Saturday Shorts – 3-11-17


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Hi, GOP: You Are Terrible and Obamacare Jr. Stinks ~ The majority of Americans NEVER wanted this unaffordable care nightmare. Why won’t these elitist politicians do what we elected them to do?! #REPEAL ~

Instead of what we want and what you have been promising us, we get handed this Technicolor yawn of complex rules, regulations and handouts that ends up with those of us who take responsibility for ourselves once again getting stuck with the bill for the freeloaders who won’t. You babble about “empowerment,” but you people are still in the driver’s seat.

See also: RYANCARE: 5 Serious Problems With The Republican Replacement For Obamacare ~

Their new Obamacare plan isn’t an attempt to shift America away from government-run healthcare. It’s an attempt to re-enshrine government as the center of the health care system, with a slightly rejiggered vision of its role. The plan isn’t likely to lower costs, promote competition, or curb moral hazard.

PP execs raking in six-figure salaries ~ Who knew that killing millions of unborn babies could be so lucrative?

Social Justice Syndrome: ‘Rising Tide of Personality Disorders Among Millennials’ ~ This article at PJ Media points to a study which shows 84% of U.S. students colleges feel unable to cope, while more than half experience overwhelming anxiety. Why?

The majority of millennial children (now aged 18-34) had two working parents; this was partly an ideological project of feminism and partly economic necessity. The downside was the damage done by daycare, services for which grew by 250% between the 1970s and ;90s (see Laura Perrins’ work on psychological trauma caused by daycare). According to Bowlby’s Maternal Deprivation Thesis, babies require two years of intimate attention to enable them to form the caregiver-child bond essential for secure ego formation. Any disturbance of this process will “predispose the children to respond in an anti-social way to later stresses.”

Sad, but it sounds like a plausible theory to explain these fragile snowflakes.
Massive sewage spill shuts down California beaches as a 143MILLION-gallon ‘tsunami’ of raw waste leaks across border – after Mexico ‘dumped it on purpose’ ~ Not only do they export millions of illegals – they send us this crap too!

• U.S. officials believe a sewage spill from Mexico’s Tijuana River was deliberate
• It caused 143 million gallons of raw sewage to pollute Californian coastline
• Sewage ran for 18 days and only stopped last week on February 23

How Democrats Brought a Muslim Child Molester to America ~

The left thrives on its moral narcissism. It parades around its false spectacles of victimhood. But its policies leave behind real victims. When the left fought against President Trump’s common sense immigration security reforms, a little girl in a village in New York became one of its many victims.

Harvard orders students to spy on each other with broad new rules against single-sex clubs ~ Stripping students of freedom of association, a ridiculous “implementation committee” has decreed that not only will members of single-sex clubs be punished and excluded from a broad range of fellowships and leadership positions they’ll be blocked from from running for office or leading The Harvard Crimson.

Head of Swedish ambulance drivers union: No-go zones are reality for us ~ (Video) Body armor and helmets are now necessary equipment for paramedics in “Absurdistan” ~

The European political and media elites continue to deny that anything is wrong in Sweden in particular or in Europe in general. They ridicule President Trump for saying otherwise. But those who actually live and work in areas where there are large numbers of Muslim migrants, or in Muslim enclaves, know that Trump was speaking the truth.

Russia bans children from seeing Beauty and the Beast ~ We don’t need the state to issue a dictate. Just don’t go.

This desert in the Southwest is experiencing a wildflower ‘superbloom’ ~ Some beautiful pix!

A wildflower superbloom is underway in the desert Southwest in March after seven inches of winter rain. Anza-Borrego State Park in California hasn’t experienced a bloom so prolific since at least 1999 according to park officials.


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