Obama’s Iranian Legacy

Update: 2-11-17
Obama give them nukes and $20 billion and here’s how they show their appreciation ~ Hundreds of thousands rally against Donald Trump and chant ‘Death to America’ while burning US and Israel flags in Iran as the country marks anniversary of its Islamic Revolution

Friday, February 10, 2017 ~
Well, it didn’t take long for Barack Obama’s outrageously, irresponsible deal with Iran to bear the inevitable rotten fruit ~ Iran wages 10 terrorist acts vs. U.S. despite ‘nuke deal’ ~

The Islamic Republic of Iran – which has consistently been reported to be forwarding its militant nuclear arsenal under the guise of a nuclear energy program – is unapologetically devoted to the jihadist teachings of Islam, and has therefore continued its hostile aggression against the United States, which it has labeled “the Great Satan.”

For most sane individuals, the lopsided agreement with Iran was clearly going to make the world a much less safe place.

The ugly consequences were obvious before the deal was even done.

Iran test-fired its first ballistic missile while Obama’s agreement with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism was still being finalized (Nov. 2015). BHO essentially shrugged, and continued with his reckless scheme.
Then there was the humiliating abduction of 10 American sailors, a disgraceful episode which had most real Americans wishing Ronald Reagan was still president…

… an unretaliated-against act of aggression on January 12, 2016, that saw the jihadist nation steal sensitive information from the U.S., along with strategic equipment.

The list goes on, surveillance drones, a shipment of Iranian missiles and rockets to Yemen last spring, other aggressive acts at sea, more missile tests (one emblazoned with the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” in Hebrew! That’s not too provocative is it?!) – and talking tough ~

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made it clear during a speech at the University of Tehran that President Trump will not ‘tear up’ Obama’s nuclear deal with the radical country, and also warned that Tehran will react to any extension of American sanctions [by declaring], ‘The U.S. is our enemy.’


On Sunday January 29th Iran tested their first ballistic missile of 2017 in direct defiance of UN resolution 2231 (which was put in place while the ink on the Iran nuclear deal was still drying); basically thumbing their nose at the whole world ~

Ali Akbar Velayati, who advises Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on foreign affairs, said that Iran had not breached a nuclear deal reached with six major powers in 2015 or a U.N. Security Council resolution that endorsed the accord. The White House has accused Tehran of acting “in defiance” of a separate U.N. Security Council resolution on ballistic missiles, as opposed to the nuclear agreement.

Source: NBC News


It will certainly be interesting to see how the Trump administration deals with a rogue Muslim nation with nukes (Looking forward to the president’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu next Wednesday.). I for one am more than a bit nervous… Trump is a novice at international affairs, untested and unpredictable. And the Iranians are crazy.

If World War III breaks out at least we’ll know who to blame.
Duped by Obama and his minions yet again ~ The O’Ministration basically admitted that they deliberately mislead the useful idiots in the media to spin the Iran deal as harmless.
Iran holds military exercise in defiance of US sanctions

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