The gruesome truth about Planned Parenthood

Last Monday, Fox’s Tucker Carlson spoke with former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson who revealed some inconvenient – and stomach-churning – facts about progressives favorite abortion mill ~
• PP’s business is ABORTION. (No pre-natal care, no mammograms)
• Every facility has a monthly quota to meet (Johnson’s performed 75 abortions/day!)
• Fetuses’ bodies are sold for $200 each
Pure evil.


Watch quickly before YouTube censors it for offensive content
(Seems they’re becoming increasing fascistic)


For the last few years, David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress have been exposing the disgusting facts about the abortion giant; their callous attitudes and the sale of baby body parts. Abby Johnson pretty much confirms everything that he’s reported. Yet Daleiden has been harassed, persecuted and even arrested – for trying to put an end to this barbaric practice.
Franklin Graham Slams Planned Parenthood: “Abortion is Murdering an Unborn Child. What Kind of Parenting is That?” ~ Graham was responding to PP’s latest propaganda campaign ~

The abortion business Planned Parenthood now is targeting the youngest school children of all with its sex agenda and part of Graham’s reasoning for posting had to do with that […]
Responding to that, Graham said: “Planned Parenthood’s true colors are showing. They’re in the news this time because their website gives ‘guidelines’ that instruct parents to teach their children, even preschoolers, that ‘your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.’”

Medical waste disposal company stops doing business with ‘many Planned Parenthood’ clinics ~ A victory for life :)

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