Our $$ for Barbarians?!

Debby Schlussel’s not really my cup of tea but I’ve never found her to be wrong on the facts, especially when it comes to radical Islam. And the facts of this story out of Libya are absolutely sickening. Recent videos show anti-Gaddafi rebels – that the U.S. is supporting with money and resources – murdering opposition forces in cold blood and celebrating the deaths like a bunch of maniacs.

Schlussel links to a video that –

…shows a crowd of rebels on the streets of Benghazi cheering and beheading a Libyan soldier who surrendered to them, then mutilating his body. They are all filming it on their cellphones as they celebrate. It is so disgusting and outrageous, so Nazi-esque. So despicable beyond belief. In the video, while they are doing this, they are chanting, “allahu akbar,” “Libya free!” and “For the blood of the martyrs.” And you can hear them making the “lalalalalalalalalalala” sound, which is a cheer.

Debbie’s graphic descriptions of this barbarism are enough for me. I took her advice and passed on actually watching the inhumanity –

This despicable sickening video (which probably will soon be yanked from YouTube, but don’t watch unless you have the toughest of stomachs and minds–you will have nightmares forever) is what we are backing.

Pajamas Media has further information: Mounting Evidence of Rebel Atrocities in Libya

And isn’t it wonderful that the CIA has been providing covert assistance to elements of the Transitional National Council (TNC), the political arm of the Libyan rebels. Just today the Obama administration notified Congress that they’re sending 24 million more to the rebels. But don’t worry, the State Department assures us that the money is only going to be used for “nonlethal assistance” and that:

“the TNC has publicly rejected terrorism, embraced the Geneva Conventions, and emphasized its dedication to building democratic institutions to provide for a secular future in which a broad range of Libyan citizens will be able to participate.”


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