Normalizing psychosis


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,” we learn that
an Oregon judge knows more than your DNA does ~


As every Biology 101 student learns, females have 2 “X” sex chromosomes and males have an “X” and a “Y.” But in Oregon recently an XX judge has ruled that scientific facts are completely irrelevant when it comes to how you feel about your sexual identity – whether those feelings correspond to reality or not. Indeed, you can now pretend to have no gender at all. And the rest of society is expected to affirm that – going crazy right along with you ~

NO GENDER, NO PROBLEM: Oregon Judge Grants First Legal ‘Agender’ Status ~

Oregon Judge Amy Holmes Hehn had granted legal gender “non-binary” status to Portland resident Jamie Shupe in July 2016, but roughly two weeks ago, Hehn went further, granting “Patch,” a video game designer, the right to be referred to as “agender.”

Hank Berrien at the Daily Wire continues ~

And hey, don’t worry that a genderless identity will be a problem for government-issued identity cards, such as driver’s licenses or passports; last December, California’s Sara Kelly Keenan received the first known U.S. birth certificate reading “intersex” after a judge granted her gender change from female to non-binary.


Used to be that exhibiting a partial or complete withdrawal from reality meant you were suffering from a severe mental disorder which the mental health community referred to as psychosis – but no longer. According to these wacko judges, psychosis is the new normal.

What is it with Oregon judges these days?
Does DNA Determine Sexual Preference?
No, perception is NOT reality
Gender Confusion Is Not Biological ~ Interesting article at Creation Evolution Headlines explains just how out of control this gender-bender nonsense has gotten

There are rare cases where an individual is born with extra X or Y chromosomes that might influence their sexual identity. Aside from those, what is a transgender individual to think of himself, herself, or itself? If there is no biological basis, it’s a choice. But if it’s a choice, the individual could choose to go back to its biological gender; so why should society give the person special rights and protections, including access to opposite-sex bathrooms (to the harm of “cis-gender” [normal] people)? On the other hand, if it is biological, should it not be corrected as any other biological abnormality?
The “identity” craze has already gone past absurd. If someone can decide what gender they are, regardless of plumbing, why can’t they decide what race they are, regardless of skin color? How about the fat man identifying as a skinny girl, or the short guy identifying as an NBA giant? Do we want to let a stocky bearded man enter a girl’s bathroom to shrieks of terror from the girls, just because he claims he feels like a woman? Will women who identify as men be barred from all-female colleges? Will men who identify as women be allowed in, not only to matriculate, but use the women’s dorms and showers? These issues are already being faced. Where does the craziness end? “My mother the car” may come back into vogue at this rate.

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