Filling that hole in our hearts

What is your heart’s desire… A hot new car? Your dream home? The perfect job? Finding your “soul mate?” Winning the lottery?
Well, imagine if ** POOF ** all your fondest wishes were suddenly realized. Then you would be absolutely content? Perfectly happy, no more longings? Maybe so, for a while anyway. But somehow we never are quite satisfied are we? The feeling of contentment may last for days, months, or even years – but in the end it’s only temporary. There always seems to be something missing.
I really like Archbishop Sheen’s explanation for that persistent empty feeling that we all feel to one extent or the other, a small void deep within, that never quite gets filled ~



Trying to satisfy our longing for complete peace and happiness by looking to others for fulfillment, or by chasing after material things, very often leads us to ever-darker places, from which escape becomes almost impossible. Perfect contentment is to be found only in reunion with our perfect Creator.

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