What really happened in Niger?

Niger-ambushedtroopsHere’s another one of those stories that disappear from the headlines as the truth gradually emerges and the hard, cold facts don’t fit the mainstreams’ narrative.
Recall that after the deaths of four special forces troops in Niger last month the Left was quick to pin the blame the Trump administration for the tragedy. A disingenuous media that never really cared what happened in Benghazi was suddenly desperate for answers – because now there’s a Republican president to malign.
Well, if this account from E.T. Williams is true – and there’s no reason to suspect otherwise – it’s no wonder their curiosity suddenly vanished. It’s the tale of an American soldier driven by his leftist ideology to betray his own brothers-in-arms ~

Was La David Johnson another Bowe Bergdahl?
New evidence has emerged that reveals that Sgt. La David T. Johnson, the center of the fracas between President Trump and Rep. Wilson, had betrayed his own squad by helping to set up the ambush in Niger by Islamic militants that would ultimately lead to the death of three American soldiers as well as his own.

These are just some excepts from Williams’ well-written, detailed account (Read the entire piece HERE.) ~

U.S. troops started arriving in Niger in 2013. During this time, extremists were on the rise in northwest Africa […]
Former president Barack Obama deployed 40 U.S. military personnel to provide support to the French forces. This brought the total number of troops in Niger to 100 in 2013. However, the small troop numbers were grossly insufficient to deal with the complexity of the insurgency and Islamic terrorist activities. The number of U.S. troops in Niger has since ballooned to 800 […]
On October 4, four soldiers died in Niger “as a result of hostile fire while on a reconnaissance patrol,” according to the Defense Department. According to the Pentagon, twelve American soldiers were attending a routine patrol in the area when they were ambushed by up to 100 Islamic militants who engaged in a fierce firefight with the patrol. Four American soldiers died that day and the first three identified were Army Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, Army Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39 and Army Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29.
The fourth soldier identified was Sgt. La David T. Johnson, 25 – the soldier whose widow President Donald Trump called and the source of the controversy between President Trump and Representative Frederica Wilson.

Although Johnson is said to have died on October 4, his body was found over a mile away from the site of the Islamic militant’s ambush and it took a whole 48 hours to retrieve his body, according to the Defense Department […]
One of the main problems with the timeline in Niger is that the area which was alleged to have been patrolled by U.S. forces was familiar to the soldiers and had not been deemed to have required additional security. The area had been patrolled numerous times with no incident […]

According to a senior White House official who was privy to the discussions between the Pentagon and the Oval Office regarding the Niger ambush and requested anonymity, part of the reason that President Trump took four days before he could publicly comment on the death of the American soldiers is that Johnson was the one who had leaked the position of the patrol to Islamic militants who then launched the ambush, which killed three of Johnson’s fellow soldiers.

Why?! While Johnson had been highly regarded in the army and moved up the ranks quickly, it seems that he, like so many of his fellow Democrats, wasn’t able to cope very well with last November’s election ~

Johnson hated Donald Trump and thought that he was a white supremacist and a racist and made that clear in conversations with other soldiers. Whereas before, Johnson was more than happy to serve under former president Barrack Obama, the thought of serving under President Donald Trump was something that he had not prepared for.

During the ambush itself on October 4th, one of the survivors who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed ~

“As we came under heavy fire, I looked up and saw Johnson jump into one of the Land Cruisers and speed off in the other direction. That Land Cruiser was manned by the Nigerian soldiers who were with us, so I thought it was weird that he would do that instead of providing covering fire.”

Furthermore ~

Nigerian officials shared intelligence with the American forces in Niger that the meeting with the Tongo Tongo village chief had been arranged by Johnson and that he had leaked the information of the size of the squad and the convoy that would be at the village that day […]
Which is why the American forces in Niger were extremely reluctant to return to pick up Johnson’s body. The bodies of the Nigerian soldiers in the Land Cruiser with Johnson were picked up on the day of the deadly firefight, but it took the Americans a whole 48 hours to reconcile Johnson’s betrayal before they decided to return and pick up his body.
When Johnson’s personal effects were gathered, a letter was found to Johnson’s wife, which spoke at length about how he no longer felt that it was justifiable to put himself in harm’s way for a “racist president” and that he would “find a way out, no matter what.”

Too bad he couldn’t find “a way out” without taking along three other men that didn’t deserve to die that way.

So self-proclaimed “rock star” Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) had her 15 minutes of fame slandering President Trump as an insensitive racist, while the real villain in this story – directly responsible for the deaths of his fellow soldiers – is made to look like an innocent victim. What a damn outrage.

Pentagon: Probe of Niger killings likely to come in January ~ The “official” version that is.
“Trump’s Benghazi?” Americans Were Deployed to Niger Under Obama

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