Europe: Importing an Islamic pathology

“Importing a pathology.”
It’s a phrase I recall from a book on foster-parenting. The authors recommended that couples with biological children hold off on fostering until their kids had flown the nest. Adding foster children to the family mix, with all the attendant emotional baggage, might just be inviting more interpersonal turmoil than they were prepared to cope with.
Even families with the “healthiest” of relationships may struggle. That’s because, the authors cautioned, by adding an unknown, troubled element to the existing family unit, you are essentially importing a pathology.
Almost without exception foster children will have been traumatized by their experiences. The unique challenges they present may completely upset existing parent-child relationships. At best, there will be disruptions. At worst, biological family members may be at risk for emotional and/or psychological damage of their own.
Watching the current Muslim “refugee” invasion of Europe it seems to me that “importing a pathology” is a perfect description of what’s taking place.
Boatload after boatload of defiant young Muslim men do not appear to be fleeing to safety, seeking asylum. Rather they’re brazenly headed for the countries with the most generous welfare handouts. The baggage they’re dragging along includes a seriously twisted worldview, a dangerous ideology which is decidedly “unhealthy” for the European continent.
To appreciate the extent of the “pathology” they’re bringing with them, watch this video of an Arabic-speaking Ukrainian woman who encountered mobs of migrants while traveling from Budapest to Vienna ~


Video via: Pamela Geller

“Aside from hatred, absolute ill-will, they have nothing to give European people.”


Europe’s pluralist, secular society is ill-equipped to resist the totalitarian worldview of the rising Muslim tide. Learning Arabic, as the woman in the video suggests, definitely sounds like a practical start on inoculation against this virulent Islamic infection.

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