For the 12th day of Christmas…

threewiseguysThe 12th Day of Christmas, January 6th, is known as the Feast of the Epiphany; the date when Christians celebrate the visit of the Three Kings to the Christ child. James M. Kushiner (Executive Director, The Fellowship of St. James) describes the profound significance of this event – for all of mankind ~

The magi, representing the nations, who have been in the error of darkness and idolatry, are shown a star, a light in the heavens from God, to lead them to Christ, conceived of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary. They see “the light of Christ’s face.” St. Paul writes that the light of the knowledge of the glory of God shines in the face of Christ. (2 Cor. 4:6)

The vision of space without any starlight is a grim and bitterly cold emptiness, a black void. Man seeks light and warmth. Each point of light, each star, is seen from billions of miles away, so powerful and penetrating is the power and reach of light into the vast regions of what would otherwise remain darkness. The Milky Way shimmers in the night sky while we sleep in the earth’s shadow.

The light of Christ is the Light by which we have been able to fathom so much of this universe, that is, through the Logos and power of reason and language of which he is the Source.

But his Light is not only rational; it is moral. Surely, is there anyone who can honestly say and rightly assert that the Person of Jesus, as revealed to us from conception to death and resurrection, does anything other than shed light on the true condition of man and point the way to healing–to repentance, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, gentleness, humility, self-control, peace, joy, and love?

Men’s resistance to this Christ is sometimes from ignorance, lack of witness, or false witness by those who say they represent him. Make no mistake: the world cries in darkness without Christ, regardless of how it may appear from space at night, regardless of how much electricity flows illuminating our streets, buildings, offices, sports arenas, cinema screens, laptops, smartphones and interior spaces. There is much darkness when men seek first their own “star power” through mammon, power, sex, comfort, and seek not first the Kingdom of Heaven.


Christ is God’s gift to the world; upon those who sat in darkness, a light has dawned! We shall become, through Christ, shining like the stars of heaven.

And behold–see! Magi from the east come to worship him and offer him gifts. Wise men, indeed.


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