Another Darwin Day – and still no proof of Charlie’s theory

February 12th is supposed to be “Darwin Day,” but what exactly is there to celebrate? The more science discovers about life on earth, and the universe around us, the less likely it all just somehow “evolved” – no matter how many billions of years we postulate.
In honor of the day’s designation, Daniel Currier sent a letter to the editor of his local newspaper encouraging readers to seriously doubt Darwin ~

Darwin’s Provocative Idea And What We Know Today
A little over a hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Darwin jointly proposed the notable idea of natural selection. In addition, he hypothesized all of life came from a common ancestor by way of natural selection.
After Darwin, other process(sic) were also suggested. For example, mistakes and copy errors in DNA (genetic mutation) creates the diversity. Today, Darwinian evolution proposes universal common descent driven primarily by genetic mutation filtered by natural selection.
dna5Then about fifty years ago, we learned life contained extremely large amounts of functional and meaningful information, such as found in DNA and many other structures. They carry programs and recipes that build life’s structures. They tell the organism how to build motors and gears, turbines and generators, heat imaging devices and heat sensors, audio sensors and light sensors. The list goes on and on. Stunning structures stud life. Structures so more advanced than our technology that we try to copy many of them.
However, from universal experience, we know of only one source for large quantities of functional and meaningful information. We know of only one source for new programs, instructions and building plans. We know of only one source for technology like gears, motors and turbines.
It’s not just our intuition, it’s not what we don’t know, but what we do know. The evidence points to today’s most forbidden conclusion. Even after a hundred and fifty years of looking, we know of no naturalistic source. The only known source is intelligence.

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