Saturday Shorts – 11-11-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Tuesday’s Elections Reveal That Many Americans Are Suffering From a Mental Disorder ~ Unfortunately, it looks like the takers now outnumber the makers. D. C. McAllister at P.J. Media takes a lengthy but very informative look at what’s happened to the electorate over the past couple of decades; buying into the bankrupt socialist mindset ~

“Social justice” — making everyone the same in the name of fairness — is more important to people than freedom. Like children, they’d rather no one have candy as a reward for performance if some children are going to have less — this is the essence of the socialist mindset.

‘Any taboo has gone’: Netherlands sees rise in demand for euthanasia ~ Rather ironic, physician-assisted suicide is a real “growth” industry in the Netherlands ~

“Starting from 2007, the numbers increased suddenly,” Boer said. “It was as if the Dutch people needed to get used to the idea of an organised death. I know lots of people who now say that there is only one way they want to die and that’s through injection. It is getting too normal.”

Soon it will become an obligation, “you don’t want to be a burden to your family do you…?” It’s encouraging to see some fighting back against this latest trend to devalue human life ~ A Legal Challenge to the European Culture of Death ~ Represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Belgian man is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights which made it far too easy for his mother to end her own life (without even saying “good-bye!”) ~

If you can’t cope with the fact that an oncologist has killed your mother because of chronic depression, then you must have emotional dysfunctionality. I thought I was a humanist. But if this is humanism, then I’m not a humanist.” ~ Tom Mortier, Belgian chemistry professor

Art professor doubles down on defense of Confederate monuments ~ Good to know there’s at least one brave soul with some common sense in a bastion of leftism ~

“In my view, monuments are the physical, aesthetic culmination of diverse and unpredictable human actions. They are dynamic,” she said, adding they are filled with a potential for education.
“These works are of course about race and Jim Crow,” she said, “but I contend that monuments are about more than that. We don’t need to whitewash their unpleasant aspects, but we do need to think about them in more complicated ways.” ~ Professor Michele Bogart, Stony Brook University

But it’s tough trying to swim against that progressive tide ~Liberal Author Says She’s Being Blackballed for Warning about Dangers of Early Daycare ~

Ms. Komisar spent three decades working directly with children and parents in New York City. During that time she noticed a disturbing uptick in ADHD among boys and depression among girls. These patients often had one thing in common: mothers who weren’t present as much as they needed to be during the first three years of their child’s life […]
Until we acknowledge the vital role mothers play in the lives of their children, and do everything we can as a culture to support that role, our children and our nation will continue to pay a very dangerous emotional and psychological price.

Texas Shooter Was Angry Atheist ~ Somehow this part of the story was air-brushed out by most media sources ~

Mainstream media reports downplay testimony of people who knew shooter as an avowed atheist who considered Christians stupid […]
“Former classmates described him as ‘creepy’, ‘crazy’ and an ‘outcast’ who had recently started preaching about atheism and picking fights on social media.“
Michael Brown gives four reasons why there is so much hatred against Christians in America these days. “First, it is a natural fruit of the harsh and condescending ‘new atheism,’ which continues to poison many hearts and minds with its venom,” he begins. “God is not simply to be rejected; He is to mocked and ridiculed, as are His followers.” Those sentiments, expressed often enough to a wide enough audience, are likely to lead to violence.

Harvard University hosts anal sex workshop ~ Ugh.

Berlin: Syrian (Muslim) Rapes Pony On “Children’s Farm” in Public Park ~ double ugh.

Renewable energy – by royal decree – meanwhile, the poor suffer ~ St. Louis city council attempts to create their own reality by mandating 100% “clean, renewable” electricity by 2035. They’ve also decreed that pigs will fly by that date ~

In 2016, Missouri generated 96.5% of its electricity with fossil fuel and nuclear power, 1.6% with hydroelectric, and just 1.5% with wind and solar. The St. Louis Metro Area did roughly the same.
But now, by royal decree, the St. Louis City Crown has made it clear, the climate must be perfect all year – and by 2035 the city will somehow, magically be powered by 100% “clean, sustainable” electricity […]
People in impoverished and developing countries have little interest in wind and solar power, except as a stopgap for distant villages. They want abundant, reliable, affordable electricity. That’s why they have built hundreds of coal-fired power plants and have 1,600 more under construction or in planning.

Lord, open European eyes ~ A quiet, surprising revival ~

Europe in many ways is becoming “Eurabia,” with recent migration swelling the number of Muslims in Amsterdam and other cities. But while immigration is giving Islam a beachhead, some immigrants are reviving churches that had turned to sandcastles before a high tide of atheism. “We hope for revival, but mostly it comes from the immigrant communities and their charismatic churches,” says Klaas Van der Zwaag, a Dutch journalist and author of the two-volume Reformation Today

Newborn infant left in Safe Haven Box at Indiana fire department ~ Wow. I don’t know if these guys were inspired by the documentary “The Drop Box” or not, but what an awesome story!

NFL Ratings Nightmare Likely to Get Worse, Not Better ~ Especially since patriots are calling for a Veterans Day boycott ~

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