Annual “Trash Columbus Day”

Another Columbus Day, another progressive attack on Western Civilization ~ National Geographic wants to indoctrinate your kids this Columbus Day. Why? Because according to the Left, the only civilization that’s made the world a worse place than they found it is Western European Christendom. After all, who really needs science, literacy, music, medicine, education, architecture, democracy, emancipation, technology, human rights and… indoor plumbing?

Axing History. Last October 12th in downtown Detroit…

For those who’d like the truth about Columbus, Carly Hoilman set the record straight at Conservative Review ~

The modern consensus of American textbooks and liberal historians seems to be that Christopher Columbus was a vainglorious, bigoted xenophobe, whose primary motivation lay in the financial gain that awaited him in the New World. But this common interpretation of Columbus’ life points to facts about the great 15th century explorer’s religious faith that the liberal Left conveniently ignore.

By reading Columbus’ own journals, which are widely available in print and online, one will see evidence of an ordinary man who exemplified extraordinary devotion to, first, his God, and then his native Spain […]
Columbus is widely believed to have been a member of the Third Order of St. Francis, a group composed of faithful Catholic laypeople committed to the practices of self-denial and simplicity of living, among other virtues. Part of his mission entailed evangelizing the indigenous peoples of the New World.

According to cultural anthropologist Carol Delaney, Columbus admired the natives he encountered and “found them to be very intelligent.” He referred to them as “natural Christians,” for though most did not practice faith of any kind, their kindness and simplicity made them particularly conducive to Christian teachings.
What about the money? We all know that in 1492 Columbus “sailed the ocean blue,” but often omitted from the leftist (a)historical narrative are the events surrounding the expedition. A year prior to his 1492 voyage, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had successfully driven the Moors (Muslims) out of Spain, but the prospect of future attacks and already-depleted funds made Columbus’ efforts all the more urgent.
“Everybody knows that Columbus was trying to find gold, but they don’t know what the gold was for: to fund a crusade to take Jerusalem back from the Muslims before the end of the world,” Delaney, author of “Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem,” explains.
Columbus left behind a lasting legacy in the both the religious and civic realms of society. The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization of nearly 2 million members grounded in community service and intellectual pursuit, was founded in 1882 to honor and emulate the explorer’s life. The Knights recently received the 2016 World’s Most Ethical Company honor from the Ethisphere Institute.
Christopher Columbus himself acknowledged that he had flaws like any other man, but to portray him as a greedy, genocidal maniac is to slander his name and turn a blind eye to his remarkable achievements.


The basic premise of the Left’s worldview is wrong (so everything else they preach can’t help but be incorrect). It’s based on the false assumption that humankind is perfectible – even though it’s self-evident to every human who’s ever been one that that’s completely impossible. It’s only the unequaled hubris of progressives that enables them to look back over history, judge our ancestors through the lens of 21st century mores, and declare themselves superior in every way to anyone else who ever lived.

Ignore them. Celebrate Columbus, the founding of America – and indoor plumbing.
Leftist hatchet job on Columbus
Why We Celebrate Columbus Day (Instead of “Indigenous People’s Day) ~

People have a right to celebrate their heritage, culture and traditions. But there’s a difference between celebrating your own culture and creating a false narrative to hypocritically attack a culture that you have shamelessly appropriated. The rationale for replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day is entirely disconnected from historical reality. Indian life in pre-Columbian America was vastly harder in every conceivable way than it is today. Indians thus have reason to celebrate Columbus Day. Thanks to European colonization and the introduction of Western civilization their lives are immeasurably better than those of their ancestors.

Up-dated: Added 10-16-16 ~ The End of Columbus Day is the End of America ~

(T)his is about more than one single 15th century Genoan with a complicated life who was neither a monster nor a saint. It is about whether America really has any right to exist at all. Is there any argument against celebrating Columbus Day, that cannot similarly be applied to the Fourth of July? […]

If the settlement of non-Indians in North America is illegitimate, then any national state they created is also illegitimate.
It is easier to hack away at a nation’s history by beginning with the lower branches[…]
A nation’s mythology, its paragons and heroes, its founding legends and great deeds, are its soul. To replace them with another culture’s perspective on its history is to kill that soul.

Which of course is precisely the goal.

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