Flint’s Water – Filtering out the falsehoods

 By now has every Democrat in the country who is running for, holding – or has ever held – public office, has weighed in – as loudly as possible – on the tainted water in Flint, Michigan. Frantically babbling, through any media source(s) available, they’re all proclaiming in no uncertain terms how it’s all the fault of those mean, racist-sexist-bigot-homophobic Republicans. Most of these shameless opportunists don’t give a tinker’s damn about the unfortunate citizens who’ve been affected by this crisis. They simply can’t pass up the opportunity to demonize a Republican governor – especially in the middle of an election year.

The mantra from the lefty press and Democratic officials is at a fevered pitch: What did Michigan Governor Rick Snyder know, and when did he know it, and how could he and his emergency managers try to save money while poisoning Flint’s children?

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But we here at Designs-on-the-Truth have a real penchant for, well, the truth.
So who’s really responsible for this fiasco? The answer is about as murky as Flint’s water. But first in line is definitely not Gov. Snyder (RINO though he may be).
As a Michigan resident, I can say one thing with absolute certainty; Flint has been run (into the ground) by Democrats for YEARS (The city has elected a continuous string of Democrat mayors since 1975.).


This whole sad affair requires much more investigating that the low-information crowd has the patience or attention span for (they’d rather get all fired up by Michael Moore’s agit-prop). But here are two reliable sources who by all indications have broadly researched and are honestly reporting on this story ~
Democrats’ Failure to Launch: Flint Water Crisis
Lies, deceit and more sniper fire: the Obama administration knew about Flint last April
Both of these articles provide the history behind the water contamination and recount how various officials and bureaucracies have either addressed or ignored the situation ~

It was Detroit that cancelled Flint’s water contract in 2013 after the city council decided to try to get out from under Detroit’s hefty water fees, forcing Flint to scramble for water since its new plan wouldn’t go into effect until 2016.
 After the council came up with a plan to treat water from the Flint River, Mayor Dayne Walling, a former field director for Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), shut off the Detroit water supply in April of 2014, stating that it is “historic” to be able to take drinking water from the city’s own “roots.” Complaints poured in from residents that the water tasted and smelled bad, but the mayor insisted, along with the city’s Emergency Manager and the MDEQ, that the water was safe.
Flint has been through four Emergency Managers in four years, as it was wildly bankrupt. But even after the problems caused by years of economic irresponsibility, the voters of Flint installed two felons, one a murderer, and two individuals who have declared personal bankruptcy in the past.
As the months wore on, after continued complaints from city dwellers, Mayor Walling continued to claim the water was safe, and that the residents were “wasting their money on bottled water.”

[Read the whole account HERE.]


While there’s plenty of blame to spread around, if this has to be about political parties (and with leftists, it’s always political), the Democrats were in charge of the water source switch and have been in control of the entire progression of events – up until it became a crisis. At which point they threw up their hands – and accused the Republican Governor of ignoring the problem. Ergo, it’s all his fault. :roll:

Flint, MI – progressively failing

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  1. anon nona says:

    Who the flip votes in known criminals to run anything? Holy sheet, the people of Flint really are low information voters. And the blame the governor.. ….this is mind boggling. People really are getting more and more stupid. Shows the progressive liberal facists are winning, unfortunately.

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