Christian Leaders in Africa not exactly enamored with Obama’s Gay Agenda

In the wake of Obama’s African adventure several Christian leaders on the continent had a few messages to share with the president. We the sheeple are used to his lectures but these gentlemen weren’t quite so docile ~

“Those people who have already ruined their society…let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go.”
~ Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi ~


“For religious leaders, in my point of view, this issue of homosexuality which he mentioned had really blocked the hospitality which the religious leaders desired to reserve for him.”
~ Rev. Pierre Adama Faye, Senegalese Lutheran leader ~

“Homosexuality is not an important issue for us now. We don’t recognize or even think of it, let alone its legalization. I think since we have a lot of resources, our discussions with the rest of the world should be more about investments and trade.”
~ Michael Hafidh, Anglican Bishop, Tanzania ~

“This nation, the nation of Kenya [is] sovereign and God-fearing.
America has made tremendous contribution to Kenya’s well-being and we are very grateful and as a government we are ready to receive any help from America that will improve the lives of our people.
But for these other things we hear, it is none of our business as it goes against our customs and traditions.”

~ William Ruto, Kenya’s Deputy President ~



In other words Mr. Obama, thank-you, but please keep your immorality to yourself.

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