Catholic France surrenders to Islam

“Nature abhors a vacuum.” That’s as true for civilizations as it is for physics. Since France apparently no longer needs God, the colonizing Islamists are happy to fill the void. Tragic but true ~ France: Churches Vanish, Mosques Spring Up.
Gatestone Institute has the grim statistics ~

“Over the past two years, Christian associations have sold nearly 40 churches throughout the country, at prices ranging from 100,000 to 400,000 euros. Twenty-seven other churches have been demolished. According to the Catholic Church, more than 1,000 churches are to be sold or demolished throughout France”.

Because France is totally secular nowadays, this was bound to happen anyway. But thanks to the Muslim hijrah, it’s occurring at a rapidly accelerated pace.
Here and there some small but valiant efforts are made to slow the inevitable ~

“France is not a random space… fifteen centuries of history and geography determined its personality. Inscribed in the depths of our landscape, the churches, the cathedrals and other places of pilgrimage give meaning and form to our patriotism. Let us demand our civil authorities to respect it”. Two years ago, the French journalist Denis Tillinac promoted this appeal, signed by dozens of French personalities, after some French imams requested the conversion of abandoned churches into mosques.
A year later, terrorists who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State assaulted the Catholic parishioners in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, murdering an elderly priest, Father Jacques Hamel, at the foot of the altar. An outpouring of great emotion followed the most serious attack on a Christian symbol in Europe since the Second World War.
After that attack, the French authorities prevented many Islamist plots against the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Last June, police shot a Muslim man outside the cathedral after he tried to attack them with a hammer. Another terror cell of French women, guided by Islamic State commanders in Syria, had previously been foiled before they could attack Notre Dame. France’s most famous Catholic house of worship is a prime target for the jihadists. At the same time, France has been dismissing the religious and cultural heritage of France’s Catholic patrimony, which, in a time of religious clashes and revival, should instead be protected as treasures and sources of strength.


The French people may think they don’t need God anymore. One only needs to study human history to realize they’re mistaken. Seems the dreadful lesson the 20th century taught the world was completely lost on them; going “godless” inevitably results in huge piles of dead bodies. See: 100 Million Corpses in 100 Years.
They could use another Joan of Arc to rally the faithful. If there are any faithful left…
A Sterile France in a Muslim Europe: The Harvest of Bastille Day ~ John Zmirak on France’s barren secularism ~

According to Strasbourg Archbishop Luc Revel, Muslims are already smugly predicting it: Within our lifetimes, France will be Muslim. Sharia will be national law. The empty churches will become teeming mosques. The last hated Jews will be gone.
This won’t come through outright conquest. It won’t even require massive new immigration. It’s just that Muslims are having babies while almost nobody else is […]
No negative prohibition goads these folks to breed. It’s the sustaining power of hope that comes with faith in God. The sense of awe and privilege at helping to enflesh an immortal soul. That mystical rite of participation in God’s own sacred creation. That overwhelms questions of prudence. It overleaps selfish interests.

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