THIS is why America is doomed

Although it was created four years ago, I only recently ran across this video. It needs to go viral, because it exposes the widespread ignorance on today’s college campuses.
94 Maidens author, Rhonda Fink-Whitman, decided to interview Pennsylvania public school graduates who at the time were attending four different prestigious PA universities to find out what they knew about the Holocaust, WWII, and Genocide in general. Their responses are simply stunning!

Given the fragile nature of so many of these college “snowflakes” today, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever learn about the Holocaust. Any mention of the horrors committed by the Nazis (- not to mention the communists in the USSR, China, Cambodia…) would no doubt have them running to hug a teddy bear in one of their safe spaces.
And yet how can they possibly develop a coherent worldview when they’re so ignorant of history? They not only lack perspective – they lack facts. Scary stuff. The world will be a much darker place when this bewildered generation is in charge.


Fink-Whitman’s efforts are paying off. Here in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill last year that mandates Holocaust and genocide education in our state’s high schools. Similar legislation is being discussed in other states.
More tragic evidence of mis-education ~ Filmmaker waves American flag on Berkeley campus as experiment. Students don’t like what they see ~ So why don’t they just leave?


A musical tribute to… Communism
70 years after the Holocaust – Europe is increasingly hostile to Jews ~ Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

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