Socialism ~ How to ruin a perfectly good country

In this recent video from Prager U, Felipe Moura Brasil, a journalist and magazine columnist, explains how poorly Brazil has fared under socialism, “American millennials, take note” ~

As Brasil relates, things were going along just fine in his native Brazil until Lula Da Silva came along in 2002. Promising to heal national divisions and unite everyone, Da Silva was the peace & love dude. (Peace & LoveHope & Change… Yes, the similarities are striking aren’t they?)

“Socialism” sounds good – and “always works in the beginning” Brasil says. And apparently it did, for a while. But ten years on…

• The Brazilian economy in a shambles
• There was massive unemployment, and;
• Political corruption on steroids
• The crime rate was soaring (remember last summer’s Olympics?)

On the bright side, it sounds like Brazilians have had enough of this nonsense. Lula, the peace & love president, has finally been charged with – among other things – corruption, influence-peddling and obstruction of justice. And reforms are underway, including (exactly what we need!) ~
• Freezing federal spending
• reduce the government’s role in state-owned companies
• shrinking federal workforce
If Trump can make some significant progress in just these three areas (and weren’t they all campaign promises?), perhaps the U.S. itself can stave off the wreckage of socialism for a few more years.

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