Getting some extra mileage out of the Motor City

Because our family calls metro Detroit “home,” we’ve had a front row seat to the city’s demise. And believe me, watching businesses you used to frequent go bust, looking on, powerless to stop stately old buildings from crumbling, and seeing once-safe, stable neighborhoods become gang-infested wastelands, is not a pleasant experience.

But, to paraphrase an old adage, if you fail due to your own poor choices, at least there’s comfort in knowing you can always be someone else’s bad example.
So it is with poor beleaguered Motown, now a cautionary tale for others; this is what happens when you believe that Big Government – with its out-of-control spending, and unavoidable corruption and cronyism – is the solution to every problem. Perhaps inevitably, the city has even become a verb, as in “don’t let the Democrats ‘Detroit’ Virginia!”

And now Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX 36th Dist) has adopted the name as a metaphor for the disastrous “(UN)affordable Care Act” ~
Detroit may someday rise from the ashes, but until then, may the city’s demise continue to be a stark object lesson about the destructive policies of progressivism.
Detroit’s Mark Twain Branch Library is Abandoned ~ PJMedia video; panel discussion about a moldering library in downtown Detroit and how it symbolizes the deliberate ruin of America. “Where did the money go???”

[Hat-tip: Bobo]

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