Hey-Hey-Hey – it’s Brett Kimberlin Day

In recognition of “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” ~
Brett Kimberlin – if you aren’t closely following the conservative blogosphere – is currently everybody’s favorite Internet Thug & Free-Speech Opponent. A self-appointed propaganda enforcer and convicted domestic terrorist (Indiana Speedway Bomber – 17 years in prison). Also, a drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer, and forger. In other words, a real Renaissance man.
Brett Kimberlin appears to believe that any threat to the Progressive-Leftist-Statist agenda must be attacked through intimidation and neutralized. Then again, he could just be a certifiable sociopath.
Michelle Malkin, and many others, have the full story HERE, HERE and HERE.
Tiffany Gabbay at the Blaze begins the Brett Kimberlin story like this:

Be prepared to enter an alternate universe, bizarre beyond any stretch of what you thought possible. And then keep reading, because this may be one of the most important exposés published on The Blaze to date. It will explain in frightening detail what it means to speak the truth at the expense of losing all you hold dear. And will reveal how easy it has been for one convicted domestic terrorist — backed by George Soros and Barbara Streisand alike — to use the U.S. legal system, as well as less desirable channels, to silence those who have dared tell the story of one Brett Kimberlin, a.k.a. the “Speedway Bomber.”

How immutable are our First Amendment rights? Would they remain so even under the most dire conditions? There are about half a dozen bloggers who, at this very moment in time, are finding out just that, after having been subject to: death threats, blackmail, extortion, numerous frivolous lawsuits, cyber-attacks of email and social networking accounts and become the target of smear campaigns that have led to their firing until ultimately discovering that others who came before them, have turned up dead.

Read the whole story HERE.

Brett Kimberlin is a malevolent piece of pond scum who must be prevented from inflicting any more damage on his fellow American citizens; those who happen to disagree with his twisted totalitarian ideology, or those who just dare to report the truth.
As Malkin says:
Telling the truth on the Internet shouldn’t mean risking your job or your life, or the well-being and safety of your loved ones.

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