God doesn’t need millions of years

The other day I heard a local radio host discussing a recent poll which claimed fewer and fewer Christians hold to a seven-day creation view of our beginnings. This of course is a disheartening development for the church, and not just because it parallels secular-humanism’s hope-less faith in the increasingly implausible theory of evolution. What’s really disconcerting is that this position is oddly out of sync with the actual evidence.

After years of public school indoctrination, I too once automatically accepted evolution as fact (they teach it like it’s “gospel”). Without much serious thought about the matter I was able to loosely reconcile it with my Christian faith by assuming that a biblical “day” meant millions of years. That pretty much left God in place as the initial catalyst for creation, but it severely restricted His influence on the spectacular design and amazing variety of life that surrounds us on this beautiful planet.
Also – and most insidiously – it planted a seed of doubt in the reliability of scripture. One of the most frequently stated reasons young people give for leaving the church is that they’ve come to believe that faith and science are incompatible. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

When I started homeschooling our son I realized that I owed it to him to teach God’s Truth in all things, a commitment which led me to discover some incredible resources on intelligent design and creationism (I’ve referred to many of these in my posts over the last few years and list several of them HERE; more at the end of this post.) The very process of finding and studying the vast amounts of evidence for creation, including young earth creation, also strengthened my own faith immensely.

Below is a short video from Creation.com that seriously challenges the millions of years paradigm. It describes how a small island off Iceland literally formed in just a couple decades, yet looks like it’s been there for eons ~


Maybe you too should rethink those old, unproven theories…
If you spend some time, and look a bit closer, you’ll see the hand of God everywhere in this awesome universe.


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