Illegal Immigration Lies (more B.S. from B.O.)

At a time when the U.S. economy is practically in free-fall, illegal immigration is costing us billions every year; in health care costs, in education costs, in law enforcement costs – and all we get from President Obama is mocking and lies. Here are some hard facts from the Economic Collapse Blog which show exactly why Illegal Immigration Is An Absolute Nightmare For The U.S. Economy.

The millions upon millions of illegal immigrants in this country are stealing jobs, they are depressing wages in a whole host of industries and they are a huge factor in the erosion of the middle class. Millions of middle class American families can’t afford to provide for their families anymore and are losing their homes, drowning in debt or going bankrupt. Rather than what Barack Obama is proposing (which is to essentially “legalize” illegal immigration), we need an immigration policy that makes sense and that protects American jobs.

Also, a good article from the Heritage Foundation’s Foundry: Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter.

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