Copts: “Mr. Obama is supporting terrorism”

Here’s a story you likely missed last week due to a dearth of network news coverage; On Thursday (Aug. 22nd) Coptic Christians marched in front of the White House ~

The protestors carried Egyptian flags and signs that read: “We support the Egyptian army,” “You can burn down our churches but you can never touch our faith,” and “Let the Egyptian people choose their own future.”
The demonstrators called on the Obama administration to follow the lead of the Egyptian Army, who they claim is defending both Christians and Muslims from terrorists.


Video from MRCtv via CNS News.

“Mr. Obama is supporting terrorism by what he is doing. Why is he interfering? Why is he causing people to die?”


Good questions. But good luck getting any honest answers.

It’s not just the Obama administration that’s turning a blind eye to the reality of the Egyptian conflict, it’s the mainstream media. So, after their demonstration in front of the White House, protestors continued…

… marching to the offices of the Washington Post, news network CNN, and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group that protestors called the Brotherhood’s “embassy.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported on the event ~

The marchers’ final stop was the Egyptian military attaché’s D.C. office, where the activists chanted their support for “the Egyptian army for its heroic stand against [Muslim Brotherhood] terrorism.”
“We are against the Muslim Brotherhood,” protestor Ramez Mossed told the Free Beacon. “He [Obama] supports the Muslim Brotherhood. He has a big hand in Egypt and the mess in Egypt. We’re trying to tell him, ‘Don’t support the terrorists. Please be fair.’”


The O’Ministration is clearly on the wrong side of this conflict but sadly, the msm – and most Americans apparently – couldn’t care less.

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