Leftist hatchet job on Columbus

Happy Columbus Day Happy Indigenous People Day

Yes, yet another American tradition that the malcontents aren’t satisfied to quietly leave alone and just move along with their pathetic, non-productive lives. Today some vandal(s?) in Detroit decided to observe the holiday by taking a hatchet to the head of a Christopher Columbus statue ~
Clearly, the revisionist history pushed by progressives makes an unfortunate impression on the young and the simple-minded (like whoever tried to scalp old Chris). But those of us with a mature, comprehensive approach to the study of history, with more fully-developed analytical abilities, are able to look at the discovery of the “new world” as the civilization milestone that it was.
And we understand that what happened was totally inevitable and unavoidable.
Two peoples couldn’t have been much different in terms of technological advancement in the 15th century than Europeans and the “indigenous peoples” of the Americas.

Native Americans were primarily nomadic. While some of the tribes traded and generally got along with one another, warring was frequent and the defeated peoples were usually enslaved. (So no, slavery in America didn’t start with the evil white man).
On the other side of the Atlantic, the firmly established – essentially Christian – civilization in the “Old World” had had written languages and laws for millennia. There were thousands of villages, towns, cities, monasteries – cathedrals (Think of that – the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris was built in 1345!) throughout the continent. The roads between these settlements – many built by the Romans – were still in regular use more than a dozen centuries later.
The cultures were alike in one significant way. The Europeans also warred with one another on a regular basis, as have humans the world over, from the beginning of time; imperfect people doing imperfect things.


In 1492, the crucial difference between the two civilizations was that one had the means and the ability to circumnavigate the globe. And one didn’t.

Talk about a clash of civilizations! What could we possibly expect to happen? Do these 21st century Columbus-haters with GPS on their iphones (because they couldn’t read a map and get from point A to point B on their own if their survival depended on it) think Columbus should have just said “Oh, sorry! Didn’t realize this place was already occupied. We’ll just turn around and head back home. Ciao baby!”
If the impossible had happened and the Native Americans had defeated the Europeans, the country wouldn’t even be discussing Columbus five hundred years later. No, I take that back. We’d be sitting around a campfire, outside a teepee, chewing on buffalo jerky, sharing the tales from the ancestors about the Great Paleface Wars.

Wonder if that ever occurred to those mis-educated cretins in Detroit who vandalized the Columbus monument?

All Hail Columbus Day, 2013 ~ From David Yeagley (R.I.P.) a native American (Comanche) who loved Christopher Columbus
True and False Guilt ~ Pastor Bill Randles discusses the Left’s historical shame game

Another Columbus day has come and gone and those who resent Western Civilisation have used the occasion to try to shame us into a state of collective guilt for being happy about the discovery of the New World […]
History is ugly, it’s like making sausage, because all men are sinners, and do ugly things to each other.But there is a purpose in history that God is working out in spite of man’s sin, God is Sovereign and even uses the “Wrath of man” to praise Him!

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