Common Core = “Communist Core”

I’m working on a much longer piece about the educational disaster that is Common Core in the next few days, but I just ran across and wanted to post the following video from a Chinese immigrant. Lily Tang Williams who ran for congress as a Libertarian in 2016, presents an impassioned appeal to dump the Core ~


Common Core is dumbing-down our kids, indoctrinating them, and stealing their freedom of thought and their joy of learning. Just like… Communism.
Autobiographical details from Lily Tang Williams’ campaign site ~

As a child, we were brainwashed in public school every day. We were taught that two-thirds of the world’s population were suffering and living in hunger and our Communist country was the best. We didn’t think that maybe China should be counted as part of the two-thirds of suffering humanity! We believed whatever the government told us because we did not know anything better. I thought the other countries must be hellish places if they were worse off than we were. Anyway, we chanted daily: “Long Live Chairman Mao, Long Live the Communist Party. I love Chairman Mao.” I was so brainwashed as a small child that I could even see Chairman Mao in the clouds or in coal embers of our cooking fire. He was like a god to me. We were required to read all of Mao’s Red books, wear Mao’s buttons, and confess bad thoughts to him in our journals.
We were required to conform and not stand out as individuals. I was held back from joining the Young Pioneers because I was not humble enough (I told my classmates I should be in the first batch to join due to my 100% grade on every subject, and they reported on me). The powerful state from top to bottom was always watching us very closely: from Beijing’s central government to our neighborhood block committees and police stations. We had no rights, even though our Constitution said we did. It was very scary. The local police could stop by our home to open our doors at night for any reason. The government told us how to dress (Mao’s suit), what to buy and eat (coupons), where to live (household registration system), and what to read (government newspapers). All land belonged to the people (the government) and citizens were not allowed to have any weapons for self-defense or off to prison they would go. Things have changed a lot in China since the open door policy of Deng Xiaoping really got things going in the early 1980s; people have more economic freedom than ever before to start businesses, get jobs in another city, travel overseas, buy a home etc., but the political system is still fundamentally the same one-party rule.

Is this the future that Core proponents have planned for America?

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