Whew! Thank-you Mr. President!

A couple of my favorite tweets from today ~

The craziest reactions to Trump pulling out of the #ParisAgreement ~ I don’t know what’s more satisfying; knowing that Trump actually axed the climate accord, or watching Hollywood celebs and other loony elitists embarrass themselves with irrational hyperbole ~

Heads are exploding today, get popcorn. Here are some of the best emotionaly based reactions from the climate alarmist squad… [Anthony Watts at WattsUpWithThat]

Our petulant ex-president was characteristically vindictive ~ Obama goes full jackass in desperate attempt to stay relevant ~

Barack Obama just couldn’t help himself. As President Donald Trump took steps to withdraw from the Paris climate accords, undoing one of Obama’s most egregious executive overreaches, the former president released a statement criticizing Trump.

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