The Shameful Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

So Rosetta Williams, one of six girls who were the first to integrate Seminole High School in 1965, believes “It’s a shame we have to do this again in 2012.”
With all due respect Ms. Williams, you don’t.
But it is a shame that in a country of over 300 million people, you can’t see the death of one young black man for the isolated incident it truly is. That somehow, even with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, you’re implying that the United States has to re-visit the civil discord of the late 60’s. That so many are jumping to the conclusion that best suits their personal narrative, rather than examining the actual facts of this case.

While I’m at it Ms. Williams, here are some other really shameful things:

• Professional race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who continue to take advantage of tragedies like the death of Trayvon Martin to rescue themselves from irrelevancy.

• Rev. Al feels the need to ramp up the vitriol which will only cause more racial division: Sharpton called for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions.
• There’s so little national attention paid to the endless, senseless black-on-black killings in our inner cities: Another Saturday Night Bloodbath in Chicago (This was just last night – at least nine people shot. Sharpton and Jackson were unavailable for comment.)

• That this story won’t receive any widespread media coverage:

Seven black teens have been arrested on suspicion that they committed a hate crime when they attacked a 15-year-old Hispanic boy while he was walking home from school in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
The March 14 beating in Palmdale was captured on video and posted on YouTube, but has since been removed from the site. The seven boys, ages 13 to 16, were arrested Wednesday for investigation of assault and committing a hate crime, Lt. Don Ford said.

Because somehow the outrage never goes the other way:
Black Men Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Arrested For Murder of White Mississippi State Student

• Millions of young men across America (black and white) choose to dress, talk and act like thugs and ex-cons, then react with indignation when they’re treated accordingly.
• Joe Biden wants to exploit Trayvon’s death to restrict gun ownership so law-abiding citizens like this tavern owner in Illinois, won’t be able to defend themselves.
And you know what’s really, really shameful Ms. Williams? The fact that Democrats’ constituents are so easily manipulated into selective outrage. And that Mr. Hope & Change, billed as the great “unifier,” is helping to create hopeless division in this country, and facilitate the breakdown of civil society.

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