly don’t deserve to have we Christians play along with their little charade.
If you still have shopping to do this year (I sure do!), please keep the Naughty or Nice list in mind, and spend accordingly.
Three convincing reasons to boycott Target this Christmas ~ Starting with their unsafe restrooms.

Updated: 12-3-16 ~
#AnywhereButTARGET ~ Here’s another handy guide from a website that calls itself 2nd Vote. Founded as a way to stand up to the cultural decline so many of us have been resisting, 2nd Vote calls themselves a conservative watchdog for corporate activism. They’re exposing the corporations and organizations funding liberal advocacy ~

By putting big business on watch through our extensive research on the most important issues of the day, our mission is to expose the corporate influence on major policy decisions and turn the tide on the attacks on conservative values and principles.

2nd Vote’s helpful list rates retailers (including food & beverages, electronics and travel sites) based on their positions (or neutrality) on various issues like marriage, life, 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, etc.. All good stuff to know when you’re spending your hard-earned dollars.

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Yet another Muslim attack on infidels (OSU campus)

Here we go again ~ Somali student behind car, knife attack at Ohio State University that injured 11 ~

A Somali-born student at Ohio State University injured 11 people, one of them critically, on Monday when he attacked a crowd of pedestrians on campus in an incident one lawmaker said “bears all the hallmarks of a terror attack.”

Learning that the perpetrator was Muslim, I was immediately reminded of a strange incident that occurred after the Ohio State vs. University of Michigan game.

Saturday’s football contest in Columbus certainly didn’t lack for excitement ~ Buckeyes rally, beat Wolverines in 2 overtimes. As MSU Spartan fans (despondent over this season’s performance) I gotta admit we were cheering for Ohio, and thrilled with the outcome, so we continued to watch as the celebration flooded onto the field.

While the sideline reporter babe was interviewing the Buckeyes post-game -I think she was talking to Coach Urban – inexplicably, some dude was wildly waving a keffiyeh (You know, that black and white checked scarf that Yasser Arafat popularized – looks like the wearer has a tablecloth on his head?) in the crowd, just a few people behind them.
It just struck me as so odd at the time. The guy wasn’t just waving it, he kept shouldering others aside and jumping up and down to make sure he was always in the camera, flashing a crazy grin all whole time . (Wish I could find a video — I think it was on ABC…)
What caught my attention was the jarring incongruity. I remember thinking what in the world does a Palestinian keffiyeh have to do with American college football? And why was the fool so determined to be noticed?
And now, just two days later on the very same campus, this senseless, “lone wolf” attack on total strangers? Too weird. I’m sure it wasn’t the same dude (mostly sure…), but it’s an eerie coincidence just the same.


From what the press has reported so far, we learn that Abdul Razak Ali Artan was a Somali refugee…

… who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident.

Source: NBC News

At least this Islamist attack ended better than most; “suspect” dead, and all 11 injured expected to survive. The Columbus Dispatch has a fairly detailed account of the incident ~

Monday morning dawned on the Ohio State University campus in positive fashion. Students had just returned after visits home for Thanksgiving weekend. And they were still in a celebratory mood from the Buckeyes’ football win over rival Michigan on Saturday.
Nothing would have prepared anyone for what had happened by late morning.

A student, Ohio State police say, drove a car into a group of people standing outside a campus building, throwing some into the air and running over others. The driver then jumped from the car with a butcher knife, slashing more people. Less than a minute after the attack, an OSU police officer had shot and killed the man. In the end, 11 people were injured. All are expected to survive.


Unfortunately, the Dispatch couldn’t stop themselves from veering into progressive subjectivity, seemingly frustrated with the Ohio state treasurer for stating the obvious ~

While officials have not disclosed motive, Mandel blames ‘radical Islamic terror’ for Ohio State attack ~
While the typical “thoughts and prayers” dominated political reactions to the attacks Monday at Ohio State, a few responses veered into rhetorical land mines.
State Treasurer Josh Mandel tweeted: “Looks like Radical Islamic terror came to my alma mater today. So sad what happened at OSU. We must remain vigilant against Radical Islam.” About two hours later, he tweeted the last line again.
The likely 2018 U.S. Senate candidate’s response came after the student responsible for the attack was identified as a Muslim, a Somali refugee who stayed for a short time in Pakistan.
Officials invesitgating [sic] the attack have not disclosed a motive.

Really people? :roll:

Why do Leftists simply refuse to face the obvious?





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Finding the Messiah

I discovered “I Met Messiah” a few months back, and found myself fascinated by the various testimonies of Jewish believers in Jesus Christ. Listening to them share their life stories, and recount the various circumstances that led to their conversions with such conviction, is truly edifying ~

It’s easy to become engrossed on this site (or this YouTube channel) and watch one video after another. Instead, going through the next several weeks of Advent – in anticipation of the Savior’s birth – I’m going to pick one each day to enjoy and ponder.

Baruch Hashem Adonai כבוד שם יהוה (Blessed be the Name of the Lord)

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1st Sunday in Advent

Almighty God, give us grace that we may cast away the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light, now in the time of this mortal life, in which Thy Son, Jesus Christ came to visit us in great humility;
that in the last day, when He shall come again in His glorious Majesty, to judge both the quick and the dead, we may rise to the life immortal;
through Him who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, now and ever. ~ Amen


(The Book of Common Prayer)

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