Day of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem

Today, please join in this year’s 15th international Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem ~

On the first Sunday of every October, hundreds of millions of people around the world join together to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In just a few years, this event has quickly become the largest Israel-focused prayer event in history.
We set aside this one day each year to raise global awareness and intercession for God’s purposes in Israel, knowing that this hour in history is critical and our authority in prayer is great. Though we pray every day for Israel, we seek on this day to unite believers around the world in raising a cry to Heaven on behalf of this troubled, but strategic land and its people. We believe in God’s promises for His beloved nation and fervently pray to hasten the day when He brings fulfillment to His word.



• Pray for the perimeters of Israel to be secured.
• Pray that Israel would never be ambushed or taken by surprise by our enemies.
• Pray that Israel’s defenders will instantly obey YHVH’s call to engage against any enemy without holding back or delaying.
• Pray that Israel will not take any bait nor act impulsively to engage an enemy prematurely.
• Pray for the watchmen on the wall to be fortified, fully awake, and properly positioned.
• Pray for supernatural intelligence gathering and understanding of the intel.
• Pray for a firewall to be established by YHVH’s angels around all of Jerusalem.
• Pray for divine wisdom to fill the minds and the hearts of Israel’s leaders.
• Pray that our leaders will never again enter into a false peace negotiation process with those enemies, who are committed to the destruction of Israel.
• Pray for supernatural courage to be in the hearts of all those, who are members of Israel’s Defense Forces.
• Pray for new and divine strategies to be given to Israel’s military leaders: enabling them to preempt all incoming strikes.
• Pray that YHVH would arise to defend His holy mountain, and His chosen city.
• Pray for this nation to take an uncompromising stand for truth, and for the God of Israel.
• Pray for the complete and radical humiliation of all Islamic power, while the name of YHVH is glorified; declaring Him alone as the Sovereign Lord.
• Pray for YHVH to have mercy upon this nation of Israel, and upon the innocents living in the enemy nations arising against us.
• Pray that YHVH would prove His word by making Jerusalem an immovable stone upon which our enemies will be broken.

[Prayer points via The Watchmen Prayer Brigade at the Jerusalem Connection]

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