Evil invades “Sin City”

Having made a brief visit to Las Vegas last summer I can tell you the city’s nickname “Sin City,” was well-earned (the sad fact is, hedonism sells). So it’s a always town that can use some prayers. But now – in the wake of Sunday’s tragedy – so much more than ever ~



Here’s a tip for all the indignant, reactionaries out there who are using this tragedy to advance their gun-grabbing agenda:

“You cannot regulate evil.” ~ Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin

Just ask the survivors of 9-11, the Paris Bataclan slaughter, the Boston Marathon massacre, London’s various terrorist attacks (like the one on Parliament last spring), Germany’s Christmas Market truck assault, and Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 carnage in Norway.
Evil will find a way… Pray!
Mourning in the Wake of Las Vegas; Weeping for the Suffering, Calling Evil by Name

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