Inconvenient News: Steve Scalise shooting

If Representative Steve Scalise(R-LA) were a Democrat is there any doubt that his name would be a household word by now? Instead, it’s only been 6 weeks since the third-ranking House Republican was critically wounded (four others were injured as well) by a deranged Bernie Sanders volunteer who tried to murder as many Republicans as possible during an early morning congressional softball practice, and most Americans probably can’t even recall his name.

Had James T. Hodgkinson been a Trump supporter who had taken aim at a bunch of Democrats, we’d still be getting daily updates on the victim(s)’s conditions and regular rants from leftists on the radical, hateful ideology of the Right. Dennis Prager speculated on the progressive reaction had the tables been turned ~

The New York Times, the rest of the left-wing media and the Democratic Party would have made the shootings the dominant issue in American life […]
If Democrats had been shot by a Trump supporter, all you would be hearing and reading about is how much hate the Trump election has unleashed in America, how his election is threatening our democracy and how he is unleashing fascism […]

Almost immediately after the shooting, the Left was cautioning against “politicizing” the attack. The New York Times eagerly reported on the “harmony” engulfing Democrats and Republicans in the wake of the shooting.
Prager continues ~

As sure as the sun rises in the east, had a Trump-supporting fanatic shot Democratic officials, the Democrats would not have said a word about the need for “harmony,” or the need to lower the temperature in American political discourse. On the contrary, they would have greatly raised the temperature of their already blistering rhetoric. They would have attributed the shooting entirely to Trump’s “hateful” rhetoric having permeated conservative and Republican America.

Conspicuously absent from the mainstream media coverage surrounding this tragedy was any objective analysis of the “hateful rhetoric” from the Left that actually fueled Hodgkinson’s rage. John Zmirak pointed out some relevant facts that were conveniently overlooked in the rush to avoid “politicizing” ~

• (The killer, James T. Hodgkinson) was a Bernie Sanders volunteer and a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center — just like Floyd Lee Corkins II, who in 2012 attempted to massacre the staff of the Family Research Council, after seeing the FRC listed as a hate group on the SPLC website.
• The attack happened scant days after New York City’s elite Shakespeare in the Park mounted a production of Julius Caesar that lip-smackingly dramatized the murder of President Trump.
• It occurred not two weeks after Kathy Griffin produced her murder porn, ISIS-style photo of herself with the head of the president.
• As Breitbart reports, there have been 15 separate instances of celebrities calling for or justifying violence against Trump himself or Republicans in general.
• As The Hill reports, “The office of Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) received a threatening email with the subject line ‘One down, 216 to go …,’ shortly after a shooter opened fire on GOP lawmakers who were at a congressional baseball practice, according to her office.”


In a deliberate, calculated attack, Hodgkinson shot up 5 Republicans on an Alexandria, VA baseball field that morning. Oddly enough, the story failed to grab the attention of the anti-gun crowd. Probably because 1.) the shooter was a leftist; and 2.) there were some “good guys” on the scene who were able to take out the bad guy – because they had guns. They couldn’t manipulate the facts in this case to fit their “guns are bad” narrative.

Last week, Rep. Scalise was finally discharged from the hospital to begin a period of intensive inpatient rehabilitation. There was barely any mention made in the media, just a lame AP story that few news outlets even bothered to pick up. Again, had the parties been reversed, his medical status would have dominated the news last Wednesday and launched a brand new wave of demonizing the Right.
Anyone out there who’s still oblivious to the Left’s selective outrage and their partisan hypocrisy isn’t paying attention. As Dennis Prager concluded ~

The difference between what has happened after these shootings and what would have happened had a right-winger shot Democratic officials is, in a nutshell, the moral difference between the left and the right; and between Democrats and Republicans.

Progressive agitation yields bloody harvest
Bizarre: FBI Calls Scalise Shooting ‘Spontaneous,’ Gunman ‘Had No Target In Mind,’ Motive Unclear 😯 ~ When even the FBI has been this politicized, we’re doomed.

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