Michigan Going Red… Not in a good way

A recently-released poll shows that President Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney is narrowing in Michigan. Obama won the state by almost 17 percentage points in ’08, but he’s currently polling just 5% ahead of Romney. Dare we hope that the state is actually waking up and going from “purple” (we do have a RINO governor) back to “red” again? The trend is certainly encouraging.

“Red” on a political map is a good thing – for the state, and the whole country.
But “Red” in my backyard… not so much.
In fact it’s downright unsettling to learn about plans for a new “China City” right here in the Great Lakes State. From the Dayton Daily News:

A group of mainland Chinese known as Sino-Michigan Properties LLC paid $1.9 million for 200 acres of farmland on Milan city limits in purchases this year and in 2011, according to local officials and property records.


Milan is located on U.S. 23, ½ hour north of the Ohio border. It’s just a short drive from that bastion of progressive liberalism: Ann Arbor (home to the University of Michigan).

The investors intend to build a 415-unit housing complex complete with artificial lakes and up to 6,000-square-foot homes, as well as a cultural center [Oh boy! Is that anything like a Muslim “cultural center?]“, Michigan officials briefed on the project said.

As yet, the project hasn’t been formally reviewed by two townships that must approve it, and questions abound. [They certainly do!]
A presentation last month to the Milan City Council by the city administrator said the project “would be marketed to Chinese business people who want to start companies in the United States,” reported the Milan News Leader newspaper.

Right Side News has more on the implications of this development:

Unfortunately, the goal does not appear to be to integrate this new “city” into the existing community in and around Milan.
Rather, it appears that all of the new housing will be sold to people coming over from China. According to the Milan News Leader newspaper, the new housing units “would be marketed to Chinese business people who want to start companies in the United States”.
In essence, we would be looking at a new Chinese city right in the middle of Michigan.

Apparently Michigan isn’t the only state the ChiComs have set their sights on. An article at The American Dream asks some disturbing questions about China’s plans to establish “special economic zones” in the U.S. ~ China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho
Feeling ever more empowered these days, China pays little heed to U.S. concerns about that country’s recent military build-up, trade relations or their ongoing human-rights violations. Now that they own us (more than $1 trillion in Treasury debt – about 7% of our total outstanding debt) I doubt they’ll pay attention to any concerns we may have about the “Red” invasion. We sold any leverage we had along with our debt.

Too bad we ignored Ben’s wise advice:
“When you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty.” ~ Benjamin Franklin ~


U.S. v Red China, Version 3.0 ~ Mark Alexander at the Patriot Post with a cautionary piece on U.S. China relations ~
“The power of China’s economic leverage can’t be understated, and history provides no record of a Communist nation holding such leverage over a Capitalist nation.”
I just need to know… should I be brushing up on my Mandarin? 😯
Up-date: 11-2-13

Just came across this gem detailing GM’s cozy relationship with the Chi-Coms ~

“Thanks for the bail-out suckers!”

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