Thank God for Africa!

While western nations are sliding more and more into the morass of moral relativity – embracing a worldview with little room or desire for God – Christians in a majority of African nations are holding firm to the traditions of the faith. As Crisis Magazine recently reported, The African Church Is the New Champion of Orthodoxy ~

“Europe is the Faith”—so Hilaire Belloc declared in 1920. Nearly a century later, the faith burns as bright as it did then, but it is Africa, not Europe, that is carrying the torch of orthodoxy.
Such is the unavoidable take-away from last month’s synod on the family. With prominent Western traditionalists like Cardinal Raymond Burke sidelined, the prelates from sub-Saharan Africa became the outspoken voices of orthodoxy.
Cardinal Robert Sarah, a Guinea native and the head of the Congregation for Divine Worship, made headlines in a floor speech (fittingly, in this context, they are called “interventions”) likening gender ideology and ISIS to apocalyptic beasts.
Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of South Africa accused liberal European bishops of betraying the “essence of the faith” their missionary ancestors had brought to Africa.

Tanzanian Bishop Renatus Leonard Nkwande warned that normalizing same-sex unions would put society on a slippery slope to polygamy and bestiality […]
By almost every conceivable measure, Catholicism in Africa is experiencing an extraordinary spiritual renaissance—the very reverse of what is happening in the continent to its north.


Unlike the pampered, jaded, far-too-comfortable societies of western nations, for most African peoples, basic human survival is an everyday concern. Nothing forces one to prioritize that a huge dose of harsh reality.
As Stephen Beale continues ~

It is tempting to chalk up the traditionalism of African Catholics to the underlying cultural conservatism of their broader societies, as (über-liberal, Cardinal) Kasper seemed to want to do. But look closer and much more is at play. Reading through the various public statements of many African prelates one senses that unmistakable fierceness of conviction that comes with being a newly converted society. […]
There is something about death that makes the truth urgent. When confronted with the sword or the gun, things seem a lot less gray. Black-and-white thinking tends to come hand in hand with life-or-death situations. Eternity matters more. This life matters more because eternity matters more.

These African Christians clearly have their priorities in order!

In a related story with a wonderfully ironic twist, Ireland is now in desperate need of the gospel and needs to be re-evanglized ~ Clash of cultures: African priests making waves as they re-evangelize Ireland
Fearlessly proclaiming the Truth to spread the message of salvation! Praise God!

The African Church emerges as bulwark of doctrine ~

Both Western and Islamic ideologies share the same end goal, says (Cardinal Robert Sarah), that being the destruction of the family. The secular West seeks to accomplish this through “quickie divorces, abortion, homosexual unions: Look at gender theory, Femen [a feminist group known for organizing topless protests], the LBGT lobby. On the other side, there is the pseudo-family of an ideological Islam which legitimizes polygamy, sexual slavery, child marriage: Look at Al-Qaeda, IS, Boko Haram.”
“Certain keys allow us to discern the same demonic origin of these two movements: They both advocate a universal and totalitarian law, they’re both violently intolerant, destroyers of families and the Church, and openly anti-Christian,” the African cardinal concluded.

Christian Leaders in Africa not exactly enamored with Obama’s Gay Agenda

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