“Pick-up truck mows down New Yorkers”

Although not an eyewitness, David Wood of Acts17Apologetics was actually in New York City during yesterday’s terrorist attack ~

In support of ISIS, Sayfullo Saipov, who immigrated to the United States from Uzbekistan, rented a truck from Home Depot. On October 31, 2017, he drove the truck down a Manhattan bicycle path and plowed it into a crowd of people before crashing into a bus. As usual, politicians and reporters are convinced that the attack had nothing to do with Islam, Islamic terrorism, the Qur’an, or Muhammad’s teachings.

If you’re still wondering why Saipov went on his crazed vehicular jihad, watch and learn ~

Up-dated: 11-2-17
Added: Ann Coulter: Florida Man Has Fender Bender in Manhattan ~

For clarity, immediately after the incident, sources inside the New York Police Department debunked the “terrorism” narrative, saying that it was an incident of road rage between two truck drivers. At a press conference hours later, Police Commissioner James O’Neill refused to confirm whether the suspect had shouted “Allahu akbar” and declined to state the attacker’s name or nationality.

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