Is crazy the new normal?

genderneutralhopperAre Americans really so unmoored from reality that we’re willing to let delusional individuals indulge in their various pathologies – at the expense of the rest of society? Apparently so.

If we don’t mind this sort of thing:


Indiana University Student Charged With Recording Women in Dorm Showers
Cross-dressing man arrested for filming Alabama woman in public bathroom
Man Dressed as Woman Arrested for Spying Into Mall Bathroom Stall, Police Say (VA)
California Man Dressed as Woman Busted for Videoing in Women’s Bathroom
Man secretly videotaped woman, kids in bathroom, authorities say (FL)
Man Strips In Women’s Restroom, Says New Transgender Rules Make It Totally Legal (WA)


… then by all means, let’s have gents in the Ladies!

Incidentally, this particular deviancy has its own separate category on the porn sites – just do a web search for “voyeurism in bathrooms.” (In fact you can explore a whole new subculture by googling “perverts in bathrooms.” No- don’t!)
The question is, why are we being made to believe any of this behavior is normal?! Wouldn’t the more humane thing – if we really cared about these troubled souls – be to get them some help?


A male who believes he’s a female – and vice versa – is disordered not “dysgendered,” deserving of our compassion and assistance – not our encouragement. Watch this Steven Crowder interview with Walt Heyer, a former transgender. Very honest and enlightening.

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