They’re still here?

If you’ve spent any time reading my blog over the last year you know that it was only with great reluctance that I cast my ballot for Donald Trump. Once I resigned myself to doing so however, I realized that one of the bonuses of a Trump victory would be watching the mass exodus of celebrities and other assorted lefties who promised to leave the country if he were elected. But what’s the deal? We’re still waiting… they’re still here?!

Video via Western Free Press

Maybe this is part of the problem ➡ Libs Who Want To Move To Canada Post-Election Hit A Wall. While wealthy celebs could probably get in, most disgruntled progressives probably wouldn’t make the cut ~

A top law firm known for obtaining Canadian visas for U.S. citizens says there are three main ways to get in: by having in-demand job skills, by owning a business or having a high net worth, or by having relatives already there.

I know! They can just say they’re Muslim refugees ~ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a message for refugees rejected by U.S. President Donald Trump: “Canada will welcome you!”

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