Praise to the King of Creation


Heavenly Father,
We glorify you as the creator of all things. You spoke and the universe came into existence, You spoke and there was light. Later, at Your command, flowers, trees, and plants sprang from the ground, the seas teemed with living things and the earth with living creatures. Then in your perfect time, you created man.
Dear Lord, we come before you now to give you glory for that which you have created. In our flesh, we sometimes speak of sustaining your creation, but we are thankful that only you are the sustainer of all the things that you have made.
We, your servants come humbly before you seeking your face and your guidance acknowledging that you have appointed us as stewards of your creation. Let our stewardship, like your creation, be only a means to honor and glorify you. Help us, Lord, never to cling to our role as though it were a thing to be prideful about or possessive of, but let us see it as a responsibility, which makes us accountable to you.
Let us steward your creation as a means to glorify and worship you. Let our love of the creation be no more than a way to express our love for you, the creator. We pray that we will always remember and always be faithful to tell others, that no matter how beautiful the mountains, no matter how breathtaking the sunset, that these are only types and shadows to remind us of the glory we will behold when we come into your kingdom.

Prayer to the Creator via Cornwall Alliance

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