“Daze” of Rage?

Well, it appears that the anti-banking jihad began with a whimper instead of the hoped-for bang. Zombie has a photo/commentary from the NY, SF and LA “Days of Rage” protests. Not exactly the cast of thousands the organizers were anticipating. Just looks like the usual collection of assorted misfits and malcontents.
Could it be that turnout was so low because prospective attendees weren’t sure exactly what they were supposed to be doing with their “non-violent rage”? Or weren’t clear on what the collective message was going to be? Dazed and confused…

“…right off the bat, the protest’s completely mixed message was glaringly apparent. Half the protesters wanted more government…while the other half wanted less…”
Basically, the distinction is between communist theory and the anarchist approach.
In American politics there are two strong currents of anti-capitalist thought: Marxism/communism/socialism versus Anarchism/far-left-libertarianism. The problem is that these two ideologies are fundamentally at odds; one advocates hyper-centralization of political and economic power, while the other advocates hyper-decentralization.
In earlier times, the communists and the anarchists hated each other; they are natural enemies. But in recent decades they have formed an uneasy and deeply unstable alliance; since they both hate the status quo of American capitalism, they feel they ought to band together and smash the system as a unified front, and worry about how to pick up the pieces later.


Lyndon LaRouche supporters, always happy to help muddle issues further, showed up at all three of the protests that Zombie & Co. covered. After giving the Tea Party a black eye by waving their Obama-as-Hitler signs at conservative rallies, I guess the LaRouchesters have decided it’s time to embrace “the Rage”.
Check out Zombie’s article for a better look at what the civilized world is up against…

Intense anger + severe mental illness + political indoctrination = a whole heap of trouble for this country.
While their numbers are small now – their intentions aren’t good. Let’s hope the “Ragers” remain just an amusing fringe element.
See also: Seattle’s rally was pretty much a bust too.

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