Saturday Shorts – 6-16-12

Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Priest given community service for ringing church bells ~ “Disturbing the peace” in Poland. One-sided article paints Father Wrobel as “malicious.” Hmmm… wonder what the real story is?
Violence and the Decline of Faith ~ Sober commentary by Fr. Dwight Longenecker on our ever coarsening culture. (Maybe if there were more church bells ringing…)
Sex-Selection in America: Part 4 – Undercover in Hawaii ~ Video exposing how Planned Parenthood has no moral qualms at all about selective sex abortions. From The site includes a petition you can sign that calls for a nationwide ban on the unethical practice of sex-selection abortion in America.
Syrian Atrocities Condemned While Slaughter of Nigerian Christians Ignored ~ The MSM is all over the stories of civilian deaths in Syria, but the ongoing tragedy in Nigeria… crickets.
Iraq has been anything but peaceful for Christians in that country since the U.S. troop draw-down ~ Chaldean Archbishop (northern Iraq): “True Christianity Is a Persecuted Christianity.” Anything on the network news? Zip.

And what about South Sudan where Sudanese army is trying to bomb the primarily Christian, Nuba Mountain people, out of existence? Nada.

Unfortunately for the persecuted Christians in these countries, there’s no liberal political capital to be gained for the Obama administration in reporting on their suffering.
HatTip: Uncle Glenn

Women Don’t Belong in Ranger School ~ Excellent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Stephen Kilcullen:

…the military does not exist to provide careers. It is a responsibility, a way of life and a higher calling that only 1% of our citizens choose to follow. A top-notch fighting force composed of dedicated and strong men who are the very best at what they do is what defines our armed forces—and the Rangers as among their best. Let’s not destroy this small but incredibly important culture under the banner of “me.”


Wishing all the dads out there a very HAPPY FATHERS DAY! :)



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