Scientific confirmation: boys aren’t girls – and feelings aren’t facts

Progressive forces of social transformation are trying to convince us that there are some 58 categories of gender (- or is it 71? Seems the number grows by the week.) Even Bill Nye, the pseudo-science guy has gotten in the act with his sophomoric promotion of gender-fluidity (and indiscriminate sex and STDs for all).
Real science however, actually confirms what we all learned by kindergarten ~
Not only are there only two sexes, XY & XX (the unfortunate cases of babies born with indeterminate sex organs being extremely rare) -we now know there are some 6,500 genetic differences between them ~

Researchers have revealed a breakthrough in how the sexes really differ from each other.
A groundbreaking genetic study pinponted 6500 genes that differ between men and women […]
Researchers analyzed 20,000 different genes, sorting them by sex and for differences in expression in each body tissue […]

For example, they found that genes that were highly expressed in the skin of men compared to women were related to body hair growth.
Gene expression for muscle building was higher in men, and that for fat storage higher in women.

Experts say it could have a profound effect in the way we identify and treat everything from disease to fertility.

Quick, someone tell “The Science Guy.”

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