Stuff and nonsense; the futility of “climate control”

globalwrmghost-smlrSo Hillary Clinton, and rest of the climate alarmists, want us to believe that all life on the planet will end in the next few decades if we don’t immediately redistribute our income on a world-wide basis and return to the horse and buggy days. Are they right? Let’s consider a quick hypothetical shall we?
• Assume “global warming” (very doubtful)
• Assume “global warming” is killing us all (it’s not)
• Assume returning to pre-industrial conditions will save us (won’t that be fun?)
Now, factor in a big dose of reality: Coal Plants Under Construction In China & India Rising At Alarming Levels.
Oops. ~

Aside from lifting billions out of abject poverty, through the use of cheap, efficient and reliable fossil-fuel based energy, (smart) China and India recognise the growing manufacturing vacuum left by a “global warming” obsessed West destroying their jobs and industries with draconian climate policy and overreaching green regs.

How in the name of Gaia do these warmists think that a bunch of puny little humans can have any impact at all on global weather patterns? And how are we supposed to prevent other nations from industrializing? Nuke em?
Ironically, while the West aims to impoverish itself by regressing to the days of rain dances and sun, stars and earth worship , it’s Asia that’s living in the real world these days; embracing progress and prosperity.



This silliness really does beg to be mocked. Let’s all sing along ~

Video via JoNova

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