Don’t be duped – it’s not a “Muslim Ban”

It’s a temporary terrorist filter.
Yes it’s true, despite all the frenzied drama produced by progressives’ propaganda – it’s NOT a “Muslim Ban.” And it is constitutional (the 9th Circuit court is not).
So heads are spinning in the mainstream media and crazed protestors are disrupting travel at airports across the country because they’re angry leftists – and that’s what angry leftists do. Protest. Inconvenience others. Throw tantrums. Period.
Seriously, if you’re looking for some real answers behind the latest hysterical backlash against President Trump’s executive order on immigration… If you’re wondering who to believe amidst all the hype… Well then, you could search my site for “Islam” and read through numerous posts where I’ve documented endless acts of terrorism, jihad, hijrah, Christian genocide and the history of Muslim conquests through the centuries – OR you could just read this one, and visit the sites I’ve referenced.
First of all, you’re to be applauded for wanting to be informed before jumping on either bandwagon in this debate. So many are just reacting to Trump’s EO on an emotional level, oblivious to the facts. Here are the basics:

The federal government’s primary responsibility is to keep us safe – from all enemies foreign and domestic.
Constitution 101. Contrary to what many mistakenly believe these days, this government of united states that we all enjoy, was established by a people who valued above all else their independence, the freedom to determine their own destinies. While the individual states are left to deal with services such as law enforcement, roads and infrastructure, education, and other necessary functions of community interactions, the federal government exists only to ensure our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s it.
A large part of protecting us from all enemies foreign and domestic means making sure that anyone entering America isn’t here to harm us – intentionally or not (we should be screening for communicable diseases)


Muslim extremists represent a very real threat.
Even before 9-11 Islamists were regularly terrorizing Western countries. Certainly Israel had been targeted for years, and so had we. Attacks have become so frequent it’s hard to keep track of them; the Daily Signal put together an interactive timeline of Islamist terrorist plots against the U.S. HERE.
On an international basis, there are any number of credible sites that do an excellent job of tracking world-wide terrorism ~
World Watch Monitor
Jihad Watch
The Religion of Peace
The Counter Jihad Report
Raymond Ibrahim (Middle East and Islam specialist)
Islamist Watch

And here are a couple sites that track the sobering attacks on individual Americans, our fellow citizens murdered by illegal aliens. These people would still be alive if their killers had been deported as as immigration laws require ~
The Remembrance Project
Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC ~ With illegal alien crime and victim statistics

Muslim extremists continue to be a threat because of their ideology
Islam is not merely a religion, because it seeks to control – by law (sharia) – every aspect of society (see Iran and Saudi Arabia) ~
If you’d rather not struggle through the Qur’an and the companion Hadith to understand the entire Muslim worldview, check out Answering Muslims and Jihad Watch who have read both and do an excellent job of explaining the basics.
“Jihad” of course is a key component of Islam, and once you realize that it consists of three stages you’ll better understand the rapid spread of the “religion” throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and now Europe. David Wood explains how the subterfuge works in this enlightening video ~

You see, it doesn’t really matter how much Muslims themselves may insist their motives are entirely peaceful because – taqiyya. (Lying to infidels is a central tenet of Islam.)

Follow the money

The curiously coordinated, country-wide, pro-immigration demonstrations didn’t just spring up spontaneously – as the Left would have us believe. As usual with so many progressive causes, there’s serious cash involved.
First, there’s the funding behind this activism. Oh look! Behind the curtain: Soros Bankrolling Effort to Stop Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt Order ~

The flurry of anguished news stories and protests surrounding President Trump’s executive action temporarily suspending “immigrants and non-immigrants” from “countries of particular concern” appears to be part of a coordinated PR effort financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros.


Then there’s the other money angle, the duplicitous “non-profit” organizations that have been profiting from an ongoing flood of “refugees.” As I explained months ago, there are several ostensibly faith-based groups who stand to lose out on the $2,000/person they get from the State Department (that is, we-the-taxpayers) to process these immigrants. (Guess they forgot that money-is-the-root-of stuff.) Which explains sanctimonious crap like this ➡ 100 Well-Known Evangelicals Just Delivered a Tough Response to Trump’s Immigration Ban.

Refugee Resettlement Watch is a great source of the depressing truth about immigration and the whole resettlement racket. “Depressing” because we-the-people are the big losers in the “Big Refugee” scam.
The president’s executive order is temporary, and targeted to specific hotbeds of Islamic terrorism.
Andrew C. McCarthy, writing at National Review, does an excellent job of explaining what the directive is and isn’t ~

For decades, Washington has been suicidally unwilling to target our radical Islamic enemies for fear of offending Muslims in general. Trump’s more security-minded approach — which many Americans outside Washington regard as common sense — was to call a temporary halt to the admission of Muslim aliens until the government could figure out an effective way to screen out Islamists from pro-constitutional Muslims who would be an asset to our country.

Despite the 9th Circuit Courts’ extra-Constitutional ruling today the federal government is well within its authority to restrict immigration into the United States – unless we’ve decided to abrogate sovereignty altogether.

McCarthy’s entire article is excellent, but here are some highlights ~

(T)he only reason there is an EO (executive order) is the threat posed by sharia-supremacism, which we inexactly refer to as “radical Islam.” You can’t have radical Islam without Islam. Therefore, the people the EO seeks to exclude are, of necessity, Muslims — not all Muslims, of course, but a significant subset of them nonetheless […]
For decades, Washington has been suicidally unwilling to target our radical Islamic enemies for fear of offending Muslims in general. Trump’s more security-minded approach — which many Americans outside Washington regard as common sense — was to call a temporary halt to the admission of Muslim aliens until the government could figure out an effective way to screen out Islamists from pro-constitutional Muslims who would be an asset to our country […]

Trump is starting with temporary exclusions that are categorical: an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, a four-month ban on other refugees, and a three-month ban on aliens from seven Muslim-majority countries that were cited by Congress and President Obama because of vetting challenges.
These bans are not the ultimate objective. The goal is to give the public immediate protection while the government has a few months to refine threat-based vetting procedures […]

The seven countries in Congress’s Obama-era statute were cited as vetting problems because they are Muslim-majority countries embroiled in savage wars and terror promotion, which have resulted in governments that either hate the United States or are too dysfunctional to provide background checks on their nationals. It is not our fault that majority-Muslim societies tend to breed such pathologies.

So before you head to the nearest airport to join the protests, understand that this is not about hating “the Other.” It’s about keeping Americans safe from a very real threat ~

I make no apologies for wanting to keep them out of my country. Nor do I look at excluding them as excluding religion. It is, instead, the exclusion of a totalitarian political ideology — something that our law already explicitly endorses. See, e.g., Section 1182(a)(3)(D) of federal immigration law (“Immigrant Membership in Totalitarian Party”): “Any immigrant who is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist or any other totalitarian party (or subdivision or affiliate thereof), domestic or foreign, is inadmissible” (emphasis added).

Andrew C. McCarthy

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