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While global attention is currently focused on North Korea and that chubby, lunatic Kim Jong Un – rightly so(!) – this is happening in Afghanistan ➡ ISIS And The Taliban Team Up In Afghanistan.
Last weekend these two savage tribes joined forces to murder dozens ~

Taliban and Islamic State militants jointly attacked an Afghan unit in the northern part of the country Saturday (8-5-17), government officials told The New York Times.
The attack killed nearly 50 Afghan local police, militia-men loyal to the government, and surrounding civilians. The militants reportedly beheaded some of the victims, but the Taliban denied cooperation with ISIS in the attack, declaring in a statement to CNN that “it is completely wrong, it is propaganda of our enemy, ISIS is our enemy.”
Officials, however, noted to The New York Times that interactions between the rival terrorist groups are increasingly complex. ISIS and Taliban militants have repeatedly clashed in the eastern part of the country which serves as ISIS’s headquarters in the region, but have may found common ground in the less contentious parts of the country.
“It was a joint [ISIS] and Taliban operation,” the Afghan official in charge of administering the attacked region declared with certainty to reporters after the attack.

As Newsweek reported Monday ~

ISIS has slowly developed its presence in the country, particularly in the eastern province of Nangarhar, where Afghan forces, backed by U.S. drone strikes, have been battling the group.

Afghanistan is such a mess. U.S. involvement in this civil war, any further investment of American blood and treasure, should be seriously curtailed.
Thanks to the corrosive effect of Islam, the country has devolved so rapidly in the last 50 years, it’s difficult to imagine this 14th century nation ever rejoining the rest of us in the 21st.


Terrorism in Afghanistan and the Dangers It Poses ~ June update from the Center for Security Policy ~

Presently, the Afghan government has lost control over a third of the country to insurgent groups, primarily the Taliban. Moreover, Afghanistan holds the largest concentration of US recognized terrorist groups than anywhere else in the world. These groups are well organized and pose a large threat to the government, including the Taliban. In 2015, the Taliban controlled a recorded 1/5 of the country and likely had influence over half of it. This number has only increased with time […]
As these insurgencies grow stronger, the government’s capacity to fight back grows weaker. The struggles of the military, such as their deep-seated corruption and NATO related combat operations, to fight insurgents as well as the Afghan government’s waning influence leaves the state vulnerable. It is clear that if the Afghan government wishes to win back control of Afghanistan, they must re-strategize their approach.

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