The next new frontier: “Tranimals”

When they told this guy to be all he could be – he decided to go with a hippo ~
hippo-boyThis Doctoral Student Identifies As A Hippopotamus ‘Tranimal,’ Says It Makes Him Feel ‘Sexy’ ~

In an article published in a peer-reviewed academic journal, a PhD student at the University of Arizona claims he identifies as a hippopotamus. Yes, you read it right. A hippopotamus […]
I guess the ever-growing list of 58+ human-based gender identities just isn’t inclusive enough to escape the realm of pure bigotry and discrimination against “tranimals.” That’s why Florentin Felix Morin argues in the Journal of Theoretical Humanities that his hippo identity allows him to defy traditional gender norms and break free of the constraints that “govern human bodies.”
“This article explores the formation of a tranimal hippopotamus alter-ego,” he writes in the paper’s abstract. “Confronting transgender with transpecies, the author claims that his hippopotamus ‘identity’ allowed him to (verbally) escape, all at once, several sets of categorization that govern human bodies (‘gender,’ ‘sexuality,’ ‘age’).”
“I discovered that another self was available for me: being a hippo means that I don’t have to be a boy or a girl, a child or an adult, normal or strange. It means that my smile becomes a hippo smile, and the way that I carry my body, a hippo walk. It brings me freedom, space, and a thrilling sense of possibility.”

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As “thrilling” as Florentin finds his escapist delusion, this is just another tragic example of Western society’s continued break with reality; of our rejection of the beauty, majesty and order of God’s amazing creation.


“If you call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a cow have?
Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.”
~ Abraham Lincoln ~

University of Arizona denies ‘official’ relationship with trans-hippo visiting scholar

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