History haters are rapidly losing touch with reality

The radical Left – increasingly unhinged – is now attacking inanimate objects ~

Fomenting Chaos: Durham, NC Radicals Destroy Confederate Monument
Councilman formally calls for Baltimore’s Confederate monuments to be destroyed
Lincoln memorial vandalized by illiterate goon (Some savage spray-painted “F**K Law” on one of the columns.).
New Orleans Destroys Confederate Monuments—But Partners with Murderous Racist Regime
Destroying Symbols: Where Does It End? ~

Once every Confederate monument in the country is down, what then? How is a statue of an ordinary rebel soldier in Durham, N.C., more offensive than a gorgeous building-sized tribute to slave-owning racist Thomas Jefferson on the Tidal Basin? We are reaching the point where, if the Washington Monument were to be blown up tomorrow, it would be anyone’s guess whether jihadists or the “anti-fascist” Left did it.[…]
If a statue that has been standing in your city for years suddenly sends you into paroxysms of destructive rage, you are really determined to create a problem for yourself, and you’ll create another problem when it’s gone.

These are the angry actions of ignorant, belligerent children, upset perhaps over their own misfortunes; bad luck or bad decisions. But lashing out at something that can’t possibly harm you is irrational to the point of being psychologically crippling. These folks aren’t even capable of rational thought, let alone able to govern themselves. Which of course has been the goal of the lawless left all along; push people over the edge, throw the country into chaos and create a new totalitarian state to govern with an iron fist.

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