Why is YouTube censoring God?

I’m sharing this video for a couple of reasons. First, because it’s a thoughtful, timely message from Dr. Michael Brown in response to the Las Vegas tragedy. But more importantly, because YouTube – our new self-appointed arbiter of free speech – thinks it should be censored!

“There’s never a dull moment in our dealings with YouTube. In the latest twist, our video commentary on “What God Is Saying through the Vegas Massacre” has been age-restricted, deemed not suitable for viewers under 18. Really?” – Dr. Michael Brown



There’s no sex, no racism, no foul language and no violence (beyond a clip from last week’s horrific shooting. But that’s been all over the net and the news already.). In a nation whose currency states “In God We Trust” how is this objectionable to anyone? Are YouTube censors all atheists? Do they have a clue about America’s Judeo-Christian roots? They really need to watch this video.

As Dr. Brown points out ~

Without a biblical concept of human beings created in the image of God, we would not have our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. This is a foundational truth that lies behind those things.


Quoting from original sources of the first Europeans to colonize America, Dr. Brown provides evidence of our undeniable Christian heritage, as well as those early settlers’ godly and charitable intentions toward the native populations. He also shares some timeless truths ~

• No freedom with morality. No morality without God and true religion.
• For America to be great, America must be good. America cannot be good without God.
• Our country would be transformed if we all went back to reading the Bible. Spend five minutes a day, asking God to speak to you through His word. Then put into practice what you learn. It’s that simple.


YouTube can restrict, censor and deny these truths all they like. But truths they remain.

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