Rogue judge: “It’s illegal to ban illegal sanctuary cities”


In this week’s episode of “Disorder in the Court,”
we find yet another lawless judge who thinks within his
purview to rule based on feelings – not on legality ~



That’s correct. The state of Texas tells it’s municipal jurisdictions (like Austin, Houston, San Antonio) that they must comply with federal immigration law — and self-appointed judicial tyrant, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, says otherwise ~
Federal judge blocks enforcement of Texas’ ‘sanctuary cities’ law ~

In a 94-page ruling, Garcia wrote that there “is overwhelming evidence by local officials, including local law enforcement, that SB 4 will erode public trust and make many communities and neighborhoods less safe” and that “localities will suffer adverse economic consequences which, in turn, will harm the state of Texas.”

So without any consideration for the actual legality of SB 4, Garcia just decided he didn’t like the new bill, the hell with Texas’ legislative and executive branches. As Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review says, this outrageous behavior is essentially a form of civil disobedience. And it’s not the first time this particular judge has gone rogue ~

Coming on the heels of another federal judge blocking Texas’ photo ID law, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, a Clinton appointee who previously redefined marriage from the bench, blocked most of Senate Bill 4, which was designed to clamp down on sanctuary cities. S.B. 4 punished local law enforcement that failed to comply with federal detainer requests of illegals held in local jails before they are released […]

Remember, Garcia is the same judge who earlier this year directly nullified federal law and said ICE detainers are unconstitutional. Now he’s hiding behind federal preemption to say states are precluded by laws he doesn’t even recognize. This judge overturned several of Texas’ district maps earlier this month and was rebuked earlier this week when Justice Alito placed a stay on his injunction.

Garcia has abused his authority long enough. He needs to be impeached.
Impeachment is just one of the desperately needed actions Horowitz recommends if we’re going to put an end to the judicial tyranny that’s been plaguing this country for the last couple of decades. His other suggestions include 1.) simply ignoring decisions from lower courts that are 100 percent political and pertain to broad public policy issues; and 2.) Congressional action to place restrictions on the authority of lower federal courts. (In this case for instance, why in the world should a federal lower court get to rule on an individual state law? It should have gone to the Texas courts. But progressives love to forum-shop.)
Horowitz continues ~

Folks, we are living through a judge-created political emergency, the likes of which were never seen even during the depths of the Warren era. The judiciary has now codified the entire Democrat agenda into the Constitution. As such, elections are now meaningless, because to the extent Republicans do anything we’d like them to do, the courts will nullify it. The only reason we don’t see the effects of judicial tyranny more often is because Republicans barely do anything. Yet, the few states like Texas that are trying to restore a modicum of sanity to our government are being bullied by the judicial autocracy.

These leftist judges are in open rebellion against the wishes of we-the-law-abiding-citizens, against our national sovereignty and against the Constitution. They need to be reined in. NOW.

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